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Hybrid/Other Tokens / Discover new cryptocurrencies with Apollo18
« on: May 17, 2022, 12:00:37 PM »

With approximately 7,000 coins listed on CoinMarketCap today, cryptocurrencies have conquered the world by storm. This has piqued the interest of newcomers to the industry. It’s getting easier to invest every day, it’s popular and exciting particularly among younger investors, and financial freedom can seem like a reachable goal with such returns.

The downside is, anyone can be a victim of an unlucky timing, the complexity to navigate through the market without the expertise, scams or driven by fear of missing out.

Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky business, but it’s even riskier if you don’t know how to study and analyze cryptocurrencies. However, you can obtain the data to make an informed investment decision with the correct crypto research tools.

Everyone seems to be discussing the metaverse and NFTs. Every day, new investing trends emerge in the marketplace. This makes it difficult for investors to keep track of the most popular coins. Crypto technical tools are valuable assets that assist consumers in navigating the market more effectively. Many of these programs include a free trial period during which you may check them out and see which one is best for you. Knowing how to use these tools can help you track cryptocurrency price movements and get an advantage.

A new crypto research tool worth investigating is Apollo18. It is a provider of cryptocurrency financial intelligence, market data, indexes, network statistics, and other analysis tools to assist you in making informed cryptocurrency decisions. Fundamental insights and behavioral reports are also available on the platform, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve. Furthermore, you can set up alerts on Apollo18 to receive notifications if the social volume of a currency you’re interested in increases.But what if you don’t want to invest in the most sought-after coins?

The biggest opportunities are obviously in those that haven’t yet been widely discussed. The ones that YouTube influencers haven’t yet endorsed and pumped up themselves before doing so. Those who haven’t yet appeared in one of Elon Musk’s interstellar tweets or the German daily Bild. Apollo18 is a platform that provides you with all the tools you need to locate the next mooner and get on board as soon as possible.

How does Apollo18 work?
Apollo18 is an on-chain data and intelligence platform. It collects data from several blockchains to assess crypto network activity correctly and then reports metrics and insights to investors. You may use Apollo18 to look up market indicators for any coin and see how many active addresses have completed transactions. Price data is also available and can set alerts and export data. It really differs by providing everything that’s publicly available for these early investment opportunities with no marketing whatsoever.

With the help of the platform, early investors may make informed decisions about their investments, including the number of unique addresses and transactions, indexed buyer/seller ratio, and much more. And while other, more centralized providers define the roadmap themselves, Apollo18 outsources these decisions to the community while educating their users.

Even before audits, looking into every other part of the token’s smart contract functionality and holder distribution might help with trustworthiness rating.

Every coin has its dashboard where you can track its fundamentals. For newcomers, they deployed machine learning algorithms with data from the coin’s financial and social media accounts to generate a simple score that informs users whether the coin is likely a “hoax” or not. Other data points along with the token’s social media data, are used by Apollo18 to build a 2nd score estimating the likelihood of a coin becoming a “mooner” using machine learning as well. This could help more people achieve financial independence faster while reducing risk and simplify, automate, filter or sort opportunities for crypto investors.

Here’s how 2022 looks like for Apollo18

Apollo18 is a cost-effective, transparent, and adaptable platform for crypto analytics in DeFi, Web3, Metaverses and Tokenized Assets. They intend to develop dashboards for teams and funds, plan to become more decentralized, and an education campaign is in the makings.

In addition, Apollo18 will launch a Freemium version to target new users and a conversion rate of >2% from free to paid plans could already send their token to the moon. “We’re also interested in launching influencer campaigns and training for and with key opinion leaders. Aside from that, we will make use of community suggestions, improve communication, and offer airdrops to long-term and loyal investors.” — they said in an interview.

In short, they want to provide:

Smart money (or Scam) detecting features, resources, and new indicators
More features and visualizations for your community than any web2, on-chain data, or mainstream crypto data outlet.
Combine open-source, social, and on-chain data to prevent information overload while allowing for in-depth analysis of genuine transactions.
Identify money sources to distinguish between smart money, scammers, traders, and faithful clients/holders.

Why you need Apollo18?
To foresee variations, you must go back in time, which necessitates technical analysis and this fundamental analysis of the entire crypto market. The research examined the value of a coin over a set period using data the world usually sees in graphs and charts for their machine learning algorithms.

