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First off if this is in the wrong place pls move .. was not sure where to post
On to the post!

can anyone share some light on this I see all these vids on make mad btc with auto bet on freebitcion . in ... look legit  seems cool .. lil greasy but eh its pennies were talkin here .. so why not try it ... so I did

has anyone done this and won .. like  won big  .. I tried and win for a few rolls then  have a massive string of losses that ruins it .. I assume this is the sites way of stopping this  like I started with 290 ... made it all the way to 17450 and then with in 12 rolls of all loss ... its gone ..  and wasted... I just want some internet monies lolol...

is this a scam  .. a goof  .. a  joke .. or am  I missing some crucial part of the potion can  this work .. am  I  chasing rainbows...

pls  .. help me  bitcoin masters!  .. you have won where I am  failing .. take my hand  guide me to the internet monies !

and i'll give you a crisp ..the crispiest of highfive's! ..

your broke and wondering friend  ..

Member Introductions / Hello Everyone!
« on: December 09, 2016, 05:33:51 PM »
Hello Everyone, ToxicMad here
I'm new  to the bitcoin world and tryin to get started with a  new adventure
been  trying these  "Faucets"  and have   not  been paid  once   >:(

any help .. tips .. donations   or  points  in the right  direction would be great

looking forward  to making  some contacts  and  seeing where i can get with these  ..  funny  lil  buggers  called  bitcoins  ..  and satoshi's

your Toxic Friend  ..  TOXICMAD!  .. Toxie .. or  Simply TM

Thank  for your  time and help!

now back to your  regular  post reading and scrolling ..  I SAID SCROLL >> DO IT!

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