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Coin Home / Re: [ANN][V3][GLT] ~ The new Era is here! GlobalToken v3 ~
« on: November 12, 2018, 02:40:06 PM »
Check us out guys!

Coin Home / [ANN][V3][GLT] ~ The new Era is here! GlobalToken v3 ~
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:05:04 AM »

Dear Community,

A long time has passed since the last big GlobalToken Segwit Upgrade (V2).
Months of hard work, about half a year comes to a great end with the result of the beginning Era V3.
Lets prepare for the new Era, the GlobalToken hardfork.

But first of all let us introduce the project and give some basic facts:

1) GlobalToken started provably fair, with no ICO, no premine and no funding! It was completely volunteer work!
2) GLT started as a small, humble project and has been turned into a serious blockchain project with a big goal that is unique and not a copy and paste coin.
3) Our vision is to create a worldwide usable cryptocurrency, that is fast, mineable for everyone and requires less fees.

The whole thing turned out into a real interest and to grow into the TOP-100 cryptocurrencies one day.
The hardfork is not just a new coded chain for us, it is the beginning of something big.

We are a Global team of volunteers, that work daily on the success of GlobalToken.
There is a lot of background stuff everyday, that the GLT community never knows. Big goals, and great ideas! But this will be announced, when the time arrives.

The current team of volunteers consists:

• 1 Developer (Pawel)
• 1 Contributor (Astrali)
• 1 Community Manager (Padi)
• 1 Pool Operator (Jeong)

There are 4 more Contributors, but they are not part of the main-team.

GlobalToken is not an ERC20 Token or something like that.
We are a Bitcoin based cryptocurrency, that has existed since December 2016.
The name has been chosen because we want to provide a global public, and an actively maintained blockchain useable for everyone.
Our community is growing, but it takes some time to grow to a community of thousands of members.
The launch was fair and we started with a zero percent permine!

The hardfork was really overdue. The start with no premine was nice, but we noticed that this is not the way to grow big.
Since everything is very expensive now in the crypto branch, we decided to overhaul the whole GlobalToken source code.
We started in 2017 with a mobile wallet (Android) and then integrated Segwit in August 2017 successfully.

After the upgrade there was a long gap, and we decided to overhaul the wallets.
We discussed for months what we wanted to integrate.
Then we got a handful features and began coding in March 2018.
Previously in February this year we merged Bitcoin Core Source Code 0.16, to make it work with the newest version.
And after 6 months of really hard and focussed work we finally were able to release the V3 Wallets now, including:

Multialgorithm: GlobalToken is the first Coin that allows multialgo with 30 different pow-algorithms! (our vision is to give every miner a home)
--> including 5 Brand new POW mining algorithms!
Multishield: A better retargeting system, based on Digibyte's Multishield; It protects the chain against profit-switching pools.
We increased the Blocksize to 10 MB and the TX-size to 1 MB, which makes GLT able to process 100x more transactions than Bitcoin!
Merge mining: We decided to integrate Auxpow, and also overhauled auxpow to make it work with Hybrid POW/POS Coins + Equihash/Zhash (Auxpow 2.0)
Blockchain self-funding: also known as treasury, dev-tax or founders-reward. To grow to a big cryptocurrency, we must work excellently and professionally on coming upgrades, which requires funding.
Masternodes: We integrated a long awaited feature! Masternodes are included in the GlobalToken hardfork!
Instantsend: To make GLT working as a real instant confirmation cryptocurrency! Based on Dash's Instantsend, GLT is able to process Instantsend transactions and protect them against double-spends. This makes GLT useable for commerce.

All these great and awesome features get activated on the 22th September 2018 12:00 PM GMT.


1) Multialgorithm includes:
✓ astralhash (brand-new)
✓ blake2b (different from sia)
✓ blake2s
✓ equihash
✓ globalhash (brand-new)
✓ groestl (myriad-groestl)
✓ hmq1725
✓ jeonghash (brand-new)
✓ keccak
✓ lyra2re (V2),
✓ neoscrypt
✓ nist5
✓ padihash (brand-new)
✓ pawelhash (brand-new)
✓ quark
✓ qubit
✓ scrypt
✓ sha256d (default algorithm)
✓ skein
✓ skunkhash
✓ timetravel10 (aka. Bitcore algorithm)
✓ x11
✓ x13
✓ x14
✓ x15
✓ x16r
✓ x17
✓ xevan
✓ yescrypt
✓ zhash
✓ reduces the chance of a possible 51% attack by the factor 30. An attacker would need 51% of every mining algorithm.

