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02/02/2019: InflationCoin Sidechain launched on EOS mainnet

We are proud to announce that an InflationCoin sidechain and gateway has been launched on the EOS network. The current user activity and growth in the network's first year looks promising, and we hope that exchanges are willing to accept our ledger as applications are sent out this month. We're also looking into releasing a bridge on the Tron main network this quarter.

Asset code: OSIFLT
Gateway provider: [email protected]

Genesis Transaction:

Token Explorer:

Exchange portals: (Applications in progress)

Gateway contact: [email protected] (For on ramp and off ramp of main network InflationCoin onto the EOS Sidechain 1:1)

11/26/2018: New Decentralized Exchange Listings

The InflationCoin Sidechain is now listed on 11 Decentralized Exchanges!

Latest Exchange Listings

Ethereum Network



Stellar Lumens Global Orderbook



InflationCoin holders may contact the automated gateway [email protected] to interchange tokens 1:1 with main network IFLT.

InflationCoin (IFLT) is now listed on the minor exchange (Native market featured on frontpage)

10/20/2018 (Part III- Bonus)- New Merchant Specific Mobile app Released (Cointopay POS):

Demo Imagery:


Download on Google Play (Registration Required):

Direct APK mirror:

10/20/2018 (Part II): Holiday Roadmap

Trade InflationCoin (IFLT) on Ethereum and Stellar Lumens (Gateway provider: [email protected])

10/20/2018 (Part I): Latest Exchange Releases

Before announcing the new minor exchanges, would like to note the small amount of aggressive selling going on during lower traffic. There are many new users since last year and many of them do not know full options that are available any time with their asset. Here at we don't believe in dealing zeroes or relatively scarce assets being sold near minimum usd prices at opportune times for bearish traders, so would like to post a reminder of the current decentralized exchanges available for trading at any time over the Ethereum network (Metamask in-browser wallet recommended for the best experience).

For access and on-ramp /off-ramp of main network InflationCoin assets onto the Ethereum network, simply send an email to [email protected] detailing how many coins you would like to trade, and the credits will be exchanged with the sender at a 1:1 ratio (1 0x.IFLT=1 IFLT and so on). Withdrawing tokens back onto the main network is the same process. All future credit sidechains on additional Blockchain networks will be dealt with at a 1:1 redemption ratio in a similar manner. As in the past will also be providing escrow for all transactions, and requests for InflationCoin can be handled through merchant invoices for monitoring and record keeping. It's also possible to build automated bridges for trading activity across multiple blockchains, though trading activity has been low with only a handful of users participating in the distributed exchanges, so for now will remain a localized exchange as the infrastructure and resources continue to grow.

Without further ado, here are the latest exchange releases including a new private network launch (pending)

Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange launch on the Stellar Lumens network

With the exchange volume rankings shifting each year it is likely there will be many new services to come in 2019 and the years forward. Though as with any high risk business activity, as the value of Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency marketcap increases, it's likely more bad actors will come into play simply to looking to take user funds (several smaller exchanges have pulled runaway attempts this year and known to withdraw large amounts user of funds, coinsmarkets, octaex, etc.). Therefore to safeguard against the risk we will continually be investing time and resources into Decentralized exchange technology along with standard exchanges, and establishing more presences on other public blockchain networks which involve distributed exchanges as part of their infrastructure (Example: EOS, Bitshares, NEO). We would like InflationCoin to eventually to become a strong store of value amongst users regardless of public opinion or current emotional weather, because that's more of what a real of store value is about.

With that being said, we'd like to announce the launch of new exchange on the Stellar Lumens network. Unlike the current decentralized exchanges available for casual access on Ethereum it is possible to trade any given asset against one another given it has a solvent gateway provider available to back the asset (example: Cash, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)

New InflationCoin Gateway: StellarTerm Decentralized Bitcoin Market (Powered by the Stellar Lumens Network)

Exchange on-ramp and off ramp usage of main network coins will be handled 1:1 the same way it is currently on the Ethereum sidechain with as escrow, interested parties may contact [email protected] to begin trading. Stellar Lumens also offers instant transactions on their network given that you have Lumens in reserve on your account when holding assets for personal usage.

10/20/2018: welcomes CryptoMagger to the network team! (@IFLTcoin)


Access and receive funds on mobile without downloading the Blockchain, InflationCoin (IFLT) featured in the new Cointopay Multi-wallet with Merchant Point of Sale services- (Registration required)

Available on Google Play:

is there any on going plans to save this coin? or everyone just left it?

The mining periods are on schedule and balanced and this coin is in no serious risk and maintains value, only more people on the sidelines as the coin continues to grow.

More updates and activities:

Bounty Programs / InflationCoin (IFLT) -- Mercatox Exchange Vote Bounty
« on: October 27, 2017, 08:06:48 PM »

Mercatox exchange has recently added this asset to their coin voting list for the launch of InflationCoin (IFLT). Receive a bounty for participating and helping the network to grow, more details are given ahead.

Mercatox Exchange features

Stop-limit orders

Margin Trading, Lending platform in development

Affiliate and loyalty promotion program

Receive .0003 ZEC (30,000 Ztoshi), .0002 ETH (20,000 Wei), or 100 DOGE per vote (leave a reply/pm here on BitcoinGarden or send a direct message on Twitter to @inflationcoin after you have registered with your voting number to redeem via Yobitcode).

Register today!

New community Discord server:

IFLT Update 09/12/2017: New mobile wallets in development for October 2017


Online staking from a web browser is now again available via Additionally you can reserve market orders and still receive stakes paid out daily. More information:

IFLT Update 08/10/2017: Peer to Peer trading and High limit OTC Services now Available fiat purchase guide:

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