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Coin Home / [ANN] New Tron Gaming Platform! With Own Token
« on: September 11, 2019, 09:25:57 PM »

We are presenting our New Tron Based Gaming Platform

You will earn 33% for every token referral & 5% for every Daily ROI referral. You need have purchased a minimum of 50 TRONFOMO tokens in order to activate your token masternode. Next Game will use TGT. This Game now has its own Token integrated!


TronGamingToken Airdrop, please post your tron Adress to the Telegram Channel!


Creating the Gaming Platform, with its own Token.

This Token will be used in the Games , wich will be avalaible to play.

There will be a passive income possibility for the token holders.

is the way we wanna go, but without gambling games.

Also there will be other games outside the platform wich will use the token!

You can buy the tokens here


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