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1 - Global Exhcange!
Exchange with no restriction to any legal tender

Arousal is a global exchange with a OTC market that allows users to trade Bitcoin Ethereum and ALTCOINS with Legal Tender. It is an innovation as an exchange to accept the OTC+EXCHANGE model and encourages guarantors to participate in resolving OTC trust issues. Therefore, users with any Legal Tender in the worldwide could get involved in the Cryptocurrency exchange with no restrictions.

ART Token Detail & White Paper:


Arousal OTC
People trading bitcoins on OTC platform by p2p, and ‘Zero confirm’ has been realized between Arousal trading market and OTC to transfer Bitcoin.

The guarantee mechanism solves the credit problem of the legal tender payment in the transaction, and guarantor must confirm the transaction in Arousal, then bitcoins will be paid from seller to buyer‘s address.

Global Exchange
Guarantor can come from all over the world, and they support the payment method in each country where they are. People from any country will be supported to trade in Arousal Exchange, and people will never worry about the category of legal tender.


The Arousal Token
Arousal will Issue Arousal Token, which is short for ‘ART’. The total number is 100 million at constant and will never issue additionally. ART is a decentralized digital asset in blockchain that is distributed by Arousal based on ERC-20 token standard of Ethereum.

Token Circulation Regulation
(1) Total number of ART token is 100 Million.
(2) 20% token for Crowdsale.
(3) 10% hold by the team members.
(4) Remaining 70% token will be used to reward traders in the platform.

Trade mining
On basis of the commission fee generated from each trading, traders will be rewarded ‘ART’, which is worth at 20% of the commission fee.

Repurchase Token
Commission fee generates from each successful trading. After proceeding each matching order, 30% of commission valued BTC, ETH or other base currency will be added into order sequence, to repurchase ART. The ART repurchased by Arousal will be destroyed and indivertible forever.  

Discount for commission fee
When ART reaches up to 300k in investor’s account, commission fee can be exempted. When the balance of ART is below 300k, following rules will be obeyed:

Hold ART 100k, 20% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 150k, 40% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 200k, 60% off from total commission fee,
Hold ART 250k, 80% off from total commission fee

Likewise, same benefits will be given to traders if they can transfer their ART to Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 and offer account address to Arousal, as long as the amount accords with the above eligibility.


Issuance model
ICO token will perform in Arousal. Customer will purchase it in common method, by which Arousal lists ART in the sell order at a standard price. Crowdfunding can be completed when all the ART are sold out in the order list. Crowdfunding only recognizes Bitcoin.

ICO Details
1/11/ 2017 – 30/12/2017
20,000,000 ART for Crowdsale

Early Birld ICO
1BTC=45,000 ART
Release 3,000,000 ART
Softtop = 30 BTC

1BTC=40,000 ART
Release 7,000,000 ART
Softtop = 50 BTC

1BTC=35,000 ART
Release 10,000,000 ART
Softtop = 100 BTC

ICO cycle
Early Birld ICO:  1/11/ 2017 – 5/11/2017
Pre ICO:  10/11/ 2017 – 20/11/2017
ICO:    1/12/ 2017 – 30/12/2017

The part of ART that does not reach the hardtop will be destroyed

Procedure of Issuance
According to the route program, the platform will be uploaded on 15/12/2017. At that time, purchased ART will be automatically distributed into buyers’ own accounts as well as synchronized entrance of deposit and withdraw.

Capital distribution allocation
Arousal will use ICO money to strictly follow the way of allocating capital, and publicly open BTC address after crowdfunding. Next, purposes and usage will be published every time when use the capital.
40% Technique development
10% Platform promotion
10% Law affair
30% Platform capital reserve

Time Line

Aug 2017,  group established
Our group founded in August, 2017, and the company registered in Romania. The group members come from German and Australia.

Nov 2017,  Crowdsale
Crowdsale will last for 60 days.Plan to sell 20,000,000 Arousal Token.

Nov 2017,  bring OTC online
After the ART, team’s effort will concentrate on OTC and technology development in exchange. We will bring OTC online in the second half of Nov to carry out promotion strategy.

Dec 2017,  Arousal formally be online
Arousal will keep promised performance, namely, pressure test before online and deploy security.

Q1 2018

Decentralized will be the future trend. To follow the pace, Arousal will open and test 5-10 kinds of cryptocurrency and make them ready for transit to future decentralized exchange.

Q4 2018
Build a decentralized exchange..

:) :)^^ Follow us ^^ :) :)

« on: October 05, 2017, 07:33:27 PM »

Proof is a blockchain-powered marketplace for the masses.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to own and trade a part of any real asset.

We created ten easy to use tools that leverage blockchain technology to empower everyday transactions.  Over the last year, Proof Suite has empowered blockchain entrepreneurs with their applications and educational material, including , a blockchain-backed asset marketplace, , a mobile app, and more.  Our growing community has guided us the entire way, helping with testing, building alongside us, and deploying assets on our core product, The Proof Dashboard.  We would love your feedback and to collaborate with you to take the next step on our path to democratize capital markets.

Our already released flagship platform creates ERC-20 compliant tokens backed by real assets, allowing low barrier investing and the definition of a high number of assets and traunches paid for by fiat, Ethereum, or Bitcoin.  Likewise, since all users control their wallets and private keys, the tokens they issue truly belong to them.  As the centerpiece, the dashboard and marketplace will be the core of the exciting changes we have planned as the tokensale allows for mass growth due to the introduction of mass exchange liquidity and verification capabilities.   

We are now working on V1 of our many beta projects, after having learned a bit from our interactions with approx. 5,000 active users on our platforms. Today, anyone can create an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency on our platform. Users can tokenize property investments, company equity, community currency, securitized debt, and more. However, how can you validate the value and competence of issuers without a centralized credit agency or compliance board? Today, we have a simple reputation system, but reputation systems can be gamed especially if their rules are known and participants do not place stake alongside their assertions. We developed the the Assurance Market Protocol to eliminate the trust that is required to make investments around the world.

Although the dashboard has seen steady growth and shares many elements of centralization of other blockchain asset platforms.  Our whitepaper presents an outline on how we intend to automate even the most subjective of processes using all parts of the blockchain.  From the emergent incentives and value transfer of tokens to the automated logic deployed on a public chain offered by smart contracts, the AMP system laid out in the paper empowers the 'wisdom of the crowd' to verify assets in a self regulating way.



TaaS is the first closed-end fund for blockchain-based assets. TaaS plans to leverage Proof's upcoming AMP protocol to trade not only traditional cryptocurrencies but real-world assets and securities that are making their way onto the blockchain via Proof. TaaS has already purchased 884 ETH of Proof's presale token. This is what TaaS had to say about Proof:

"Through this new innovative platform, real estate, businesses, interest-yielding business loans and even commodities can now become ownership tokens, available for anyone to buy. Proof provides seamless access to investment deals by using smart contracts on a decentralized platform."

The public sale begins 1ST NOVERMBER 2017: Countdown & Signup Here.

Proof token (PRFT) holders earn 3% fees (instantly) from the resolution of investment prediction market events, as well as .5% fees from crypto-USD and crypto-fiat purchases.  All fees will be paid in Ether.  Proof will offer for sale 1,181,031 PRFT tokens out of a total minted of 2,362,062 PRFT.  Now, how are the rest of the tokens used? We are in the same boat as you. Proof Suite earns revenue from our decentralized marketplaces and crypto-fiat which contribute earnings to tokenholders.  There will be no more tokens issued after the initial token creation.

