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White Paper:
Telegram Chat:
Telegram Channel:

Both pre-ICO and ICO have bounty aimed at a better marketing coverage.
1,000,000 RUNE tokens are reserved for RUNEURO bounty which will include:
•  White Paper and marketing materials translations (Chinese, German, Spanish) – 10,000 RUNE for each translation direction.
•  Mass media coverage (posting articles on RUNEURO) in English, Russian, Chinese, German and Spanish: online magazines, media platforms, forums etc., the reward is determined by the popularity of the website ( is selected as the analytics tool):
−  1 – 20K visitors/month – 1,000 RUNE/article;
−  20 – 50K visitors/month – 2,000 RUNE/article;
−  50 – 100K visitors/month – 4,000 RUNE/article;
−  100 – 500K visitors/month – 8,000 RUNE/article;
−  > 500K visitors/month – 12,000 RUNE/article.
The application form for media platforms editors is available here:
•  Signature campaign on Bitcointalk. The rewards for signature campaign depend on the user’s status and activity on the forum. The campaign will last from 13-02-17 to 07-03-17 and one month before ICO as well (will be announced later).
−  Sr. Member – 250 RUNE/week
−  Full Member – 500 RUNE/week
−  Legendary – 1,000 RUNE/week
−  Hero Member – 2,000 RUNE/week
The rewards will be paid to the participants who show daily activity on during the campaign.
The application form for signature campaign participants is available here:

Main thread :



VERSION: 14.0.3 (Feb  5th 2017)

All participants will have to PM valtin.  Links to all tweets + Re-tweets and address VC.

X11 based as proof of work scheme. Our aim is to compete in real world by introducing user access to this coin at Bitcoin based ATM machines worldwide instead of just another alt coin traded online for Litecoins or Bitcoins. We are against any pump & dump or similar schemes.


Block Explorer / Crawler

List coming soon

  • X11 Algo
  • 3 block targets
  • 400 million total coins
  • Initial difficulty: 2^18
  • Maturity time: 2000
  • Target Spacing: 5 mins
  • Target Difficulty: 15 hrs

(this is where it gets tricky/complicated)

  • 1 : 50
  • 1-1000 :

Over block 100 with difficulty over 75 or block over 1000:
Reward: difficulty x 0.4356

1-1000 with difficulty below 75
Reward: difficulty x 0.4426

Reward: difficulty x 0.4726

Over 6000
If (2222222.0 / (pow((difficulty +2600.0)/9.0,2.0))) is over 25 then
Reward: difficulty x 0.4356

if below 25
Reward: 1

On top of this following Global applies to all:
If difficulty is over 100 AND below 1000 blocks. (Bonus for new early miners)
Reward: 100

If difficulty is over 100 AND above 1000 blocks.
Reward: 50 (Bonus drops to 50 for all blocks over 1000)

If difficulty is very low below 0.5
Reward: 1 or 0 (randomly)

In a nut shell, reward is based on # of miners/network hash rate, more hash rate higher reward & vice versa.


Windows Daemon

Coming Soon

Coming soon

Source Code

Sample vcoin.conf

Code: [Select]

  • RPC Port: 10000
  • P2P Port: 443


Crypto Pool

Hardcore Miners


Available Soon

VIRTUAL COIN WINDOWS WALLET (create shortcut from your desktop of virtualcoin.exe & launch it) - Update (14.0.1 will automatically do this for you)

MAIN WINDOW (Balance, recent transactions history)

Send Window (transferring VC coins to family/friends etc)

ALL YOUR VIRTUAL COIN ADDRESSES (you share this address with anyone who will be sending you payments)

Transaction history window: Anything in red means you send the payment

Debug window: it shows if you are connected & current status, version information (Your current & estimate blocks need to match)

Options to turn on expert features

Send Window with expert features

Coin Control (enabled with expert turned on)

Options under Settings

Network Settings (with UPnP/Proxy support)

Password enabled/Change Window: This encrypts your wallet with 1024 bit encryption for additional security


We have currently 8 volunteer team members working on finalizing the details before the launch.
Expect more information to follow in, mining pool, wallets will be listed just before the launch time. This is a self moderated thread spam , bashing, insults etc not tolerated.

Anyone having sync issues, you can add following nodes.

HELP -> Debug Window -> Console ->
(Copy & Paste below)

Code: [Select]

Original thread :






How Edgeless Casino Can Be Profitable Business with 0% edge?

Casino profits and 0% (0.83% in practise) house edge concept.

There are several ways how Edgeless Casino can be profitable. Edgeless Casino provides games which depend on LUCK+SKILL and Sports Betting.

The first two games provided will be Blackjack and Video Poker. Both games are played with a combination of LUCK and SKILL. That means players make choices and either play well or poorly. To give an example of such a situation:

House has a 6 card.
The player has 16.
The player wants to collect at least 17 and hits for one more card. - BAD MISTAKE.
The player just made a huge error, because, 12+ against 6 ALWAYS STAYS. (according to Blackjack basic strategy)

An average player does not play ‘the perfect game’ therefore, in the long run the casino makes a profit from his mistakes.

An analogy can be taken from poker. A new player is playing against a Pro. Both have equal probability conditions - 50% vs. 50%. However, the Pro player makes better choices and the new player makes bad decisions, and in the long run, the Pro wins.

Look at this EXTENSIVE RESEARCH  from players’ mistakes in Blackjack - on average they give away an 0.83% edge to the casino.

And that's exactly what the casino will earn - 0.83% which is the same as playing dice with an 0.83% house edge

The second stream of profit comes from sports betting. Sports Betting connects bettors against each other, charging vig / juice / rake from each side for their bets. In this area, the casino will earn 4% from all money wagered. An analogy can again be taken from poker. Imagine two players are betting 10$ against each other and the rake is 1%. So, they are actually betting 9.90$ and winner gets 19.80$.

More information on how sports betting is making money:

To sum up - the first stream of profits is from games of luck+skill. The second stream of profits is from Edgeless casino with 0% edge games and is a very strong marketing channel for attracting players to Edgeless Casino. Gamblers can enjoy fair betting conditions, and a good percentage of visitors will do Sports Betting which generates 4% returns to the Casino.

The concept has not literally come out of the blue - discussions on zero edge casinos are already occurring in the community.

Who is "Frank Lefty Rosenthal" who is trolling Edgeless announcement thread?

To be honest, we have no idea who he is, nor do we have any connection with this person. It seems that he immediately began spamming Edgeless thread with comments from the first minute following the announcement. He is creating a huge amount of trolling without any logical argumentation. Right now we think it’s a competitor who is afraid of losing a share in the casino industry.

Moderators were contacted regarding his behaviour - however, trolling is not ‘forbidden’ on this forum. Therefore we would suggest not taking him seriously or paying any attention to his trolling attempts.


Edgeless Bounty Programs:

Earn EDG tokens by participating in EDGELESS bounty program
There are 10 000 000 EDG tokens provided for Edgeless Bounty Program
The Crowdsale price for EDG token: 1000 EDG = 1 ETH


Twitter bounty program

Total bounty reward amount available for Twitter - 1 500 000 EDG (equivalent to 1 500 ETH)

Never miss any of our updates! Follow us on Twitter for our latest insights and retweet our news to your group, friends and followers.

