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Bitgo is a high-security multi-signature wallet that protects Bitcoin from theft and loss. The company is established by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport in the year 2013, based in California. It  is considered as one of the safest options when it comes to Bitcoin storage. BitGo provides an online IP address whitelist along with 2FA authentication. Additionally, users can use their Android and iOS devices to provide additional security for login.
BitGo Features
Most Secure : Platform allows 100% cold storage technology in bank grade class 3 vaults.
Multi User Accounts : Platform provides customizable user roles and controls to align with your organization structure.
Seamless Trading : Buy and sell orders through platform’s trading partners directly from security of cold storage.
Quick and Easy Integration : Available through the web and single unified API that supports all coins and tokens.
24*7 Support : Operational in 5 to 7 business days including Account Setup, Activation, and Asset Transfer.
BitGo Fees
This wallet provides two different fee programs for users to choose from: Bitgo Pay As You Go and Business Account. With BitGo Pay As You Go you need to pay up to 0.25% of outgoing transfer which is little bit high.
Business Account is for organizations and investors with more trading assets and coin volumes. Moreover the fees structure is based on transaction volume.

Are you currently holding some Dogecoins and want to know what the future holds for the project? Or maybe you’re wondering how high will Dogecoin go in 2020? Either way, I will cover all of your queries!

Anyway, in this Dogecoin price prediction, I am going to start by briefly explaining what the  Dogecoin actually is, followed by the future of Dogecoin.

Trading / Crypto Market In 2020
« on: January 29, 2020, 07:22:36 AM »
Crypto Market in 2020 is gonna bring a lot of exciting changes and innovations in the cryptocurrency industry. The market analysis reports a steady rise in the no. of cryptocurrency and blockchain-related startups. Also, the ICO’s, mining, dApps, etc. are about to increase.

Trading / Will Enjin Coin Be a Good Investment in 2020
« on: January 28, 2020, 02:24:51 PM »
Well!! Did you know? Enjin is performing well in the crypto market, several crypto influencers assume that enjin coin has the potential to show its ability in the crypto market and investment in enjin coin will give better returns on investment.

What's your take on this?

Trading / What's your dash coin price prediction?
« on: January 28, 2020, 09:05:57 AM » CoinPredictor also predicts that DASH may decrease to $30 per coin.
Trading Beasts: Trading Beasts believe that DASH coin will increase upto $300 in the upcoming year.

What's your take on this?

Trading / Is It Worth To Invest In Verge?
« on: January 28, 2020, 07:21:55 AM »
Well!! The crypto market is booming really good over the last few years, day by day people are looking forward to invest in the verge.
According to crypto experts, verge price will go up in the coming months.

What's your take on this?

Trading / How secure is to invest in stellar?
« on: January 27, 2020, 08:44:33 AM »
Well!! Did you know? Stellar is one of the leading altcoin in the market as day by day it is performing really well in the crypto market. some crypto experts assume that stellar price will rise high in the upcoming years.

What's your take on this?

Trading / Is It Worth To Invest In Bitcoin Cash?
« on: January 25, 2020, 07:22:05 AM »
2020 might prove to be a remarkable year for Bitcoin cash as we expect many innovations and developments. DigitalCoinPrice predicts that Bitcoin Cash price will go $500 by the end of 2020 and will increase to $1100 by 2025.

What's your take on this?

Trading / Ripple Price Prediction
« on: January 24, 2020, 02:17:23 PM »
Oracle Times Ripple Price Prediction

Recently, in one of their articles, Oracle Times mentioned that they predict that XRP price might surge as much as 2000%. They also mentioned it could be possible only if Ripple becomes the best choice for cross-border payments by financial institutions.

Trading / Monero price prediction for 2020
« on: January 20, 2020, 10:04:27 AM »
Well!! Crypto market is booming really well as a lot of people are showing more interest towards investing crypto. according to cryptocurrency experts monero price prediction, will reach high and gives good returns on investments.

What's your point of view on this?

Trading / is it worth to invest in monero?
« on: January 16, 2020, 08:53:11 AM »
The long-term plan for Monero involves various potential features that will increase the Blockchain utility along with Monerotrade and MoneroChat. Basically, the improvements in price depending on the improvements in utility, adoption and user sentiment. Eventually, Monero price will continue to increase exceeding $150 in 5 years.

Let me know your point of view?

Crypto Discussion / Cryptocurrency Regulations in the UK
« on: January 14, 2020, 07:41:33 AM »
The United Kingdom or the UK is one of the largest economies of the world. As per a survey conducted by a London-based law firm, 20% of the affluent millennial of the UK have invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. no specific law for Cryptocurrency Regulations in the UK

What's your opinion on this?

Trading / How Secure is to invest tezos?
« on: January 13, 2020, 01:31:20 PM »
Well!! Did you know? Tezos is one of the leading altcoin in the crypto market, several crypto experts assume that tezos price will rise high in the upcoming months.

What's your point of view on this, let me know!

Trading / How secure is investment in ripple?
« on: January 09, 2020, 11:18:27 AM »
Well!! UsLifted, a crypto prediction website believes XRP would attain newer heights and might reach $22.79 with a circulating supply of 38,739,145,924 XRP by 2020.

Read here:

Let me know your point of view on this??

Crypto Discussion / Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Early Life
« on: January 02, 2020, 11:26:24 AM »
Born in California on January 25, 1983, Brian Armstrong had a keen interest in computer technology. He started to learn Java and CSS from his school days. While still in high school, he got his first job in San Jones and started designing websites for small businesses. However, In 2001, he moved to Texas and started studying Economics and Computer Science at Rice University, Houston.

What's your take on this?

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