The Half of Proof's tokens that are offered in the public sale, are used to seed crypto-fiat support token smart contracts which protect against cryptocurrency price volatility. This crypto fiat can be held in EVS-compatible smart contracts in insurance mechanisms, investment vehicles, and prediction markets. This way, users are investing trustlessly on the blockchain, without investing in BOTH the underlying assets and cryptocurrencies at the same time. This will bring many more funds, individuals, companies and others onto the blockchain and power the future blockchain-based economy.  Proof will not offer these tokens public exchange for the foreseeable future as they are the core revenue mechanism for the platform itself, meaning that Proof operations will be funded after the initial token sale by the activity and success of the market itself.

We look forward to your feedback, criticisms, and suggestions.  As we are mostly developers on our core team, we seek help especially in marketing. We are hiring.

The Public Presale has begun.  Upon purchase of presale tokens, ERC-20 placeholder tokens will immediately be deposited into the sending Ethereum wallet.  Upon the beginning of the Public Tokensale on October 8th, Tokens will be sent out to the addresses of all Presale tokens (PPT - temporary) at a 1:1 ratio and the exchange token (PRFT) will be deposited.

Details of the token presale are available here:

If you are interesting in getting involved:

Proof Slack:

If you are interested in a bounty program, we have a #bounty channel where we would love to hear your ideas and contribute to you in both Proof and ETH to help push our initiative.

Bounty thread:

You're awesome. Thank you.


World's first distributed database and marketplace for safe trade and exchange of personal data.

Today we are excited to announce the Datum Network, powering the new personal data information economy.

Datum is building the stock market for user & device data

Data is the new Oil and Datum is creating the first spot market for data by turning user and device generated data into tradeable assets. This entirely new market is estimated to grow to $120 Bln dollars and Datum is well positioned to take a significant market share given its first mover advantage.

DAT Tokens are the exclusive currency of this new market, and as it grows, so does the value of the DAT Tokens.

The DAT Token Sale will start on October 17 2017 14:00 GMT.

It will end on November 17 2017 14:00 GMT.

In order to give everyone a chance to be part of the Datum Token Sale we are distributing free DAT tokens
Earn up to 500 DAT Tokens for sign up here

What is Datum?

Datum is a decentralized and distributed user data marketplace backed by a blockchain ledger. This technology allows to store and trade user generated data, such as social media data, internet activity data, health and wellness apps data, and also data from wearables, smart home, smart car and other IOT devices in a secure, private and anonymous manner. It lets individuals retake ownership of their personal information so they can sell it directly to businesses on their own terms.

Who is Datum for?

Datum is for End Users
Datum returns data ownership back to individuals and let's everyone control whom they share their data with and for what price

Datum is for Storage Node Miners
Miners running Datum Storage Nodes are paid for storing and providing low latency access to data. All you need to mine is a free disk space and fast internet. No GPUs. No crazy electricity bills. Just DAT tokens coming in to your wallet.

Datum is for Companies
Datum allows companies unprecedented access to users data, with users consent. Currently developers are restricted by what Facebook, Google etc offer through their APIs, and these APIs come with massive restrictions and limitations. With Datum companies can buy the user data they need directly from users. No middlemen needed. Simple and straightforward.

Datum is for Everyone
Datum provides a simple and easy to use mobile app backed by the Datum ecosystem, Datum marketplace and open API.


At Datum we have one focus - Creating a viable data marketplace to start returning value to token holders in the shortest time possible.

September 2016
Concept Development
Founders start exploring large scale data storage for IOT devices in the medical and smart home sector and devise first prototypes of structuring unstructured data

June 2017
White Paper & Concept Validation
With the release of the white paper and the resulting community feedback we have fine tuned the concept and laid out the roadmap for the Datum Network

1th August 2017
Pre-Sale & Alpha Version
The Presale for the DAT Token starts, DAT allows users to participate in the new data economy. Datum will also release a demo of the Datum app before end of August

17th October 2017 to 17th November 2017
Datum Token Sale
The Datum Token Sale will run from 17th October till 17th November or until the hard cap is reached. Meanwhile development of the Datum test network continues

December 2017
Test Network Launch
The launch of the Datum test network marks the beta release and will allow basic functionalities to be explored by developers and the community

March 2018
Release Candidate
The feature complete release candidate will be deployed to the test network and undergo intensive testing and bug fixing over the next three months

June 2018
Datum Launch
The launch of the Datum Main Network marks the start of the new data economy. At this point the Datum Network will consist of the decentralized Storage Layer, the Datum App, Open API's to submit and consume data and a full fledged trading system

Datum Official Bounty Program

Program starts on September 4 2017 14:00 GMT.


Hindi ANN/BOUNTY - thanks to erikalui
Spanish ANN BOUNTY - thanks to bongiu

More to be listed soon

We are looking for talents!

Excited about Datum and think you can help? Drop us a few lines describing what you can contribute. We are always looking for bright minds!

Join the Datum Team!



CarTaxi -“UBER” of car towing - an Ethereum based platform, becoming the 1st global towing aggregator
CarTaxi is the world’s first operating car towing platform on blockchain
The CarTaxi platform uses blockchain technology based on smart contracts with Ethereum. Blockchain makes the company’s operations completely transparent


White Paper of the Project

CarTaxi’s strategy is to cover the global market, starting with the most convenient entry points. So, the business was started, the product tested and the service launched in the region with the most favorable conditions, minimum costs, the fastest start. Our criteria for the choice of country was based on its potential market structure, legal environment, penetration of mobile services, and other factors.
Thus, we chose the Russian market, followed by the US and Chinese markets. CarTaxi is already operationally active and functioning fully in Russia, where the app has become #1. Full-scale testing is being conducted to scale the service up globally. Also, our offices in San Antonio and Beijing are actively connecting partners—i.e., tow truck owners—to our system. Connecting each new region through our partner system appears to be the best approach. It has proved itself well with the worldwide Uber service, so CarTaxi chose precisely this approach.
As the first global service of its kind, CarTaxi’s goal is to capture up to 20% of the world market and become the #1 name in the minds of drivers around the globe.

Pre-ICO Terms & Conditions

The CTX token: Tokens will also be used as a method of payment for the service, along with fiat currency and the main crypto-currencies (bitcoin, ether).
CarTaxi will offer 500,000,000 CarTaxi tokens (66%) in two tiers: pre-ICO and ICO.

Pre-ICO Offering Size

3048 ETH (~$687.5k)
12,500,000 CTX tokens (2.5%) to be sold at special pre-ICO price
Pre-ICO is considered successful if more than 492.9 ETH (~$150k) collected, otherwise all the funds are transferred to Pre-ICO participants.

Pricing Mechanism

Pre-ICO rate is 1 CTX = 0.000239 ETH    (4101 CTX = 1 ETH)
ICO rate is 1 CTX = 0.000443 ETH           (2255 CTX = 1 ETH)

Secure Offer

Multi-signature wallet
Tokens of Founders are non-transferable upon ICO completion —
locked for 5 months through a smart contract function
CTX tokens are issued to investors only.


Start date: 30th August, 2017
End date: 29th September, 2017

Bounty Campaign Thread (Will be launched in 48 hours with many surprises.) It's OPEN

<<<< ♛♛♛ BOUNTY THREAD ♛♛♛ >>>>

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Follow us:

Telegram (public group)

I'm not in the project team, I'm the campaign manager in bitcointalk. "CarTaxi" will manage this thread.

