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The new leader in masternode investment data, has launched.  It's free to use and free for coins to be added.  We've already have 20 listed and plan to continue to adding new coins daily.  Click on any coin to see advanced data.  Please post questions/comments/advertising interests/coin requests in this thread or tweet to

Memetic (MEME)
Interzone (ITZ)   
Solaris (XLR)   
Crave (CRAVE)   
Neutron (NTRN)   
ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)   
Digital Price (DP)
PieCoin (PIEX)   
ChainCoin (CHC)      
ION (ION)   
Terracoin (TRC)   
BitSend (BSD)   
ArcticCoin (ARC)   
Footy Cash (XFT)   
MonetaryUnit (MUE)   
CoinonatX (XCXT)

We'll add INSANE (INSN) after the update...

Trading / Coins to Buy in April...
« on: April 05, 2017, 03:41:04 AM »
Read one of these last month and liked it...

I'm Buying -
POT - Usually go up around 4/20 & Canada is pushing for legalization.
ICN - I like them as a long-term hold.  They are out of favor because they dropped the dividends to opt for a buyback strategy.  This will go over better for US citizens and probably allow them to be listed on a top US exchange.
INCNT - Like the team, they also dropped dividends and plan to be on Bittrex soon.
I think both will be going to bigger exchanges probably Bittrex.

I'm Holding -
ETC - Get em' Barry.
Everything with Segwit.  VTC, LTC & Viacoin and DGB.  I really like DGB.

I'm shorting -
DASH - but I don't trust POLO enough to try it again...  Polo has been crashing on me...  Dangerous in a short.

UPDATE 7/5:  They Launched!  Check your email - looks like everyone gets 5 LBC.
If you haven't signed up yet - you'll need a code to get 5 LBC

Sign up for emails from $LBC - Get other folks to sign up for emails from LBC  :)

Click link:

Refer others by using your own unique link...  Feel free to put your link in your post - so the next person can use yours....

You will not receive coins immediately as the program doesn't begin until later in April.

Here's $LBC on Poloniex  I've been buying it and like it long term.

[attachment expired]

Here's an updated list of Retweet/Post bounties.  Many of them are ICOs.

Hey Everyone! ;D

Sorry about the awful headline. 

So TradeSport gives $20.00 USD to play - Requires Zero $$$ or BTC - This is Not a match - they actually fund your account to get you started.

If you win you can withdraw your winnings in BTC or $$$ or keep playing.

It's an easy sign up and they even sometimes have Soccer/International matches and the Emmys.

Thanks for using my Link!

Ticker : ABC2

PoW / PoS / PoE

Introducing ABUNDANCE! (ABC2)
An Income Coin.
Featuring Fair PoW & Earned Giveaway Distribution
7 Days of X11 PoW

Only 675,000 Coins Will Be Minted before Generous PoS

PoS Percentages Decrease each month and continue over 8 years. With The Combination Of  Minting/PoS After 8 years

Coin specs

Name: Abundance (ABC)
Algo: X11
Block time: 30 sec
PoS starts at block: 5000
Block retarget: every 20 blocks
POS interest: - Variable - See Below
Coins stake after: 24 Hours
Confirmations per transaction: 3
Premine : 675,000 (Replacing 330,000 PoW as ABC)

Breakdown of Distribution:

Total ABC2 coins to C-Cex for exchange of old ABC : 341,273
Transaction ID: 867e55f99a4c2e397b5a6cea00d1358ad94decbeac133f7d4d4cbe3d966d0a8b
Transaction ID: 66def3b05e257074aaed092e5f875c48a4706e8b196a7975029ab69c0547b388
Transaction ID: b9c62ad770423ccaba5fec500b9271f04d980c0e1a3a4b76554ffc31ff0b3026
Transaction ID: a16175c010b5027fc772d55039399c219ba96c98185787ccb5bb6f2f488f8d70
Transaction ID: 751ff65c32a07b3f102caf90d405bf504a9b78f6cbcfa548b118ced67e58d735
Transaction ID: f04753bf84bd9d296da7ee7df7b57c6af4e835e283868b27e19111ffe8e7d482
Qibuck ABC2 public wallet address link -

Total coins sent to Qibucks for merger and bagholder benefits 138,000  : 120,000 for the merger and 18,000 for 120 bagholders @ 150 each
(09/25/2014 - dismemberment of 150 to each Qibuck bagholder is still ongoing)
Several transactions to this address : To: AMJV5f6stDamVEAKJC2U2atPtg8oM9Z5Dy

(In return we have 10,000 QiBuck and 2.5 Bitcoin as holdings..more on this later when we release rules for being an ABC bagholder)
(It will be similar to how Qibuck does their bagholder program with a rich list block explorer :

Total coins paid for PoE / Giveaways / Bounties / Salaries :  60,000
PoE payout spreadsheet :
Other smaller payout transactions were not kept track of.

