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yep we have just sent the source code to novaexchange and we will be adding the new wallets / block explorers / as soon as the coin is avalable on there ,

we will also make a new thread on here and other forums
if you do hold any old coins from the old chain please let us know and we will swap them over for you as long as you have a pic showing the ammounts

watch this space guys loads more to come :)

Hi guys a quick update

 Volkswaggen will be re added to novaexchange :) as we will post a new thread


as for bounty's we will be giving everybody some free coins to help you on your way once the swap is over

we have to redo the wallets and source code  so we shouldnt be too long


hi guys we will be shortly doing a coin swap we will be changing the block rewards and were thinking of adding pos

what are your thoughts on this

also we will be changing the coin name also we will announce this soon ! watch this space

Hi guys were listed at nova exchange and we have no paid for listing to yobit :)


Get some cheap coins whilst you can as the price will be high soon after we get some more investers on board :)

Watch this Space


We are now at 138 / 250 

lets get voteing guys !

every vote will now get 500 coins each vote :)


@secco our new twitter @Vdub_Coin

Hi guys vote bountys has been sent :)

Lets get this listed on novaexchange !

ive also submitted to yobit free vote so feel free to add it also

at the moment were currently at 5000+ blocks so the blockchain is moving along nicley !

We will be adding a block explorer later on today and we have sent off for some samples of some car stickers

Watch this space


Thanks guys for the votes so far

Now were will be sending 250 Vdubs For each vote !


This is a coin for volkswagen enthusiasts , And everything volkswagen releated ! .
The announcment will be updated soon as we were so excited buy our new coin we couldnt wait to get it out there for you vdub lovers !
so please do check back soon !

We will be opening a online shop soon selling all things vdub releated from keyrings to volkswagen styling , vynals etc we have loads up our sleeves !
We have a large premine of 19 % but there is a reason for that ! we will be doing vdub compitions , Giveaways , airdrops , and much more !

The ann will be updated soon with nice graphics etc

Algo Scrypt / Pow
Block reward   50 coins
Total coin supply 35802469
Premine percent   19%  " for bountys , airdrops , competitions , Exchange listings , etc
Coinbase maturity   20 blocks
Target spacing   1 minutes
Target timespan   5 minutes
Transaction confirmations   10 blocks
RPC port   19940
P2P port   19939

Wallets & Sourcecode

Source -
Windows wallet -
Linux Wallet




Block Explorer


Novaexchange -


Active Bountys

Vote in novaexchange for 100 Vdubs

Twitter - Soon

Facebook - Soon

Website - Soon

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