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1  Campaign Earns Spot On HeadTalker Hm Pg
#crowdsupport #crowdfunding #crowdsourcing #blog #fintech

The Fintech Focus (

What Are The Different Relationships A CC Developer or Community Can Have With PICISI?

OKCash is now accepted at The PICISI Initiative

PICISI - Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups and Ideas.

More info
What is PICISI:

will be added to OP.

PICISI started as a idea, grew to a plan, then to a project, then grew into a community then a company was formed and a currency was formed.  But the plan was for a crowdfunding site and now that has formed too --

PICISI is complex however the more you learned about it the easier it will be to understand.

PICISI is the name for everything, the letters stand for: Philanthropic Investment and Charity for Inventions, Startups and Ideas.  The name is the single 6 letter word "PICISI".

Our blog ( has a Frequently Asked Questions post that addresses many questions:

For cryptocurrency communities the biggest question is: 'How does my CC being involved with PICISI benefit our CC?'
That is answered in many ways:

1)  "We Accept Your Cryptocurrency Here"
"The golden rules of cryptocurrency development is the more places that your currency is accepted the stronger your currency will be."

2)  5 Reasons Your Cryptocurrency Should Be A Sponsor
'Host CC sponsor, adPerk sponsor, donation perk sponsor, campaign text sponsor, and video sponsor '

3) Two Questions Asked Of About Sponsorship: What can you do for Goldcoin ?   and what does it cost ?

4) Ok, My Cryptocurrency Is Accepted At, What happens Next ...

5)  Audio Coin (ADC) Is Now Accepted At  Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?

6) What Are The Different Relationships A CC Developer or CC Community Can Have With PICISI?

7) Sponsorship & Advertising Rate Sheet

Seeing crowdfunding campaign sponsorship from the eyes of the receiver:

Our Pledge To Our Sponsors
- 100% Satisfaction - we promise that you will get more than you pay for or your money back on request.
- Promotion - our directive for promotion is to promote the site, our sponsors, and the campaigns located at our site.
- Buy & Use Pi - your Pi  purchase is guaranteed too, if the rate ever goes down you can sell it back to us at your original purchase rate (FIFO accounting method).


Support Chain of Conflict, it will support Coin2, HYPER, and Bitcoin ... Tons Of Screenshots

6 Crowd SUPPORT Campaign Rose From 911,576  to 992,820 Campaign Needs SUPPORTERS

[attachment deleted by admin]

The Fintech Focus  ( is a blog that concentrates on cryptocurrency and crowdfunding,
if you have any news that you want published in these regard just send it to us. 

Our publication also includes general business info, human interest info, and general info info;

our strategy is to publish all fintech news immediately, schedule non-fintech for non-peak,
share all newsworthy items as they occur, reshare the most popular posts of the week (at times),
and reshare and possibly repost the top 10 posts year to date.

We share our blog entries with 20 different social media networks, if the blog entry is more than
500 words we send it to other publications for republishing.

Here is our current Top 10 list:

The Fintech Focus Top 10

Wanted you to know:
Special Magi (XMG) Guide For New People In The World Of Cryptocurrency. Mining Your First Cryptocurrency, A Beginner's Guide

Is now trending at The Fintech Focus (

Audio Coin (ADC) Is Now Accepted At  Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?


Audio Coin (ADC) Is Now Accepted At  Where Is Your Cryptocurrency Accepted?



Wow, CrowdSUPPORT Campaign Racing Up The CrowdFUNDING Campaign Leaderboard

Organizers at are surprised and extremely pleased at the amount of support the community is providing to their crowdSUPPORT campaign. 

The number of supporters and the amount of social reach are well above expectations, however organizers say they are not letting up because they know the value of riding a good wave.

To add your support to the PICISI campaign go to


[attachment deleted by admin]

15 Crowd SUPPORT Campaign Rising Presently At 516,427, Include Your Social Reach To Support Our Effort Head Talker Crowd SUPPORT Campaign At 516,427 and Rising is asking you to help them reach their supporter goal of 100 supporters,

You may support their effort though your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Linkedin accounts here:

If you don't have any of those accounts you are encouraged to share the campaign with others who may be able to show support for the campaign.

You can also create a comment to the blog post.

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