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Hi all, just a quick note from me,

Since day one, based on the notion of sharing, SocialPolis team aimed to create an open knowledge database for anyone interested in crypto or any kind of culturally beneficial endeavor to refer to. We will keep updating our platform and publishing original content for our readers and supporters, along with keeping you in sync with the actual development and everyday applications of our tools.
Follow us on our social and stay tuned with SPL’s official knowledge database for more.

After three months of hard work, SocialPolis Coin’s team is glad to announce that SPL’s Token Sale through LAtoken is successfully approaching to its end. Through this note, we make our last call to everybody interested in Social and Sustainable Development Economy endeavours to support our effort.

Follow our daily news and updates at SocialPolis Coin media and grab your tokens at

Stay tuned for more!

We have created a knowledge database with all our written pieces and infographs for you to read and reach out to us with your questions and things that you need to know. Also do not forget our ongoing poll on SocialPolis official FB page.

Do not hesitate to contact us via telegram following this link
newbie deactivated link:

There is an ongoing poll on SocialPolis FB page regarding whether people would still invest in crypto or they think that cryptocurrencies are not an applicable solution to today;s economy - check the link for more

The decentralized digital currency Bitcoin – and its underlying ‘blockchain’ technology –has created much excitement in the technology community, but its potential for building truly empowering social and solidarity-based finance provides the perfect opportunity for future research.

Wanna know more about SPL? Reach out to us on our social channels @socialpolis before making up your mind.

SPL aims to act as a lot more than another ctyprocurrency - SocialPolis Coin seeks to enable a series of projects enabling social economy and linking digital currencies to real life asset development endeavors.

You 're in some interesting reads with regards to our goals and overall scope at:

Find out more about SPL projects on our official youtube channel:

Check out our new insta account for more updates on the project @socialpoliscoin_spl

Stay tuned and get your tokens through LAtoken until March 31st.
More on the project:

Reach out to us for any additional info you might need,
SPL team

SocialPolis (SPL) was just published on the @ICOAnnouncement website, the official site for the world's largest crypto channel.

More on the project:

Reach out to us at our social media channels - we will gladly answer any questions you might have:

SocialPolis FB account:

SocialPolis Twitter account:

SocialPolis Linkedin group:

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