Follow us on Twitter: 20 stakes per week

For Every retweet or mention you will get:

- 10 stakes for 100 - 300 followers Twitter account
- 30 stakes for under 1000 followers Twitter account
- 50 sakes for 1000 or more followers Twitter account

Sign up for Twitter bounty on

This bounty program will close after achieving the maximum amount or the ICO of Edgeless will be ended.


Facebook bounty program

Total bounty reward amount available for Facebook - 1 500 000 EDG (equivalent to 1 500 ETH)

We will post all blog/ news articles, insights, updates of Edgeless Casino and Upcoming ICO. Every like counts, so be sure to join to get a part of our Facebook bounty.

Like our Facebook page for stakes to count.

- Every post (text / image / video, link) like: 10 stakes
- Comment (at least 30 characters per comment): 20 stakes
- Public share of any post: 30 stakes

Sign up for Facebook bounty on

This bounty program will close after achieving the maximum amount or the ICO of Edgeless will be ended.


Blog/ News article bounty program

Total bounty reward amount available for Blogs/ News bounty - 2 000 000 EDG (equivalent to 2 000 ETH)

A blog or news websites that counts for bounties must:

- be in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish languages
- or any language for blogs with 300+ followers
- contain only unique content
- publicly accessible
- 700 characters or more without spaces
- contain at least 2 links to

Once you write a Blog post, submit URL to:

Provided blogs will be DIVIDED into THREE QUALITY CATEGORIES in order to reward those participants who invested more EFFORT into their blogs:

Basic = 10 stakes
Medium = 30 stakes
Extraordinary = 60 stakes

If a blog/ article is mentioning anything about a crowdsale, disclaimer must be used: "US citizens are not legally allowed to participate in Edgeless Project crowdsale"

All accepted blog posts will be listed there:

This bounty program will close after achieving the maximum amount or the ICO of Edgeless will be ended.


Translation and local community management

Total bounty reward amount available for Blogs/ News bounty - 2 000 000 EDG (equivalent to 2 000 ETH)

Earn bounty stakes of quality translation and local community management. If our Bitcointalk ANN hasn’t been translated into one of the listed languages yet, you are welcome to contribute with your own translation and earn a stake in return. Please contact us on Bitcointalk or [email protected] to confirm and reserve your translation. You will also receive additional stakes for each post you get in the thread of your translation.

This bounty is ideal for professional translators on Bitcointalk

- The translation must be of a high quality - not done using google translate. 
- The translation should be easily understood by anyone, not to technical or too literal.

Translators must also be able to manage their local communities: Community support and answering questions in translated ANN thread till the end of ICO. In our slack it will be a private chat for local community managers where we will help you with answering any question for your local community.


- Website (100 stakes)
- White Paper (250 stakes)
- Bitcointalk ANN (with new thread in Local community) (100 stakes)
- Blog posts (30 stakes)


- Get 5 stakes for every post in your thread

List of needed translations:

Interested translators contact us on Bitcointalk or [email protected] with an example of your prior works

This bounty program will close after achieving the maximum amount or the ICO of Edgeless will be ended.


Smart contract audit bounty

Total bounty reward amount available for smart contract audit bounty - 1 000 000 EDG (equivalent to 1 000 ETH)

EDGELESS Crowdsale smart contract and EDG Tokens ERC20 smart contract are uploaded on the git hub:

Register to the audit bounty program here:

In order to add an additional layer of security, smart contract audit bounty is created. If you find any security flaw, mistake or loops potential for smart contract vulnerability let us know. For each loop found in the contract - you will be granted with 100 stakes.


Bitcointalk signature and avatar bounty

Total bounty reward amount available for signature bounty - 2 000 000 EDG (equivalent to 2 000 ETH)


1) The whole bounty pool (2 000 000 EDG) will be divided among the participants proportionally to the amount of their stakes.
2) Users have to register to signature bounty program and wear the official avatar in order to participate in Signature bounty program
3) The stakes will be distributed weekly to the participants
4) Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign
5) All members need to post at least 40 posts wearing the signature by the time the ICO ends to be eligible for a reward.
6) Spam is strictly prohibited. Users found spamming will be immediately and permanently disqualified, reported to the moderators, and banned from any other bounty campaign. Multiple accounts from the same person are not allowed!!!

In order to provide a fair bounty distribution, register with this form

Avatar: (Link to Avatar)


Signature for Member and Jr. Member. 30 stakes per week

Signature preview:


Code: [Select]
[center][b]EDGELESS.IO — New Era Of Casino [/b] || [url=][b]ICO[/b][/url] || [b][url=]DISCUSSION[/url][/b][/center]                       


Signature for Full member. 50 stakes per week

Signature preview:

Code: [Select]
[center][b][url=][color=navy]EDGELESS.IO - New Era Of Casino (0% Edge And Full Transparency)[/color][/url][/b]
[url=][b][color=black]ICO[/color][/b][/url] || [b][url=][color=black]DISCUSSION[/color][/url][/b][/center]


Signature for Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary. 80 stakes per week

Signature preview:

EDGELESS.IO New Era Of Casino (0% Edge And Full Transparency)

Code: [Select]
[center][table][td] [size=24pt][b][url=][color=navy]EDGELESS.IO[/color][/url][/b][/size][/td] [td][b] [size=12pt]New Era Of Casino (0% Edge And Full Transparency)[/size][/b]
[b] [url=][size=12pt][color=green]JOIN THE ICO[/size][/url] | [url=][size=12pt][color=green]JOIN THE DISCUSSION[/color][/size][/url][/b][/td] [/tr] [/table][/center]


Stay Connected

Disclaimer: This ANN is not for US residents, US residents will not be able to participate in Edgeless Crowdsale

Disclaimer: I'm not a project team member or anyhow related with this project. All responsibility belongs to the project’s team members

Ethereum Tokens / Matchpool - Making Human Connections
« on: January 28, 2017, 12:56:54 PM »
Matchpool on bitcointalk forum :

Introducing Matchpool

Matchpool is a decentralized dating and matchmaking protocol, which uses group dynamics in order to help as many participants as possible to find love. It can also be used as a more generic platform for any kind of paid membership community, which can clearly define two sides of a desired interaction or market.

Our platform will consist user generated Pools of individuals.  These Pools can be visualized as a cross between Slack channels and Meetup groups, invite-only groups owned and run by devoted users who act as matchmakers. Upon joining the platform, the user will be asked to provide a number of describing factors. This data is encrypted, and will be used for the user profile and for the purpose of offering the user with preferable custom pools.

The Matchlock
By using our Matchlock feature, which keeps a 50:50 ratio between X and Y, every Pool in the platform remains attractive. If a certain number of X users enters the pool, then the matchlock will stop more X from entering until the same number of Y’s arrive. These Matchlock rules can also be parameterized to any use case where any arbitrary market polarity is required. Also there is no restriction for the X and Y side of the matchlock to be opposites in order to serve any community whatsoever. It is up to the Pool's founder to configure the matchlock parameters according to the kind of community they wish to create.

