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here is my addy Dev...

thank you

where could i find the source so i could make a RPI3 wallet and daemon?

hey dev ... when will you be sending out this airdrop?

Hi! my wallet:   M8fbwJ3ws3UvDc2cJsarRV5Juuxh8cC5Xi

thank you

yes this is a very nice webcoin ,,,, i have registered there and try its features ;D ;D ;D

as written    please follow the giveaway rules
thank you and have fun

okey.. its mining pool where?
inside the community website
you have to sign up and verify your email address as with most websites and most faucets and forums ready to web

i am not sure what the meaning is of what you said?

okey.. its mining pool where?
inside the community website
you have to sign up and verify your email address as with most websites and most faucets and forums

im ready follow ;D

everything needed is found at
come on by :) waiting give away

thank you, make sure you read and follow the instructions on the giveaway
and you can pick up the coins  after the 15th of this month


im ready follow ;D

everything needed is found at
come on by :)

what is BON ? where the exchange ?
it launched 2 days ago and we still have not been inserted on any exchange for the moment.

Coin Home / Re: [ANN][BON] Bon PeKaO - The Digital Currency
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:55:43 PM »
1st Bon PeKaO Giveaway:

everyone starts somewhere!!!
thank you for your support

Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: 10000 Free 1337 coins For Everyone!
« on: June 08, 2016, 03:23:00 PM »
my 1337 coin addy is..

thank you

Please visit
for full rules inside the portal

This is the first giveaway thread ….. please follow us and get involved!
this giveaway has a structure as follows—
vote on all polls and take part in the services we offer.
post at least 2 non consecutive posts on this site replying or starting a pertainent topic.
this will earn you 50 BON
for each level you advance you will be given the respective points in BON

have fun and get the word out…

this is starting at the time of this posting and will end in 7 days time.
ending date is  15 June 2016   { 12 pm GMT}

if you are on probation you will not recieve any gifts or giveaways

at the end of the giveaway the funds will be transferd into each participants online wallet under the "BON" menu
they will not be sent to external wallets/ it will be your choice to either retain the coins in your online wallet or send them elsewhere.

depending on what user group you are in at the end of the giveaway you will receive respectively as follows

Newbie         = 50 BON
Regular         = 150 BON
Local              =450 BON
Old timer     =2550 BON
Local Hero  =10050 BON

Coin Home / [ANN][BON] Bon PeKaO - The Digital Currency
« on: June 01, 2016, 04:06:12 AM »

Introducing BON

BON is your new digital currency, available to mine, trade, buy and sell.

BON has a total of 100 million coins available, and rewards that significantly exceed those offered on the BTC, (see specifications below).

Modelled on the 20th Century Polish currency Bon PeKao, BON also offers you access to exclusive products and services unavailable in any other currency.

So get ready for your new altcoin investment, launched on 6/6/16

Why you should choose BON

BON is a high-tech solution to digital currency with millions of coins just waiting to be mined into circulation.

BON offers double the block size and double the reward of BTC, and only requires 120 seconds between blocks – a fraction of the time required elsewhere.

More generally, BON offers the benefits typical to digital currencies:

• Security through community,

• Growth through participation, and

• Low costs

BON offers these benefits and more, including exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else or with any other currency.

But don’t just take our word for it – let our famous friends show you how excited we all are about BON…

What you should do next

+   homepage and Community portal

+website/portal-forum/blogs/chat/eCommerce/faucet/block explorer/Web Wallet/node explorer/mining pool/ and so much more

+Giveaways and promos for involvement

+ Get ready to start using BON: Get your BON Wallet (for Windows users) to be ready to start filling it up with BON !

+ Stay up-to-date with all the latest news via the BON



Home page Website and Portal
Specifications of BON

Coin Name: Bon PeKaO

Coin Abbreviation: BON

Coin Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid

Hashing Algorithm: Scrypt

Time Between Blocks (in seconds): 120

Block Reward: 100

Block Reward Halving Rate: 500,000

Total Coins: 100,000,000

Yearly Interest %: 7

Minimum Stake Age (in days): 14

Maximum Stake Age (in days): 365

Maximum Block Size: 2 MB
Developer : PeKaO

just to keep everyone up to date....

if your ip or any of its very close relatives have more then "1" negative hit on

i will black list your ip and your wallet id! and i will ban the entire node of that ip!

so if people have issues please  check before you complain!
 no proxies
i am cutting down on tor!
and i will be hard killing each and every node and blocking entirely the access to the faucet and any further services that will be published.
and any payments will not be sent.

if in fact there is any error.....???
please send me either a PM here containing your current ip, your wallet id and your email and i will gladly fix it for you


have a great day every one!

Amore Jaz

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