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ySense is a GPT (get-paid-to) survey site that allows you to receive rewards for taking surveys, completing tasks, shopping and more. Each successful task you complete will reward you with money from PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer, or you may choose an e-gift card instead.

Take surveys;
Perform easy tasks;
Participate in offers;
Watch Videos;
Use the ySense toolbar (instant ad notifications);
Promote and earn.

Proof of payment

Register ySense

Easy Ways of Earning Money Online with ySense

How to get paid?

Get paid via Payoneer, Skrill ($5.05), PayPal, gift cards.

The minimum cash balance required for a PayPal payment may vary according to the currency in which the redemption is made, but usually starts at $10.00.

If you' re looking to earn some extra cash, you'll find that ySense is well worth it.

Thank you.

Unsorted Faucet Dump / RollerBit - Earn free bitcoin
« on: November 13, 2020, 09:19:12 AM »
RollerBit Faucet is a platform that brings its users a new opportunity to get small fractions of bitcoins completely free of charge and without any difficulty. FreeRoll is a completely free service where you can win BTC units automatically every day by making a roll.

Sign-up Bonus: 1 000 satoshi.

<<<Earn bitcoin with RollerBit>>>

Everyday users will have a free spin on the faucet available where you can win between 0.00000100 and 1 Bitcoin. You can also try your luck and try to multiply your satoshis up to x10 with the Roller (roulette).

The interesting RollerBit ranking system, also allows you to increase your earnings on each claim.

Important: You can Claim your bitcoins every 24 hours.

If you click on the FreeRoller section, you will find the faucet where you can claim small fractions of bitcoins for free. You can claim every 24 hours.

<<<Upgrade your account>>>

==>TREBOL – Reward 0.00000100 BTC. This clover is the figure that is available to all users from the beginning. In this FreeRolls you will always play this figure since it is the only one unlocked from the beginning.

==>COPPER – Reward 0.00000250 BTC. To unlock this figure and make it eligible for FreeRoll, you will need to have 20 or more direct affiliates.

==>SILVER – Reward 0.00001000 BTC. To unlock the silver figure you must bring a total of 50 affiliates or more to RollerBit.

==>GOLD – Reward 0.00100000 BTC. For the gold figure, you must get a minimum of 100 direct affiliates.

==>PLATINUM – Reward 0.05000000 BTC. The platinum figure is unlocked by getting a total of 250 or more direct affiliates.

==>DIAMOND – Reward 1.00000000 BTC. To unlock the last figure, you must have a minimum of 500 direct affiliates on RollerBit.

<<<Multiply your balance with Roller>>>

You will earn commissions every time one of your referrals uses the FreeRoll. The RollerBit referral system has up to 5 levels of depth that will increase your earnings considerably if you manage to build a wide and deep network of active referrals.

<<<Payments with RollerBit>>>

You can Withdraw from 0.0003 BTC. By accessing the ‘Withdraw balance’ menu you can request a withdrawal from 0.0003 BTC. Withdrawals have a commission of 1.5% on the total amount to withdraw.

Register here:
RollerBit| Get FREE bitcoin

Thank you.

2Captcha is a website that pays you to solve captcha puzzles. The captchas usually contain a distorted text within an image.

How to start?
To start your online job on 2captcha you need a computer with a keyboard or a smartphone.
Register an account on our website, then hit “Start work” at the top.
You will pass a short training that will guide you on the captcha solving process and when training is complete you will start to earn money solving captchas.

How much can you earn?
==>The rate for normal captchas is between $0.25-$0.60 per 1000.
==>The rate for ReCaptcha V2 that can be solved when you use our software is fixed to $1 per 1000.
Note: The rate for each captcha is shown on your screen near the captcha.

What is Reputation?
Reputation is shown how many captchas you solved totally. You get 1 reputation point for every 1000 captchas you solve.
Reputation doesn’t affect the rate, complexity, or speed of captcha. You can't withdraw your reputation,  it’s just a number of captchas solved.

Referral program
The referral program allows you to invite your friends to work on 2Captcha and get some additional income: referral commission is 10% of their earnings.