Matchpool App
Matchpool will implement a front-end interface, which will allow users to search for favorable pools in different areas, matched with different interests. Users can search various factors to see if something fits. In the on-boarding process, they will also be shown a list of pools in their area, which fits their particular demographics and interests.

GUP Tokens & Matchpool Rewards
Matchpool users will divide into two catagories – Joiners & Hosts.
Joiners who wishes to enter a pool of their choice, will have to pay the pool's requisite entry fee, which will be defined at the creation of that Pool by the Pool's Host. In addition to this one-time registration fee, a monthly membership fee will be paid to the Pool. All payments will be held in an Ether based smart contract and will be processed using Matchpool's network own token Guppies (GUP). While in the Pool, nature will take its course and all members would be able to interact publicly on private channels in a way resembling Slack's interface.
On the other side, users can also play the role of Hosts and Matchmakers.
The host will be the one who opens a custom Pool and gets dividends from its revenues.
Matchmakers or Helpers as they are defined in the system can propose matches between two other joiners who they believe would be good partners. Those two joiners are then notified and in case they both accept, the event is added to their public notebook, and the Matchmaker get rewarded.
Both the Host of the pool and its matchmakers are entitled for shares of the Pools subscription and monthly fees, paid with GUP.

Matchpool first 200,000 Users will get rewarded with GUPs upon registration enabling them to make their first steps in the platform.  

Dapplets are another way Matchpool users can get rewarded. These are basically add-ons created by developers who want add to the Matchpool protocol. In practice, Dapplets work similar to Slack plugins but can enhance the experience in a number of ways. One example would be a Dapplet, which implements “Tinder” functionality: users can swipe through other users. If one of their apps creates a match of some kind for example: if a "Blind Date" game creates a real match, then the Dapplet developers are rewarded similarly to Matchmakers.


Matchpool ICO will take place in the 2nd of April 13:00 GMT 2017 and last for 28 Days

Matchpool Escrow partners
All ICO funds pledged will be sent directly to a designated multiSig wallet requiring 2 out of 3 signatures in order to withdraw funds.
Funds will be withdrawn in line with pre-determined milestones. Matchpool team will be the first signatory while the other two signatures will be owned by our following escrow partners:

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a privately owned registered Swiss legal entity in the form of a shareholder company specializing in alternative finances / non-banking assets outside of the traditional financial system and banking establishments. The Suisse firm also provide consulting and solutions based on decentralized technology currently driving a project to establish Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in all the large Swiss population centers.

MME is an innovative consulting firm for legal, tax, and compliance. As a law firm, MME Legal supports and represents companies and individuals in all matters related to business law. MME is proud to be the only Swiss member of World IT Lawyers ( and of a network of specialists in crypto currency law. These international networks enable us to provide efficient cross-border service on the leading edge of the digital economy.

ICO terms and bonuses
We believe our first and early supporters should be rewarded for their support
With that notion in mind, we decided on the following ratios of GUP to be rewarded in each time frame for every 1 ETH pledged:

As ETH price surged drastically since we first started with the project, we feel that the original Maximum ETH Cap is no longer for the best of the investors. Therefore we have decided to make a new maximum Cap of 5 Million USD regardless of ETH price.

The new Cap will force us to change also the ICO previous early birds bonus & default Smart contracts rates. As the price of ETH at the ICO date, cannot be foreseen, the new ETH:GUP ratios will be announced shortly before the ICO starts.  

In case that by the end of the ICO duration not all GUP tokens will be sold, the remaining unsold tokens will be distributed pro-rata between all participants.
In case a minimum cap of 30K ETH is not reached, all pledged ETH will be sent back to Participants sending addresses

Issuance & Distribution
Guppies tokens created in Matchpool ICO will be allocated as follows:

Matchpool's Road Map

Matchpool Team

Matchpool Advisors

Matchpool's promotional video

Matchpool in other languages

Russian - Thank you OculusMan  
Chinese - Thank you StratisKing  
Indonesian - Thank you xdtiagonzhar  
Dutch - Thank you kaltun  
Korean - Thank you rolings  
French - Thank you adrimaug  
Hebrew - Thank you Moraltsplease  
Turkish - Thank you beyinsi  
Portuguese - Thank you Raxitto  
Hrvatski - Thank you skrtel37  
German - Thank you layer1gfx  
Polski - Thank you zoranko  
Slovak - Thank you Saturday97  
Japanese - Thank you Shin-Hye  
Czech - Thank you Betomania  
Skandinavisk - Thank you ajiz138  
Spanish - Thank you th3nolo  
Italiano - Thank you davide72  
Arabic - Thank you samcoin  

Media Coverage

Matchpool Partners

« on: January 02, 2017, 02:56:36 PM »




Not the sexiest image but we are working on it.



Twitter Campaign:
More details Here:


meet with developer & community on bitcointalk forum :

(ID) ANN dan Bounty / [ANN] Qtum, Platform Nilai transfer Stabil
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:40:50 PM »
Qtum ANN thread :

Qtum (Quantum) adalah open source (sumber terbuka), proyek desentralisasi yang tujuannya adalah untuk memanfaatkan keberhasilan dari Bitcoin, sementara ini yang bersaing di pasar adalah Desentralisasi Applikasi (DAPP) and Smart Contract (kontrak cerdas). Tujuan kami adalah untuk berkerja dengan mitra industri, dan pertama kali meluncurkan Protokol Nilai Transfer/Value Transfer Protocol (VIP). Ini akan mempermudah rutinitas bisnis sehari-hari, dan akan memudahkan untuk di adopsi. Qtum bertujuan untuk menjadi platform pertama dengan Smart Contract (kontrak cerdas) yang akan mengeksekusi bagian dari transaksi keluar yang tidak terpakai/Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO).

Bukan untuk membuat kemudi baru dengan basis kode yang baru juga, Qtum didasarkan pada v0.13 Bitcoin inti dan Proof-of-stake 3.0 (POS). Metode Qtum’s memungkinkan Smart Contract (Kontrak Cerdas) dioperasikan tanpa sebuah akun, dan aplikasi Ethereum yang dapat dipindahkan ke Qtum Blockchain. Pengembangan Inti Qtum akan diarahkan oleh Yayasan Qtum, yang akan diawasi oleh perusahaan audit yang sudah ditetapkan.

Proyek ini bertujuan tidak lain untuk exchange (pertukaran) menegah, akan ada cukup proyek Blockchain yang akan memenuhi permintaan ini.  Sebaliknya, fokus akan di arahkan ke berbagai sektor teknologi yang akan memudahkan operasi.  Semua ini akan di taruh di kerangka aplikasi desentralisasi, berdasarkan sebuah versi modifikasi dari Mesin Virtual Ethereum. 