Founded in 2015

The world's first ICO of real and current production of motor oils



(0.00 UTC)

(0.00 UTC)


  • POLYMERIUM is a manufacturing company that produces motor, transmission and other oils. The singularity of the products under the POLYMERIUM brand lies in a unique character of technological process and their own product recipes. As a result of it we have the product, which quality is considered to be comparable or even better than quality of more expensive competitors, but the price is half lawyer for the consumer
  • Release of motor oils was started in early 2016. At the moment, the products had been already represented in 4 countries and more than 100 cities. Turnover for one year increased from $ 50,000 to $ 300,000 per month
  • Numerous amateur and professional tests, as well as customer reviews of POLYMERIUM products have already proven excellent quality for a lower cost
  • The anti-counterfeiting system ARMPACK is our company's own development. Even before the release of the product we were aware of the problems of brands in combating counterfeits. There is much concern about the problems of counterfeiting in developing economies. Each POLYMERIUM oil can has a unique security code under the secret layer. If a consumer wishes to prove whether the product is original or fake, he can erase the secret layer and enter it on the site. If the code has already been entered, the buyer will see when and where


✅ POLYMERIUM is not subject
 to inflation and volatility of the
 Crypto-currency, which is a more
 reliable object of investment
✅ Early investment in
POLYMERIUM will allow
you to get more profit
✅ Full transparency of
investment and growth of
the company / production

full-fledged commercial
✅ Each investor can receive
finished products for tokens
at the exchange rate on the
purchase date (POLYMERIUM
tokens are backed by real assets
 and products, which will give
tokens a good growth)
✅ After the stage of investing
 and launching a new production,
 the released tokens will be
repurchased, which will give
another plus for the cost of
 the token


  • MARCH 2014
  • Development of technology and research

  • JANUARY 2015
  • Testing of the first prototypes

  • APRIL 2015
  • Creation of the necessary technological equipment, adjustment and start-up

  • FEBRUARY 2016
  • Start-up of production, first deliveries to dealers

  • APRIL 2017
  • Rapid distribution of products across Russia and other countries

  • SEPTEMBER 2017
  • Pre-ICO

  • 1 NOVEMBER 2017
  • Launching the ICO

  • DECEMBER 2017 -NOVEMBER 2018
  • Construction of production, run of a marketing company to increase sales, launch of a franchise company

  • JANUARY 2017 – MARCH 2018
  • Development and implementation of an anti-counterfeiting system

  • APRIL 2018
  • Connecting of other companies to the anti-counterfeiting system


  • The anti-counterfeiting system ARMPACK is our company's own development. Even before the release of the product we were aware of the problems of brands in combating counterfeits. There is much concern about the problems of counterfeiting in developing economies.
  • Each POLYMERIUM oil can has a unique security code under the secret layer. If a consumer wishes to prove whether the product is original or fake, he can erase the secret layer and enter it on the site. If the code has already been entered, the buyer will see when and where.
  • We want to finalize our system and fully integrate with the block-chain technology, where the protection of the system will be provided by decentralized servers, and the technology itself will be used by any company / brand from any country.


  • Any company will be able to issue any number of unique tokens / codes where each token / code will be placed on the product. Thus any consumer can always check who issued this token and what product it belongs to, when it was entered and to which country / region the product was exported. We will be able to store and record any information in the block that will be needed for the company and the buyer of the products.
  • This system can also achieve other ways of exploitation in online-goods, or as a system for the protection and confirmation of any information that cannot be changed by anyone after the release of the token / code

⚡ TEAM ⚡


The businessman, the founder

Nominee for international
 business awards: GSEA 2015 and
E & Y 2015. Successfully launched
an innovative car wash service company
without water, sold more
than 150 franchises to 9 countries,
sold the company successfully to investors
from the UAE


Technical Director

The developer of unique
equipment and automation systems
for different industries. Successfully
launched several large projects of
automation of production for
international companie


Director of Development

Director of Development
Successfully develops
sales of products on
the territory of
4 countries


Developer, specialist in
block-chain technology and

Realizes complex
projects and manages


Technologist, chemist, specialist
in petro-chemistry sphere

The developer
of unique formulations of
auto-chemistry and motor

⚡ FAQ ⚡

  • What is the advantage of your ICO?
  • We consider that our project is unique in comparison with other ICOs, namely in the symbiosis of real production with the integration of the anti-counterfeiting system on block-chain technology. We’ve already produced and sold our ICO and right now we generate profits and get positive feedbacks from our customers. The project team have been formed and checked on the real experience basis. Investors of our ICO have a double guarantee: 1. System of production and the existing product. 2. Anti-counterfeiting system on block-chain technology, which can be used by other companies to protect any products / goods, including digital goods. 3. The launch of a franchise company for start-ups of mini-productions around the world. Proceeding from the facts mentioned above, we can say with the great confidence that the project will be profitable, and the POLYMERIUM (PLM) token will be highly appreciated.
  • Are there any similar products with the lower price on the market?
  • Here everything is clear and simple. The main competitive advantages of POLYMERIUM products are price and quality. According to our data, there are no similar motor oils with the same high indicators and low price. We gain a low price through the application of modern blending technologies and the main simple logistics with the absence of intermediaries.
  • What is the demand for this product?
  • The annual demand only in Russia constitutes about 6 million tons. According to average estimates China needs 6-7 times more.
  • How much money should be invested in the project realization?
  • We would like to attach to the project at least 1 million dollars. This amount would be enough for us to build a plant in Russia using our own additional funds. The ideal amount for us would be at least 5-11 million dollars. These investments would be enough for the plant construction in Russia and China, as well as for the launching of a franchise company around the world, and of course for developing a system of protection against forgery ARMPACK on the block-chain technology.
  • Why not a bank?
  • In fact it’s a greenfield project. Banks try to minimize their risk, they need caution money. And those who nevertheless undertake such projects require a controlling block of shares. The technology that we use is innovative and may attract the interest of our competitors. Equipment of the technology is our main value. In general, we get possibility to manipulate the enterprise and technology. But that’s not the point. It seems to me that now it's a right time for using new technologies in investing
  • Who can become an investor?
  • The main idea is the launch of crowd finding which means that anybody can become an investor. Here the most important things are convenience and transparency of the investment process. Therefore, for our ICO we’ve chosen the Waves Platform.
  • Why have we chosen the WAVES platform for ICO?
  • The main thing we liked about the Waves platform is that it generates tokens very easy. And it is also possible to issue dividends for each token on this platform. In addition, this is a Russian project. I think it has great development prospects.
  • How can an investor protect his inputs?
  • Our investors receive digital token, which is a digital products-backed asset. In fact, this is an option that is sold with a discount. It’s an optional feedstock contract for products with the block-chain technology accompanying. And each investor gets such option. If the option holders will be ready for running their personal data, the company can provide warranty and supporting documents. The company will be annually audited, all the reporting data will be published on the site. The company will install CCTV cameras: any user and investor will be able to watch our working process any time online. If some of the investors will be unpleased with our work and have a desire to get out of the project, it can be done at any time.
  • How long does it take to get back an investment?
  • Investments will pay off completely within one and a half- two years period after the completion of the ICO (it will last about a month and finish in November). If the fundraising is successful, we’ll start the implementation of the project. We’ll ransom the territory in the industrial zone of the Moscow region and begin the construction immediately. The plant can be built in five to seven months period: three months for the erection of the production department buildings and 3-4 months for the manufacture and installation of the necessary equipment. These processes go side-by-side. One more month is enough for equipment checkout. The production process on a new plant is expected to start in April or May next year. After launching the enterprise, we will ransom our tokens back at the expense of the received profits. The tokens will be bought at a price in which the project investment income will be assessed. The repurchase will be carried out during 12 months period.
  • What will you do, if you cannot earn the required amount through the ICO selling?
  • If we cannot earn the required amount or we earn ton enough, we will add money from our own funds and possibly with the involvement of a private investor on certain terms
  • What volume of production will be produced?
  • We will produce 3000 tons a month or more (at first). This is not a very large volume of oils production. Nowadays, this is only one tenth or even one-hundredth part of Russian market requirements. We already have consumers who are ready to buy our products and not only in Russia. Our products gain interest of South Korean, Chinese and European consumers as well. The demand for our products exceeds the possibility of production.
  • Why have you chosen such an unusual method of raising funds for the production?
  • We think that block-chain technology is safe and clear for users. Each user sees what is being bought and sold. Revenues are placed on a separate wallet. All transactions are monitored in real time conditions. The enterprise will be audited annually, all reports will be published. CCTV cameras will be installed: any user and contributor will be able to see our working process in real time. If someone is unhappy and wants to get out of the project, it can be done at any time. . If some of the investors will be unpleased with our work and have a desire to get out of the project, it can be done at any time.
  • If your technology has a good perspective, why are you trying to raise funds through the Internet, in preference to finding an investor?
  • We have investors, but there is one moment. Our project is essentially a venture for the investor. In Russia, the investor wants to get a controlling block of shares from 51% to 80%. Thus it turns out that we are actually selling technology, since the investor has the right to order it around. That's why we decided to take advantage of the block-investment with the use of the block-chains, without losing ownership, but simply by sharing a part of the income with investors. The amount that is required is small, but sufficient to realize the production. If we collect more, we’ll simply increase the capacity of the enterprise.
  • They write to us: You have a complicated investment agreement.
  • The organization of investment attraction through the ICO (initial coin offering) is currently in a "second" league, as there is simply no regulation of attracting investments through ICO in many countries. The founders of ICO who want to work legally are forced to bind the sale of digital tokens to the product or to the software. In our case, there is a specific binding to the product (motor oil). Regulation of investment attraction can be changed at any time, therefore, the organizers reserve the right to change the agreement in order to avoid unnecessary problems and fulfill their obligations to investors. Look at the examples of investment conditions in the projects iconomi or chronobank and you’ll be convinced that we haven’t invented something new, we even give guarantees more than others.
  • You affirm that an agreement can be changed at any time. Should I stay on your website 24/7 to watch the changes in the agreement?
  • This is your right, but there is no need. In accordance with paragraph 12 of our agreement, we will notify you of all changes by email.
    12. Notices.
    12.1 We may provide any notice to you under this Agreement by: (i) posting a notice on the website; or (ii) sending an email to the email address then associated with your account. Notices we provide by posting on the website will not be effective when we send the email. It is your responsibility to keep your email address current. You will be deemed to have received any email sent to the email address, then associated with your account.

