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Chinese Language / 免费实物币化市场 IdeaFeX
« on: October 21, 2019, 08:35:15 PM »



我们提供的独特价值是出售产品期货的可能性。您可以将其视为电子商务和众筹的下一步发展步骤:与电子商务一样,您将出售所提供的商品或服务; 像众筹一样,您将在制造之前收到资金。不同的是,买家可以在交货前在二级市场上进行交易。 此功能可以使消费更加灵活,而企业购买者将能够利用它作为供应链的一部分。

1. 现在加入的用户将永远享受免费服务。 没有上市费或佣金。
2. 您可以发布自己的链接并使用自己的结帐方法;我们不过滤外部链接。同时,我们也会清除保证市场的健康。
3. 您将是第一个被邀请发行产品期货的人。


We are launching a free-to-use marketplace that offers a new consumption model through “product futures”, IdeaFeX ( Our market is designed to empower average users like you, and we invite you to join today to explore buying and selling with more flexibility.

The unique feature we support is product futures. You can think of it as the next evolutionary step of e-commerce, except that buyers will be able to trade their purchases on a secondary market. This feature can make consumption more flexible, while corporate buyers will be able to leverage it as part of their supply chain.

There are several exceptional advantages in joining now:

1.   Our marketplace will always be free to sell on for users who join now. There will be no listing fee or commission. If you want to sell used items, for example, this will come in handy.

2.   You can post your own links and use your own checkout methods. We do not filter external links. Nonetheless, we will remove spams to keep our marketplace healthy.

3.   Product futures will leverage the blockchain technology. You will be among the first to use it for everyday consumption.

IdeaFeX adopts a new corporate logo! Goodbye & thanks to our original logo that has been with us for 18 months!

The CEO of IdeaFeX, @DrJiulinTeng analyses the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and ICO landscape as a post-mortem: In this article, he discusses pitfalls in promotion / marketing.


Please see the formal announcement of the cancellation of IFX token sale here:

We will continue to develop our product and aim for a launch later this year.

The CEO of IdeaFeX, @DrJiulinTeng, analyzes Scams in ICO & cryptocurrency: influencers, marketers, exchanges, advisers, investors...

We're glad to announce that a new form for BTC, EUR, & LTC purchases are not available.  This update aims to make it easiest to purchase the IdeaFeX Token. We recommend using our smart contract for ETH purchases.

We're glad to announce that we've just sent all winners in our daily giveaway airdrop competition their IFX!

You can see the transaction here:

To add IFX to your wallet (so that it displays correctly), please follow the instructions at

Also, please note that among 87 winners only 71 registered, only 55 registered their wallets, and only 52 among them have passed KYC.


The option to purchase IFX with smart contract is now available. For more details, please read our announcement:


We're updating our airdrop & referral program in response to spams & fake accounts. We seek to attract real users, not scammers. Please read it carefully:

Originally, we had the balance shown in two different places: Header + Home. Since many have requested to see this number more often, we have added it also on the Sale page. We will stop answering "Where's my balance" type of questions and delete them from now on.

If your KYC is rejected, it means that the quality of your documents are insufficient. Please read the guidelines on the website clearly. Only valid documents that are easily readable in JPG or PDF format are acceptable. Address means your residential address. We cannot comment on each specific case.

Withdrawals will be added hopefully next week, but certainly around mid-July. Only those with over 1000 IFX will enjoy free withdrawals. Others will have to pay a small withdrawal fee.

We have extensive details on every topic in our Medium page: We invite you to search for answers before you ask for information that we have provided to the public on numerous occassions.

Thank you for your support.


Our server update is complete! Users will find tokens from our airdrop campaign credited to their account.


We're updating our servers tomorrow between 10 and 11.59 a.m. CEST. Users will be able to see Airdrop credits after this update. + All winners of our competition are drawn (list included):

We have created an Airdrop page on our website:

We're replacing our daily giveaway competition with an airdrop that rewards registration, KYC, and referral. 100 IFX (0.05 ETH) for every user + 50 IFX (0.025 ETH) for every referral!

More on:

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