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I think with time, we would know which is best between monero and veil having the major attribute we are concerned with, which is privacy.

I will keep reiterating the fact that every privacy coin definitely has at least one feature which differentiates it from the rest. People who will like to have access to transaction history might still #tick to Monero but those of us who want privacy in every sense of the word will move over to Veil. Just like in this scenario, all privacy coins will still be put to good use.

Veil Project!!

It offers the following,
completely anonymous bets, due to which you will be able to secure a full anonymous earnings;
fair blockchain without any ICO and other distribution stages lobes;
high security of all functions and transactions, using the entire user experience behind the scenes economy;
self-sufficient project, which is able to support not only customers but also itself, through built-in self-financing. And many other things.

Bets?. I have never come across anything related to this since I've been following the Veil project. I guess I will just need to check if that is on offer too. However, I have to admit that the thought of earning anonymously by staking Veil was actually what aroused my interest in the first place.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Privacy on the blockchain....a necessity?
« on: May 17, 2019, 11:21:50 AM »
Privacy on the blockchain is more than a necessity,  since the inception of blockchain technology, transactions have been more secure, but easily accessible to prying eyes, take the recent binance hack as a major example, do you have the idea and amount of patience , the hacker must have had in order to pull that off,first he would have needed to study the wallet in order to know the amount of btc contained in it and all, take a privacy coin for example, it wouldn't have been able to be possible because privacy coin like veil, deletes transaction history once a transaction has been completed thereby offering more security.

This is a point I've always tried to reiterate but some people just choose not to listen to the voice of reason. A hacker cannot just go on a wild goose chase targeting random wallets and hoping he hits a jackpot. To this effect, he would have definitely monitored all recent transactions and content of the wallet before making his move. If there is no transactions history or wallet content to be viewed, there will definitely be a massive reduction in the chances of being targeted and you got it spot on by highlighting the absence of a transaction history with Veil.

There is no doubt that the introduction of blockchain technology into the lottery industry is sure to have loads of positive effects. This is most especially due to the fact that the draws cannot be tampered with to suit any individual. I must admit that lotteree seems pretty impressive but I might just stick with Gexan just because I know the percentage of funds made from ticket sales that the winner will take home.

Free registration link:

I think it's imperative to give Gexan a try. It's a good platform with its own token on the blockchain technology platform and it's currently in its IEO stage. With a good interface and easy accessibility, I guarantee that you'll make more profit there. you can join me by getting started

I've done my fair share of reading about Gexan and I have to admit that it's pretty impressive. The fact that there's a working product before the IEO the availability of 85%of generated funds going into the winning pot appears really attractive.

Surprised to see a Gexan thread on bitcoingarden forum. Well Gexan has been a good and well structured lottery platform with different options for its users. With it being in the blockchain technology, it's going to be more transparent with multiple options available

Hehe... I wasn't exactly suprised to see it on here and this is due to some of it's innovative features. I believe you are also aware that all participants can monitor the smart contracts in order to confirm the fairness of the drawings.

Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: VEIL Launches Monthly Bounty Program
« on: May 11, 2019, 06:54:09 PM »
This is the bad part of the bounty program. Hunters are dumping their Veil coins. It is affecting the price of Veil negatively. Wise hunters know that holding this coin will be profitable in the long run than settling for the current price we are seeing today

I don't think much attention should be on the price at the moment as we can tell it's a short term thing. It's definitely the best opportunity we might get to buy Veil at a friendly price. The bounty also looks like one I should check out as it is another opportunity to add to my staked Veil.

Mining / Re: X16RT mining algorithm - How veil came about it
« on: May 11, 2019, 06:40:25 PM »
Considering the fact that I'm relatively new to this sphere, there were some technical terms in there that took some effort to get the grips on. I have seen many projects being set up in a manner which enables partipants to get a fraction of the profits made by the company either through holding some coins or performing tasks. However people don't trust many of these platforms due to the fact that they have not kept their promises. The same cannot be said of Veil as I am a first hand beneficiary of the staking mechanism effected by the platform.

I will like to believe this is some form of decentralized lottery system which will ensure users do not have to worry about any discrepancies within the ecosystem.

Talking about decentralized lottery systems, you might want to check out Gexan which ensures the visibility of smart contracts source code, enabling users to validate the fairness of drawings.

In any conversation about privacy coins, Monero is always there due to it being one of the pioneers in this niche. However, you have chosen right by being determined to learn more about Veil. I believe it is the newest of the bunch and that should mean a host of more advanced features which could lead it to becom

The Bitcoin lottery really looks promising, I have to admit. However, the Gexan platform which offers up to 85% of total revenue to the users through the jackpot.

Crypto Gambling Offers / Re: Woki Lottery ETH based Lottery
« on: May 03, 2019, 12:59:50 AM »
Woki Lottery
ETH based Lottery
Do you want to have your own Internet Lottery Shop in 10 minutes?
Start now with your own Internet Lottery Shop!
The fastest way to open a Internet Lottery Shop in the world!
The fastest way to make money in the world!
Woki Lottery helps you start your business for free
Free registration link:

This definitely looks good. However, how feasible can it be for thousands of individuals to actually own lottery stores. My question is "Who gets to play the lotteries?". I really would like to know how the team intends to limit the number of shops.

However, it would be a good idea if you'd take a look at Gexan as this might really be the future of lottery systems. The platform incorporates a hybrid PoS/PoW consensus in order to enable participants maximize rewards.

I have always held back from participating in lotteries and I have to admit that the uncertainties associated with the running of almost all platforms I've come across actually did put me off. From the slashed winnings to managers taking over half of the total revenue amongst other things

I can almost not describe the ecstasy that ran through my veins when I found out about GEXAN. A platform which as you rightly stated leverages on the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. With Gexan, I believe the time has really come for participants within lottery systems to actually get all they deserve.

Crypto Discussion / Re: Privacy on the blockchain....a necessity?
« on: April 30, 2019, 07:05:44 PM »
There should be 100% privacy and not less. Otherwise what is the sense to choose Blockchain. I want my transactions be absolutely confidential.

You really did make a valid point. The major strategies in the marketing of blockchain technology to the world were the announcement of efficient privacy and anonymity features. However, we have learned so much about blockchain technology that we now understand that our transactions are not as private as they are portrayed to be. The introduction of privacy coins have enabled us to see privacy from a different perspective within the cryptosphere.

Finally, I have to admit that Veil project seems like one to look out for. The trend of market capitalization over the past month further illustrates this fact.

Ethereum Tokens / Re: HONEYPOD Gives You Complete Online Privacy
« on: April 27, 2019, 07:17:17 PM »
I like the fact that several projects within the cryptosphere are beginning to understand the relevance of privacy in our everyday life. This is actually due in large part to the fact that more people are becoming interested in siphoning our data for their own personal gain.

As we face data privacy, I believe we should also pay attention to the privacy of our transactions within the cryptosphere and I believe the Veil project could have a lot to offer in that respect.

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