You may need to examine trends over several hours, days, weeks, or months. It also entails historical investigation. We analyze how coins have fared in the past and how quickly they course-correct following a large change up to or down when studying the market. This is a time-consuming process when done manually. This may be accomplished in no time with the assistance of Apollo18.

When the token is listed, the tool has already aggregated the info it can find to score it for newcomers or customize notifications for crypto enthusiasts. It also analyzes social media buzz from a variety of sources. Apollo18 can help you reduce your risk of being a scam victim and invest as per your risk profile. It provides real-time access to independent assessments and on-chain analyses of new coins on DEXs and information from launchpads. Apollo18 offers to collaborate on alternative investment criteria with a community, the crew, or your own team.

Don’t be concerned about missing out.

FOMO, or the fear of missing out on something, is a term that everyone is familiar with.

Although it’s impossible to predict which cryptocurrency will soar in value and when, having a reliable data source like Apollo18 can help you to find your own trading style.

Find more on :
Join the telegram:


Illuminati is here! Join the brotherhood and collect rewards
Buy and hold $ILU tokens and earn passive income every hour in Binance BUSD. 8% of buy and sell transactions is shared to all token holders directly. Illuminati takes care of brothers and sisters!




Why Illuminati Token

Anti-Whale Mechanism
Our Anti-Whale function ensures that No sale amounts higher than 0.25% of the total supply are possible at once.

Earn passive income
8% of buy and sell transactions is shared to all token holders

Buy-Back Wallet
1% tokens are collected from every transaction and converted to BNB and are stored in Our contract.

Liquidity Pool
Our Smart contract deposits 2% from every buy/sell transaction as $Illuminati and $BNB into a liquidity pool.


❗️This is a good one guys as there will be 5 WINNERS!
💰Each winner will receive 5 BNB in illuminati coin

To participate:
👉Follow us on Twitter👉Join our TG

Read more about the project:


Meet Hashtag! World's Best Community Token
Friendship, transparency, and security. We are engaged to full lucidity, in the way we run our business. Ensuring we build value, transparency, that provides a bright future for our company and investors.

BSC Contract:

What is Hashtag?

Hashtag is platform that brings together different branches of the crypto industry

What is Hashtag lottery?

Our team has created a reward system that differs from others on the market. While for others you earn cents a week, here you will have the opportunity to earn a large amount, even millions each week.

How does Hashtag lottery work?

Our developers have integrated code in the smartcontract that works on the principle of lottery. From each sell/buy transaction are collected 3% fee into the smartcontract. This is how the prize is collected until the moment when the smartcontract sends the prize to the winner chosen random from all holders who claim more than 10,000 HTC (0.25$ current value). Reward is sent every 7 days.

What is the prize of the lottery?

The prize is collected from the 3% fee for each buy/sell transaction.

For example:
For the past 7 days, Hashtag token has made 100,000$ volume in 24 hours. For those 7 days are collected 21 000$ that will be send to a random wallet picked by the smartcontract. This cycle is repeated every week. The reward is determined by the volume of the currency.

The larger volume of the currency, the greater prize for the winner.

How can I participate in the lottery?

It's simple. Just hold 10 000 or more HTC tokens in your wallet. The current price for 10 000 HTC tokens is 0.25$~value.

How to buy HTC?

Download the MetaMask extension and create a wallet. Then proceed to fund your wallet with BNB. Make sure you have enough for gas fees.

Visit Pancake Swap and connect your wallet to the dApp. Make sure you are connecting to the correct url as

Import the HTC contract. In order to swap HTC you will need to add the contract to your wallet, simply click 'add token' to your wallet and copy and paste the HTC contract, then press 'import'.

Swap BNB for HTC After you have imported, simply press 'select token', select HTC and then enter the amount of BNB you would like to swap for.


Get more info at




You have made your way to the arena.
Cryptolympics is a home for 10 different community driven BEP-20-tokens. Those 10 different tokens on the Binance Smart Chain are fully owned by the community.

The concept of Cryptolympics is based on the famous olympic games. Imagine torches, nations and of course, ultimate winners.

10 different tokens named after the top 10 crypto countries with the most crypto holders. Those tokens are listed on a ranking list (look to your left), sorted by the current price.

The reward for the winners?

A huge PricePool is airdropped every week!


And hey, let’s be real here.
Cryptolympics is not going to save the planet. We’re not creating technology to teleport people and we’re definitely not gonna compete with SpaceX.

We’re here to play a game. And we’re here to try and make our community rich as fuck.