Ini akan membutuhkan codebase yang stabil, konsumen dan bisnis mebutuhkan keyakinan bahwa nilai moneter mereka tidak ada dalam resiko kecelakaan yang tiba-tiba. Ini mengapa kami berdasarkan pada Kuantum Inti Bitcoin untuk stabilitas, dan Blockchain POS3.0 untuk konsesus.

Rangkuman Teknis

Pada bagian ini kita akan berdiskusi tentang Qtum Blockchain, Mata uang kripto yang baru dibuat untuk konsumen dan bisnis. Qtum di rancang untuk keamanan, stabilitas, dan kecepatan. Kuatum telah memperluas bahasa script dari Bitcoin Inti, sekarang menjadi  mungkin untuk menjalankan Smart Contact (Kontrak Cerdas) berdasarkan model transaksi keluar yang tidak terpakai/Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO). Ini artinya Qtum tidak membutuhkan akun untuk mengeksekusi kontrak antara para pihak yang berkepentingan. Ethereum Smart Contract yang sudah ada dapat dipindahkan ke Qtum dengan sedikit perubahan. Virtual mesin dan bahasa pemograman yang lain akan ditambahkan bila proyek sudah berjalan. Akan ada fungsi untuk pihak ketiga pemberian data dan ramalan, bersama dengan 'jaringan aktif' pemrosesan data. Model konsesus Qtum's akan memanfaatkan Raja yang Cerah/Sunny King’s klasik Proof-of-Stake, yang akan mengamankan Blockchain, saat memberikan hadiah kepada pemegang koin.

Qtum bertujuan untuk membawa hal yang baru 'Protokol Nilai Transfer' untuk industri. Bitcoin telah memberikan layanan yang luar biasa untuk perdagangan dan industri keuangan dengan menyediakan sarana nilai transfer, dan kami ingin memperluas momentum ini. Kami berencana untuk mendukung Qtum Blockchain dengan Smart Contract (Kontrak Cerdas) yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengontrol koin dengan mengambil keuntungan dari berbagai protokol Internet.
Salah satu proyek yang akan diluncurkan sebagai beta bekerjasama adalah SpringEmail, yang menggunakan modifikasi sederhana Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).  Hal ini memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengirim dan menerima Qtum sebagai bagian dari e-mail.  Kita menyebut protokol hibrida ini "BiSMTP".  Ini harus mengurangi kurva belajar untuk pengguna yang tertarik Qtum tetapi tidak memiliki dompet.

Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan lihat:

Salah satu strategi pertumbuhan Qtum's adalah pasar telekomunikasi selular.  Terdapat sejumlah besar konsumen yang mungkin tidak menyadari dari mata uang digital, tetapi dapat memperkenalkan Qtum melalui kampanye pemasaran viral.  Ini tidak berarti bahwa rata-rata pengguna tidak terbiasa dengan membayar dengan perangkat mobile mereka.  Di Cina, Wechat memanfaatkan basis pengguna mereka lebih dari setengah milyar orang, untuk melakukan pembayaran sehari-hari untuk barang dan jasa.  Seperti Apple membayar, mereka membuat scan cepat dengan perangkat mereka pada titik penjualan, dan uang yang dipotong dari akun mereka.  Kami berencana untuk membangun aplikasi kuantum yang mengintegrasikan ke dalam platform pesan yang populer seperti: Wechat, WhatsApp, Viber, dan sebagainya.  Kami menyebutnya Qtum Strategi "Go Mobile".

Versi Inggris dari Whitepaper sedang dalam pengeditan, dan akan diluncurkan pada January 2017.

Ringkasan, Fitur Teknis termasuk dari Qtum:

1. Mesin Virtual Ethereum berjalan dalam model Bitcoin UTXO
2. Lapisan Kompatible model Blockchain Ethereum, yang memungkinkan untuk Port mudah dari Ethereum yang ada dan kontrak yang solid
3. Blackcoin's Proof Of Stake 3.0, yang menjamin efisiensi dan keamanan
4. Kemampuan untuk mengelola kontrak dari mobile wallet/dompet mobile tanpa menjalankan sebuah node penuh
5. kebanyakan Alat yang ada dibangun untuk Bitcoin dan beberapa BIPs akan terus kompatibel dengan Qtum
6. Ramalan dan datafeeds dibangun di atas Mesin Virtual Ethereum


Rencana Qtum untuk memberikan sebuah bisnis dengan platform yang ramah yang dapat mendorong kemaju teknologi Blockchain.  Ini berarti tidak hanya eceran koin, di mana pedagang dapat membuat faktur untuk produk atau layanan.  Kesempatan untuk industri dan bisnis untuk membuat penggunaan buku besar umum sangat besar.  Untuk entitas yang mampu untuk menjual produk atau layanan, memberikan bukti pembelian pelanggan, dan mempertahankan item seluruh pemakaiannya yang sangat berharga.

Ada minat besar dalam teknologi Blockchain, terutama di industri keuangan. Saat ini, bank mengajukan permohonan paten Blockchain. Ini mungkin karena mereka mencari fakta, atau berencana untuk mengadopsi teknologi ke dalam produk dan layanan inti mereka. Banyak perusahaan besar menemukan diri mereka menjadi terlalu besar, basi, dan tidak kompetitif. Blockchain (dan teknologi mengganggu lainnya) dapat mengancam model bisnis mereka di tahun-tahun mendatang

Melalui Yayasan Qtum, tujuan kami adalah untuk memfasilitasi organisasi-organisasi besar untuk mengadopsi mata uang digital dan teknologi Blockchain dalam operasi utama mereka. Kami akan melakukan ini hanya dengan memperkenalkan kekuatan teknologi Blockchain, dan melihat apakah ada tempat untuk itu dalam model bisnis mereka.

Qtum saat ini berbicara dengan beberapa perusahaan di Cina tentang kemitraan strategis, tetapi masih terlalu dini untuk membuat pengumuman. Pada titik ini, fokus utama adalah industri jejaringan sosial, telekomunikasi, keuangan, dan rantai pasokan. Pengembangan pihak ketiga akan memainkan peran besar dalam mengadopsi Qtum (dan Blockchain secara keseluruhan). Pada tahap ini, sebagian besar industri kita telah berbicara dan ingin tahu tentang Blockchain, dan apakah dapat meningkatkan atau mengancam bisnis mereka.

Mengenal Team Kami:

Tim inti Qtum terdiri dari beberapa anggota, mencakup dari seluruh dunia. 