My Payment Proof:

How can I withdraw your earnings?
You can request your payment to one of the supported wallets:

==>Airtm: $1;
==>AdvCash: $0.5;
==>Bitcoin: $1;
==>Payeer: $0.5;
==>PerfectMoney: $0.5;
==> $0.5;
==>WebMoney: $0.5;

Please register here:
GPT World | Complete Simple Tasks

Thank you.

DualMine | Multiply your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin
Dualmine is the best and most reliable mining company. They offer a great price, the website is intuitive and easy to use. They are easy to communicate with ( they ALWAYS respond) and the most important they pay on time.

Sign-Up Bonus
Get 100 GH/s hash power for free on sign up.

This is my deposit:
==> 5017.8 Dogecoin

I bought 8,08 MH/s and i received the "x6" promotion. Now i have 48,48 MH/s (6x8,08 MH/s)

Important Promotion for August:
PROMOTION Huge Power x6 + CRT AirdropBuy today and get 6x more + CRT Airdrop! We will multiply your order power.
*For example:
==>Order and pay for 1000 GH/s and you will get 6000 GH/s + CRT.

Don't forget to Copy your promo code and activate it on the order summary page to receive the promotion.
The code you will find in the "Profits" section.

How to?
==>You register on DUAL MINE;
It takes only 1 minute.

Go to the "Orders" section:
==>Choose hashpower;
More power, more coins.
==>You pay for your new contract;
==>They activate your order and set up your power;
==>The mining process begins;
You'll see live coins mining.
==>You receive daily your mined coins;
These coins are available for payout the same day.

Cryptocurrencies available to mine:
Bitcoin | Ethereum | Cryptonits | Litecoin | Bitcoin cash | Dash | Dogecoin | Zcash | Monero.

Note: No hidden fees or commissions.

Please register here: Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

Thank you.

Looking for Online Jobs or work?
Complete simple micro jobs and get paid Instantly!
Microploy is ALL-IN-ONE Powerful automated Job to start a Job, Microjobs & PTC sites at one platform.

How to register?
Registration is completely FREE; you just need a valid email address.

Sign-Up Bonus:
Join and get free signup 0.10 USD bonus.

Examples of jobs:
=>watch Youtube videos;
=>click PTC ads;
=>subscribe Youtube channels;
=>like Facebook pages;
=>upload photos, etc.

Job Website + MicroJob site + PTC website & + Homework websites

Even you are not completing any job, you can just log-in and log-out once in 30 days into your account so the system will keep your account active.

What is Wallet Balance and cash balance?

Wallet Balance is the total amount of vouchers and refunds by the system, which is non-withdrawable but can be used on-site to start a new campaign.

Cash balance is a total amount of earning by jobs, referrals, and deposits, which can be withdrawn / cash out or start a new campaign, also to generate vouchers.

What is the Success Rate?
The success rate is an important part of worker reputation and working experience. You must accept the job only which you are capable to complete.

Note: You must maintain your success rate above 24%.

Basic member;
When you joined the site you are a basic member.
Silver member;
When you invite a minimum of 100  friends you become a silver member. Silver members will not be charged for any deposit and withdraw fees.
Golden member.
Golden members get free gifts from administration(ex vouchers or free campaigns).

Referral system
=>You get a bonus: $0.10;
=>Every time your referral balance reaches $50 you get a bonus: $5.

Note: you can refer as many users as you like and commission is unlimited.

Withdraw funds:
The minimum withdrawal is $1.
The minimum withdrawal is $50.

Please register here:
MicroPloy | Freelance your life

Enjoy and Make Money Everyday!
Thank you.

Investing & Make Money Discussion / Adviev -
« on: June 25, 2020, 05:45:48 PM »
Adviev (PRELAUNCH) is an advertising platform that distributes revenue generated by advertising sales, conducting trading operations on the cryptocurrency market, and investing in other liquid projects.

Sign up bonus | Get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP
With this bonus, you will be in GROUP 2.