How to participate in the fairlaunch

You have to sign up with binance and verify your account by using picture and proof of address.

After making account, you need to by some BNB with credit card or other fiat.

Then you have to set your crypto wallet, we recommend you METAMASK.

You have to add binance smart chain to Metamask.

Later on you can withdraw your BNB from Binance by pasting your wallet address in withdraw section.

Eventually, Go to and click on the launchpad section and search for our tokens.
You can find the names of the tokens on our homepage:

You have to connect metamask with pink sale. Enter the BNB amount you want to buy our tokens and click on Buy. Once the fair launch is finished - you can claim your tokenson the same page.

Tokenomics For Each Token

Our goal: As fair as possible and 100% transparency!
Launch, distribution and locking.
For each token, we conduct a fairlaunch on:
The softcap is 30BNB.
80% of the softcap goes into PancakeSwap liquidity.
Total supply for each token:

Taxes for each transaction (buy & sell)
2% PancakeSwap liquidity
5% PricePool in BNB
5% Marketing in BNB


Hybrid/Other Tokens / Web3 RevGen: Making investing in DeFi safer
« on: May 09, 2022, 11:32:46 AM »

Web3 RevGen
Making investing in DeFi safer

Vision Statement
At Web3 RevGen DeFi, our vision is to provide an interconnected suite of offerings to individuals and businesses FOR THE FUTURE benefit of cryptocurrency as a whole. We envision a cryptocurrency ecosystem that supports technological innovation, efficiency, and crypto-as-a- service whilst encouraging collaboration between individuals and projects alike.

We aim to provide educational opportunities for those new to cryptocurrency and decentralized finance, coupled with utilities and tools that assist in wealth generation and more importantly, support Web3 RevGen DeFi’s values of professionalism, integrity, and security.

The Web3 RevGen DeFi vision will be achieved on the back of its four pillars: Honesty, Integrity, Community & Collaboration. These core principles are the building blocks upon which we established – and will continue to grow – our company and our community. They are evident in the relationships we form professionally and the utilities and services we offer and have quickly become woven into the fabric of our REVGEN community.

Web3 RevGen DeFi has a mission to bring about lasting change to the lives of our community members, as well as to the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our dedicated team, strong business acumen, and community-minded approach provide the cornerstones for Web3 RevGen DeFi to make its mark in the world of business and finance.

When our investors speak about Web3 RevGen DeFi, they will speak about so much more than our  tokenomics. They will speak about our community, our passion, our professionalism, our integrity, and our vision of bringing security for investors and accountability to businesses and projects within cryptocurrency.


Web3 RevGen DeFi has strategically placed the elements of its tokenomics to ensure that the longevity of the project is secured.

Web3RevGen ($REVGEN) is a Reflection token on BSC. Holders will earn in 12% Rewards in BUSD on Every BUY/SELL.
✅ Contract Audit Completed
✅ Doxxed Members, our vision is to provide an interconnected suite of offerings towards technology, innovation and crypto-as-a-service.

More info:
Telegram -
Twitter -


Bitdollars is a secure decentralized cryptocurrency platform that enables users to make the most out of their crypto by simplifying trading and earning rewards, while being in full control of their funds.

BTCD is a versatile coin allowing users to trade, pool, earn and more.

Instantly swap crypto tokens. No registration or account needed.

Low Fees:
Bitdollars operates on Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Bitcoin or Ethereum.
This allows us to have trading fees that are more competitive than other decentralized exchanges

Trade directly from your wallet app.
Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, the Bitdollars platform does not hold user funds when users trade: The user has 100% ownership of their crypto.

Earn Bitdollars native token - BTCD
Earn BTCD and other tokens with high interest rates.

Earn tokens with BTCD Pools

Stake BTCD, earn free tokens.
BTCD holders are able to earn fee tokens from major projects.
New projects are joining nearly daily, so users can earn more

Earn BTCD with Yield Farms
Stake LP tokens, earn BTCD. Users would be taking on a little more exposure to market fluctuations than with the BTCD Pools, but can earn higher APR to offset the risk.

Earn Trading Fees
Even if the user's trading pair isn’t supported on the Farms page, they are still able to earn trading fees when they stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools (LPs).

Is Bitdollars a safe platform?

We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.

The chefs use multisig for all contracts and our contracts’ time-lock provides peace of mind for users.

