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I've been doing some rewriting of the build scripts so we have freshly up2date binaries with latest security patches from openssl and QT 5.6. Also some restyling to give the GUI a fresher look. you can download v1.2 at the OP.


New CheckPoint Release v1.1.4.0CPR, see OP STABLE candidate
SEO campaign is running for better exposure in the search engines

As soon as I've got stable I will finish and start testing the ONE bonus system

Good afternoon everyone, is back online again. due to some legal issues I had to relocate the frontend offshore and that needed some modification to the code.


100 satoshi and 1 ONE every 5 minutes.

Happy rolling!

Good morning,

1Coin p2pool is live for mining:

sgminer3s -ostratum+tcp:// -u<your 1Coin address> -px will be back soon

Puredice is the Number ONE Bitcoin and 1Coin dice rolling game. 0.00002500 BTC & 5 ONE Faucet, 0 confirmation and instant withdrawals*. 1% House Edge. Happy Rolling!

* number of confirmations depend on the size of unconfirmed incoming transactions.




* Bitcoin and 1Coin Dice Game
* ONE Bonussystem, these can be won during game play and used to raise your wager with a certain percentage (*)
* No account setup, password protection available for unique url.
* 1% House Edge
* 2500 satoshi and 5 ONE Faucet
* 60 seconds 0 confirmation deposits
* Instant withdrawals, when enough confirmed funds in account
* 1000 sided dice, throw between 0.01 and 99.99
* Automated rolling
* Win chance/multiplier adjustment.
* Affiliate System (*)

(*) This functionality is currently under development.


[Road Map]

  • 1. Bonussystem with ONE
  • 2. Affiliate System
  • 3. Additional coin support


good morning, is back online. free satoshi and ONE.

happy rolling!

Good morning,

new v1.1.3.4 CPR. updated OP. still offline due to some bug fixes, we're back online soon.

Good morning,

I've added a BTC faucet to
you can claim 500 satoshi to play with.

Now I'm going to do a load of SEO to get ranked better on big G.

next item on the road map is the implementation of the bonus system.

you can win bonus points (ONE) when you throw certain values in a row, like three,four five times 50.x or 30.x-40.x-50.x like it's with poker. Then those bonus ONEs can be used to raise your BTC (or ONE) wager with a certain to be decided percentage.

0.02679904 BTC

Good luck!

Good afternoon, is back online. You now can play dice with BTC. Next item will be the bonussystem to integrate ONE for the bonus points.

Happy rolling!

Hi folks,

I've updated the road map in the OP as requested by wildduck, thx.

I'm on the verge of opening for BTC, Still got some testing to do and then we'll go live.

hi there,

we're not dead. Still here!. I'm having some holiday time with my girlfriend at the moment, but still doing some small things.

As I stated before:
soon we have BTC dice. Then I will implement the bonus system which will pay out in ONE. Then you will be able to buy a certain percentage on your BTC wager with ONE Bonus points.

This will create supply and demand. It's a long term investment opportunity, but we'll get there.

I'll soon do a CPR.


EmpoEX seems to work alright.

still working on with BTC integration. Been having some unplanned delays but we'll get there. Next week I'm do a Wallet CPR. Keep you guys posted

Hi evryone,

Doing some maintenance on my servers in preparation for BTC support on

Good morning,

New version with a fix for the volume in the market info.

working on BTC integration for at the moment

Good evening,

I've done a major GUI update for
Next item on the list is BTC integration. Upcoming week I'll do a Checkpoint Release of the wallet as well.

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