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Upgrade to DeepOnion wallet 2.2.0  This release is a Mandatory Upgrade and will provide:  segwit related fixes and updates
fixes and enhancements related to the p2sh-segwit and bech32 addresses
I always upgrade my wallet with pleasure: the project is developing, life goes on  ;D

Crypto Discussion / Re: Investments in privacy coins
« on: September 01, 2019, 05:15:24 PM »
DeepOnion - certainly should be in the portfolio. He has a great potential.
I stopped follow for Z-Cash as something, probably in vain.
And pay attention to X-Cash. This coin can be considered as a fork of Monero.  There is airdrop, privacy is made as an option, there are a lot of features like X-Bank and X-Payment, there is a very strong team. The project is one year old, and the train hasn't left yet :)

I think that staking on Kucoin simplifies the process for many users, it should not be so difficult now to complete, if you need help the team and the community will be available.
Keeping coins like $ONION on the exchange without trading is a risk. Remember Cryptopia. No platform is immune from collapse. So that the best DeepOnion staking is staking through the wallet, imho

Process evolves. Registration for AD11 is now open. To appreciate the new distribution model that encourages GPTCash community growth, there is still insufficient experience. There was only one distribution (AD 10). It is too early to draw conclusions

The project is developing steadily. There is the first listing. Since AD10 changed the distribution model. The balance of the distribution is now increased along with the growth of the community.

All Synchrotron airdrop  participants noticed, of course, unusual but quite convenient feature of the PoS process. The size of the issuance is fixed and equal to 4.5 STC per PoS-block. The expected 10% per annum is governed by the issuance frequency and seems to be by an algorithmic alignment of the inputs size. Has anyone done inputs gluing at least once?

The tenth STC airdrop is over, a third of the way is already behind. It is possible to estimate the intermediate results of the project. In general, everything is successful for today. The program is strictly implemented. There are two comments: slow community growth and listing delay. I think the first is a consequence of the second. And after the market advent of the coin, everything will be fine.

It is hoped that GPT Cash airdrop will be a noticeable phenomenon in 2019. Now goes the 9th weekly distribution (of total 30).  Listing is expected soon. The efforts of the team and the community to promote the coin in social networks are beginning to bring results.

Let there be a situation:

There is some contract with oversea partner. The contract must be submitted to a third-party very urgently. You can to wait for hard-copy of the contract sent by airmail with signature e.g. from the USA to India. But there is the weekend now. Everyone is nervous. If there will anything wrong, you could lose the project because there will no other time to revise.

A very interesting proposal on how to solve such problems is being discussed now: The idea is in some supplement to DeepVault allowing to solve similar tasks online and absolutely reliably

Coindeal Rocks!!
Guys, Coindeal becomes damn good exchange for $onion.
Just check it out.
!! 12 BTC summary buy orders ( cryptopia 2btc buy orders) and buy prices is bigger then on another Exchanges.
!! Sometimes Coindeal's volumes at the 1st place on DeepOnion cmc markets page

Turnaround 20247 onions per day at the current price of 0.00005076 btc is equal about 1.03 btc. The miracle did not happen so far

I'm with PRiVCY from the first airdrop. I think that this is an interesting experience in all respects. First, I participated in DeepOnion distributions before. PRiVCY is the second alike project without ICO and with the formation of a strong and interested community. Second, there is a winter in the cryptomarkets now. Long and deep correction takes place after the pump in late 2017. Any project is difficult to implement in such conditions. However, PRiVCY team does it! Plans are being fulfilled so far and everything is being turned out. Blockchain works like a clock. White paper is convincing. New partners come. New ideas occur. We wait for transactions anonymization soon. Nobody knows the future. But it's a vivid project which deserves to know about.

Two days ago, DeepOnion got listed at RightBTC. Today, the value is up 10%.
I think it's too early. The onion value isn't changed yet due to RightBTC listing. But the changes are bound to come. It takes only a little time  ;D

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