Bitdollars Tokenomics

Ticker: BTCD
Contract address: 0xEd11F2fBEae0E42b11fD784737E5186dEA4c43Df
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Supply: 100 Million
Fees:  No Fees
Allocation: 10 million for initial liquidity


Do you already have a sniper bot? Because SnowSniper just released a new version. Basically, it's a sniper bot for decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap, UniSwap, TraderJoe, MM Finance and many more (around 30 exchanges) used to buy at the very low price of the token listing and sell in the first minute to make insane profits.

As most of you probably know, it's hard to believe in crypto projects nowadays due to the many scams going around. However, SnowSniper is capable of detecting honeypot traps and Rug Pulls before buying to avoid losing money which increases the chances of sniping only the good projects that make you profit.

Since SnowSniper is considered the fastest Pancakeswap sniper bot in the blockchain, take a look at the most recent features:

Telegram Group:
YouTube Demo:

Full list of features:
-15 Networks in total: Binance, Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Cronos, Polygon, Kuchain, Heco, Velas, Metis, Harmony, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Okex, Arbitrum, Milkomeda

-33 Exchanges in total: PancakeSwap, UniSwap, ApeSwap, BabySwap, BiSwap, SushiSwap, TraderJoe, Pangolin, SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, Codex, CronaSwap, MM Finance, VVS Finance, QuickSwap, KoffeeSwap, Mdex, WagyuSwap, AstroSwap, NetSwap, Tethys, ViperSwap, DeFiKingdom, BeamSwap, StellaSwap, SolarBeam, CherrySwap, IslandSwap, JSwap, MilkySwap, MuesliSwap


-Optimized Mempool modes to increase transaction scanning speed.

-Liquidity detection with or without mempool

-Liquidity detection after pre-sale on PinkSale or DxSale

-'Trade Unlock’ mode to snipe tokens with trade disabled. Detection of trade unlock is optimized for high speed

-Auto-pair detection for Mempool mode. You don't need to wonder what is going to be the pair of the token, the bot will detect it for you.

-Private Smart Contract Sniper: This is a premium feature to boost transactions speed and guarantee buying in the first block even in hyped launches when using Mempool mode.

-The new Contract Sniper feature can also use CHI tokens as gas to self-destruct the contract and save a bit more in gas compared to the normal contract snipe.
-Telegram scanner to detect the contract addresses in telegram groups even when the liquidity pair address is passed.

-Telegram mode can resolve math equations in the messages to read contracts when they have captchas like special characters in between and words instead of numbers, for example: 0x123(four)5(4+2)7*89(ten) (to prevent bots from reading them)

-Normal trade mode to buy/sell/approve existing tokens

-Spam mode sends transactions in any # of rounds and every X seconds you want.

-Mode ‘Wallet Action’ to trigger the buy transaction when any action is taken by any wallet (like the owner of the contract activating trading).

-Mode ‘Contract Function’ sniping mode to buy whenever certain function of the target contract is used in a transaction

-Anti-bot protection to set the minimum amount of liquidity to trigger the purchase transaction. Bot waits until that exact liquidity amount is in the pool.

-Blacklist protection to receive the tokens in another wallet, all in the same transaction.

-You can now transfer tokens to another wallet after buying, sell the tokens in that wallet and receive them back to your main wallet.

-RugPull protection. Front-run any attempt of liquidity removal / big sells before it occurs. You customize this setting and the bot will sell everything before the big dump.

-Define the minimum tokens you expect to receive to avoid buying at a high price or get taxed.

-Honeypot detection

-Specific percentage of tokens to sell (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, Custom, or Hold tokens).
-Watch live profit percentage in the sell screen.

-Take-Profit and Stop-Loss percentages to automatically sell when reaching any of these parameters.

-One-button sell. Click the specified keys on your keyboard to sell very fast

-Windows/Linux/Mac versions included in the same package for the same price. Linux can run inside node to be faster.

-Mobile phone supported. You can snipe on Android and iPhone

-Node speed check. Measure the speed the bot takes to interact with your node

-Works on any http/wss node connection.

-Default public nodes added for all blockchains.

-You can copy as many bot folders as you want to connect different wallets

-Descriptive error messages and extra settings validations for a smoother experience. When a transaction fails, you’ll see a detailed explanation of the possible reason and the solution for that.