What is a BAP and how does it work?
Having a BAP - you get the right to receive paid ads. When you receive paid ads, these ads consume your BAP.
For every paid 0.01$ ads you’ve viewed 20 BAP is deducted from your account.
For example, if you receive paid advertising in the amount of 1$, then 2000 BAP will be deducted from your BAP balance after viewing the ads.
You can get more BAPs: buying BAPs, views at BAP ads.
Buying BAPs, every 1$ spent instantly gives you 2440 BAP, which is 1.22$ in paid ads. 1 BAP is equivalent to 0.0005$
Your BAP balance determines on how more expensive ads you will receive. The more BAP you have, the more expensive announcements you will receive.


GROUP 1      0 - 499   ===>0$
GROUP 2  500 - 12199   ===>$0.063
GROUP 3      12200 - 24399   ===>$0.126
GROUP 4      24400 - 48799   ===>$0.225
GROUP 5      48800 - 97599   ===>$0.414
GROUP 6      97600 - 195199   ===>$0.81
GROUP 7      195200 - 390399   ===>$1.62
GROUP 8      390400 - 780799   ===>$3.24
GROUP 9      780800 - 1707999   ===>$6.93
GROUP 10   1708000 - 3659999   ===>$14.4
GROUP 11   3660000 - 7807999   ===>$28.8
GROUP 12   7808000 - 15616000   ===>$57.6

Project have two balances
Main balance and Reinvest balance. Profit from shares and viewing paid ads will be distributed as follows:

==>65% of the profit will be added to the Main balance.

==>35% of the profits will be added to the reinvest balance.

Referral Program
You will receive 4% of purchases (Baps, shares) by your referrals, as well as 3% of the amount they earn by viewing ads.

What is the "available withdrawal limit" and how does it work?
The available withdrawal limit is the maximum amount that you can withdraw.
The available withdrawal limit can be increased with the help of deposits, purchases of BAPs and shares using payment systems.
By making deposits, buying BAPs and shares using payment systems, your available withdrawal limit will increase by 150%

What is the minimum withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal size for Perfect money, Payeer, Litecoin - 8$
For Bitcoin - 50$

Register here:
Adviev| Sign up Bonus

Thank you.

ZCore Social | Get Paid to socialize

ZCore Social  |  Social network, More Safe and More Simple
Social network in which ZCore and ZCRT are the payment currencies. Ads, jobs, friends and more. Earn ZCRT by joining this social network.

Available on mobile devices:
Google Play;
Apple Store.

Earning Options

==>Be free to publish and share cryptocurrency content without being censored;
==>Use the platform to create your cryptocurrency-funded crowdfunding campaigns;
==>It has never been easier to buy and sell using cryptocurrencies than in our marketplace;
==>Take advantage of our blogging and micro blogging platform to publish your articles, engage people in debates and online forums;
==>Hire specialized freelancers for any job and pay with cryptocurrencies.

Earn tokens while using social network
Make thousands of friends and have fun, you earn rewards in tokens just using the social network
Smooth and Simple Features
Site has only simple and effective features to help you find exactly what you want.
Your Data are Safe
You have the private key of the wallet that received your tokens, they don't have your coins.

ZCorePay is your digital cryptocurrency wallet

Do you need a wallet to safely store your cryptocurrencies, which allows you to make transfers without hassle-free?
ZCorePay is a very easy to use wallet, with just a few clicks you can store your digital currencies and carry out transfers seamlessly.
But it doesn't end there, with ZCorePay, you can make purchases using your cryptocurrencies and still earn CashBack in return!

Keep in Touch with the Community
Register in our social network and stay updated with latest news and events!

You can use any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. Try MyEtherWallet, for example.
You can exchange these tokens to  Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, Tether, and many other ERC-20 tokens.
When i will make my FIRST payment, i will post it here. This is NEW  for me too

Register here:
Zcore Social| Get FREE Tokens

Thank you.

AdsClaimer | Similar site like Paidverts and PTCShare

I invested today $17 and i reched level 4 where i will earn $1.32 per day.
This is my deposit:

How to earn here:
==>You can invest and earn 154% , you will receive daily earnings at 18:00 server time in paid ads page;
==>Bring referrals to earn 15% when they invest, and 7% of each daily earnings they receive;
==>Click on Bonus ad points from bonus ad points page , and once you have at least 1600 BAP you will then start receiving daily earnings.

how to maximisize your earnings ?
==>you can maximize you earnings by investing more;
==> you can maximize your earnings when you bring more referrals.