ABC2 holding roughly 123,000 coins

ABC2 holdings public wallet address (roughly 51,000 coins)  : AcomWd5JUaVXj1cjdtLaY8oD7khBx8WA75

ABC2 active wallet address (72,000)  :


I. Introduction
II. Who?
III. Highlights and Advantages of this coin
IV. Our Giveaway: Introducing Proof of Effort (POE)[/size][/b]

I. Introduction:

Abundance (ABC)

Abundance is a concept of spreading the wealth of a coin (or Abundance) and allowing its holders to make residual income off of the coin through the PoS algorithm.  We call this an INCOME coin. We’ll make no further promises other than we’re going to do or best as a team and that this coin direct response of empty promises and disappearing development teams...
The Abundance (ABC)  development team welcomes the challenge of earning your trust.

II. Who?
We’re Bittzy78 and JDS1000 and we run CryptoSandwich and love to give away coins.  The Sandwich community is among the largest and strongest in CryptoLand.  We’re experienced at working on and with coin
development teams promoting coins, working closely with exchanges and running successful businesses.

Our Team:

Bittzy78 - Co-Founder;u=192898
Development Team for Coin2 & Moderator for Coinzen, BitcoinGarden Forums

JDS1000 - Co-Founder

QiBucks - Facebook Marketing and Communications

RichFinch Design & Graphics/Communications support

Smart15 Manager of Distributions/Multipool

II. Highlights and Advantages of this Coin:

Innovations - Sure we’re a shitcoin as far as the technology is concerned, but we've come up with 2 things that differentiates ABC from other coins...

In Distribution: PoE - "Proof of Effort" This one involves no mining, but human efforts.  It's not a true giveaway coin like CommunityCoin or Coin2, as we require effort/promotion/social media tasks in order to help create momentum and community for Abundance.

Income/PoS - Abundance is so aggressive in its staking/interest, that we're calling it an income coin.  The act of holding this coin creates income to the tune of 20% monthly interest or over 240% annual interest in the 1st month and gradually tapers off over time... 

We want to reward people for holding Abundance and think that more coins will start copying this income approach...

ABC has 2 distinct PoE phases of distributing our coins to those that earn them....

PoW - Yes there is mining - concentration of 355,000 Coins over 10 Days.

How do I attain Abundance?  We are very inclusionary...

PoE: ABC can be earned by via PoE (No longer).
PoW: ABC can be mined (No longer).
Abundance will be available via the leading Exchanges
150 Abundance is available to all QBK Bagholders.

Proof of Stake Percentages+
(09/26/2014 - These numbers have been adjusted per our dev)

Months are based on the block height
there are 2 block per minutes (30second block time)
2blocks * 60mins * 24hrs * 30 days = 86,400 blocks a month

You can check the source code here:
const int MONTHLY_BLOCKCOUNT =  86400;

Month 1 -       20% Annual Interest  - block 0 to 86399
Month 2 -       10% Annual Interest - block 86400 to 172,799
Month 3 -      7.5% Annual Interest - block  172,800 to 259,199
Month 4 -      5% Annual Interest  - block 259,200 to 345,599
Month 5      2.5% Annual Interest  - block 345,600 to 431,999
Months 6-12   1.25% Annual Interest - block 432,000 to 1051199
Years 1-4      5% Annual Interest - block 1051200 to 4,204,799
Years 5-8      2.5% Annual Interest - block 4,204,800 and on

(Posted by Istvandv -

ABC2 PoB (Proof of Bagholder)

Please fill out the above form if you have have 1500 (or more) ABC2, have downloaded an ABC2
and are willing to leave them in your wallet to stake.

Below will be the requirements for becoming an ABC2 bagholder
This is basically a duplication of the innovative PoB being done by Qibuck.


First Bagholder payout will be early to mid December 2014
(We need time to grow the ABC2 portfolio)

All HOLDERS OF Abundance that baghold 1500 or more coins at the time of the quartly audit will be eligible to receive a dividend bonus from this portion of the incoming revenues. Basically the more coins one bagholds, the larger the dividend bonus will be. This is what will help the price of Abundance grow over time as opposed to dwindle, due to lack of interest, dumping and moving on type of coins. Bagholders will be paid in Bitcoin or ABC2.
Your percentage will be a percentage based on the amount that you own at time of an audit  taken from the block explorer bagholder list here: (Future explorer link).

  Bagholders can choose to be paid either in BTC or ABC2. Only Bagholders who wish to be paid in BTC need to send us a pm with their btc addies and their ABC2 details as now we are percentage based, after we have a rich list block explorer we will no longer need any other info from the Bagholders as we already have them on the Block Explorer Bagholder list.


