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Is this coin still hanging around? There was a ton of hype with it for a while. Jon Oliver even mentioned it.
Yes, DeepOnion is still going strong. There was never any hype actually, only their community was very excited with the free public airdrop. The core team never wanted any hype or pump-and-dump.

Current development progress:
Official news:

Currently, the developers are preparing the code base for smart contracts, lightning network, sigwit and much more because they need a solid foundation to expand in the future.

Nice to see that the Tails, Debian and Ubuntu repositories are kept up to date. The new v1.7.5 wallet was released yesterday and now everything is up to date..

If anyone is interested, here is the guide at the DeepOnion forums:

Two days ago, DeepOnion got listed at RightBTC. Today, the value is up 10%.

I want to see Deeponion on binance or bittrex...we have a big community.. let's make a proposal on it who wants to see Onion on bittrex or binance...all know after listed on bittrex or binance we can see the real value of keep dominating
We all want to see it there but it is a long process and admins are preparing the necessary paperwork wor the application. There are also a few more things to be done before those applications could be submitted.

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Happy news guys. We have an announcement for a new proposal to get listed at Here is the announcement link:

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