  • What Should I do if your terms of investments or changes don’t assort with my interest?
  • If you do not agree with our rules or changes you can always discuss or conclude the agreement that suits you, in accordance with paragraph 15.11 of our agreement:
    15.11 These terms are not boilerplate. If you disagree with any of them, please contact via e-mail and immediately navigate away from the website. Do not use the website and / or products you are offered thereto until you and have agreed upon new terms of use.
    We are always ready to communicate and we try to work for the common interest, because the success of our project depends on you.

  • Why did you select the Arbitration Court of Moscow as a court?
  • All assets and executors of this project will be located on the territory of Russian Federation. In the case of conflict situations, it is much easier and quicker to solve the problems that have occurred on this territory.
  • If your technology has a good perspective, why are you trying to raise funds through the Internet, what is the advantage of this method? Why can’t you borrow money from a bank or an investor?
  • I’ll answer this question step by step.
    Firstly, Russian banks require deposits, which constitute 200% of loan amount. That is, if you want to take a loan for $ 5,000,000 you will need to pay the amount not lower than $ 10,000,000. It turns out that this method does not suit us.
    Secondly, when you contact an investor you come and say I have a project, there is a technology, there are successful sales. In general, you have it all except for the necessary amounts of money. The investor says: "yes this is a good project, I'm ready to invest." But there is one essential condition, the investor wants a share of 60-80% of the company, and we stay with 40 - 20%.
    And thirdly, if the investor offers us such unsuitable conditions: 20-40% of the profit goes to us, and 60 - 80% of the profit goes to him. Why can’t we use crowd investments to exclude an unnecessary owner in the company and to gain a profit of 60 - 80%?

  • Will the POLYMERIUM token bargain on exchanges?
  • Certainly, it will, at least on the DEX exchange. The success of the ICO will depend on the appearance of the POLYMERIUM token on other exchanges. We’ve been already negotiating with the major exchanges.



pre-ICO of DAO Lescoin, the first timber enterprice to trade wood for crypto-currencies


The DAO Lescoin team announces the start of preliminary ICO from September 15, 2017. The founders plan to raise $500.000 or more on blockchain development for the timber enterprise in the Russian Far East and issue the token secured by wood stock.

1 Lescoin costs $50 and entitles the owner for 1 cubic meter of wood OR the dividends from processing it and selling timber to Chinese wholesales. The timber price in China can reach $200 per cubic meter.

DAO Lescoin will trade wood and timber ONLY for crypto-currencies and, therefore, our token will be always supported by the buyers’ fiat money invested in LSC.

The investors purchasing LSC tokens during the pre-ICO will get up to 100% bonuses in the first week.

Wholesale buyers can purchase wood from DAO LSC under a separate smart contract. The contract fixes the agreement for wood supply in 6 months after the main ICO. The warehouse is located in the Russian Far East, near the railway station Dalnerechensk.

Should the main ICO do not reach the investment goal, both Lescoin holders and wood buyers will get a full refund.


The supply of wood and timber from the Russian Far East to neighbouring China and Japan will ensure stable profits for investors, as demand from importers is constantly growing. Only in 2016, the export of Russian timber to China grew by 36%.

DAO Lescoin achieves high profitability by introducing modern technology. In forest plantating, we use transgenic (TG) seeds of coniferous trees from the world’s leading supplier - Monsanto Biocorp (USA). The seeds have unique parameters of growth and adaptability to environmental conditions giving us an advantage over competitors.

Today only our industrial partner Les-Invest Ltd. (est. 2007) implements this advanced technology in Russia. In our website, you can see the aerial shooting of the first TG-forest in Siberia, which the partner planted in near the town of Sosnovobors (Siberia, Russia).

Investments in the Russian timber industry is highly profitable, but foreign investors face many technical and legal obstacles. DAO LSC removes all entry barriers in the market. There is no capital limit - you can profit of wood and timber trade, investing any convenient amount.

Pre-ICO and ICO Details

Token: Lescoin (LSC)
The preliminary ICO: from September 18 to October 18, 2017
The main ICO: November-December 2017
Blockchain: Ethereum
Exchange: it is planned to release LSC to the crypto-exchange "Voskhod", which is certified by the Central Bank of Russia and contributes to the development of the Russian real sector. Alternatively, the token will be released to Polloniex or Bitfinex.