-New tax checker. The bot waits until taxes are below your tax limits to buy the tokens in all networks with all pairs and all modes. This will protect you from almost all anti-bot measures. This is a SnowSniper scanner of its own.
-New honeypot checker. You can now avoid honeypot scams in all networks with all pairs and all modes. The detection is very fast to keep you safe but at the same time helps you buy quickly and get a good price. This is a SnowSniper scanner of its own and it’s way faster and more accurate than the web scanners

-Avoid Blacklist. You’ll be able to wait until automatic blacklist of the token contract is finished to buy the tokens

-Added ‘Presale Sniper’ for PinkSale/DxSale/Unicrypt included IN THE SAME BOT for all networks! You can now buy presale tokens and claim them. The bot can wait until the whitelist/timer is finished, after rounds, etc to buy the presale. Claim your tokens after presale finalizes and sell them if you want to.

-New ‘Copy Trade’ mode (Wallet Tracking). In this mode you can copy the transactions of multiple wallets to buy or sell the same tokens they are trading automatically. You can see the profit of the multiple transactions live and you can sell them manually at any time or wait until the target wallet trigger the sell. You can specify one wallet or multiple ones. Choose to copy the buy amount of the target or use your own amount. You can observe wallets (track without buying) to check their transactions. You can also choose to only copy the first triggered transaction or copy all the trades

-New ‘Discord’ mode to scan specific discord groups/servers and detect the contract when announced. In this mode you can filter by admin/role, exclude bots and exclude specific words in the messages you want to detect. This mode can resolve math equations and decode contract if it has characters like 0x232(3+4)f3343**$__493(five)4855.

-Added ’Trailing Stop Loss’ setting. This is a type of order that will sell your balance when the token starts to dump from the max price, so you can secure profit after a price pump. (It’s different from stop-loss)


Tokenized, Fractional Real Estate. Now Accessible To Everyone.
Do you know that we offer a more innovative way for  investors to minimize risk and fund verified private real estate deals using blockchain technology?

Join Our Community Whitepaper

Finally, investors from all over the world can participate in the global real estate market via a fractional, tokenized ownership that is compliant and running on the blockchain.


With Liquid Estate, you can acquire fractional shares in real estate. Each property listed for sale on our platform will be tokenized in tokens of $1, with a minimum buy of 100. As a result, real estate investing will be a democratic procedure, allowing people with limited resources to invest in attractive deals without the need for great capital. 

Eg. you own 5% of the property, you get 5% of the rent value. It’s that simple!

Owning a real-life property gives you a sense of ownership, while just looking at some numbers in an app doesn’t. Can you imagine being able to virtually access your property from anywhere in the world straight from your phone or computer?

Liquid Estate confers this great sense of ownership by affording you the opportunity to digitally interact with your property, display it to family and friends, and engage in landlord activities such as collecting rent virtually from the tenants.

Thus, we are transposing every property listed on our platform to the Metaverse, where you can easily tour properties virtually and interact with others.

The Liquid Estate Token (LIQD) is the backbone of the Liquid Estate platform, and will have the following use cases:

– Rents paid out daily in LIQD tokens
– Governance
– Paying for platform fees
– Priority access to new listings for holders.

Each building will be funded via a crowd sale, and a distinct token will be issued for every new property in the form of

LE1001 (LE stands for Liquid Estate, while the number represents the unique property identifier)

Liquid Estate will also be self-sustaining over the long term by holding a 5% interest in every property listed on the platform and collecting its fair share of the rent.

More info at:


 LLars Token. Sollarmint’s brand new Governance Token.
For use and interaction within the Sollarmint marketplace.
**Brand New News**
LLars Token will now be usable upon the launch of Sollarmint’s video game for in-game purchases!
10,000 holders signed up for airdrop!
dropping 10th May!

£0.16 Presale
£0.30 ICO
£0.50 Market

More info at:

Sollarmint Private Sale
Contribute In Private Sale
1 BNB = 3333 LLARS
Min Contribution : 0.03 BNB
Max Contribution : 50 BNB

Connect now at



EasyCrypro aims to make investing easier for new/old investors. We will be creating an app with all the basic/advanced needs for cryptocurrency. The end goal for EasyCrypto is for the app to be used world wide by old and new investors, the app will have wallet connect on and you will be able to trade on there. There is going to be a VIP service for the app which will come in a form of how much EasyCrypto (EZY) the person owns.

EasyCrypro is also going to release FREE crypto advice 3-5 times a week to help people invest wisely. We are also planning on doing a VIP paid system in Q4 2022.

EasyCrypto holders receive 2% reflection reward.

