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The new leader in masternode investment data, has launched.  It's free to use and free for coins to be added.  We've already have 20 listed and plan to continue to adding new coins daily.  Click on any coin to see advanced data.  Please post questions/comments/advertising interests/coin requests in this thread or tweet to

Memetic (MEME)
Interzone (ITZ)   
Solaris (XLR)   
Crave (CRAVE)   
Neutron (NTRN)   
ExclusiveCoin (EXCL)   
Digital Price (DP)
PieCoin (PIEX)   
ChainCoin (CHC)      
ION (ION)   
Terracoin (TRC)   
BitSend (BSD)   
ArcticCoin (ARC)   
Footy Cash (XFT)   
MonetaryUnit (MUE)   
CoinonatX (XCXT)

We'll add INSANE (INSN) after the update...

Just a quick update:

Masternode development is ongoing and looking to meet the deadline, and talks with Bittrex are ongoing.

What deadline?  The communication has been good but is anything really happening???  I've observed and advised multiple established coins that have launched masternodes in the last few months. 

Impatiently waiting, but appreciate all the updates....

You had me at masternodes...  Just need to know the collateral and I'll test.

NODEshare is now an approved Byteball Merchant!

Gbytes is our default and preferred method of payment for Masternode Hosting.
All purchases are now eligible for a 10-30% rebate in Gbytes.

Learn more at

Many thanks @vindyne and @secco for making me aware of Byteball - Byteball has been great to work with!

Nice Announcement...

Please run the Novaexchange Voting initiative in the Giveaway section.

Quick Question:  Masternode details are being announced in Q3, correct?  Then implementation comes at a later time...

Thanks for posting here in BitcoinGarden.   8)

I have a lot of interest BATA and excited about the platform being build.  I've been focused on masternode coins since March. 
I also co-operate which is a service provider that does masternode installation, support and hosting.

All my best!  Thanks for keeping us informed.

I voted.  Thanks!

Giveaways & Airdrops / Re: 100 Doge each vote on Nova for 700 Coin
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:51:42 PM »
I DM'd the Author of this thread...

moderating ;)



Thank you!



Thank you!

Read the terms and then perhaps you'll understand how it works.

I'm a moderator here in the giveaways.  I know how they work.
LBC is the #65 coin in marketcap - they do this right - this isn't a coin that's you rush to sell cuz you don't know if the dev left the project.

Trust is always your choice - but so is ignorance...

Hey Folks - they finally launched - good news is that the coin's value has gone staight up...

They not paid to anyone then why you are spreading scam?

It's not a scam.   It's early access to new social video platform - Like Youtube - It's kind of like Steem but it's not a scam like Steem.
Once your granted access to the plaform - you install the software and there are number of ways to earn LBC - I've earned 15 so far - worth over $10.00 USD.  I'll complete more when I have time.

Also - Just because you don't understand something and have NOT done any research - don't call my giveaway a scam.

I'm sure you'll be granted access soon.  The more referrals you have the earlier you are granted access  -  All pretty clear.

Vote #35 on NOVA.

Why don't you start a new post in the Giveaway thread?

Logo is solid.  Good luck on the project!

Hey Folks - they finally launched - good news is that the coin's value has gone staight up...

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