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Investing & Make Money Discussion / FarSwap(FAR) IEO on ChainX
« on: March 01, 2021, 10:57:06 AM »

About Farswap (Website : )
FarSwap is a software running on ethereum Blockhain that seeks to incentivize a network of users to operate a platform where users can Lend, borrow, buy and sell Crypto assets and earn massive rewards.
FarSwap is the first decentralized platform to give rewards to lenders and borrowers on the platform.

FarSwap Farming
Earn a minimum 55% APY
FarSwap Lending and borrowing
Unstake anytime you wish

FarSwap allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without the need for a central operator administrator. As a result not this, decisions relating to FarSwap are made by holders of FarSwap native cryptocurrency, FAR.

Any body holdiy a balance of asset can propose changes to how it operates via vote on submitted proposal by other users.

FarSwap Farming
Earn a minimum 55% APY unstake anytime you wish. FarSwap Lending and borrowing Lend and Borrow without KYC Get rewarded with Far token whenever you lend or borrow on FarSwap platform. FarSwap is a protocol that reward participants extensively for their activities in an algorithm autonomous ecosystem without KYC. FarSwap distribute 50% trading fee to Stakers and liquidity providers on FarSwap platform. FarSwap lending and borrowing Get rewarded each time you lend or borrow on our platform. Pay back loan with FAR and get %2 repayment discount plus other rewards when you pay back loan with Far token.

Incentives for liquidity providers
Uniswap makews it possible for liquidity providers only earn transaction fees from the fund pool when they actively provide liquidity. Once they withdraw funds from the pool, they will no longer receive that passive income. In addition, as agreements become more and more popular, even though they are early liquidity providers, they still face being joined by large funds, exchanges, mining pools, and other (larger and richer) stakeholders to join the agreement, which will The risk of earnings dilution.

In FarSwap, liquidity is provided to the fund pool, and FAR tokens can also be rewarded. However, unlike Uniswap, even if you decide to no longer provide liquidity, the FAR tokens you get will also entitle you to continue to receive a portion of the fees in the FAR agreement. As an early miner involved in providing liquidity, you will become an important stakeholder in the agreement.

Income you receive from your investment in the mining in the LP ( provides flow mobility) the number of tokens proportional to the total number of coins on behalf of the LP. Unless you continue to increase the provision of liquidity, your holdings and corresponding reward income will gradually be diluted as the capital pool grows.

Incentives for Lenders and Borrowers
Far lending and borrowing platform is developed and programmed for users to receive FAR token for reward anytime they lend or borrow cryptocurrency on the platform. users earn 2 %additional bonus when they choose to pay back loan with FAR token. users can stake the rewards they earn on FarSwap to earn more FAR token or exchange the FAR token to usdt. users is requird to lock certain amount of FAR token befor they can borrow funds on the platform. No KYC is needed for this operation. Lend and borrow with little or no fee in return. users can also borrow or lend any crytocurrencies of their choice.

Hold far token or other token on far Wallet and get rewarded
Stake Far token or other tokens on far Wallet and get rewarded bg rewards
Get rewarded for usng Far wallet to transfer or receve funds. (0.1 reward for every 24 hours for the token sent or receved)
Very low gas fee (lke TRON) : Track crypto prces
Ref bonus : Addng a 3rd party for fat purchase drectly wth far wallet
Dapp type of wallet wth few mult -chan lke trust wallet : Atomc swap


FarSwap is the first decentralized platform to give rewards to lenders and borrowers on the platform
You can participate IEO and check more details from this website

Farswap website:


How to buy FarSwap

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