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It comes down to:

- How much independence do you want? Some franchises are very strict, and monitor every last detail of what you do, while some allow you some freedom and growth, and mainly provide support and marketing.

- Would you be better with the franchise, or marketing your own small business, and respective resources. One problem with some franchises is that you won't get a set territory. That means that there can be other franchisees in your town, and not only are you competing with them for customers and money, but with other similar businesses. Plus, you still have various fees you probably have to pay, like a marketing budget, royalties, etc.

- But, you do have the established name, and their nationwide marketing, for some big franchises, which can help you "hit the ground running.

I am what may be known as a serial--not cereal, nor surreal!  ;D --entrepreneur. This has included:

Explainer/White Board Videos for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Campaigns have included:

    • Helping individuals raise funds for medical costs for loved ones or themselves
    • Helping tribes in Africa obtain safe drinking water
    • Various after school programs, domestically and abroad
    • Raise funds to help homeless veterans
    • Help real estate professionals bring in new customers
    • And many others

Real Estate Referral Agent

Activities have included:

    • Working with traditional and creative hard money lenders for rehabbers, including a 100% Combined Loan To Value program
    • Working with Home Equity Sharing programs, which allow both home owners and investors to tap into the equity of their home, for no monthly payment, nor interest. The investors make their money, when the home is sold.

Contractor for Department of Corrections

This involved working with Departments Corrections and Human Services to help paroled felons:

    • Readjust to life outside of prison, after +15 years
    • Attend medical and other appointments to adjust
    • Go shopping, and other activities to assist with in daily life

I'm in the US, and also a full time RVer, so I don't have a "set location," other than where I'm at, atm.

I've had an on and off interest in crypto. I think I first got really into crypto, sometime between 2012 - 2014; I spent about $400, and don't recall if that was the full BTC, or just a part. Didn't see a lot of real interest, and tried some TOR things, to "double my money," dice & other gambling, and didn't make it big, so I put more attention into the other businesses.

Fast Forward to now. I'm doing some market research, and looking for feedback. Thanks for your time! Let me clarify: *There is NO EXCHANGE!* There is nothing to advertise. I'm reaching out to the community, to see if this is something the community would be interested in, or to not pursue. In order to get feedback, I'll need to provide some details, so that people can provide feedback.

What I'm researching is would people be interested in the launch of a Peer 2 Peer [p2p] exchange, between users. It focuses on various altcoins--coins other than BTC and ETH--with various payment options like gift cards, skrill, debit/credit, cash app, etc. Example: the buyer is looking to buy an altcoin with a gift card, a seller accepts gift cards, and they conduct the transaction via escrow.

This would be actual P2P: no order books, charts, or other things like a DEX; actual P2P like Paxful or LocalBitcoins; BTC and ETH would be included, but the focus would be on altcoins.

From what I've seen, P2Ps either focus mostly on BTC & ETH, with maybe a few other tokens, or they are niches that focus on one coin, or converting BTC with the specific coin.

I'm thinking of starting a P2P with 10 - 30 coins, and expand based on crowd feedback.

Would this be of interest?

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« on: April 05, 2021, 12:39:37 AM »
Which friend was that? DarthPlagueis?  8)

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