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Ethereum Tokens / Re: Goldneum | Digital Gold on blockchain
« on: October 09, 2023, 07:13:25 AM »
looks good

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Marketplace / Re: Selling US College Student Edu Mail Address
« on: October 09, 2020, 06:27:29 AM »

Marketplace / Selling US College Student Edu Mail Address
« on: August 18, 2020, 05:29:32 PM »

Many big companies giveaway free perks and huge discounts for students with an EDU email address. This is the primary reason why many of us are looking to get an email address ending with a .edu extension.

You can get an email address ending with .edu by just spending $5. And I think it’s better to spend that amount than spending your valuable hours for no result.

Payment process $Bitcoin & Perfect Money.

1 Edu mail = $5
2 Edu mail = $9
5 Edu mail = $22
10 Edu mail = $40

Benefits of having an edu email address

- Amazon Prime: 6 months for free.

- Github: Free access to Github student pack.

- Adobe Creative Cloud: Flat 50% discount.

- Google Drive: Unlimited storage and additional tools.

- Last Pass Premium: Free for six months

- Autodesk: Most of their software is free.

- Amazon AWS: $15 Amazon AWS coupon.

- Twitch: Twitch Prime

- Digital Ocean: $50 Digital Ocean coupon. It will be expired within 12 months after adding to your account – a new account only.

- Microsoft Azure: A suite of Microsoft Azure cloud services and developer tools: Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Community, and the rest of Microsoft developer tools, while you are a student.

- SendGrid: Offers the Student plan with 15,000 free emails per month, while you are a student.

- Offers one year.ME domain name registration that costs $18.99 per year – and one year SSL certificate that costs $10 per year.

- Bitnami: Offers the Business 3 plan for one year that typically costs $49 per month.

- LastPass: LastPass offers six months of the LastPass Premium for any users with an a.EDU email address.

- Apple: You will help yourself saving a lot of money by using the .EDU email address to purchase products from Apple. There are changes to save up to $200 on Apple computers.

- Newegg Premier: Grab one year of Newegg Premier that costs you $50. Just sign up for the Newegg Premier account with your student email account.

– Office 365 (Free)
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Giveaways & Airdrops / LCX Bounty Campaign (Reward 1,000,000 LCX tokens)
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:00:53 AM »

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LCX announces its 1,000,000 LCX Bounty Campaign
Gain remuneration for participating in our bounty program by helping us unite all crypto enthusiasts & raise awareness to identify ourselves with the community, better!
Earn up to $5000 worth LCX tokens &  have a reward for everyone!

DeepOnion increased the VoteCentral reward from 340 to 1000 ONION for the 2nd birthday of DeepOnion Blockchain.
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