Into the future EasyCrypto hopes to become an exchange on its own so everything is all in one place and people find it easier to invest.

IDO Launch
 Start 6th May 2022
End 11th May 2022

More info



The Peermoon investment app has already raised $11 million.
Get your PM tokens on Peermoon's Public sale (April 19-May 19) and be a part of Peermoon app success!

More details about Peermoon Public sale
Peermoon is a DeFi mobile wallet that allows investing, managing, and tracking your investment portfolio and finance conveniently in one app.
Through the Peermoon app, you can invest in different asset classes,
like cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, loans, commodities, real estate, etc.
More about Peermoon


Making the best Rissotto with our Robot Chef

 RissottoFinance will be launching the first signal-based crypto spot trading powered by artificial intelligence this coming 25th April 2022.

These AI trade robots are automated trading maxhines where AI makes trades based on several neural networks across the entire market. A user is notified throughout how the AI robots select cryptocurrencies, enter and exit in paper trades.

Our AI robots scan thousands of cryptocurrencies in search of patterns that indicate buy or sell signals real-time 24/7. These AI robots include the use of a trailing stop exit from a position. The goal of these AI robots is to increase average profit and decrease average loss through predictive stop-lost profiling for every different cryptocurrency.

Throughout our beta test over the last 3 months, our undeniable track record in the cryptocurrency market has accurately predicted the last week within two percent of the actual decline. For instance, the last two month when the crypto market dropped by 20% but our AI robots showed a potential gain of 3-14%, averaging 89.9% success rate. In the long run, we aspire to achieve a success rate of 68.4 - 72.5% for all our trades.

Our vsionary Chef Carluccio of RissottoFinance “We are extremely delighted to use this new ingredient to make our Rissotto the best! Once the user decides how much per trade, the rest is simply done for them.” In other words, our artificial intelligence then predicts breakout and target prices in real-time, backtests the pattern, and provides other relevant cryptocurrency trading information before exciting them automatically. RissottoFinance is currently connected to and available to users holding account/s in Huobi (global), Kucoin, FTX and  Binance.

Subscription services for AI machine trading will begin next Monday, 25 Apr 2022 @ or for an equivalent of 100USD per month plus a flat fee of 5% on realised profitable trades payable in RSOT (RissottoToken), probably the lowest in the entire market.

Join our conversation @ and watch out for our next debut of yield farming/pools!

About RissottoFinance

RissottoFinance is a self-sustaining etherum-based multi-chain eco-system liquidity mining, crypto-staking, automated AI trading and uncollateralized lending protocol. Our goals are to level financial playing field through democratised lending, decentralised financial services and liberalise artificial intelligence machine to anyone - no more an exclusivity to large financial corporation, striving towards diverse and sustainable investment portfolio through DeFi. We exist in the DeFi space to serve the global crypto community in a way that the typical centralized exchange cannot.


What is BullStake?

Audited by Solid Proof, BullStake is a global multichain staking protocol which is deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Harmony, Avalanche and Fantom networks. Users can stake each network's native coin to earn low to high yield passive income up to 906% ROI in just 30 days.

What makes BullStake different from other staking protocols?

BullStake is the biggest staking protocol to launch on Ethereum and the first to deploy on 6 different chains simultaneously. They took all the good features of other protocols and combined them in one, while adding safety measures that were never implemented before or at least, never implemented correctly.

Investors can stake ETH, BNB, ONE, FTM, AVAX & MATIC in 10 to 30 days plans and gain up to 906% ROI. Investors’ money is never fully locked, as even with the high ROI locked plans, there is an option to force withdraw their deposit.

Staking on BullStake is very simple, investors add the native token of the network of their choice in their MetaMask wallet, go on, choose the package they like after understanding the difference between the 6 packages, then place a deposit. Based on the type of package they chose and the timeframe they went for, they will be able to withdraw their profits.

BullStake’s team and creators are KYC’d through Flooz KYC Partnership, the project is audited by SOLIDProof and all project wallets are doxed so that investors can clearly see where their tax is being spent on, and that is what separates BullStake from other staking protocols, transparency.

BullStake offer their investors two types of plans:

•         HIGH ROI PLANS (10, 20, 30 days). Allows withdrawal only after the investment term has ended. Variable withdrawal taxes are imposed. The longer the investment plan, the less withdrawal tax incurred, as shown below.

