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Bean Core Sprint Updated


New Bean Cash Core v1.4RC1 Released

The New v1.4 Bean Cash Core is available for download for Windows 64, Windows 32 bit, and Linux 64 bit systems. A MacOS version will be available soon:


#BeanFamily Offers #DogeArmy Refuge During Crypto Crash of 2022

We're All In This Together!
Beans Stick Together With Our Doge Brethren


Updated Block Chain Snapshot Images Available For Download:


Join Our New Official Telegram Server:


New Official Bean Cash Telegram Channel:

Come join the Bean Family on Telegram!

If you would like to chat, the Official Chat Channel on Telegram "The Farm" is:

We will be building a bridge that connects all our 3 main platforms together, via "The Farm".
The Bridge will connect our Discord, Telegram and self-hosted (Mattermost) platforms.



"Lower your shields and surrender your Beans..
We will add your Sprouting distinctiveness to our own.
Your Beans will adapt to Sprout for us..Resistance Is Futile!"

Bean Cash Celebrates its 7th. Birthday! Happy Birthday Bean Cash (BitBean)

First Block Created on February 14th., 2015:

Mission: "To be an enduring digital currency, with high integrity, a store of value and a means of exchange for every day transactions -- that stands the test of time!"

#TeamBean Community Conference will be held on-line, Saturday, February 26th. @4PM CST

 Further details to be available in "The Farm" channel here:

Bean Cash Electrum Network Coming Back Online

The Bean Cash Android App is available here:

Future versions of the Bean Cash Android Light Wallet will be published on the Google Playstore. A new version (v1.3.3) is being developed.

Bean Cash RoadMap For 2022 Published

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