<<<Bonus Ad Points>>>
What is Bonus ad points (BAP) ?
Bonus ad points (BAP) is a credit that allow you to receive daily earnings.
==> for example : - when you have 0 BAP you will not receive daily earnings;
=> you will start receiving daily earnings when you have at least 1600 BAP;
=> when you have 1600 BAP you will receive $0.12 daily earnings;
=> for example when you have 51000 BAP you will get $1.32 daily earnings;
=> and for 200000 BAP you will get between $4.9 daily.
Conclusion : the more you have bonus ad points (BAP) the more you get daily earnings.


How you get paid:
==>Perfect Money;
How much is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
Minmum amount to withdraw is $5.

Please register here:

Thank you.

AttaPoll connects you with a wide range of companies and organisations that are looking for your views and opinions. By taking part in these surveys you will be helping them develop new products and services or improve existing ones.
AttaPoll is a free-to-join platform available to applicants aged 13 years and above from around the world. The only major requirement is that you must have a smartphone to download and install the app.

How do  you get more surveys?
The number of surveys you get depends on your demographics and location. It is possible that on some days there may not be any surveys, but on others there can be many surveys.
When a survey is available, they will send you a notification.

Note: When you make your payment request you can enter a different PayPal address. It doesn't have to be the same as the account you are signed into Attapol.

Important: Don't forget to complete all the question from your profile (Settings==>Your Profile).

How much can you earn?
The amount of money you can earn with this app depends on how many surveys you can complete at any given time.
Note: The availability of surveys depends on your profile.

Payment Options:
==>PayPal (300 credits)
==>Bitcoin (10 000 credits)
==>Ethereum (250 credits)

Download AttaPoll and start getting paid for answering occasional surveys. Keep your earnings for yourself or donate to a charity, it’s up to you.
Get Paid to take Surveys

Thank you.

Investing & Make Money Discussion / Volutic - Get Paid to READ Emails
« on: February 09, 2020, 05:29:24 PM »
Volutic - Get Paid to READ Emails
Volutic (Similar with ClicksGenie) | Get Paid to Read Emails

How to earn with Volutic?
On your desktop, tablet or mobile. Simply open email sent by Volutic, read, click the ad, stay for the predetermined amount of time and get paid.

<<<Account Inactivity>>>
There are 2 types of account inactivity:

==>15 days of no email click/visit;
If you do not visit/click any email ad within 15 days, your account becomes inactive.To activate it again,you simply have to login your account.
==>90 days of inactivity;
If you do not login into your account within 90 days, your account becomes permanently inactive.

Referral Program:
==>6 levels down and the following percentages:
1. 100%;
2. 90%;
3. 80%;
4. 70%;
5. 60%;
6. 50%.
Payment Options:
==>Bitcoin Wallet;
==>FaucetPay - MicroWallet.
Minium payout is 0.2 USD and it is instant.

Please register here:
Get Paid to READ Emails

Thank you.

Hitbits | Fight different monsters, level up, purchase items make yourself stronger, hire mercenaries to increase your power and claim multiple rewards.

You can earn tokens from multiple sources, from easiest to most complicated is Faucet > Shortlinks > Raids > Offerwalls
Earning Options:
==>Multiple ways to earn;
Earn from faucet, offerwalls, challenges, achievements , raids , bonuses and much more!
Generate extra income and increase your Character damage with mercenaries, hire them for different time periods and generate extra tokens every hour and increase your damage vs Raids;

<<<Types of currencies>>>
There are 3 types of currencies on this site:
==>Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.01 and can be withdrawn for BTC and DOGE). It can be used to purchased items on the market;
Credits can be obtain like this::
1.You can take part in raids; You will get an amount proportionate to the damage you do;
2.You can buy mercenaries; Each mercenary gives you 3 Credits per hour, but also uses up 2 Food per hour. Mercenaries can be purchased for 30, 60, 90 or 120 days);
3.You can change Tokens into Credits at the currency exchange.
==>Tokens (1 token can be exchanged for 5 Credits in the market, and can be used to purchased items on the market);
Tokens can be obtained by claiming the Faucet, Shortlinks, Offerwalls.
==>Gold (used to purchased certain items like health portions on the market).
Gold is dropped randomly when you attack the raid monster, and can also be obtained on the currency exchange.

