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Crypto Discussion / Re: Will you invest in ripple ?
« on: June 03, 2019, 02:42:33 AM »
Whether the history will repeat itself or not we can assure that ripple is composed of a strong team in this field and they have an advanced tech designed for banking so it is clearly a good investment for the long term
Im out from ripple and watcher another promising coin like BNB, veil and MCO. ripple is totally overvalued for various reasons. I will never try to feed my money to buy the pre mined coin that team create it just in some minutes. Hope you guys are getting a good result with this coin.
Im retired from this one.  ::)

I don't think even rich people, middle class or even poor people want to change their lives better than before. everyone has the right to be anything to be better or wealthier. for me cryptocurrency knows no social status. I will not give up to be better and wealthier.
And then what are looking for by those speculators? they want money because this can make them being rich person and they can do anything.
Those coins that have brought a lot of profit just like matic, veil, celer and many more and what purpose of those pumpers pump those coins? The purpose to become the next rich person.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Will be Bitcoin centralized?
« on: June 03, 2019, 02:30:51 AM »
I think bitcoin cannot be centralized in the future, because the characteristics of bitcoin are decentralized. bitcoin works and circulates in the digital world independently and it is one bit that is bitcoin itself.
that's indeed satoshi has already built bitcoin to be decentralized but in some aspects and have you seen what already happened with some POW coins that being centralized?
It's not characteristic but there was a possibility when some party like blockstream or another party to create a mistake with btc protocol.
I prefer the bitcoin will remain the same. But for me what best thing to watch just like hybrid consensuses like what already used by some coins like decred, veil and many more.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Is Switzerland a cryptocurrency heaven?
« on: June 03, 2019, 01:38:16 AM »
Well, this country is really successful with banking system, probably they are real experts in digital currency as well.
So, what's your point about the relationship between banking system and digital crypto. In fact, that's even contradicting from one to each other. As you can see that about the government of switzerland was seeing an opportunity in crypto without putting the banker perspective to see that.  I guess a lot of promising coins located in that place but that will be suitable for a new promising project like veil, harmony or majority of exchange site to move their business to the switzerland.

Mining / Re: Mining interest
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:54:00 PM »
The most interest things about mining is the availability of technology and the electricity because without the possibility of all that is needed for mining to be easy it cannot be interesting mining
That's not true, technology is not something that looking by miners. they are interested in the reward to give them at least passive income and they can store their value at the same time.
As you can see why miners are always searching a good and potential coin like veil because it's still easy to mine to get the reward. Another choice like RVN has already increased a lot on its hashrate and that means strict competition has already happened. Basically what they are looking is the reward from the block.

Mining / Re: Nowadays, even ordinary laptops can mine bitcoins.
« on: May 27, 2019, 11:51:33 PM »
I personally use my laptop and desktop in mining coin. This is due to the high cost of facilities required in setting up a mining farm. Although mining with laptop is not like mining in a mine farm but with a large internal memory and high specs, it's really profiting mining with laptop. Currently am mining veil with my laptop and the only thing required from me is to download the software device to use in mining it. Laptop mining is the easiest among all.

I also mine Veil using my Laptop and it has been great, infact the profit I have made i never expected it. heard that mining can also be done using Android phone never tried it but  I guess

How much profit do you guys have in mining Veil? When I say profit, I mean the amount you receive after deducting the cost of mining such as electricity and/or cost of buying Veil for POS mining. It's fine if you do not want to divulge such info but that would be helpful.
that should be a few pennies consider Laptop use onboard GPU but as long as that will not bring you in the lost and that can be tolerated. I still mining veil too because the difficult still easy compared with another coin and use masternode to get the passive income from another coin like dash. The income would be less than $0.5 consider it's onboard GPU.

in my opinion no one can outperform the current and future bitcoin prices. if there is, for me bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency and still a favorite for me. now all crypto is still centered on the price of bitcoin.
Please, you should not talk about a crap thing. As far as i know, bitcoin gets its real value from its utility, did you aware if even SEC didn't consider bitcoin as security? that's the same when i was seeing veil based on its utility usage and i was seeing bitcoin from the utility usage of bitcoin. Blockchain as a system where bitcoin can perform its utility and generate value.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Donít joke with your profit
« on: May 27, 2019, 04:35:49 PM »
Well, the changes in coin price from bullrun period t the bear market period will be very hurt. Nobody will take the profits in this such situation.
I'm sure that nobody will joke about the profits, nobody will expect to lose their funds.
However, sometimes, what we are thinking will not happen in reality.
I lost much money during this bear market. And I still survive with other ways to gain profits.

