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Waves classic waves platfrom token

Name: Waves classic
Ticker: WVC
Total supply: 10250000.00000000
Decimal: 8
Identifier:   GdAXytdT2TJJsFo3rMJSqk1gi7bo52GLkyUV8sxhhVbJ

on  5 june 2017 there was 10250000.00000000 were create from thin air and started distribute via airdrop and only 140 person join 1st round airdrop. second round airdrop will begin today until there's at least 1000 participant to join second round airdrop.
To join second round airdrop just drop your waves address
i will update this thread once we finish the second round airdrop.

Chrome extension:
waves lite client:
Google play:
App store:

DEX: waves classic/waves Waves classic/btc




Token Detail

Identifier:   GdAXytdT2TJJsFo3rMJSqk1gi7bo52GLkyUV8sxhhVbJ
Name:   waves classic
Total tokens:   10250000.00000000
Reissuable:   No

Crowfund Project?

Hell no!

Yeap totally

this is the 1st round airdrop,this round airdrop will end at: May 30, 2017, 01:00:00 PM Forum time.

rules to join airdrop

1:must have waves wallet with atleast 0.001 balance of course,just in case some of u don't have. Here the link:

2:Anyone still hold more than half airdrop from this round will get full amount of airdrop in the next round and anyone hold less than half,only get 1 maybe 2 wavesclassic token :P. Dumper don't deserve any. ;D sorry mate

3:follow this twitter acc:  (you don't need to retweet any of my tweet,this is to prevent some people claim more than one airdrop. That's all)

4: post your twitter link with you waves address

Starting from now,payout is once in every two days!
So next payment is  May 30, 2017, 02:00:00 PM Forum time.

if u have any suggestion or anything in your mind,feel free to pm me thanks!
spread the word,the more the merrier!

2nd Round airdrop: TBA

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