2) Multishield retargeting system
✓ (based on Digibyte's digishield / multishield retargeting)

3) 10 MB block size, 1 MB tx-size
✓ at average tx-size of 226 bytes, this means we can process 44247 transactions every minute!

4) Mergemining based on namecoins auxpow
✓ improved to make it work with POS hybrid coins like peercoin
✓ working for all 30 hardfork algorithms, including zhash and equihash. // Equihash may not work if the coinbase auxpow transaction is generated as overwinter-tx
✓ Auxpow is enabled for all hardfork algos, and gives additional security from parent chains.
✓ Auxpow makes it possible to economize your free GLT's for a masternode collateral

5) Treasury: To pay new Exchanges, invest in marketing or pay developer fees, we need the treasury.
✓ 15% of the coinbase value must be paid as treasury, to the given address in getblocktemplate.
✓ It is a network rule, if the hardfork is activated.
✓ A company lead by the dev, will include GLT as its project to bring GlobalToken and coming blockchain projects to new heights!

6) Masternodes: The masternodes make the network secure, because they must run a full node.
✓ They also verify instant-transactions, which makes the chain useable eg. to buy a cup of coffee!
✓ Masternodes get 25% of Coinbase reward, to get paid for their 24/7 Node availability.
✓ The minimum GLT collateral amount is 50,000 GLT, which needs 15 Blockchain confirmations.

7) Instantsend
✓ As described above it makes the chain more secure and protects against double spend attacks because masternodes lock all inputs.
✓ Makes GLT useable for a real payment usecases, where the transactions are confirmed in under 1 second.

8) Sporks
✓ Helps to disable Network features like Instantsend if problems occur e.g the chain stucks.
✓ Helps in upcoming releases to pay only upgraded Masternodes, which increases the update handling.

Additional specs:

Blocktime: 60 seconds for all algos, for 1 algo 30 minutes (30 minutes / 30 algos = 1 minute blockchain block speed.)
✓ Makes the blockchain more decentralised, everyone can mine with their equipment ranging from CPUs to ASICs!
✓ 30 minute blocktime per algorithm reduces the inflation, which means a better distribution and no big-whale miners!
✓ Auxpow can be setup with no additional costs for pool operators, which is a win-win situation for chain security and pool/miner profits.

Completly fair launch!
✓ More then 310,000 blocks has been mined so far with 100% coinbase payout, no dev-fees or masternode-fees

Active community!
✓ Daily Core Team discussions
✓ Sympathetic crypto enthusiasts
✓ Be a part of this Community Coin, by contributing your suggestions which features you wish, or what to integrate next!

2018 - 2019: Marketing, get listed on new Exchanges, community growing, Mobile Wallets, juicy new explorer.

It is hard for us to say what we integrate next into the blockchain, because we are collecting new ideas all the time.
Everyday there is an exciting discussion in our Community groups, about chain features, observations on crypto techs and new features and discussions on what things will help to grow GLT to a bigger and better community.
Another huge Upgrade like this is not planed this year, but there may be one near the end of next year. There will still be small improvements made if need be.
We will maintain the Sourcecode, merge the newest Bitcoin commits, and do improvements, and bugfixes for all current chainfeatures.

The goal is to make GlobalToken a mainstream cryptocurrency in the crypto world!
Our vision is to be one of the Top-100 currencies on Coinmarketcap.

There are lot of ideas what we could implement, if we have some funding from the treasury.
Creditcards, Crypto-ATMs, integrating GLT for merchants as offline and online solutions.
Improve the blockchain as whole; outside of GLT we have dozens of ideas in the crypto/blockchain game, we just need funds.
And with the hardfork we see the possibility to start this great big Era in small steps.

But like all new things, this whole project needs time to grow and improve in little steps time, by time.
Be a part of all these great ideas and discussions by joining our community.

Will be published soon ...

Currently we just have a few markets and we are working on expansion.

2) Novaexchange:
3) Altmarkets:
4) Finexbox:

After the Hardfork we will communicate with lots of big Exchanges and attempt to get GlobalToken listed on them.
We were in contact earlier with Poloniex, and the response time was very long.
We will continue the contact and try for a listing there.

