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i can create explorer for your project. if you need, please contact me.

Hi bitcoingarden community!
We come from Vietnam, my company develop digital music player.
This is my company website
We just buy and make twitter AirplayCoin. We are working hard to release coin soon. Hope more interest...
     We are testing Masternode. Next build explorer and pool, website ---> ICO soon.
New update.
    We are still build pool, exlorer and testing masternode. Another team make english version of main website and design some things, make video for product.
    Will ICO in the end August. Hope more investor participate! We are working hard for this coin. Thanks
We try online everyday, every investor can ask we anything, we will answer soon.
- 13 Aug 2017
We are making encrypted message, with this, we can make order airplay device. You just send AIR coin and make a message with your address. We will send it in 3 days. Thank.
- This is our stratergy:
        + We just release wallet simple:
        + One week later, we will lease wallet with masternode. We want to make profit for anyone, who believe in this coin.
        + and then, will release encrypted message, so anyone can make order through encrypted message.
Hope more idea to have this coin success.
        Any good idea, we will bounty some coin
Thanks you.

1. My company have many product about digital music player
        -  Airplaycar (v3.0): this device allow play music on car with high qualify, no noise. You can use 4G and Wifi to control this device.
        -  QBox Receiver with QBox Server: This device allow play very high qualify music Lossless.
More solution and product for cafe store, car music, home music ...
2. Today, We want to create a team to create AirplayCar coin, i hope this coin can make my company great.
        We need a team with 3 developer about crypto-currency and 2 developer Web Design. Price target of this coin is 1$/coin.
The ICO will run for approximately 30 days beginning.
        - Any investor buy 0.3 BTC, we will send 1 AirplayCar in 2 weeks by DHL.
        - Any investor buy 0.5 BTC, we will send 1 QBox Receiver and QBox Server in 2weeks by DHL.
After successful AirplayCar coin ICO, AirplayCar Coin will release the coins to the Coinexchange, Novaexchange, Yobit and more. Then users who bought coins from AirplayCar directly, and open the market for trading.

            AirplayCar Coin Specification

                   Coin Algorithm Scrypt (PoW/PoS)
                   Coin Abbreviation : AIR
                   Maximum Coin Supply : 20 Billion
                   Premine Percent: 10%
                   Coin base maturity : 50 blocks
                   Total PoW block : 1.000.000
                   PoW block reward : 250 AIR
                   Block Spacing : 5mintus
                   Minimum Stake Age : 7 Days
                   Maximum Stake Age : 30 Days
                   Super Stake per Year: 50%

Premine Plan:
                 - For dev, 5dev: 5mil coin. Payout 5%coin very month, hope dev will follow Big Project. My company can pay BTC for dev.
                 - Pre-sale at Exchange: 5mil coin.
                 - My company: 5 mil coin.
                 - Distribute to my agencies to sell product: 20mil.
                 - Trade AirplayCar Coin on more exchange.
                 - Buy music Player with AirplayCar Coin on my Website.
                 - Pay profit for hold invester, i think use Invest Box on Yobit. One pay for month.
                 More and more... when we talk with dev and have detail plan
3. Create a team: We hope more dev like this project.
                 - 3 dev have exprienment about crypto-currency: will create AirplayCar Coin, develop and support. We can have more dev later... My company can pay to have more support, but we think this project great with high price of coin.
                 - 2 web designer have experienment about HTML5, javascrip: will create professional website, very attractive website. Our coin very potential, so everything must professional.
                 - 1 designer: have experienment about Corel, Photoshop: will make topic professional, design icon, and more. Maybe admin Slack Group, Telegram Group, Twitter....
                 - We have maketing team and develop firmware team, sale team and hardware team. My product selling very good in my country. More than 300 device per month, i hope, with this coin, we can sell on over the world, and can have many global investor.

Any dev interest this Project, Please contact me.
You can join slack:
This is my Youtube channel:

Some video of my product:

Airplay on Car

Review Qbox

Open Qbox

Hope project can fly soon!

Cemetery of Coins / Re: USACoin 200% POS annualy
« on: July 28, 2017, 06:57:14 AM »
Tell me why USA chain is delayed again dev?
Please wait, devs are working hard to release good website.

what correlation about chain and website ? nothing lol
you can pm dev, he will answer, they still make website. I hope website will release in 2 days

Cemetery of Coins / Re: USACoin 200% POS annualy
« on: July 27, 2017, 04:22:24 PM »
Tell me why USA chain is delayed again dev?
Please wait, devs are working hard to release good website.

We are working on a revamp of our logo and the topic with more graphics. Also submitted our coin to another exchange.
hi dev, which exchange did you submit? when will you release website?

Coin Home / Re: [ANN] [TER] - TerraNovaCOIN - PoW/PoS
« on: July 17, 2017, 02:13:38 PM »
[TER] is listing on
hi dev, why price of eco not high as TER. I invest more ECO from begin. i should sell or wait???

still no have pool dev
my antx address

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