The pre-ICO aims to raise no less than $500.000 for blockchain development and marketing.
The main ICO aims to raise no less than $15 million for the launch of the timber enterprise.


ASSETS: 1) LSC token
2) LSC-F (“futures” for Chinese users)

SMART-CONTRACTS: 1) the contract for the LSC token that entitles its holders to dividends OR wood supply;
2) the future sales contract for wood supply for the Chinese market.

PRE-ICO EMISSION: 200.000 LSC, among which 75% accounts for LSC and 25% for LSC-F

PRICES.1 LSC costs $50, there is no minimum limit for investors (i.e. one can purchase the token shares). LSC-F offers 1 cubic meter wood for $35, the minimum limit for the contract is 140 cubic meters wood  (=$4900).

BONUSES. Bonuses on LSC token reach 100% in the first week of pre-ICO and go down to 50% on the last week of pre-ICO. There are no bonuses on LSC-F contract.

See our White PAPER for more details: WHITE PAPER


LSC token will be released to the crypto-exchange (Voskhod, Polloniex or Bitfinex) in 1 month after the main ICO.

The LSC-F holders can exchange the asset for LSC tokens in 1 month after the main ICO. This way, the Chinese customers may get this token in compliance with the ICO law.

The wood supply or dividend payment is planned in 6 months after the main ICO.

The buyback of LSC begins in 12 months after the main ICO for $100 (the nominal + 100%).

The smart contract guarantees the full refund for LSC and LSC-F
purchased on the main ICO, if the ICO will not reach its target (i.e. attracts less than $14.9 million investment).


1. We are establishing the first enterprise in the Russian real sector which will trade the liquid commodity (wood and timber) only for crypto-currencies.

2. LSC token is secured by wood stock and will be constantly supported by the incoming capital flow from the real sector buyers (e.g. furniture factories, construction companies & intermediaries from China and Japan).

3. We can deploy our production and gain first profits in 6-months-term after the main ICO.

4. The land for a new production area is already allocated in the Far East region. It is located at the border with China and Japan, the key importers of Russian wood.

5. DAO LSC supports anonymous ownership and trade of LSC. The legal entities involved in the ownership scheme will be located in the offshore jurisdiction, The British Virgin Islands. Any disputes among the investors will be filed to the London Arbitration Court.


Why does DAO LSC announce the pre-ICO so late?
This is explained by the fact that the decision on a free investment zone in the Russian Far East region was, until recently, pending. In September 2017, the Russian regulators confirmed that they welcome crypto-trading in this region. We have published the fully prepared project short afterwards. This progression is unavoidable for the real sector due to the reputation risks associated with any early and unconfirmed announcements.

What are your relationships with the regulators?
The Russian authorities confirmed that the Far East Region becomes a free investment zone. As we only deploy production in this zone, DAO LSC fully complies with the Russian law.

What is the Voskhod crypto-exchange? Why you want to release the token there?
This is the investment platform established by the Russia’s President Representative in the Far East region. This platform is certified by the Russian Central Bank for trading crypto-currencies. However, we are not obliged to release Lescoin to Voskhod. We negotiate with other platforms in order to choose the best solution. Our investors are welcomed to express their preferences.

Do you have any industrial investors?
Yes. Wholesale wood buyers from China are to participate.

What contractor(s) will actually do logging, woodprocessing and logistics?
There are at least 3 established Russian companies ready to deploy production immediately after the main ICO. Now we officially partnered with Les-Invest, Ltd. (est. 2007) and there will be more partners on the following stages as our production scales and diversifies. There are international companies among the prospective partners too.

You ask for large upfront investment. How soon investors get a return on investment?
It is planned to sell the first batch of products (rough-wood) in 6 month after the main ICO. Ever since, the investors will receive dividends on the monthly basis.

What if regulators will ban your operation?
The Russian authorities expressed interest in attracting foreign investment to the country’s real sector via crypto-exchange. We have necessary contacts and leverage in the industry. As our government currently withstands the US sanctions, we do not expect to meet any obstacles.

How can investors control your operation?

1. The Smart contract will prohibit any non-earmarked spending. 2) The smart contract will also oblige DAO LSC to disclose all operational data (trade contracts, assets and liabilities, etc.). 3) There will be a special web-interface for investors to monitor the operations and dividends. 4) Moreover, the token holders will be able to vote annually on strategic decisions such as the ratio of dividends and reinvestment.


New team members add constantly, browse the website and blog for the latest information.


« on: September 16, 2017, 07:28:30 PM »
OP being updated - please keep up with the thread or join Slack


* Snippet from one of three white papers. This is an example of a service.


*This is an example of a MasterNode function designed before DASH announced something very similar and called it Evolution.

* There will also be significant time and effort placed in to writing one possibly two patents. These will be defensive patents to prevent people copying our ideas and releasing them before us. Once we release our patents, we will review the option of non-enforcement against open source projects. Open source is open source, but at least give us the time to release our ideas first before copying them and labelling them as your own.

Technical Architecture
* Total Coin Supply 20m
* Block release is 7% per year
* Block reward: 45% miners; 45% master nodes; 10% project development funding, users chosen funding.
* PoW only algo X11 (with a review being made to change to something else after we fork off DASH code).
* Block time 2.5 minutes
* Difficulty 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)
* Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave (created by Evan Duffield)
* Download clients (tbc)
* RPC-Port 9998

MasterNodes or ServiceNodes?
The network will support both. This is a first for any project and goes back to a system design first considered in 2014.

* MasterNodes will perform network related functions. MasterNode operators will be paid by the network.

We will be implementing a payments network and introducing some features not seen before in digital currencies to make payments accessible to the masses. We are targeting to have millions of ordinary users taking control of their own accounts, without the need to download complicated clients and with no loss of security.

Master nodes will require 1,000 HLM as collateral. When the master node count is very well established and stable, we will consider options to make the collateral dynamic, but this will primarily be influenced by the need to create more server capacity.

* ServiceNodes will perform for profit related services. An Uber type model will be created where the network and users rate providers.

Our initial focus will be for Service Nodes to run fast relay networks, called Decentralized Digital Services Networks (DSDN). These will enable anyone to run a full Bitcoin node for anyone else, for a fee. Or users can run their own secure Helium Nodes, Bitcoin nodes, Monero nodes, etc.

These full nodes will be linked with an encrypted connection to an SPV running on a smartphone. We will also look at adding support for hardware wallet security for those who wish to take those extra steps.

ServiceNodes are essential to keeping long-term income flowing into the network to pay for MasterNode operators.

The DSDN white paper can be found on our web site here

Agile Development
We will be looking to build up a development team based on work packages. This will protect the project long into the future as teams can come in and carry out specific packages of work for defined periods of 1 day or 1 year. From maintaining the web site(s), tweaking wallet designs, to documentation.

We will try to avoid all the knowledge being in the hands of too few people who then pose a systemic risk to the project if something happens to them.

A core team will be responsible for project governance, setting priorities and network architecture.  This team too can be fairly Agile.

Helium will be a self-funded project via block subsidy. So that we can secure the network and invest in it's future, we will have an ongoing source of funding for development work through a consensus rule that will allocate [10% tbc] of the coinbase from each block subsidy to a development fund.

This will be operated through an open and transparent framework to fund current and new developers so that the project remains self-sustainable without needing to be dependent on outside forces that can divert the project away from the aims set by the users of the network.

