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Crypto Discussion / Re: What happens if elon sells his bitcoins?
« on: February 25, 2021, 12:39:36 AM »
if elon musk makes a big sale it is clear that is has a huge impact on the value of bitcoin at this time but a lot of whales will also be scrambling to buy quickly because the bitcoin supply is very little . so it will increase .

Crypto Discussion / Re: How much does the price vary in a day?
« on: February 24, 2021, 12:09:56 AM »
maybe if predicting in the present it will be more difficult because with the current btc condition which is quite confusing but yesterday there was a quite large dump and it climbed back up to a good increase because the demand is still high even though there is a dump .

yesterday the market was dumping , it was quite possible that there were factors that had an impact on the value of bitcoin and altcoins also same the impact it was amazing that went up very high and fell very sharply .

As far as I know, ICO is going quite well.  This is very good news.  Not all projects manage to attract attention, but MY IDENTITY COIN succeeded ...
soon the IEO will be completed ,what a wonderfull journey from MYID and hopefully it will list the right market and the plan of the roadmap that has been prepared is fulfilled optimal, lets wait and see .

Crypto Discussion / Re: Ethereum Daily Network Fees Surge Above Bitcoin
« on: February 22, 2021, 11:32:50 PM »
the ethereum team should provide a good solution for traders who make transaction with ethereum because it can have a big impact on the strength of the community , which has decreased due to the impact of gas fees.

Crypto Discussion / Re: What exchange are you guys using??
« on: February 22, 2021, 11:20:54 PM »
i use binance exchange and maybe there are other probit too but i often trade there with low fees as well and the pairs are quite diverse and for the erc20 token i trade on forkdelta because the fees are not too high .

Crypto Discussion / Re: Bitcoin reached 50K Again!
« on: February 22, 2021, 12:00:18 AM »
Almost 57K. This weekend we may see 60K.
at the moment the new ath of bitcoin and will likely hit 60 k this week but it will be slightly correction in the middle of the week and will shoot very high .

I am also supporting Binance smart chain plafrorm because don't interest to pay high exessive Ethereum network fees. I already left several coins which Ethereum based platform.
yeah fees on bsc are quite cheap and this is an advantage that is more trend and while ethereum is expensive transaction fees and lots of novice trader who fail to send tokens because of high gas and make beginners sad.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Which coins now I invest?
« on: February 20, 2021, 11:50:06 PM »
BNB has shown excellent growth in recent months and this is the merit of not only the team, but also the huge commissions on the Ethereum network are forcing investors and traders to switch to the Binance blockchain.

currently, bnb is indeed a hot conversation and has jumped quite high since many projects have migrated to bnb , maybe bnb has the advantage of being so cheap that many projects have moved.

cool , indeed at this time coingecko is very compettive with coinmarketcap regarding the various features they provide by the way your assets look up eight sir  yeah bnb 2 days ago going up maybe more reasons but at the moment bnb back again big dumping already .

Some acquaintances ask me to buy bitcoin or not, and I answer everyone to decide for themselves, since bitcoin can grow 10 times and can also fall 10 times. Nobody will give guarantees on the crypto market.
That's right sir, because crypto is quite risky but it does not rile out the possibility that crypto can also change people's lives to improve from existing experiences around finance.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Crypto Trade volume
« on: February 19, 2021, 11:14:08 PM »
maybe if you want to attend to daily trade volume more fully  , maybe you can visit coinmarketcap there you can explain in more detail the top market with daily volume and also coins or tokens that gain or profit and coins that are lost for 24 hours.

Perhaps the growth of bitcoin will be more massive than many think, since there was no recognition by the largest US banks before.  Investments in bitcoin were announced by Morgan Stanley and the oldest bank in the United States, Bank of New York Mellon, announced the work with cryptocurrency.
almost everyone is important and rich they have followed the journey of elon musk into crypto and we see also the movement of almost various cryptos that have entered on coinmarketcap has experienced a very high surge.

maybe before giving advice to friend or familly , what is prepared is that we have to give the risk  that exist in crypto and provide understanding because at that time they will be more deep and ready when they are in crypto .

indeed there are so many projects that have migrated from ethereum to bsc because traders or whales have complained about the gas fees on ethereum which are extraordinarily expensive compared to bsc which uses low fees for transactions and I'm sure BSc will compete with ethereum in the future if ethereum does not make changes to gas cost.

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