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So you can also participate in the signature campaign in this forum? I would like to know so I can start wearing it right away! I would also like to participate in the translation for spanish.

This is a pretty interesting token. I've seen a lot of bounty hunters promoting it.

Wizebit is having an awesome airdrop and anyone can join.

There's various products that Wizebit offers, including home automation and security to encrypt data from IoT devices protecting privacy. It also has Luna which is a blockchain based AI personal assistant and Ghost Drive which is a decentralized storage solution. I think Wizebit has all that's needed for personal and enterprise solutions. It has a very solid team and overall the project is very promising and is worth to participate in the airdrop.

You need to complete certain tasks before applying for the airdrop, like following Wizebit's official Medium, FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram channels. Only one submission per participant of course.

Submission Form:

does anyone know if you can rent a LGD membership? I have one but I am never going to be able to use it so why not rent it.

hey the wallet has a really awesome concept. Is anyone selling SPL OTC? Also, why do the top 100 wallets have 15 million coins each?

« on: February 17, 2018, 03:46:39 AM »
So any real purpose of the coin? aiming to disrupt any current traditional business model, industry, etc? C'mon the blockchain space is innovating so many things and not being part of anything but pure profit making is sad. Another masternode coin that I might inevitably skip.

Coin exchange listing fee I think is 2 BTC.

Coin Home / Re: [ANN] Yokohamacoin 横浜コイン [YHC]
« on: January 17, 2018, 10:20:02 AM »
I like the concept of the coin but Iím staying away of any script coin from now on.

This sounds interesting

I don't see any interest from anyone to try to make this coin survive :(

already 4 :)

What do you mean?

I counted 4 people. So there is interest! We must promote the coin.

We are obviously more!

I don't know if any of these 4 people have any knowledge of how to take over an abandoned coin. A community is not made with 4 people, obviously no one is doing any effort to even take this to an exchange. I don't see the point of staking other than for fun.

I don't see any interest from anyone to try to make this coin survive :(

already 4 :)

What do you mean?

I don't see any interest from anyone to try to make this coin survive :(

Ethereum Tokens / Re: [ANN] [Airdrop] Rebellious REBL - PoS Token
« on: December 18, 2017, 11:15:50 PM »
is there a specific airdrop going on for bitcoingarden? :)

Hi! Nice to hear it)) It will be done soon!! ;D
1000 StoneTokens for free)))
Thanks I was able to claim 10 :)

anyone want to do take over ?
i dont mind helping
i know how to set up basic infrastructure  (explorer faucet etc)

I would love to get a community going for this coin we don't need a shitty dev. We can work it out, maybe even hard fork from it but the thing is is that we might have more luck by starting a me blockchain all over again. No one would like to buy coins staked by a few for a long period of time.

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