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That is why DeepOnion using POS+POW
We much more secured against 51% attacks.


Use DmAMYbRn5XhVDvGyo5iydNBamJidgpRikM to verify.
That's terrible lol

Guys, if you have some spare time, please take a look here and leave your feedback about the Stealth addresses text. :)

Support factor has been added to the VoteCentral and the first DeepPoints airdrop is about to happen at 1st of June!

We are the Champions. DeepOnion will be added to BiteBTC exchange.
Lets call it VoteCentral Effect  8) ;D

Use DmAMYbRn5XhVDvGyo5iydNBamJidgpRikM to verify.

Yes, it is good to see that we have won the contest, we have such a powerful community! Let's keep up with the work and get it listed on more exchanges!
I know there is no rush, but I am looking forward to getting listed on one of the major exchanges.
Once the DeepSend is completed, I think there will be much higher chance to get listed then.

All these tasks and much much more you can find on VoteCentral (DeepOnion unique domination platform) ;)
Make sure please that you already dominated all this list :)
Here you can see also how is powerful and well organized our community.
Dominate with us or be dominated by us.

1) Get DeepOnion Listed On Bitfineon

2) DeepOnion - Kucoin USDT pair

3) Tournament domination

4)CryptalDASH PHASE 4

5) exchange

6) LiteBit.EU Exchange

7) Getadcoin - Voting

8) QuantaDex Exchange

9) Coinpulse Exchange

10) Coinfalcon Exchange

11) Mercatox Exchange

Use DmAMYbRn5XhVDvGyo5iydNBamJidgpRikM to verify.
Voted. ^^
But I can't see the 'other' option on the Kucoin form, I guess they deleted for some reason.  :o

Guys, if you want DeepOnion to be traded to KCS and USDT on Kucoin, then read this and help us. ;)

Check out this new Pre-proposal guys.
I think that running at least 5 stable nodes in China isn't a bad idea. :)

The deposits and withdrawals are re-enabled on Kucoin, finally.

DeepOnion stealth addresses hardfork complited successfull and now our members can use stealth addresses. Also here is giveaway 0.5 $onion to first 50 stealsh addresses
That's awesome! Going to try them when I will be at home. ^^

Can someone please provide me a link that described deeppoints and the reward system that comes with it?  I've seemed to have failed at finding it myself...  Thank you.
Here you go, man.

This is the last day you can vote for DeepOnion on Okex exchange, crypto exchange #1 in the world!
Support DeepOnion!

Raspberry Pi INFO

guys previous tutorial was not for newbies, so i have decided create one more Raspberry tutorial for newbies.
Even people who haven't any experience with linux , can easy complile DeepOnion-qt wallet on raspberry

Check it please and leave your feedback. Looks very easy, but I spent 5 hours for this tutorial  8)

Use DmAMYbRn5XhVDvGyo5iydNBamJidgpRikM to verify.
Thanks for sharing, will take a look into it.
I don't know why, but my Raspberry seems a little bit noisy to me, but I'm afraid that when I leave it just with passive cooler it will be too hot.

Support $ONION by commenting why should it be listed on Okex exchange. Come on guys, we can do it!

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