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Base Protocol (BASE) is a synthetic crypto asset that derives its price from the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies (cmc) at a ratio of 1 : 1 trillion.

BASE is the world’s first and only tokenized crypto market tracker. BASE exists to maintain a market rate that is stably pegged to its underlying asset – the crypto industry.

BASE’s peg to cmc is held stable through an elastic supply protocol. The Base Protocol acts as a one-stop trading instrument which allows holders to speculate on all cryptocurrencies simultaneously, rather than just one or a select portfolio of multiple.

It allows traders to agnostically invest in the entire crypto ecosystem. By holding BASE, users get exposure to the performance of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Important Links:

Buy BASE: Uniswap Exchange
How to Stake:

Contract Address: 0x07150e919B4De5fD6a63DE1F9384828396f25fDC


Martkist community focus budget proposal voting, no ico, no presales, no premine, long term mining pow, Martkist decentralized anarchy. One of the main usages for martkist is decentralized listings, offering users a means to participate in online commerce with no down time, also users will be able to apply for an arbitrated position to earn martkist as an escrow agent, creating a more stable ecosystem giving users different ways to earn martkist, and those that participate with in the online commerce transaction a feel of more secure with their transactions.

Algorithm: Sha 256
Coin Ticker: MARTK
Block time: 60 seconds
Block size: 6mb
Difficulty: adjusted every 3 blocks
Supply Distribution: 30 millon MARTK in 10 years
Pow: longterm mining
Rewards: 70% Miners, 20% masternodes, 10% superblocks.

Martkist Budget Voting Hub
The Martkist hub is an fair simple graphical interface to the martkist decentralize governance system, allowing proposal creations, voting of the proposals for masternode owners, news and community discussion. The hub keeps track of all the proposal created on the QT wallet and is a more efficient window to how governance funding takes place in martkist as a community crypto currency.

Martkist Forum
Community forum to document our growth and process in each area where the community is active, from services listings, reviews, support and community organization.

Martkist Business Directory
Services and business partnerships that offer payment with martkist, we are growing daily with more services each day been added by the community. Visit Martkist Business Directory for information on this.

Martkist Faucet
Users can collect coins every hour from the faucet or twitter tasking. Amounts are set from .05 to 1 martk on each twitter task. Over 10000 users now and growing, rewards can’t stay the same all the time. You can also join martkist faucet & earn martk coin.

Martkist Bounties
Our Markitst Bounty program is linked to our community board job positions as a Martkist promoter. In order to apply please post your bitcointalk accounts in our Discord channel bounties section, you will be assign a special role within discord if approved for our daily bounty program. Daily bounties are going to be paid based on user activity visit our discord channel for more information.

"I am not a member of this project team, I was hired as a community wiki creator. If you have any questions for this project, comment down below."

Useful Cryptocurrency Resources / Daily Crypto News, Updates
« on: September 10, 2020, 07:32:25 PM »
Hi all, I will use this post thread as a crypto related news. I will publish valuable crypto news, updates, events. Hopefully you will receive valuable updates about cryptocurrency world. Thanks, Cheers.

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