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Other Crypto Offers / KORIS One month free mining!!!
« on: March 07, 2019, 06:06:43 AM »

KORIS Vision
KORIS is an ERC 20 token developed on the Ethereum platform.
We will develop an suitable block-chain for financial transactions.
Our goal is to create an innovative block-chain platform that is easy for anyone to use.

KORIS Mining Pool System
Complex and difficult existing mining methods are over.
KORIS has been developed to make it easy for anyone to mine on the web.

Never seen before
Buy-back Program!

Flawless Marketing Solutions of KORIS
Realization of fair token distribution
through KORIS mining system.
Price increase factor
Miners buy their coins in the market
to sell at a high price.
Market Activation Factors
If the market price is higher than mining cost,
more people will mine.
Price stabilization factor
Price defense by implementing buy-back program
in bear market situation.

Other Crypto Offers / [ASK]
« on: February 21, 2019, 04:51:11 AM »
Sign up. Watch videos. Get paid.
Your personal data has value, and it belongs to you.
Join me at  using my referral code 5PX86F and earn Permission tokens right now!

How Refer and Earn Works
Your friends sign up using your referral code.
Once they create their profile you get 100 ASK
For every video they watch after that you get an extra 5 ASK, so keep them watching!
You and your friends can start earning right now, just have them scan them scan the QR code below.
 referral code is: 5PX86F

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