Other big goals for exchanges in the coming weeks, months and years are: Bittrex, Kucoin, HitBTC.
Chinese or Asian markets as well, if you have suggestions let us know, we will contact every requested exchange.

As described above, GLT is able to be mined with 30 different proof of work algorithms.
There are some additional steps for Pool operators or in-wallet miners.

If you mine with Zhash or Equihash inwallet, it could take very long to generate solutions.
So it is recommend to not mine Equihash & Zhash in the wallet.

The current block reward is 100 GLT and halves each 840,000 blocks.
When the hardfork is activated, you must pay trasury & masternode fee.
If you try to mine a block, the node will remind you that you did not accept the agreement yet, and will display you all details for each network.

Mainnet details: 15% Founders-Fee / Treasury, 25% Masternode reward.
You will find a JSON-object called 'treasury' and 'masternode' in getblocktemplate.
There is the raw script pubkey for the GLT address and the amount.

For treasury, it is recommend to use the given script pubkey or directly 'hex', because not every Pool CMS supports Script/Multisig addresses.
The 'hex' output can be added directly to your coinbase transaction, it is the raw Txoutput of the treasury.

You must deduct then the fees from coinbasevalue, so miners will have 60% left at the end in mainnet as block reward.

GLT is able to be merged mined after the hardfork.
That means for pool operators, you can freely mine GLT together with other altcoins.
Every algorithm of GLT is supported for merge mining.
Except for Equihash, if the parent chain uses overwinter tx, the blocks cannot be decoded on GLT chain.


With the hardfork we introduced a small change into auxpow.
There was a problem in coinbase encoding, because Hybrid Coins "POS Coins" uses nTime in the coinbase transaction.
We enabled this, so POS (hybrid coins) can also be mined with GLT, like peercoin or others.

Additionally GLT is able to be merged mined with every Zhash coins.
The customized string will be saved into auxpow to validate the parent chain.

A technical documentation on how to integrate auxpow 2.0 will follow soon.

With the hardfork GlobalToken enables Masternodes.
As told above, masternodes get a 25% reward of GlobalTokens from the miners.

The minimum collateral of a GLT masternode is 50,000 GLT, that needs 15 blockchain confirmations.
The task of a masternode is to keep the chain more decentral, and he validates and locks the Instant transactions.

A documentation how to setup a GLT masternode, can be found here: (Written by Core Team-Member Astrali ;) ) Information:

GLT Equihash Pool:
GLT Zhash Pool:
GLT Equihash Pool 2:

Pool 1 (supports 24 mining algorithms of the hardfork):
Pool 2 (supports some algorithms of the hardfork):
Pool 3 (supports some algorithms of the hardfork):
Pool 4 (supports Merge-Mining of GLT!):

Explorer 1:
Explorer 2:
Explorer 3:

GlobalToken has been attacked twice with the same attack, likewise verge has been attacked.
The team of GlobalToken was able to block the hacker amounts.

The hacker generated about ~1,700,000 GLT within about half hour!

Address 1 of the hacker:
Address 2 of the hacker:

We are not just sitting there and tolerating this.
So we dicided to take countermeasures.

All the mined transactions to both addresses have been blocked in the blockchain.
If the hacker tries to redeem them, the whole network rejects his transactions and he is never able to spent them.
So we could say, the coins are burned now.

Because of this there is phase from block height 400,000 - 416,448 where the block reward is 200 GLT, to mine the lost coins back, and pay trustful, honest and loyal miners.

This is a big reputation for GLT, we are not just sitting there, we are improving.

Anyways this issue is fixed with the hardfork which gets activated in less than a day. We have implemented "Digishield" which is a feature that does not allow time warp attacks.
The security of the blockchain has been greatly improved.

Current Version: v3.0.2


ARM Wallet 32bit:
ARM Wallet 64bit:
Linux 32bit:
Linux 64bit:
Windows 32bit (Installer):
Windows 64bit (Installer):
Windows 32bit (ZIP):
Windows 64bit (ZIP):
Mac OSX (Installer):
Mac OSX (tar.gz):


Android Wallet Google Play :
!!!(Not running on V3, in maintenance ...)!!!

