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Crypto Discussion / Cryptocurrencies added to StumbleUpon
« on: April 20, 2014, 09:11:08 PM »
Hey all. 

I put the following websites for cryptocurrencies into StumbleUpon over the last couple of weeks. 

Listing them here in case anyone wants to vote them up.

I put them under "Investing" for a category, pretty sure they can be moved to a more appropriate one as you vote them up. 


42 Coin     
Asia Coin  
Aurora Coin
Beli Coin    
Bit Bar       
Bit Star      
Black Coin  
Blade Coin 
Bonus Coin
Boy Coin    
Carpe Diem Coin    
Cash Coin  
Choco Coin
Colossus Coin
Community Coin    
Credit Coin
Cryptogenic Bullion
Dark Coin   
Dev Coin    
Doge Coin 
Earth Coin 
EC Coin     
Einsteinium Coin    
Feather Coin
Fedora Coin
Flappy Coin
Gay Coin    
GB Coin      
Germany Coin
Ghost Coin
Girl Coin     
Give Coin   
Gold Coin  
Grid Coin   
Hamburger Coin     
Heavy Coin
Hobo Nickels
Infinite Coin
Isra Coin     
Karma Coin
Killer Coin  
Kitteh Coin
Leaf Coin   
Lime Coin  
Lite Coin     
Lotto Coin 
Lucky Coin 
Magnetic Coin
Mega Coin
Mint Coin  
Moon Coin
Mustache Coin
Nova Coin 
OilGas Coin
Olympic Coin
Panda Coin
Particle Coin
Peer Coin  
Piggy Coin 
Pirate Coin
Pizza Coin  
Pot Coin     
Prime Coin
Quebec Coin
Redd Coin 
Saturn Coin
Sex Coin     
Silicon Valley Coin  
Spartan Coin
Thor Coin   
Top Coin    
UFO Coin   
Unbreakable Coin  
Vampire Coin
Vodka Coin
White Coin
World Coin
Zeit Coin    
Zeta Coin   
Zombie Coin

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