Patrick Dai (China/Singapore) - Pendiri Proyek
Neil Sakr (Morocco/China) - Kepala Arsitek Blockchain/Pendiri
Jordan Earls (USA) - Kepala Pengembang/Pendiri
Caspal (China) - Pengembang Qtum
Qiyu (China) - Pengembang Web Qtum
DJaen (Swedia) - Pengembang Tes Qtum
Time Markov (Makedonia)- Pengembang Qtum
Toni Markov (Makedonia)- Pengembang Qtum
Alex (Belarus)- Pengembang Qtum
Mike Palencia (China / Kolombia) - Manajer Proyek
Brett (Kanada) - PR / Komunitas
John Scianna (USA / China) -  PR / Press
Ibai Basabe(USA/China)-PhD Manager Produk/Peneliti
Emiliano (Argentina) - PhD Penulis Dokumen/Peneliti
Carry Shen (China) - Pengendalian proses PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)


Website: Peluncuran segera

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Coin Home / Qtum - UTXO based POS Smart Contracts | TESTNET LIVE!
« on: December 30, 2016, 03:28:42 PM »

The Qtum Project

The Qtum[pronounced Quantum] Foundation is a non-profit organization, developing an open source turing-complete blockchain stack, with the aim of driving the use of decentralized applications and smart contracts towards massive, mainstream adoption. Gathering some of the most prominent thought leaders in the space, Qtum has managed to remove industry-wide technological hurdles, which have up until now prevented blockchain technology from realizing its full potential.  In contrast to most of the existing dApp platforms, the Qtum blockchain is built upon Bitcoin’s well-established UTXO transaction model and employs a Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. These augmentations have far-reaching implications for the utility of the Qtum blockchain, like the ability to execute smart contracts from mobile devices as well as appliances connected to the Internet of Things. With this architecture, Qtum is compatible with both - Ethereum contracts and the Bitcoin ecosystem, while adding a wide range of capabilities absent from both.   
Following through on its vision, the Qtum foundation aims to establish an array of services, designed to bridge the still existing gap between blockchains and the business world, by allowing smart contracts to consistently adhere to changing commercial rules and conditions. Designed for real-world, plug-and-play usage, these services will also allow Qtum smart contracts to efficiently interface with real-time data inputs from stock markets, weather forecasts, news agencies, and the like.

Qtum’s Technology

Building on bitcoins reliable and proven-to-deliver blockchain, Qtum stacks its Account Abstraction Layer, allowing the UTXO-based blockchain to seamlessly interact with a modified version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). With this innovation it is now possible to execute smart contracts and run decentralized applications, simply and securely, in environments that were previously out of reach for Ethereum, combining the endless possibilities provided by smart contracts with the stability and maturity of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Going Mobile & A Blockchain Powered Internet of Things

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin’s unspent transaction output (UTXO) model is its ability to sustain lite wallets. Lite wallets, utilizing the SPV protocol, allow users to interact with the bitcoin network without having to download and sync with the entire blockchain.  This stands in stark contrast to the way the Ethereum blockchain operates. In order to engage with an Ethereum-based smart contract, one first has to download and sync the entire Ethereum blockchain, which to date weighs up to 50 GB - rendering the mobile use of decentralized applications infeasible.
On Qtum’s UTXO-based blockchain however, it is now possible to execute smart contracts from lite wallets, which can easily be installed on any given mobile device, heralding an age of mobile decentralized applications. With about a half of all internet traffic to major sites being generated by mobile devices, this ability is absolutely necessary to allow for a massive, mainstream adoption of decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts and the p2p economy enabled by them.

Lite wallet access also allows the syncing of a variety of devices and appliances to the Qtum blockchain, operating them according to pre-determent smart contracts. With this, a blockchain-secured IoT can be established, enabling a trustless, decentralized Sharing Economy.  Compatibility across the board Utilizing an EVM analog, the Qtum blockchain is compatible with existing ethereum-based smart contracts. Ethereum contracts can be ported to Qtum with little to no change to their code and execute as expected. Furthermore, Qtum implements complete backwards compatibility, meaning that once a decentralized application or contract is deployed on the Qtum network, it will stay operational, even if the system is updated. With this, Qtum solves a huge problem, very well known to ethereum developers, who very often find their applications rendered useless by recurring changes to the Ethereum network.

The bitcoin-based UTXO transaction model also ensures that Qtum will be mostly compatible with the existing bitcoin ecosystem, allowing Qtum users to benefit from the industry’s top-notch innovations, fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars already invested in the space.
Scalability, Speed, and Efficiency Both, The Ethereum and the Bitcoin blockchain, are based on a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which secures the blockchain by rendering  attacks very costly due to artificially arduous computations, demanded from miners participating in the block-verification game. This is known to be very resource intensive, in both terms of energy consumption and time.
Qtum is among the first fully decentralized and Turing-complete blockchain stacks to utilize an attractive and much more energy-efficient method to maintain coherence: the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, rendering attacks costly and inefficient, without having to waste precious computational resources and energy. Further increasing efficiency, bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model, implemented on Qtum, allows the network to process several transactions in parallel and in any given order. Unlike Ethereum’s architecture, which demands all transactions to be processed one at a time, in chronological order.

Bridging the Gap between Blockchains and the Business World

To bridge the gap between legacy business sectors and the blockchain space, Qtum introduces the Master Contract concept. Master Contracts allow DApps and smart contracts to trigger real-world, off-chain data inputs, auditable by a verified Oracle or the contracts mediator - while the contract’s essential elements, such as participants and authorization structures, are secured on the blockchain itself.

This allows blockchain-based commerce to adhere to changing commercial rules and conditions, while interfacing with real-time data inputs from stock markets, weather forecasts, news agencies, etc..  Cooperating with a series of partners and third parties, Qtum aims to establish a smart contract hub, offering secure and thoroughly tested contract templates, tailor fitted for a multitude of industries and use cases, such as supply chain management, telecommunications, IoT, social networking, and more. With this, it will be easier than ever for established sectors and legacy institutions to interface with blockchain technology and enjoy their benefits.

The Qtum Foundation for Open-Source Governance

The development and maintenance of the Qtum Blockchain, as well as all services provided by Qtum, are directed and supervised by the Qtum Foundation - a non-profit organization, representing Qtum’s stake and token holders.   In order to avoid the inefficient conduct, open source and blockchain projects often suffer from, and to ensure a coherent and standardized implementation of the Qtum blockchain, the Qtum Foundation was established. The Foundation will oversee the development of the Qtum Blockchain, advocate governance transparency, and promote the safety and harmony of the open source ecosystem.   

The Foundation consists of various committees, such as Executive Judgment, Code Review, Finance & HR, as well as Marketing & PR. Members of the Judgment Committee, the foundation’s highest executive authority, are elected by Qtum token holders. All other committees and vital functions are appointed by, and report to the Judgment Committee.   

Meet The Team

  Patrick Dai, Co-founder.
Patrick is a Computer Science PhD candidate at CAS and has worked for Alibaba

Alex Dulub, Developer
Alex has a 15 years background in software development and 3 years working on blockchain frameworks and business applications, as well as cryptographic protocols and crypto libraries. Alex is also a serial math\programming competition winner. His programming stack includes C\C++, Node.js, Angular.js, React\Redux

  Amelie, Designer
Amelie is a UI designer for Qtum project. She graduated from Berlin University of the Arts with a Masters in Visual Communication Design.

  Baiqiang D.
Baiqiang studied physics at Peking University and has worked for several software companies including Jinshan Software and Cheetah Mobile

Caspal Ouyang
Caspal is an experienced web developer and has worked at Baidu. Caspal has 21 gold medals for Rubik’s cubing 1 record in Asia and 29 records in China. Caspal was ranked #1 for solving a 4×4 & 5×5 blindfolded and ranked #1 for solving a 3×3 Rubik’s cube with his feet in China. 

