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Freelancers / Do you need job help?
« on: October 27, 2022, 02:31:34 AM »

This is me... I have trained and specialized in technologies, working for more than five years in different jobs such as social networks, advertising, promotion, translation, technical support, currency trading, and also PR.

However, for the last two years, I have been expanding my knowledge by taking online courses. Thus, I have expanded my knowledge of digital currency markets, traditional markets, and international trade.

My desire to learn something new is constant and my passion for knowledge in which I have been trained can be of enormous value to your company. So, I remain at your entire disposal in case you need more information about jobs. You can send mp or find me by telegram: @Soy_pedro

I remain at your disposal and I greet you sincerely


ChatTee is developed by a group of individuals who really passionate to help users and merchants to get connected and interact more closely using digital media, cloud services, data analytics, and block chain technology.

ChatTee provides flexibility in the points earn by using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. User can easily earning the coin using ChatTee as a platform and at the merchant participating on our platform the easy and the fun way! The coin earned at one merchant can be used at other merchants or can be exchangeable with e-Vouchers, Coupons, or even Mileages. Furthermore, the coin is transferable and does not expire!

Our Social Medias


We provide full fledge e-Commerce site development integrated with the Coinback and Credit card payment, ChatTee Pay features.

Download Now


How can I use the coins?

Please refer to the following article which provide an overall overview on how you can use ChatTee and its coin on daily life.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more coins?

You can get Tee-coin(TEC) by installing app,  visiting our shops and get coinback, reviewing the shops, referring to your friends, among others. Please refer to the following article for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the application?
You can search by keying the keyword ChatTee download and install the app from Google Play for Android devices or from App Store for iOS devices . Alternatively, you may click from this link.


ChatTee is using TEE-coin (TEC) as the coin which is used inside our application and is
given as a reward when users give reviews, click on ads, check-in at the merchants, or
when participating in daily rewards and various other events.


Our Solutions 4

Incentivised Traffic
Reach out our users by utilising our tools to build or bring in traffic to your physical or online sites.

* Coin incentivised traffic: We can bring in traffic by incentivising our user with coin.
* Location based e-Coupon : Publish e-coupons with to specific users at specific time at specific location
* Gamification: Join us in event where
we bring in users to your site via games like treasure hunt utilising our Check-in function.


Our Solutions 2

e-Commerce Site
We provide full fledge e-Commerce site development integrated with the Coinback and Credit card payment, ChatTee Pay features.

* Pick-up and delivery management: Suitable for merchants with actual physical or digital product.
* No expertise required: We set up the server and site for you. All you need to do is to upload the product catalog.
* No up front and maintenance fee: No up front or monthly bill, pay per sale.


Our Solutions

* Coinback: User will get coinback when they shop at your site, whether itís physical or online site.
* Check-in: User can get coin by visiting and viewing your shop information and deals
Daily events and games on ChatTee to keep the user engaged.
* Coupon marketing: Issue coupons to users to entice them to keep on coming back.
* ChatTee Pay: Allow user to accumulate coin and make full payment with their coins.

How to get Coinback?

Visit Coinback > Online Shopping on ChatTee app to view the online shops.

Select the shop of your choice.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure successful Coinback.

Tap on Get Coin to start shopping as you normally would, add to cart and check out, and Coinback will be automatically transferred to your ChatTee wallet when our merchants send us the notifications.


New merchants are on board ChatTee platform across different categories: restaurants, bar, hair salon, slimming, language courses.

New ChatTee exclusive coupons are available!

Check out ChatTee app


We are looking for more scholars to join the Sakura guild to be part of our family!

Apply your application here →

Earn Coins, Redeem Coupons, Pay with Coins

Get Started with 2,000 Coins* and Redeem.
Click here to download.

"Get the latest promotions exclusively for you"


Sakura Guild | BTEC Play-To-Earn Scholarships Available Soon to Myanmar Players @Sakura_guildSG

Follow more updates from our social networks:

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