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Quantifiable Trust

We help organizations and people protect their digital data. Our technology offers real time data integrity and security, permission-based access, and data sharing mechanisms.

Modex Blockchain Database

Modex BCDB is a middleware that fuses a blockchain with a database to create a structure that is easy to use and understand by developers with no prior knowledge in blockchain development. As a result, any developer who knows how to work with a database system can operate with our solution, without needing to change their programming style or learn blockchain. For enterprises, Modex BCDB translates into enhanced data security, secure data sharing, streamlining of operations, and maximum protection against cyber-attacks.



uniswap :

coingecko :

coinmarketcap :

 Don't Miss Big Project

So Don't Miss Big Project


Sign up to LBRY to get free credit. Once you sign up there's a bunch more credit to earn in rewards (for simple tasks).

1 LBC = 0.199$ (19/2/2021)

free LBRY – Step-by-step guide

    Go to$/invite/@cashyou4:0  and Click Create Account . (Create Account via this link and earn +8 LBC extra LBRY credit)
    Verify your EMAIL .
    Click on " rewards" then "Unlock Rewards" then "Verify Phone number " or ""Proof via Chat" use discord bot to Verify
    or send a message to [email protected]
    Wait a few minutes or hours until your account is approved) and complete optional tasks after login
    You received free LBC for register. You can earn more for daily tasks.
    Create a channel and upload videos jpg post Earn more LBC
    Earn extra 8 LBC for each referral.

Instantly withdrawal without any minimum to exchanges
Trade in coinex, Bittrex , Upbit

I highly appreciate your hard-working skills as the post you published have some great information which is quite beneficial for me, I hope you will post more like that in the future

Thank you for this nice response
good luck to you

today 1LBC = 0.27$


What do you think about Modex token?

MODEX Blockchain Database

Our hybrid remote data storage system enables rapid blockchain adoption for enterprise software development and deployment.

And now MODEX is partnering with Microsoft & uipath

 Very very good and real project
So Don't Miss Big Project

Other Stuff Giveaways / Giveaway 50$ + 500 Modex token
« on: February 21, 2021, 10:19:51 PM »

today 1 lbc = 0.199$


if You missed sfp so go and join here

Chainge finance airdrop
Get 200 CHNG = 200$

First Signup
-  With Gmail And Verify
- Then Click Your Profile And Complete All Task
- Join Social media
- Connect Your Twitter Account
- Join watch list
- Input Fusion Wallet address :

Note:- Very very good and real project
So Don't Miss Big Project

today 1 lbc = 0.152$

please download the app & Re-Verify Email

today 1 lbc =  0.12$

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