  Jordan Earls (Earlz), Co-founder and lead developer
Jordan is a trusted and well-known member of the cryptocurrency community and has been developing software since he was thirteen. Jordan has reviewed over 100 altcoins and identified multiple exploits in alternative cryptocurrencies.

  Ibai Basabe, Ph.D, Researcher
Ibai holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Florida with concentrations in Logic and Topology, an MS degree concentrating on data science and machine learning and an MM degree concentrating on piano performance. Ibai has been interested in Bitcoin since 2012 and has expertise in many aspects of the technology.

  John Scianna, PR Manager
John has been following bitcoin since 2012 and a community member since 2013. John has been a miner, journalist, and has worked for several startups including CoinPip and the DC-based blockchain advocacy group, the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Mike P, Internal IT
Mike is a blockchain technology developer and enthusiast, fell in love with blockchain since 2013 and has developed proof-of-concept platforms, block explorers, online wallets and one of the largest altcoin mining pools. Mike has taken part in several cryptocurrency projects since 2013.

Neil, Co-founder & Head Developer
Neil has 20 years experience developing software and has four years experience in the blockchain space. Neil has Master’s degree in Business Administration from ISCAE, but later specialized in computer science. Neil was also a professional poker player and speaks four languages.

  Roman, Developer
Studied in Belorussian State University specializing on informatics and software development. Started working on blockchain projects in 2014 as C++ developer. Took part in numerous custom projects based on bitcoin/bitshares/ethereum.

  Time Markov, Developer
Time is C/C++/Qt/QML developer with 9+ years experience in building cross-platform applications. With about one year experience in the blockchain space. Enjoy in working with this team.

  Brett F, Community Manager
Brett worked as a Linux System’s administrator from 1999 – 2004 and then worked at a Linux desktop support company from 2005-2014. His blockchain experience started in mid-2013, and met most of the Qtum’s founding members in 2014.  He manages the Slack, Bitcointalk, Twitter, and other social media channels.  He also contributes to the PR side of the project, providing research, writing, and interviews.

Qtum In The Press

Qtum In The Blogosphere

Community Resources

Slack (1075 members):
Wechat:  Message account "QtumFoundation: for an Invite, currently 3000+ Chinese community members

Latest Updates

This section will be a recap of the latest news announced by the Qtum team.



             The forum of Icobid platform community will be one of the cores of Icobid platform when it launches. In order to boost up the Icobid platform community, maintain and promote the project for a long time, we introduce ForumBid as a reward to all forum joiners. ForumBid which is a promotional coin for the Icobid Platform community will be delivered proportionally to active level of each forum users.

           At this moment, icobid platform is still in progress of building. ICOBID value has not been established yet. The value of ForumBid will be 1$ of Bitcoin. That means if you have Forumbid, you can exchange to bitcoin in our system with the rate 1ForumBid for 1$ in Bitcoin. When Icobid platform launches, 1ForumBid will be 1$ of ICOBID.

           ForumBid will not cause any bad effect to ICOBID. The only affection it brings to ICOBID will be the broadening of a strong community which is the survival origin of Icobid platform where ICOBID plays the centre role in ideas and proposals publishing, voting and for the startup ideas-based projects.

           ForumBid specifications:
           Name: ForumBid
           Ticker: FB
           Algorithm: PoS with 5% annual staking reward which is similar to banking interest rate.
           Initial Supply: We reserve 5.000.000 FB to spend for Icobid platform community in long time. The number of ForumBid in circulation which depends on the forum's development is much less.

           ForumBid wallets and block explorer will be available 1 week before the ending time of Icobid platform ICO crowdfunding.

             ForumBid is rewarded to forum users on two categories:
           - Post count: All users will have chance to receive ForumBid based on their post count.
           Now to the end of Icobid platform ICO - Crowdfunding: 100 Posts for 2FB.
           After ICO: 100 Posts for 1FB
           - Topics: All topics will receive ForumBid based on the view count. Rewarded ForumBid will be given to topic's author.
           Now to the end of Icobid platform ICO - Crowdfunding: 1000 views for 2FB.
           After ICO: 1000 Views for 1FB

              Waiting for the integration Forumbid Blockchain to Forum personal page, go to this thread for registration to receive ForumBid. When ForumBid wallets is available for download, let get your ForumBid address and reply there. We will distribute ForumBid to every forum users.

           Message structure should be:
            - Number of posts:
            - Owned forum Topics: Links
            - ForumBid address:

           We will check your forum profile and deliver ForumBid to forum users with rules:
            - For post count: ForumBid will be given when user's post count reaches milestones: 50, 100, 150, 200...
            - For Topic view: ForumBid will be given when each topic's view count reaches milestones: 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000...

visit here about ICOBID PLATFORM :

« on: October 26, 2016, 12:27:48 AM »

     Icobid platform is in the progress of development. The initial coin offering - crowdfunding will be executed to raise fund for the big project. Icobid platform will be the place for anyone to join, share ideas, vote for best ideas and earn from opinion expression.

     The birth and development of DAO - decentralized autonomous organization based on top of Ethereum are sastifying someone, some groups and some organizations in attracting investors. The concept of Vote, decentralized Vote from DAOs is being gradually popularized in the cryptocurrency world. Blockchain experienced people could understand the value of DAOs as well as know how and where to use them. However, others  are still vague about DAO and Voting.

     DAOs are the execution of the proposals on the ground of voting. Proposal publishing and voting are not complicated to perform but both do not benefit the publishers as well as the voters. Icobid platform has the same simple system to DAOs in publishing proposals and voting; however, it brings clear benefits to all joiners by the actualization of the most feasible and favored proposals through a professional operation which is different from DAOs' Ethereum contract-based autonomous operation.

     In terms of ICO, there're tons of ICOs that are running at this moment. However, there has not been any ICOs that you can see real result performed as the roadmap they announced up to now. The main reason is that ICO holders who receive the ICO fund are also the executers of the projects. They can choose to do nothing after collecting enough fund as their sole purpose. The only simple thing they perform their promise is to release a token, a coin. If all of fund from ICOs are held, spent and used worthily for those projects and Devs are just the ones who are hired to perform those projects, the best products for life will come.
     Regarding to the project of Waves Platform, its founders promise to build crowdfunding and trading platforms that do not rely on third parties which administrate and maintain them, sacrifice transparency, raise costs and risking loss or friction through reliance on a single point of failure. Waves targets at a decentralized platform that allows every user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom blockchain tokens on an integrated peer-to-peer exchange. Tokens may represent a share in a crowdfunding project, financial instrument, or any other items with inherent value. If Waves Platform with those ideals above really comes true, you will be easy to publish a token, run an ICO crowdfunding for your own projects and there will be an outburst of ICOs than ever. Anyway, the momentum to achieve good quality projects after each ICO performed there is not established. In contrast, Icobid platform is the place only for meaningful ico-crowdfundings to execute the startup of vote-winning ideas and proposals.
     In summary, Icobid platform combines the ease of proposal publishing, voting of DAO and the advanced blockchain-based crowdfunding model of Waves to bring greatest ideas to life.