WEB WALLETS Web Wallet for Globaltoken:


Official Globaltoken PaperWallet Generator:


Source Code Default Wallet:
Source Code Android Wallet:

Telegram (german):
Telegram (turkish):

Hint: The Hardfork is active now!

Cheers and welcome to the new Era!
- The whole GlobalToken Core Team

Hey guys,

We are sorry for some Issues in the Last days with the Android Wallet.
It seems that the Android Wallet had some Problems with the new V.2 Node Software, and was not compatible.

We fixxed this Issue now, so you can use the Android Wallet again as usual.
The Update is available now directly in Google Play Store.

Thanks for your patience and stay tuned.


The Globaltoken Devs.


Hello guys,

We are glad to announce the new Globaltoken Core Wallet with SegWit!
SegWit is included and will be activated on the first November 2017.
The Deadline for SegWit is the first March 2018.

After this Deadline the Network just will accept SegWit Blocks and old blocks will be rejected.
The new Wallet Sources are now here available:

ARM Wallet 32bit:
ARM Wallet 64bit:
Linux 32bit:
Linux 64bit:
Windows 32bit (Installer):
Windows 64bit (Installer):
Windows 32bit (ZIP):
Windows 64bit (ZIP):
Mac OSX (Installer):
Mac OSX (tar.gz):

Some Informations for the new Wallets:

Please note that it's not longer needed to compile daemons for your own System.
The Linux tar.gz. includes now full compiled globaltoken-qt, globaltoken-cli, globaltoken-tx and globaltokend
Anyways, if you like to build unix for your own, use always stable release trees, not the master tree!
You can follow now these Build instructions:

Now some small statement from the GLT Community about the bad words some people told about us.

All Wallets are clean and never included a Coinstealer!
This was just a false-positive from some Antivirus Engines.
We already clarified that Kaspersky also confirmed that false positive, so please stop spreading bad words about us, and don't post that we are Scam.

With the new Wallets you shouldn't receive any Coinstealer Warnings, it's newly fresh forked Bitcoin Code, with SegWit Support.
Anyways - if there are questions left, join Slack or post them here.


The Globaltoken Development Team

This has a coinstealer installed beware. Everyone in the crypto community is staying away from this.

We have clarified that Dispute so often ....
Its a false positive, and keep cool.

Anyways new Wallet is coming End of July with SegWit Integration.
It's in new Source Code, so no False Positive .....

But don't spread that shit here, we have clarified that again and again ...

You deleted the wallet once exposed. The wallet had a virus for 8 months and you did nothing about it. This is a scam.

Stay away!

I deleted because GitHub asked me to delete.


It was a false positive, if their is a Virus in it, the Linux Wallet would also have the Same Coinstealer warning, but it hadn't!!!
And just because one of 62 Antivirus Engine is saying it has a Virus you believe in it ?

If this Program is infected you will see that 90 % of the Virus Engines marks it as Scam.

This "Coinstealer" was in Bitcoin also last year, and for sure, a open Source Project would not include a Virus!
You can see it here:

The Bitcoin Core Version was also marked as Coinstealer, but it was a FALSE POSITVE
So that means Bitcoin is scam ??

Seems that you don't have much experience in this Scene, so if you just hate with a Newbie Account and have nothing better to do, pls spam with this Warning, what is a false Warning.

Check all other Wallets, Android, Web Wallet, Paper Wallet there is no Virus in it, because it is not a scam project.

And now don't waste your time to spread bad words about trustful Projects.

This has a coinstealer installed beware. Everyone in the crypto community is staying away from this.

We have clarified that Dispute so often ....
Its a false positive, and keep cool.

Anyways new Wallet is coming End of July with SegWit Integration.
It's in new Source Code, so no False Positive .....

But don't spread that shit here, we have clarified that again and again ...


We are glad to announce that GlobalToken can now be traded on CoinGather.

We have at CoinGather BTC; LTC; DOGE and ETH Markets.


Thanks and happy trading!   ;)


We are working, on new Exchange listing, so could you help for Globaltoken Voting at Livecoin?

Thank you!

We are now listed on Coinmarketcap.



Thanks to everyone who support this Coin!
We reached today 1 BTC Trade Volume on Coinexchange and this Coin is rising now.
Check it out!

To everyone who is interested in Trading & Development Discussion, you will get informed there first!
Join here:

Also follow us on Twitter:


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