<<<Leveling and free points>>>
On each level up you will get free 8 points so you can distribute them between your stats.
You can get extra points by using books of knowledge which you can purchase from the market or obtain as Raid drop.

<<<Energy and HP regeneration>>>
Every 2 minutes your character regenerates automatically 2 Energy points and 5 HP points, you can restore energy or HP by using potions.

<<<Joining Raids>>>
You can join and attack any raid which is in your level range
Your raid level range is  [YOUR LEVEL] - 70 to [YOUR LEVEL] + 70.
You are able to join out of range raids, but not able to attack them.

Referral Program:
==>Get 25% from every ref Claim;
==>Get from 5% to 10 fFrom every Offerwall survey;
==>Get 5% chance to get item drop.

Payment Options:
==>Multiple Payment Options
Direct payments to your BTC or DOGE wallet and more coming soon!
Min withdraw amount 2000 Credits (1000 Credits = USD$0.05).

Please register here:

Thank you.

Investing & Make Money Discussion / Earn Free Cash Online With PointsPrizes
« on: September 30, 2019, 05:33:28 PM »
<<<PointsPrizes>>> Earn Free Cash Online With PointsPrizes | It’s very easy to use and I was able to get started within minutes.
You can earn points by completing surveys, playing games, watching video ads and downloading apps.
You can use it on your desktop as well as on your Android or iOS device.
How can you earn?
==> Paid surveys
==> Offer Walls (AdgateMedia, OfferToro, Peanut Labs, Wannads and many others)
You will need to choose a third-party program to complete the offers and check to see any opportunities available to earn extra points.
==> Coupon Codes
==> Watching Videos
==> Playing Games
==> Daily Poll
You can answer the daily poll and earn 5 points.

Remember: $1 is equivalent to 150 points.

<<<Coupons Codes>>> Free 500 points.
Every registered member is allowed to earn 500 points via coupons.


Note: If you are from the United States, some parts of Western Europe, Middle East, and Asia, you should be able to accumulate enough points quickly to redeem your cash prizes.

Payment Options
You can redeem your points for PayPal money or Bitcoins.
Other options:
==>Amazon gift cards, iTunes, Google Play gifts, Steam, League of LLegends, Xbox and many more.
Minimum Payout: $20 (3000 points).

Please register here:


Thank you.

AdTokenz - Buy Great Quality Advertising & Get Paid Every Day

Its absolutely free to join. You can signup  here.
This is the highlight point in AdTokenz and you need to understand TOKEN system clearly in order to earn good income from this site. Token is the currency or point system in AdTokenz.
There is a concept in AdTokenz called AdTokens. Paid ads require and consume Tokens as they're issued to you. 
You'll receive paid ads daily until all your Tokens are used.

Signup Bonus: 100 tokens

How can you increase your Tokens:
==>View activation ads;
==>Buy PTC Ad Campaign to increase your Tokens.
By purchasing PTC Ads you get 120% from your purchase in the form of Tokens (for every $1 purchase of PTC Ads, you receive 2,400 Tokens immediately).
You don’t get the paid ads directly in your account. You will get the paid ads as per your Token amount. More Tokens you have, more higher value ads you will receive. So you need to collect more & more Tokens.

Note: The value of each Token is $0.0005.

When you log in to your newly created AdTokenz account, you will be greeted with 10 Activation ads. Each of the ads gives you 5 Tokens.
Every day you will receive automatically 10 ads of this type which gives you up to 50 Tokens completely FREE!
AdTokenz will consume all the Tokens from your account and add the money to your account according to the value of the Token.