I will explain in a simple way:

- You have to register an account at ICOBID page.

- If you want to publish your idea you have to spend 1 ICOBID

- Then your idea will be viewed on a page that collect the ideas from all of users.

- Now which idea that collects the most number of votes within a certain duration will be chosen for Crowdfunding through an ICO.

- Any ICOBID holder can be a voter and the number of votes that holders have is equivalent to their ICOBID balance. Voting will not affect ICOBID balance.


- The initial fund for starting the ICO for the idea chosen is from the total number of ICOBID that collected from all of the idea registered in that duration (Ex. There're 1000 ideas, there will be 1000 ICOBID collected.)

- A token will be created and will delivered 100% to investors of that ICO.

- Fund collected from that ICO will be divided into some categories: 10% for the idea author. 10% divided to all of voters proportional to their votes. 1% divided to all of idea authors that are not chosen for that time. 10% spent for adding ICO token to exchanges. 69% for Dev team to make the idea become reality after ICO following a certain roadmap.


- There're a huge amount of great ideas that are never come true. If those ideas have a great support from a large community all over the world, It will be more easy to be done.
So the idea author will be the individual who benefit when his/her idea become reality.

- ICOBID will be the initial fund for any project. Futher fund will be collected by crowdfunding though perform an ICO.

- ICOBID holders will benefit from their voting. Which vote leads to the wining of the idea will be paid by shares from the ICO fund of that idea. After each ICO done, the ICOBID value will be increased significantly.

- Any individual that have skill suitable for performing the idea will have a chance to apply for job. They will be paid by ICOBID when starting the ICO for that idea and will be paid more (by btc, by money from the ICO fund) when continue to complete the project after ICO.

- Investors will be the ones benefit most. Any executable target of project will be ensured to complete as roadmap. The value of tokens they receive after ICO will be ensured.

- Idea Voting Page
- Exchange page between ICOBID, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and tokens of ideas.
- Job Page: Same to a freelancer site.
- ICO page: Escrow, running ICOs, Tokens publishing.

All infos above also stop as an idea. We need fund to quickly build up the ICOBID platform, so we will perform an ICO.


Ticker: ICB
5% annual staking reward
100.000.000 ICB (85.000.000 ICB for ICO, 3.000.000 for bounties, 2.000.000 for Advisors, 10.000.000 for team)


- Team grouping: Now - September 20th.
- Pre-ICO: Now - October 14, 23:59 EST
- ICO: October 15 - November 15
- ICOBID platform launches: December


Steamit post in Russian


2.000.000 ICB for Pre-ICO bounties:

- Signature design: 10.000 ICB
- Pre-ICO Signature Campaign: 500.000 ICB Join now
- Videos: 20.000 ICB for each one. 10.000 ICB more for the best valuable one.
- Article (at least 500 words and not translate from Bitcointalk ann): 10.000 ICB
- Translation (translate this thread to other languages): 10.000 ICB for each national language translation
- Graphic design: 1000 ICB for each graphic design that has content express the idea of ICOBID Platform
- 100.000 ICB for all Twitter followers who like and retweet our spinned tweet from now to the end of pre-ICO stage.
- 100.000 ICB  for Facebook page: who likes and shares our official facebook's first post in September will be counted for this bounty.
- 100.000 ICB for Slack joiners in September.
- Other bounties will be announced soon.
- If you think you can help ICOBID, let suggest. If accepted, you will receive bounties deservely.

Since the pre-ICO phase extends 14 days we also have more ICB for twitter, facebook, slack and signature and steemit bounties campaign (beginning September 1st and ending October 14th, 23:59 EST)
- 30.000 for Twitter, 30.000 for Facebook, 30.000 for Slack and 100.000 for Signature by the same rules above.
- 100.000 for Steemit users who follow us and vote for our announcement on steemit.

1.000.000 ICB for ICO bounties: Will be announced when ICO launches.


- Greek - - Thanks to killerjoegreece
- Idonesian - - Thanks to sulendra12
- Spanish - - Thanks to freemind1
- Filipino - - Thanks to jwiz168
- Hindi - - Thanks to btcdevil
- Russian - - Thanks to AcidSun


Contact me if you want to become a member of team. This is a great chance for you to join the founder team of ICOBID. It will be one of the most famous project in the future.


We extend the duration for pre-ICO phase to October 14, 23:59 EST or it will run for approximately 21 days more from now. 

We appreciate the early investment thus any investment in this phase will receive a nice bonus following this rule:

Based on the transaction time of the investment deposits, the bonus changes day by day as below
50% for day 1 (ending September 24, 23:59 EST)
48.5% for day 2
47% for day 3
20% for day 21

The bonus is decreased 1.5% after each day.
When ICO start, the biggest bonus will not be more than 15%.

The address for investment is held by the Escrower - SebastianJu
Read the Escrower's post for full details:
As always, the investment is done by depositing directly to the escrow address from the address you hold the private key.
ONLY invest after reading my terms regarding how to invest, safety I can provide and refund terms.
By the end of pre-ICO phase, you will need to verify your investment to claim the bonus.

Code: [Select]
Pre-ICO Phase has ended. Please wait for the ICO to invest. Thank you!

« on: October 26, 2016, 12:01:27 AM »
Original thread :

Banyak ICO yang sekarang sedang berjalan . Namun , adakah ICO yang memperlihatkan dan membuktikan hasil nyata setelah roadmap diumumkan?
Alasan utamanya adalah si Developer yang memegang dana ICO juga sebagai eksekutor di project ini. Mereka tidak bisa berbuat apa-apa setelah mengumpulkan dana untuk dev koin. Hal yang mereka lakukan adalah mengeluarkan token ,dan coin . Hanya itu.
Jika semua dana ICO yang ada , dipakai untuk project ini dan Dev hanya seorang yang ditunjuk untuk menampilkan dan menciptakan project ini . Hasil project terbaik saat ini akan muncul.

Jika kamu ada ide yang bagus dan ingin jadi terwujug. ICOBID akan memberikan peluang idemu menjadi terealisasikan.


saya akan menjelaskan dengan mudah

- kamu harus daftar akun di situs ICOBID.

- Jika kamu ingin mempublikasikan idemu , kamu harus membayar 1 ICOBID.

- Kemudian, idemu akan dipublikasikan di situs yang mengumpulkan ide dari semua pengguna.

- Jadi , ide yang mendapatkan vote terbanyak selama durasi tertentu akan dipilih untuk Crowdfunding ICO.

- Setiap pemegang ICOBID bisa menjadi voter dan jumlah vote yang pemegang punya setara dengan saldo ICOBID mereka. Voting tidak berpengaruh ke saldo ICOBID.