By using this self-funding option, the development team will be answerable to those network users who have a stake in the success of the network. The users who give the project it's value through their support can collectively influence the direction of the project and also what work packages get priority and what doesn't get funded.

* Coins101

I have had the chance to help build a real life payments company from a $200 start-up to one that was valued at $80m at the time it was sold to one of the biggest banks in the world. That process meant I had to deal with just about every aspect of consumer payments and moving money around the world. There are very few aspects of the consumer payments sector that I haven't had to understand and deliver a suitable real life product around.

I want to take my knowledge and experience of knowing what works and what doesn't, and apply that expertise to blockchain payments - a coming together of the best parts of each to create something truly outstanding that can work for ordinary people in everyday life.

* Karmashark

My background is in managing people, communications and technologies. I left a successful career at BlackBerry to come into the blockchain industry in 2012 . I  am an active and public presence in the space, having worked on blockchain projects in the past via my consultancy as well as advising governments on blockchain technology. I also raise awareness for Fintech in my own country through my role as the Vice Chairman at the Blockchain Association of Canada.

My desire is to use my background to help create something special in the blockchain industry.  Helium is that network of value that offers solutions to real world problems. Solutions that work for everyone on this planet.

Rolling Road Map

As a rolling road map, things will keep changing, so check Slack for most recent updates.

Spreadcoin > HLM economic fork
Please see initial notice to Spreadcoin holders

* Effective cut off date for redemption, will be a block height (tbc)
* Two explorers will be used to check against
* Chainz SPR here
* Cryptoguru SPR (we've paid for premium status) here

We will be looking at a snapshot of the Spreadcoin addresses on a well advertised specific date, giving people plenty of notice. Discussions with exchanges will take place prior to any formal details being released.

The total coin supply will remain at around 20m, although the emissions schedule will be changed to an annual reduction of about 7%.

More details to follow and will be posted here.

* Wallets: (tbc)
* Block explorer: (tbc)
* Miners: (tbc)
* Github:
* Seed nodes:
Code: [Select]
* Seed nodes and some other infrastructure is managed / hosted by ChainWorks while we focus on product development.

* Github
* Twitter
* Slack Auto-Invite
* Slack channel It's our very own trollbox, so feel free to vent any strong views and concerns.
* Facebook (When average Joe mass adoption roll out begins - but hopefully won't be needed for a little while)
* Instagram (When average Joe mass adoption roll out begins)

* Budget proposals website (still in development / testing)
* Budget proposals discussions are only on Slack at the moment

There will likely be a logo and branding competition announced around May or June. However, we are likely to start by talking to a creative agency. For ideation around branding and logos, please consider:

* ServiceNodes and MasterNodes represented by electrons orbiting as a second layer around the core protocol layer
* Build around values of supporting Bitcoin and blockchains
* Cloud based wallets
* Decentralisation is what we're about. But don't bother trying to communicate that as your average person doesn't (A) get it or (B) care. Focus instead on 'cloud' based products and services.
* Anyone working on the branding before the patents are filed needs to sign an NDA. This is also the main reason for leaving the logo competition until later in the year when our full patented plans will be made public.

Moderation Policy
* There are a few ISIS supporters who have offensive flags in their profiles. Their posts will get flat out deleted. This is the primary reason for having a moderated thread. Being a mod creates hassle in having to do the job that the site moderators would otherwise perform, but they will not ban ISIS supporters. I will ban them from this thread.

* Any other deletions will be through moderator type reports. If there is a post you feel you would report to a mod, I'll look at it in the context of the general site mod policies.

The self-moderation policy will be set with a very narrow objective (over and above the general forum policies) and will be strictly followed. It's not a self-moderated thread to create an echo chamber.

Proof of account ownership will be signed from this Bitcoin address: 19yHKVqJhH91ow4XvWpXWzFoYhS4LgXT4y


oneK is an Ethereum token ERC20 with VERY LOW supply of token. K means kilo, oneK has maximum 1,000 tokens only.

The main purpose of oneK is no FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). We sell oneK in very low price at ICO (1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH or 1 ETH = 8 ONEK), which is way undervalued with only one thousand tokens. Total ICO raise 100 ETH mainly for cost of the development, listing to exchanger (Cryptopia) and marketing (refer to ICO fund allocation). And small portion of ICO fund will be used to set up buy wall to ensure your investment with good ROI.

No FUD on investing oneK

Distribute in 24 hours,         ICO in very low price,         Buy wall setup,
no scam!         promising profit!         secure investment!

Get your oneK tokens by sending your Ethereum to the address below :


[ 1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH, minimum 0.01 ETH ]

Be sure to set the Gas Limit, or your transaction may be rejected. You may use any Ethereum wallet that supports tokens.
Do not send ETH directly from an exchanger (Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex, etc) or you may not be able to see your oneK tokens.
You will receive your tokens within 24 hours.

ICO starts now till 28 Sep 2017

Algorithm : Ethereum token ERC20

Maximum token : 1,000

Symbol : ONEK

Decimals : 18

800 oneK Token (ONEK)
(1 ONEK = 0.125 ETH, minimum 0.01 ETH) raise 100 ETH (~7 BTC). Use Minereum Token Service

Twitter campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
Follow [oneK Token Twitter Page], Retweet oneK ICO announcement, Fill in Twitter Campaign Application Form
< 501 followers = 1 stake, < 1001 followers = 2 stakes, < 2001 followers = 4 stakes, > 2000 followers = 6 stakes.
Twitter account creation date must be before 1 Sep 2017
Number of followers based on

Check your application at Google Spreadsheet, we will process application in 24 hours.

Facebook campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
Like and Follow [oneK Token Facebook Page], Share oneK ICO announcement, Fill in Facebook Campaign Application Form
< 201 friends = 1 stake, < 401 friends = 2 stakes, < 801 friends = 4 stakes, > 800 friends = 6 stakes

Facebook account creation date must be before 1 Sep 2017
Check your application at Google Spreadsheet, we will process application in 24 hours.

Translation campaign
12 oneK Token (ONEK)
6 popular languages [Chinese, German, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, Turkish] only to bitcointalk local category, each
translation will get 2 ONEK, no google translation, must done translation before 18 Sep 2017.
Please reserve your translation job ASAP.
Chinese - [Available]
German by dukemc
Indonesian - alexsetiawan
Italian - [Available]
Russian by sabbathhawk
Turkish - [Available]

Others development and Marketing
164 oneK Token
Please PM me if you have a good marketing plan to make oneK ICO succeed

Coming Soon!!



Bounty Specifics is starting up their new bounty campaign, which will last for 6 weeks. To find out more about their project, you can follow the links above.

0.1% of all Minobia’s tokens are available for these campaigns. There are 100,000 tokens available for this bounty, amounting to 115,000 USD.

The funds will be split into different campaigns in such a format: 

Twitter Campaign: 35%
Facebook Campaign: 35%
Video Campaign: 10%
Blog Campaign: 10%
Translation Campaign: 10%

Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow this page
Must have at least 1000 real followers.
Maximum of 10 paid retweets

3 tokens per retweet

How to Apply
Fill out the google form here

Account must be at least 3 months old.
Must follow this page
Must have at least 1000 real friends/followers.
Maximum of 10 paid shares.

3 tokens per share

How to Apply
Fill out the google form here

You must have at least 1,000 subscribers on youtube
Video must be in english
Sound quality and video quality must be high

1-5 Minute video: 15 Tokens
5-10 Minute video: 25 Tokens
10<  Minute Video: 50 Tokens
If your channel has over 10,000 subscribers, please send me a pm, and we can arrange something special for you.