 Bagholders MUST HAVE THEIR COINS in the downloaded wallet until full payments are made. If we see that a Bagholders takes off their coins and put on the exchange before we get to make their payment they will not be paid, so please make sure you keep your coins in your downloaded wallets until the payment cycle is complete, thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

ABC2 Assets

1. 10,000 Qibuck (QBK) Coins

ABC Qibuck public wallet address : QaMMgYVZ9qTnEEuAKjvt2MtJCTKTrQUgC2

ABC Qibuck public wallet block explorer link :

The amount will not go below 10k coins.
We will use the staking to pay out bagholders dividends

2. 50,000 Abundance (ABC2) Coins

ABC2 public wallet address : AcomWd5JUaVXj1cjdtLaY8oD7khBx8WA75

The amount will not go below 50k coins.
We will use the staking to pay out bagholder dividends.


Name - Desireable Acronym (ABC) will be near the top of the exchanges alphabetically.  (This sounds funny but I remember liking that about ZetaCoin on Cryptsy - Easy to find is an advantage).
Name is Synonomous with Success/Thriving

Distribution Earn coins with and/or without mining is a new concept
Earned by voting and actively participating and becoming a part of something
Round 2 Distribution dependent of Exchange Votes

Team contains Coin Marketing Industry Leaders with lots of relationships and earned goodwill
Largest, most-focused marketing team - everyone doing what they are great at.
Incentivized to succeed - and only receive bounties upon delivery.
Community Launching with>500 Significant Stakeholders
Incentives to hold (Aggressive PoS and 2nd Round Distribution).

Proof of Effort (POE)


Github :

Source & Windows Wallet :!8hc3WQwD!jy33yfS4iEEEuDpV5FxMdgXD6Sl96ehJFEiLhjMBImE


Mac  Mediafire download :

You made need to add the following conf File to your %Appdata%


( added by Diem)

Block Explorers

Crypto Be -

Block Experts :

Our newest block explorers ....

Regular block Explorer :

Wealthiest addresses :

ABC2 Bagholder list :
(It says over 100 but it is actually any wallet 1500 and up for ABC2)

If you go to the top drop down menu called "Coin Selection" you can toggle back and forth between ABC2 and QBK explorers. Also, there are links
to our respective multipools to the right of the drop down menus.


Crytpo Arrow :



Rock, Paper Scissors :


Giveaways & Airdrops / Giant Giveaway of Abundance (ABC2).
« on: September 09, 2014, 07:19:56 PM »

Get 150 ABC2 > 1/5000 of our entire coin distribution.
Put it in your wallet for 20% Monthly PoS for another week and 10% Monthly PoS after that!

This is a rare and valuable coin - currently traded on C-Cex.  And this might very well be the most valuable coin giveaway in CryptoHistory!  We wanted a very inclusive coin so ABC2(Abundance) will be distributed around 1/2 for Mining and 1/2 through Effort.

Must goto link - Replies below are always nice - but the links will get you the coin.... :-)

Earn More:

If you have a crypto website or blog....

If you can translate our OP into another language....


There's lots and lots of reasons to like this coin.  Please check out today's to learn why we like it!

10 AR - Currently worth about 6000 Satoshi BTC EACH on Bittrex.

Leave the following confirmations below...

1).  Post on BitCoinTalk Forum.  Perhaps thank AR Team for this giveaway!
2).  Follow AR COIN
3).  Retweet -
4). Leave your AR Address - 

Payouts within 36 Hours.  Giveaway limited to the first 50 confirmed respondents. 

Needs your help to get listed on

We'll be back on The GARDEN with our Next Giveaway!!!!
Must go to,913
to Get 7 HYPER per Vote!

Currently worth over 17,000 Satoshi BTC per vote!  Big rewards for the top 13 voters!
Current Value:

This is a CyptoSandwich Giveaway - Come join the Party!!!


Get up to 50 HYPER!!!

Follow HYPER on Twitter- 15 HYPER -
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Like CryptoSandwich on Facebook - 5 Hyper -

List confirmations and HYPER address below.

Learn more about HYPER in today's CryptoSandwich!


Today's Coin of the Day is SHOPcoin!  Get 40 SHOP worth over 60,000 BTC Satoshi!  (Based on current Bittrex Price)

There's so much to like about this coin! 

That's why we are buying more...


Get 1,000 ERC for completing the simple Twitter tasks below.

(1) Follow EuropeCoin -
(2) Follow CryptoSandwich -
(3) Retweet
(4) Post confirmations of Twitter Account and ERC Address below.

Go to and read about all the fun benefits of owning ERC including the store, the staking and the 4C giveaway based on your ERC holdings!!!

100 People Max on this giveaway!  Already at 28 one hour into it... 

Earn 50 ERC everytime you vote on MintPal - More ERC = More 4C


Great Coin - Easy Giveaway

Hurry to - Just 100 People will get up to 500 TES!

If you don't have an TES Address - Grab one from MintPal and buy more...  :D

We also link a 350 TES Giveaway with overlapping requirements...


Get up to 125 PRT at CryptoSandwich - It's our Coin of the day!!!

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