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Please visit
for full rules inside the portal

This is the first giveaway thread ….. please follow us and get involved!
this giveaway has a structure as follows—
vote on all polls and take part in the services we offer.
post at least 2 non consecutive posts on this site replying or starting a pertainent topic.
this will earn you 50 BON
for each level you advance you will be given the respective points in BON

have fun and get the word out…

this is starting at the time of this posting and will end in 7 days time.
ending date is  15 June 2016   { 12 pm GMT}

if you are on probation you will not recieve any gifts or giveaways

at the end of the giveaway the funds will be transferd into each participants online wallet under the "BON" menu
they will not be sent to external wallets/ it will be your choice to either retain the coins in your online wallet or send them elsewhere.

depending on what user group you are in at the end of the giveaway you will receive respectively as follows

Newbie         = 50 BON
Regular         = 150 BON
Local              =450 BON
Old timer     =2550 BON
Local Hero  =10050 BON

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