•         LOW ROI PLANS (10, 20, 30 days).  Allows withdrawal every 24 hours from the point of depositing. The amount that the investor can withdraw is spread evenly over the term of the chosen plan and dropped daily.

Safety key measures:

•         OPTION TO FORCE WITHDRAW – Investors can force withdraw their deposits at anytime

•         RE-INVEST FUNCTION – Investors will get be exempt from paying tax and get extra 35% ROI if they re-invest at least 50% of their withdrawal

•         Sustainable ROI packages – Low and high ROI packages offered with dynamic taxes

•         GIVEAWAY/LOTTERY WALLET – made to incentivise new investors to join the protocol

•         DOXED OWNER & WALLETS – for transparency and to gain investors’ trust

•         SINGLE LEVEL REFERRAL REWARDS – to reward investors sharing the protocol safely

•        OPTION TO TRADE - there will be a team hired to day trade wallet funds based on a community vote to increase the contract balance regularly

Investors can stake their coins in the following packages:

• 10 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 130% with 20% withdrawal tax (104% ROI after tax)

• 20 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 200% with 20% withdrawal tax (160% after tax)

• 30 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 252% with 20% withdrawal tax (201.6% after tax)

• 10 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 159.3% with 20% withdrawal tax (127.4% ROI after tax)

• 20 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 366% with 13% withdrawal tax (318.5% ROI after tax)

• 30 day high ROI plan has an initial ROI of 906.2% with 11% withdrawal tax (806.5% ROI after tax)

Launch Date

Launch starts on the 23rd /25th of April for BNB staking on Binance. Every 12/24 hours thereafter, BullStake will launch on all the remaining networks. Therefore it is estimated to continue launching up to the 1st of May.



Media Contact
Contact Person Name: Adam Awad
Address: 17 Stanton Close, Reading, RG6 7DX, United Kingdom
Phone: +447376390776
Email: [email protected]


‘Mr Mint’ - The World’s first Token Backed by Cryptocurrency Mining Lands on the Market
Mr Mint, a new cryptocurrency initiative founded by a group of individuals with the goal of sharing mining benefits with everyone, has been formally launched and is now available for purchase, and will be available for trading shortly.

This recently launched project is a game-changing invention for anyone looking for a means to make money through bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining but lacking the necessary capital and knowledge to get started.

With a maximum token supply of 1Billion, the token economics and project roadmap are highly transparent and verifiable on their website.

Importantly, token vesting will run from now until Q1 2023, ensuring optimum protection for investors' funds and demonstrating the management team's commitment and allegiance to the project's progress. This vesting time will ensure that the project grows to its full potential, making participation in the private sale and pre-sales a wise decision.

The founders of Mr Mint say, "Our primary goal is to enable everyone from anywhere in the world to profit from the massively sought-after business of crypto mining with the smallest feasible investment and in the most comfortable manner possible."

Cryptocurrency mining is clearly challenging, and in order to make enough money from it, you'll need GPUs/ ASICs, computers, stable electrical and internet connections, tens of thousands of dollars, and, most importantly, technical knowledge paired with a massive infrastructure. The ability to procure a large supply of electricity also remains the next-in-line challenge. However, because of these challenges, the bulk of people are unable to participate in crypto mining, let alone benefit from its rewards, which prompted this innovation.

"We believe that cryptocurrency mining is for everyone and that it should be available to everyone," they continue, "and as a result of our expertise in the field, we are more than ready to provide any interested individual with every resource they need to make it happen for them.
Given that just 2 million Bitcoins remain to be mined out of a total supply of 21 million, this means that the price of Bitcoin will skyrocket in the future. Since MNT token is backed by the mining of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this means that the price of MNT will also gradually increase making it a strong token to buy now, and hold in the long-term – a fantastic opportunity for investors.

How it works?
Users who buy the MNT token won't have to spend a lot of money on mining equipment or computers, and they won't require any prior technical knowledge.
Mr Mint is a community-governed and fully sustainable token that offers a complete solution for the global mining community and distributes the rewards back to the same community. Wondering how this is possible?

Yes, mining incentives and earnings will be invested in the token's liquidity and market cap, making it a win-win situation for holders of the MNT token.
This is a fantastic chance for everyone, regardless of where they are located. Don't lose out on the crypto mining rewards any longer. You can simply visit Mr Mint's official website to learn more about the project's fascinating features and how you can make the most of them as an early adopter before it goes wider than you think.