Important:  There is an automated system in place that will automatically start deducting Tokens and cash from balances of any accounts that have not been active.
So for these inactive accounts, the Token tax deducts 100 Tokens per day and $0.001 from the available balance on your account.
To prevent this, simply be active by just viewing ads at least once every 7 days. Another option to prevent these being deducted if you are away or on holidays is to purchase the vacation mode.

Referral Options:
By referring you will receive the following benefits:
==>7% commission on their every ad purchase;
==>5% commission on the value of their ad clicks.

Payment Options:
==>Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money.

Please register here:
You can join AdTokenz from this special link. You need to check your email & confirm your registration to make your account active.

Thank you

Complete simple tasks: Surveys, Watch Videos, Install Apps etc.
Redeem earned points for PayPal, Bitcoins, Ethereum tokens, or gift cards.

More info:
==>it requires that you register with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account;
==>when you complete the registration, you’ll earn 100 points for downloading and registering with the company using a referral code.
==>each day Bituro adds new surveys to the app. You can take as many surveys as you choose.
==>taking surveys will earn you the most points from Bituro. You can earn 100 points or up to 1000 points for a survey.

Note: You won’t earn an extreme amount of money using Bituro, but you can earn a few dollars with low effort.

Bituro is available also on:
==>App Store;
==>Google Play.
Please use this Invite Code: 1930498 when you register.

My Payment Proof:

Referral Info:
==>you earn referral bonuses of 10% of all the lifetime points that your friends redeem for gifts + additional instant bonus on install;
==>for each referral you get 50 points (Instant Bonus on Install)

Payment Options:
You will need 1000 points to request a payment from the app. The current rate is 1,000 points = $1.
==>Paypal: 1000 points;
==>Bitcoin: 1000 points (Coinbase), Bitcoin Wallet (10 000 points);
==>Ethereum: 1000 points (Coinbase), Ether Wallet (10 000 points);
==>Amazon Gift Card: 10 000 points (US only);
==>Google Play Gift Card: 10 000 points (US only);
==>Starbucks Gift Card: 10 000 points (US only);
==>Target Gift Card: 10 000 points (US only).

Please register here:
Invite Code: 1930498
Bituro - Easy Surveys and Tasks

Thank you.

<<<GG2U>>> Fun and Unique Rewards program
Get paid to play games! Get paid to take surveys! Get paid to watch videos! Get paid to complete offers!
They will pay you to play games, watch videos, take surveys, and more!
You can even earn extra while you're playing video games (or doing other things) by simply having our videos playing in the background on your phone or computer. It's very easy!

100 Coins = $1.00

<<<Silver Tokens>>>
For every 200 Video Points you earn, you'll receive a Silver Token. Each Silver Token will reward you with a credit to your account balance of $1.00 to $3.00.
Every Silver Token you get will allow you to enter our Silver Prize Wheel page.
 The prize wheel has seven segments, and there is always a one-in-seven chance of each segment being chosen when you click to enter the prize wheel page.
==>When you have a Golden Token, you can spin our Golden Prize Wheel (get up to $7.00).
==>When you have a Silver Token, you can spin our Silver Prize Wheel (get up to $3.00).

Bonus: $1.00 Signup Bonus!

Note: Depending on what country you're from, there will probably be a separate page of featured video games you can play on your computer (and/or phone). The game publishers are looking to get people to give their games a fair chance to see if they like them, so there are different requirements for each game depending on what kind of game it is.

<<<Referral Program>>>
Every time  your referral receives  a payout, they will credit your account with 5% of the value!

Payment Options:
Once you reach just $7, you can request a payout.
==>Paypal (no fee);
==>Coinbase (3% fee).
Make sure that you have the correct PayPal or Coinbase email address entered in your Account Information.
E-Gift Cards are available too.
Important: For every 5 payout requests (or gift card requests), you'll be able to spin the Golden Prize Wheel and have a chance to get an extra $7.00 added to your account balance (so like a free extra payout).
You'll always receive at least $1.00 from this, and you'll have a 57% chance of getting at least $3.00. Over the long run, this bonus can essentially give you a 8.4% higher rate on our surveys, videos, and offers!

Please register here:

Give it a try today!
Thank you.

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