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Giveaways & Airdrops / Free [XSI]StabilityShares
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:58:03 PM »
Good all day!

A little bit about the coin - pow ended at 7 300 000 at the moment, the coin only pos - 3% per annum. At the moment, all the coins around 7 355 000. There electrum wallet, plugin for wordpress, accepted as payment on All the details on

In the ever changing world of crypto currencies hard to protect their investments from depreciation. Some coins are rising in price, while others are falling. Capital continuously flows from one coin to the next. If you want to protect yourself from fluctuations coins and want to invest in a crypto currency, our suggestion is for you. We have the mining equipment for crypto currencies, which produces 10 different around the clock crypto currencies. To date, the total computational speed is 1200 MH/s on the algorithm X11. What we offer: a set of 10 crypto currencies (10 coins of each currency), with large-cap (not less than 500 000 $) and a good reputation for saving your investment, you can get in exchange for XSI at the current rate of exchange.
The current exchange rate 30 000 XSI for a package of 10 coins. You give 30 000 XSI and get 1 LTC, 1 DRK, 1 BC, 1 XMR, 1 PPC, 1 NMC, 1 BTCD, 1 VTC, 1 CANN, 1 URO. The course will fall every month at 10% until it reaches 1 XSI for a package of 10 coins, ie next month (from 01.12.2014) the exchange rate 27 000 XSI.
At the moment we do not have a site, to protect your savings from hacker attacks, so while we will exchange the coins for a package of 10 coins in manual mode via a request to the private messages.
If you want to exchange for a package of coins XSI, then:
1) You must be a multiple of the rate of the number of coins XSI (eg - 30 000 Course, then you should have 30,000 or 60,000, or 90,000, etc.)
2) Send me a personal message worth sharing XSI, and 10 of each coin purses.

Also for posts of this action shall be paid at 250 XSI.

And in this hand free hand out 50 coins for everyone.

While our equipment produces coins, we came up with a small action in support XSI. At purchase from 100 000 XSI until 15.12.2014 we will send you free + 10% (for example if a 100 000, then +10 000 XSI). For transfer of coins you need to send a printscreen your history on bittrex.

I already gave away a lot of 300 XSI (not only on this forum). Now dealt 300XSI only real people, not bots from one photo and a bunch of posts about the distribution of the different coins in the tweeter. 300XSI distribute not only for the post to the tweeter, but also post in other forums on the site, and the like on a real person.

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