How to Apply
Fill in the google form here

Blog must be at least 3 months old
Articles must have proper grammar and must be readable
Blog must be visible to the public
A link to the Ann thread, bounty thread and website must be present in the text.

200-500 words: 10 tokens
500-1000 words: 15 Tokens
1000 words <: 30 Tokens

How to Apply
Fill out the google form here

One reservation per person
Translations must be original
We only require translations of the Ann thread which can be found here

100 Tokens per translation

How to Apply
Post here what translation here what you would like to reserve, along with past experience.

Hindi: MBworld
Turkish: exortis
Filipino: uelque
Vietnamese: Watanabe1505

Spreadsheet Link (All Campaigns)



Our Team
Initial team for Privatix Network development

Dima Rusakov
CEO and co-Founder
Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | Telegram
Founder, serial entrepreneur and marketer with 10 years of experience in creating and managing successful internet businesses.
BA in Economic and Management (Israel)
Builded from scratch services with 1M$ ARR and 50K DAU.
Business developer with experience in 4 countries (Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).
6 years co-Founder and CEO of 5vpn - 15,000 paying users
2 years co-Founder and CEO of Privatix - 750,000 users
2 years co-Founder of Temp-mail - 250,000 daily visitors
Hundreds successful marketing campaigns and partnerships.
High traffic volumes affiliate with broad experience in affiliate networks building.
Former Israeli Air Force military (4.5 years service)
Marathon runner, blockchain enthusiast from 2015

Nikita Kuznetsov
CTO and co-Founder
Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram
Software architect and senior full stack developer.
Strong Python skills. Blockchain developer.
Graduated from Computer Science faculty of Bauman University (Moscow).

Rubtsov Dmitriy
Co-Founder, Chief of operation and Business development
Linkedin | Telegram
IT Entrepreneur and business developer.
Computer science and cybersecurity degree.
IT management experience with more than 10 internet projects in past 13 years.

Vitaly Hnidenko
Head of Development
Github | Telegram
Full stack developer and team lead with more than 11 years experience.
Lead developer on company projects 5vpn, Privatix and Temp-Mail

Viacheslav Yakushev
Head of Infrastructure
Senior DevOps Engineer.
Sysadmin team lead and backend architect.

Viktor Lahman
R&D-team member and full stack developer
Facebook | Linkedin | Github | Telegram
Scientist and software engineer with more than 5 years experience.
#1 Master's Degree Mathematics and Computer Science.
#2 Master Degree in Computer Science (Ukraine).

Timur Appaev
Senior full-stack / JS developer

Facebook | Linkedin | Github
Frontend Javascript developer with more than 5 years experience.

Alexander Shishkin
PPC and media buying
Marketer and PR manager with more than 7 years experience.
Strong skills in traffic acquisition and multilingual campaigns.

Mykola Lysiy
Head of QA
Head of QA with broad experience in major platforms.

Yaroslav Krimets
Traffic acquisition specialist
Traffic Acquisition and Analytics Manager with more than 4 years experience with high volume budgets

Andrew Beilyk
Senior android developer
Mobile apps developer with broad experience on android platform


The concept of a decentralized autonomous P2P VPN network on blockchain with its own crypto-economy which will serve the first bandwidth exchange marketplace


One-page summary

English | Russian | Chinese | Korean | Japanese

UPD #1 ( 4-SEP-2017 ) : Presale Early bird announcement 86% bonus / 30 ETH minimum

UPD #2 ( 7-SEP-2017 ) : Announcement regarding Bitcointalk bounty program

UPD #3 ( 9-SEP-2017 ) : White paper and Summary Translation


Ethereum Tokens / [ANN][ICO] DME: Dome Global Wi-Fi Network
« on: September 09, 2017, 03:20:21 AM »



The Dome is a platform that will allow user to share their Wi-Fi network and get tokens for it. Platform usage
would lead people to use the Dome Platform to compensate their internet payments and even to earn from it! The
creation of Dome Platform will allow users to dismiss high payments for the 4G (LTE) data and use the internet without
any restrictions worldwide.

The above scheme shows the token lifecycle inside of The Dome Platform environment.


The main advantage of using Dome Platform is saving on high charges for the 4G(LTE) data usage and data roaming when you travel.
Dome Platform could be used for businesses. We are developing a special business accounts that will allow users to purchase Context-based ads
that will appear periodically as user using the network. The ads could be removed by an in-app adblock which could be also purchased by tokens.

Costs of 4G (LTE) data usage in developed countries


The idea of implementing the blockchain technology and Ethereum smart-contract into the creation of global Wi-Fi network,
in our opinion, is based on a fact that people are not motivated to share their personal Wi-Fi networks. This is explained by the heavy
load on the network which slows down the data rates and could result in a higher payment for the internet connection without any
compensation. We offer users a platform that will allow a transparent and secure way to share and control your personal or business
network using DME tokens.


For regular users
By signing up and connecting to the platform, you automatically unblock the region (country) or several regions
(depends on project development stage), where you will be able to use internet without any restrictions. Share your Wi-Fi
network and get tokens, which could be traded or spent for the in-app purchases such as: unblocking new regions if you
are travelling or Adblock to get rid of advertisement, etc.

For businesses
Register your company in the Platform app and share your Wi-Fi, the more people use your network – the more tokens you
get. Trade tokens or use them in app to purchase advertisement for your business. Your advertisement will be shown to every
person, who connects to your network.


DME token sale will be open to the general public via an Ethereum Smart Contract.

Tokens deployed in total: 90,000,000 DME

Date & time: To be announced

We have come up with the following system of bonuses to early contributors incentivize early contributors:
20% first 24 hours
15% 48 hours
10% 72 hours
0% after 72-hour (3 day) bonus program.

If the reserved amount of DME for bonuses is fully used before 72 hours passed, the
bonus program will be ended. If the bonus reserve wasn’t used before the end of the program,
all the DME tokens will be transferred to the reserve fund.

Duration of the crowdsale: 30 days

Token launch completion: Token sale would be over either when all the tokens are
sold or the 30-day period is over.

Accepted currencies: Buyers during the initial sale will acquire DME in exchange
for Ether (ETH), the sale will be administered by an Ethereum Smart Contract.

Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 1750 DME tokens

Token distribution:
1. 60,000,000 DME sold during the crowdsale.
2. 25,130,000 DME sent to the Dome Platform reserve fund.
3. 2,800,000 DME reserved for bonuses during the first 72 hours.
4. 270,000 DME reserved for marketing bounties and bonuses.
5. 1,800,000 DME reserved for developers and advisors.

If the sale ends without selling the full amount of 60,000,000 DME, any remaining token will be transferred
to The Dome Platform reserve fund and will be available as in-app purchase once the platform is launched.
The tokens from reserve will also be used for rewards to users who shared their Wi-Fi network. There won’t
be any additional deployment of tokens. The number of 90,000,000 DME is final and can’t be changed. DME
tokens will be available for trading in a few days after the ICO end. Marketpalces will be announced within 7
days after ICO.



tldr website:

A Cool Token For Everyone

The Blockchain is cool. Tokens are cool. COOL is a token on the Ethereum Blockchain. Keep it simple.

Say hello and send some COOL to newcomers and pros.  Fun and easy. Your friends are cool, send some cool.

Receive Free COOL Tokens: Hand In Your Contributions.