About Mr Mint:
Mr Mint is a physical cryptocurrency mining project with an aim to extend the benefits of mining to its token holders. Mr Mint’s MNT token is backed by this state-of-the-art physical mining infrastructure making it an asset-backed sustainable token.

MNT creates growth opportunities for millions who are waiting to participate in this fast-growing mining ecosystem, and benefit immensely from investing in such long-term and well thought out projects. Holders of the MNT token can therefore benefit from the pumping in of mining rewards to the liquidity and market cap of the token.



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Leigh McCulloch: Mar 24, 2022

Over the last few years, we’ve seen blockchains grow in adoption and utility, establishing their place in the global financial system. At the same time, while they’ve grown in popularity, there is increasing fragmentation, mirroring the fragmentation we’ve seen (and been trying to solve) in traditional finance.

Stellar, on the other hand, is becoming an established interoperability layer between a wide variety of financial systems with a growing number of Stellar anchors connecting fiat currencies with stablecoins issued on Stellar. Today, users can redeem assets in their Stellar wallets off-network for an actual dollar, peso, or another fiat currency in their pocket — or more importantly, they can exchange between currencies at a faster rate and lower cost than they could on existing rails.

But if Stellar is to strive towards its mission to create equitable access to the world’s financial infrastructure, it needs to be a bridge – not just to the financial system as it stands today, but the financial system it’s evolving into, which now includes other blockchain networks. That’s why participants in the Stellar ecosystem, like Pendulum and Flare, are enabling access to other blockchains through the development of technologies bridging blockchain-to-blockchain.

Today, we’re announcing a new project: Starbridge, a trust-minimized integration between Stellar and Ethereum.

The development and design of Starbridge is just getting started, and we’re setting out with the following requirements:

Interoperate with Ethereum – As a starting point Starbridge will interoperate with one network, Ethereum where a significant amount of DeFi is being built today.

Transfer value – Stellar assets and Ethereum ERC-20 tokens should be transferable.

Symmetrically bidirectional – Stellar assets and Ethereum ERC-20 tokens should be transferable in both directions, with equal capabilities and functionality.

Preselected assets – Multiple preselected assets should be supported, with some governance function or capability for the addition of new assets.

Decentralized – Governance of the deployed technologies forming Starbridge should be decentralized with at least closed participation to minimize, or mitigate, the trust that users need to place in a single Starbridge operator.

Offline wallet support – If the source and destination wallets in a transfer are different wallets, the wallets should not need to be online at the same time.

Fees – Blockchain network fees should be paid by the source or destination wallet.

Throughput – The deployed technologies forming Starbridge should introduce no constraint on throughput in comparison to the throughput capabilities of the blockchain networks integrated.

Latency – The deployed technologies forming Starbridge should introduce no more than a five second latency on-top of the confirmation or finality times of the blockchain networks.

For the full list of requirements, see:

Starbridge will transfer two types of assets to facilitate symmetrical bidirectional capabilities: local assets and wrapped assets.

A return of a wrapped asset that unlocks a local asset.

When local assets are deposited into the bridge, they will be locked up in an account or contract. Most stats for bridges look at total-value-locked (TVL) as a measurement for success, the methodology being that more deposits equals higher TVL.

Here’s how Starbridge works at a high level. The account/contract where assets are locked up will be controlled by a group of Starbridge operators. Each Starbridge operator will hold their own unique key, and all together, they will control the account/contract. Control and decentralization will be established using an m-of-n signer setup.

When we say m-of-n, we mean there is some number of signers, n, who can authorize transactions, and for a transaction to be authorized a subset of those signers, m, must sign.

For example, if the signer configuration is 3-of-5 any 3-of-the-5 signers need to sign to authorize. This means there’s tolerance to failure, tolerance to nefarious or negligent behavior, and decentralized control of the locked value.

The flow of a transfer takes only a few steps:

Starbridge is in very early development, and we’re continuing to iterate on the design and its capabilities. As this project gets more refined, we'll look at success measurements, and hope to assess ways we can go beyond TVL by creating metrics informed by interoperability and access, which are at the heart of our mission. We think Starbridge is a meaningful way that we’ll be able to maintain and build Stellar’s role in the financial system, by fostering access within and beyond blockchain. By increasing accessibility to Stellar’s strengths, both through traditional payment rails and other blockchains, the financial system can continue to evolve and innovate to ever-greater heights.

To read more about the design, see
To follow Starbridge’s progress,

join the Stellar Developers Discord


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