Years ago, I was trading in the stock exchange. I bought some books, and all of them, referred to the number 1 rule. First goal of trading, is NOT TO LOSE CAPITAL. I think, the same applies, here. Take care, and enjoy the profits.

Ofcourse you are 100% right
Only a bad trader loses its capital investment in a trade

We need to develop a positve interest in maximizing and multiplying our profits
But the problem that already faced by anybody is about how you can do that? I was doing a trade on veil and just get at the bottom and already made 30% in a day from my capital. Mostly of newcomers don't know how to trade and they always take the wrong position to trade. This must be changed. To multiply your profit is not so easy and you need more than a technical analysis only.

Trading / Re: Best Exchanges with No KYC
« on: May 27, 2019, 06:12:49 AM »
I will add more for you when i was using vinex to trade veil and it doesn't require KYC and the withdrawal amount for a new account is a lot up to 2 BTC. I have tried to use crex24 too and trade safeinsure and that was giving a good impression too and it's needed KYC when someone needed to WD a lot of amounts but gives some BTCs as the maximum withdrawal for non KYC users. Latoken doesn't require KYC and gives you up to 2 BTC withdrawal for a non KYC account but the problem is the security of latoken is sucks.

Crypto Discussion / Re: What do you want to Buy with Bitcoin?
« on: May 27, 2019, 01:16:58 AM »
what I desire from Bitcoin is buying a laptop smartphone and also a number of other altcoins such as ethereum. too many wishes that I bought using bitcoin. maybe that's enough.
But the electronic stuff is a common thing to buy with bitcoin but you are also using your bitcoin to buy altcoin which is promising too. this is the thing that most people forget about that.
I used my bitcoin for various kinds like buy giftcard, shop, cloud and investing in another promising coin like veil, zilliqa and BNB but veil gets a lot of portion considerthat's a very cheap coin.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Future of altcoins?
« on: May 27, 2019, 01:13:16 AM »
I think Ripple will be leading coin.
Stellar is way better, this is like a real ripple
I like ripple but it was having a very strong correlation with the bankers and that's what i don't like from ripple and i vote for stellar too. Stellar is more decentralized than ripple from all of the sides. But there was a bunch of promising coin like NANO that can beat all of them, veil as the competitor of monero and many more.

Crypto Discussion / Re: before investing speak to a specialist
« on: May 27, 2019, 01:08:25 AM »
Even specialists do make mistakes. I think proper research should be the best option. To be on a safer side, I'm just suggesting, I think privacy coins and stable coins are good to go. They are in the market and doing well.
Im not even trusting a lot of that specialist consider my experience with mcafee that was shilling only to get his money from the team. That guy was giving order to a lot of people to hold their MTC and then it gets down a lot. I just try to trust myself and it's even better on the result because i can choose my own promising coin like veil, safeinsure and any other major coin. You have got a big risk by following the specialist's order.

BTC may become the best choice as always but another potential coin must be considered as the best choice you, as dentolas said and we must consider any promising coin. this can be done through use the platform as the main indicator to determine a potential project.
But some people were investing in promising altcoin like veil able to get a huge return.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Moreno Vs Veil (A Side by Side Comparison)
« on: May 20, 2019, 08:26:18 AM »
Moreno and veil? Well, they are all good alticoins but veil privacy policy is just very good.

We must also know that Veil is not just self funded but the team at Veil Lab is highly committed to research and development and thus will commit resources to ensure that Veil technology does not go outdated and redundant like many other cryptocurrencies in the market..

Veil Labs is a team developed by Veil project to take care of the projects research aids and developments. I must confess thatVeil labs is a blast!
It caused by veil owned by the trusted company. As far as i know this company has started to develop veil with their own budget and that means they never try to take any money from the investors. Investors are only having a chance to buy veil from the market. That's why this company can be trusted. Even without a lot of money and veil can become a big thing right now.

We must consider veil as the next booom for sure.

if in my opinion Ethereum, Bch, Tron is also a good alternative to become an investment now, because three altcoins this year also have much better improvements.
Those coins are all always become the main choices but that's too late to take them all to consider they are all will cost a lot of money. Veil can become an alternative way to invest and it was supported not only POW but POS too. That created the best distribution and then stakeholders can get emission too.

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