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Site Rules, News, Suggestions, Support, Guides / How to install ICON wallet
« on: February 10, 2020, 08:48:10 AM »
CONís blockchain technology is being applied in the real world such as banks, securities firms, hospitals, and universities. Come see the crypto-world and the real-world connect with ICON. ICON is scalable not only to public blockchains(e.g. bitcoin, ethereum) but also private / permissioned, and other interchain blockchain networks. ICON will be in the center of connecting different blockchains to build a more valuable and scalable network.

Mining / How to mine Loki coin
« on: December 16, 2019, 08:21:35 PM »
Loki provides the means to transact and communicate privately and anonymously, using the decentralised nature of blockchain technology to create new methods of interacting with the internet. Loki is a privacy cryptocurrency based on Monero. Loki currently offers an incentivised full node layer and over the coming months we look to support a secondary p2p network that offers private communications based on the Signal protocol.

Check out the how to mine, video here:

Ethereum Tokens / Agavecoin, an agriculture related token
« on: December 08, 2019, 06:13:04 AM »
Agavecoin Global S.A. is a company, under Mexico's laws. The company produces agave. The company uses a method of providing nutrients to the plant, through water, so there is no need for fertile soil. The company uses underused or overused land, cheap, for the plantation. Agavecoin, tries to turn under productive or eroded land, to a productive asset, with the technology, and the use of tokens, for investment. The token will allow, people around the world, to participate, in the fields and the progressive projects, of the company. The production of Agave allows making of spirits and many other products, like bioenergy, and other organic products.

Ethereum Tokens / TenX, a debit card related token
« on: November 17, 2019, 04:08:21 PM »
TenX was founded in 2015. With the hard work of it's founders, the product was created from scratch, and had the aim to be a card, that would let you spend cryptocurrencies, in real time. TenX, is not just a card, that lets you spend crypto. It wants to make a transition from old money, to new programmable money. With programmable money, the user has full control, is getting educated, and he is fully protected. The TenX payment system, consists of the Tenx wallet, that can hold many cryptocurrencies, and the TenX card, that can be used in almost 200 countries, with over 42 million transaction points worldwide.

There are three types of money, in existence, Cash money, is a public payment infrastructure, that anyone can do transactions, in the physical world. Cash allows full ownership. Digital money, is the money, in your bank account. It does not come with ownership, as it always require an intermediary, to manage the money, on the customer's behalf, and impacts day to day efficiency as well as potential. Programmable money, also known, as cryptocurrencies, where all the above problems, are solved, by giving full ownership and control, as well as allowing access, anytime, anywhere, and in a border-less manner.

TenX, allows users to spend supported cryptocurrencies, using a TenX card that is paired with a TenX wallet. The TenX wallet, is a mobile application, that can be downloaded on an iOS, or Android device. The TenX card, can be ordered from the TenX wallet, by eligible users. The card works via a tap, swipe or chip and pin at more than 42 million terminals all over the world. The merchant, at the transaction point receives payment in the local currency. Since 2019, the wallet has been built with React Native, that allows, over the air, updates.

To apply for the TenX card, a user must pass a Know Your Customer verification process. When this process, is completed, a card is sent to the user's physical address. Then the card, is linked with the wallet App, and will be ready to be used. With the wallet, a user can select a cryptocurrency, to use for the current transaction. Users, can select to receive a notification, at every payment, and lock and unlock the card at will.

Ethereum Tokens / Storeum, an ecommerce related coin
« on: November 09, 2019, 05:31:51 AM »
In finance, there is a natural supply and demand, that creates commerce. Over time, the supply rate of fiat currency, has grown very fast. This is called inflation. Storeum coin was created, to have a cryptocurrency used for transactions, free from tax and fees. It can be used, anywhere in the world, without restrictions. Storeum token (STO), can be used as a primary form of payment, not only, in the Storeum marketplace, but is integrated in various supplier websites, and eCommerce platforms.

One of the biggest and most predominant issues, is, that consumers, cannot buy anything with a penny or a dollar, in most cases. Many years ago, fiat currency, was more valuable, and had a limited amount to go round. As years progress, it is difficult to save fiat money. This is solely caused, by the current inflation model, as money is created constantly, from the central banks. Storeum, does not want to replace fiat money. The aim is, to provide a unique approach, by creating an ecosystem, unattached, to the current inflationary model. The token has limited supply, and allows token holders, to have full control, over their finances, at all times.

Storeum, seeks to create, a decentralized version, of eBay, or Craigslist, a blockchain marketplace, thar users can buy or sell, using Ethereum, as the common payment method. Storeum, is around an idea, of free listings, with a minimal transaction fee, to attract as many users, as possible. The smart contract technology, allows STO marketplace, to ensure safety, executability, intracability, and verifyability, of a transaction. This ensures, that peer to peer transactions, can be done, without hassle.

The Storeum token, was created in January 2019. To this day, the primary use of STO is, within the Storeum, marketplace. The total supply, is limited to 280,000,000 STO. The token, is an Ethereum ERC=20 token.

Ethereum Tokens / Ubex, an advertising related token
« on: October 29, 2019, 02:32:14 AM »
The digital advertising market, is growing for the last 4 years. Although, there are problems like, low targeting efficiency, non-transparent counter party relationships, and high level of fraud. Ubex proposes to solve these problems, with the combination of the advantages of programmatic  technologies, neural networks, and smart contracts, in one single system. With this approach, Ubex provides a transition, from the pay per click scheme, to the payment for targeted actions.

With neural networks, the interest of users, is evaluated, and the result, is the heart of Ubex's advertising purchasing algorithms. Smart contracts, allow for making the relationship of advertisers and publishers transparent and fair, and minimizing the risk for both parties.  Programmatic advertising, is a set of methods, to ease purchasing advertisements on the internet, using automated systems, without human participation, based on socio-demographic, and behavioral data available, to both platform, and advertisers.

The Ubex token, will act as a payment unit, in the platform. The need for a token, is based on the need, to credit funds from advertiser's accounts, for the display of the advertising materials they have bought. The Ubex platform, will enable the owners of websites, who are providing statistical data, for the training of the system core, to receive UBEX tokens, as a reward (like mining). 5% from the income from all Ubex transactions, will be distributed, to data providers.

I have used Bountysuite, to do bounties, for a while, and I would like to know, if there is anyone here has used another platform, and he is satisfied with.  You may propose a site that lists bounties, that you feel it is trustworthy, it does not need to be a platform.

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