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What will happen if not all tokens will be sold? Will they be destroyed?

All the tokens not distributed during the crowdsale will be burned out. The rate is 1 FND = 1 Euro. A respective number of FundCoins will be created, meaning that if, for example 19 million Euros are raised, then 19 million FundCoins will be created. There will not be extra tokens.

And will they burn after the buyback?


The official info will be released soon on the website ainnd in the Whitepaper, quite soon, we expect those in the nearest days. So please stay tuned :)

Okay. I really hope that the project will start before xmas

Is the number of FundCoins tokens fixed?

FundCoins will be finite. Their number will be equal to the amount raised, with 1 FND = 1 Euro

Is the softcap already known?

What if the minimum milestone is not achieved?

In case the first milestone is not achieved by the end of the ICO, all investments will be refunded.

By the way, these guys have already made a refund for the time of the break in the project

Not sure, let's wait for the final releases of the website, whitepaper and all the details.

I hope to see the referral program

Is it still Lowestoft after the rebranding?

How exactly will your fund invest in the blockchain? Will you invest in coins or other ICOs?

Will the social accounts change or remain the same after the update?

What part of the profit will be spent on the buyback?


Yes, of course, it will be traded at exchanges

Have you already started negotiations with exchanges or wait for the release of tokens?

What kind of investment it would be? Investment into another funds or what?

Will the ETH/EUR rate influence the value of the FND?

What percentage return should investors expect from for the fund?

The Fund targets an internal rate of rate of 25% for the fund, driven by the high growth of the blockchain sector.

Will profit reporting be transparent?

we will support the rate with the buy-back program.

This is a big rarity, isn't it?

Is there any information about EU participants in the new version of the project?

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