To promote cryptocurrency and the blockchain, anyone can now receive and send some cool tokens.

Distribution: Free Fundrop, No ICO

* Cool Token Contract Address: 0x8cD3Bac9875B1945D1D3469947236d8971Bf3174

* Transparent Distribution Spreadsheet

Cool Stats
Supply 100.000.000 COOL (100 million)
Widespread Distribution
Eligible Ranks & Amount of COOL rewarded for cool contributions:
Legendary (30K), Hero (25K), Sr. Member (20K), Full Member (10K), Member (5K)
Transparent Payout until 100 MILLION COOL are completely distributed.


1. What is a Fundrop?

You are rewarded with COOL for having fun.

2. What is a Contribution?

In order to receive COOL you have to create something cool. 8)

Do you like crypto? Express your creativity.

Create something nice and refer to #CoolCrypto

You can earn more for creating more value. You are limited only by your own imagination.

A valuable contribution would be, for instance, a guide written to help newcomers on a crypto-related topic, e.g. how to send and receive COOL tokens with MyEtherWallet.

A contribution can also be creating an image or writing an article -- any idea you have in mind.

All cool contributions are rewarded.

Go to the form and submit your details. Receive some cool tokens.

3. When do I receive my COOL?

The token distribution is completely transparent from the beginning to the end.

All contributions and cool payouts are logged on CoolCrypto's official spreadsheet.

It may take a little time as COOL is distributed at irregular intervals.

If you create something cool you will be rewarded.


Token Smart Contract Address:


Name: Cool
Decimals: 18
Symbol: COOL

Add Custom Token @ MyEtherWallet:
Address: 0x8cd3bac9875b1945d1d3469947236d8971bf3174
Token Symbol: COOL
Decimals: 18







VALUS is a blockchain platform which will be based on Ethereum platform. VALUS will allow customers to verify items through QR code and they will get basic information about scanned items (VALUS Verify). In a case of buying an item, they can register ownership of that item and for that customers will be rewarded with VLS tokens (VALUS Ownership). If they are often buying items online, they can check if the website where they make a purchase is trustworthy. Previous customers can give their experience and also trademarks can verify that website (VALUS Websites). Customers can also help trademarks to reduce the number of manufacturers and stores that sell not genuine items. For such actions, customers are rewarded with VLS tokens (VALUS Stores).
VALUS allows trademarks to add items into a blockchain. With that they make items more secure, and also customers can verify these items. Trademarks can create a safer purchase for customers by verifying the websites or retailers that sell their genuine items.
Retailers will know if the items they sell are genuine and the trademark can verify retailers that sell genuine items.


The biggest problem on the market is that there is a lot of fake items on the market. These items can be fakes such as luxury watches, luxury handbags, jewellery and many items we daily use in our lives such as sports items.
Also, some websites pretend that they are selling genuine items but they are not. Other websites scam people in a way that they get customers’ money but never deliver an item to the customers.


Our vision is that we become a platform for verifying items, websites and stores. We want to disable everyone who sells fake items and also those who scam customers with fake websites.




The core of VALUS will be, that customers can check items through QR code. Customers get basic information such as an image of this item, name, who made this item, when the item was created, serial number, origin, previous owners (if applicable), if the item is stolen or not and other history of this item (VALUS Verify).

When they buy an item, customers have a chance to register ownership of the item that really belongs to them. In case a registered item is stolen, a customer can report the item and mark it as stolen. That means that if someone wants to check the status of such item, it will be seen on VALUS platform that this item is stolen (VALUS Ownership).

Customers will have an option to check if the website where they make a purchase is trustworthy or not. Trademarks can verify the websites that sell genuine items and also previous customers can give reviews/experiences about the websites (VALUS Websites).

Trademarks can also verify stores that sell genuine items. If customers know where the fake items are being sold they can report such store and for that, they are rewarded (VALUS Stores).


Trademarks will add items into a blockchain. In such way they make items more secure and also customer can verify these items. Trademarks help customers to make safer and better purchase by verifying websites and stores which sell genuine items. Trademarks also get reports from customers about suspicious websites and stores. If trademarks establish that reported websites or store are hurting customers, these websites or stores can be shutdown.


A retailer can get a reputation on the market from the trademark based on verification. Customers are more secure when they make their purchase because they know that a verified retailer sells genuine items.


Customers can get VLS tokens for registering items (VALUS Ownership), for reporting suspicious websites (VALUS Websites) and for reporting brick and mortar shops (VALUS Stores).


The VALUS platform will be realised in Q1 2018. It will allow customers to scan items through iOS an Android application. A customer will be able to just scan the items from trademarks that use our platform.
The VALUS Ownership will be available in Q3 2018. After ownership, we will start with VALUS Website.
The first function of VALUS Website (in Q4 2018) will be that a customer can verify whether the website is trustworthy. Reviewing and rating of websites will be available in Q1 2019, while the last function for Blacklisting websites will be available in the end of Q1 2019.
After that, we will start developing functions for verifying and reporting brick and mortar stores.



Crowdsale STARTS 1. October 2017 12.00 UTC; ENDS 31. October 2017 20.00 UTC.

Token Distribution and Fund Distribution


The amount of VLS tokens will be known after the Crowdsale. The amount of VLS tokens will be based on invested funds from contributors.

The token pre-sale price is $0.10 for 1 VLS. The VLS Tokens will be Ethereum ERC20.
All tokens will be distributed after Crowdsale in 30 days.
Minimum goal: 1.000.000 USD
Maximum goal: No limit
Token supply: Based on funds collected

Accepted crypto-currency: Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

Price of 1 VLS in BTC/USD and ETH/USD will be calculated according to the exchange provided by Bitstamp and will be locked at the beginning of our crowdsale (1. October 2017 12.00 UTC). This will be valid for the entire time of the crowdsale.

For more information, please visit this link:



Within first 48 hours of Crowdsale start there will be 15% bonus (till 3. October 12:00 UTC) 1 VLS = 0,085 USD.
In 1st week from 3.10.2017 12:00 UTC to 8.10.2017 23:59 UTC there will be 10% bonus (1 VLS = 0,09 USD).
In 2nd week from 9.10.2017 00:00 UTC – 15.10.2017 23:59 UTC there will be 6% bonus (1 VLS = 0,094 USD).
In 3rd week from 16.10.2017 00:00 UTC – 22.10.2017 23:59 UTC there will be 3% bonus (1 VLS = 0,097 USD).
And in the last week, there will be no bonuses (1 VLS = 0,10 USD).


Nik Klemenc - Founder and CEO
Uroš Hrastar - Developer
Rok Kapušin - Marketing
Primož Hrastar - Developer
Davor Muc - Developer
Žan Kozlevčar – Design

For detailed Team descriptions please check out




Indonesian translation thanks to Erickvand
Dutch translation thanks to FIEX
Hindi translation thanks to MBworld
Filipino translation thanks to Coin_trader
Romanian translation thanks to cattani30
Russian translation thanks to G.Butrik
Polish translation thanks to 4hajs


We also offer bounties for Facebook, Twitter, Signature campaign and Avatar, ANN Translation and Blog, Articles and Media campaign bounty.

Please visit this link:


Ethereum Tokens / [ANN][ICO] KickCity - Community Is Power
« on: August 26, 2017, 04:20:54 AM »
Note: I am making this Original Post for KickCity. I am not the point of contact.
Please contact Gigi_Kickcity or for any questions.










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