- Dana awal untuk memulai ICO dari ide yang dipilih , yaitu dari jumlah ICOBID yang dikumpulkan dari ide yang didaftarkan di waktu tersebut (Contoh  Jika ada 1000 ide , maka terkumpul 1000 ICOBID.)

- Token akan dibuat dan akan dikirim 100% ke investor setelah masa penjualan ICO selesai.

- Dana yang terkumpul dari ICO akan dibagi ke beberapa kategori : 10% untuk ide pengguna. 10% dibagikan secara merata ke para voter. 1% dibagi ke para ide pengguna yang tidak dipilih waktu itu. 10% digunakan untuk menambahkan ICO token ke exchanges. 69% untuk Dev team yang membuat ide menjadi terwujud setelah roadmap ICO.


- Ada banyak ide bagus yang belum pernah terwujud . Jika ide ini punya support yang bagus dari komunitas di seluruh dunia. Ide ini akan  mudah terwujud.
Jadi , ide pengguna akan diuntungkan karena idenya menjadi kenyataan.

- ICOBID akan jadi modal awal untuk setiap project . Dana lainnya akan dikumpulkan melalui Crowdfunding ICO.

- Pemegang ICOBID akan diuntungkan dari voting mereka. Setiap vote akan membuat ide pemenang akan dibayar dengan shares dari dana ICO oleh ide tersebut. Setelah setiap ICO selesai , harga ICOBID akan naik secara signifikan.

- Setiap orang yang punya skill  untuk mewujudkan ide ini boleh untuk melamar pekerjaan ini. Mereka aka dibayar dengan ICOBID ketika ICO dimulai dari ide itu dan akan dibayar lebih (dengan bitcoin , dari uang dana ICO) untuk melanjutkan selesainya project ini setelah ICO.

- Investor lah yang paling diuntungkan saat ini. Target ini akan dipastikan siap sesuai dengan roadmap. Nilai dari token yang mereka terima setelah ICO akan dipastikan.

- Halaman untuk voting ide.
- Halaman untuk pertukaran antara ICOBID , uang tunai , cryptocurrencies dan ide token.
- Halaman pekerjaan: Sama seperti situs freelancer
- Halaman ICO: Escrow (perantara), ICO yang sedang berjalan, Pengeluaran Token.

Semua info di atas hanya untuk sebuah ide. kami perlu dana untuk cepat membangun platform ICOBID, jadi kami akan melakukan ICO


Ticker: ICB
POS/POW, 10% hadiah tahunan saham, 100.000.000 ICB (95.000.000 ICB for ICO, 5.000.000 for bounties, tidak ada ICB untuk tim , ICB untuk tim didapatkan dari Buy-Backs)

Sesuai yang dijelaskan diatas:
- Ide penulis (saya) hanya memegang 11% (10 + 1) dana dari ICO.
- 10% untuk voter , kami belum punya voters. Jadi 10% ini akan dipakai untuk buy-back ICB ketika ICB launching di exchanges.
- 10% akan digunakan untuk menambahkan ICB di exchanges besar (Poloniex, Bittrex...). Jika terlalu banyak , sisanya akan digunakan untuk buy-back.
- 69% untuk Dev , kami telah punya DEV untuk membangun platform dari PHP dan Javascript serta coinnya. Kami perlu 1 lagi Dev yang ahli dalam PHP dan Javascript , 1 lagi untuk coin dev. 4 dev akan memegang 50% shares dari dana ICO jadi 12.5% share untuk setiap ddev (jika setiap dev mengajak dev yang lain untuk bergabung di job ini , 12.5% sharenya akan dibagi ke dev yang baru). Graphic team: 2 member , setiap orang dapat 5%. Sisa 9% untuk tim marketing yang beranggotakan 2-3 anggota , jadi setiap anggota akan memegang 3-4.5%. Semua dana akan dikeluarkan ketika ICOBID platform dipublikasikan.


- Pembentukan TEAM: Sekarang - September 20th.
- Pre-ICO: Now - September 30th.
- ICO: October 1st - Oktober 31st.
- Peluncuran ICOBID Platform: Desember


ICOBID telah ditambahkan di DAFTAR ICO
post steemit di rusia


2.000.000 ICB untuk Pre-ICO bounties:

- Desain Signature: 10.000 ICB
- Pre-ICO Signature Campaign: 500.000 ICB Gabung Sekarang
- Video: 20.000 ICB untuk setiap videonya. 10.000 ICB tambahan untuk video yang terbaik.
- Artikel (500 kata dan tidak copas dari ANN Bitcointalk): 10.000 ICB
- Penerjemah (Terjemahkan thread ini ke bahasa lain): 10.000 ICB untuk setiap bahasa.
- Graphic design: 1000 ICB untuk setiap design graphic yang mempunyai ide tentang ICOBID Platform
- 100.000 ICB untuk semua twitter follower dari sekarang hingga akhir pre-ICO.
- 100.000 ICB untuk halaman Facebook: siapapun yang likes dan share post pertama facebook resmi kami akan dihitung untuk bounty
- 100.000 ICB untuk bergabung di SLACK pada bulan September
- Bounty lainnya akan diumumkan nanti.
- Jika kamu bisa membantu ICOBID , utarakan . Jika diterima , kamu akan mendapatkan bountynya

Sejak tahap pre-ICO diperpanjang 14 hari kami juga menambahkan ICB untuk twitter, facbook, slack dan signature campaign bounty (dimulai 1 September dan berakhir tanggal 14 Oktober 23:59 EST)
- 30.000 untuk Twitter , 30.000 untuk Facebook, 30.000 untuk Slack dan 100.000 untuk signature dengan peraturan yang sama seperti diatas.

1.000.000 ICB untuk ICO bounties: Akan diumumkan ketika ICO dimulai.


Hubungi developer jika kamu ingin menjadi anggota team .
Ini adalah kesempatan yang bagus untukmu bergabung menjadi founder team ICOBID. Project ini akan menjadi project yang terkenal di masa depan.


Kami memperpanjang durasi pre-ICO sampai 14 Oktober , 23:59 atau berjalan kira-kira 21 hari mulai dari sekarang.

Kami menghargai semua Investasi awal karena Investasi di tahap ini akan mendapatkan bonus yang bagus sesuai dengan peraturan ini:

Berdasarkan waktu transaksi dari deposit Investasi , bonus berubah sewaktu-waktu seperti dibawah:
50% untuk hari ke-1 (berakhir 24 September, 23:59 EST)
48.5% untuk hari ke-2
47% untuk hari ke-3
20% untuk hari ke-21

Bonus berkurang 1.5% setiap hari.
Ketika ICO dimulai , bonus terbesar tidak lebih dari 15%

Address investasi dipegang oleh pihak Escrow - SebastianJu
Baca post pihak Escrow disini :
Seperti biasa, Investment dibuat dengan deposit langsung ke escrow address dari address yang bisa kamu access private key nya.
Investlah setelah membaca peraturan terkait dengan cara Invest , untuk keamanan saya akan mengeluarkan kebijakan refund.
Setelah tahap pre-ICO, kamu perlu untuk memverifikasi Investasimu untuk mendapatkan bonus.

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