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This project is magnificent, very glad that I am moving forward with it, the administration is great! Good luck to you guys and big profit. I with you until the end of! I believe in you and I think you're doing a great job. ;)

Guys vote for that DeepOnion added to yet another exchange.

Having regard to the current price of deeponion should buy other onion because with the activation of the next functionality the price will go up and not a little. HODL!
I am also sure that the price will be much more than now. I think by the fall Onion will show a big increase.The delay developers with Deepsend. Many users are waiting for this function!

[attachment expired, deleted by system]

Deep Onion will be the next big thing over time. I am positive that Onion community will help to keep the price to be stable. (ONION coin price keeps moving up from $1 and now it's about $3.2)
I have checked the project and the whitepaper,I think that a 100% anonymous cryptocurrency like this one  is something that could get in the top 50 before the end of 2018 .
I agree with you completely. I joined Deeponion a month ago and am very pleased.This coin is based on technologies of the future. Deeponion in my opinion the most promising project in 2017. Deeponion is a community of more than 6,000 people , which was United around one idea. Is the idea to promote weight Onion for the development of this coin and implementing it technologies in our life . I look forward to the updates Deepsend .With this update, the Onion will be more anonymous than it is now . The advantages of this coins in a quick transaction and a small fee, and this is the first coin designed on the basis of the TOR Network.What surprises technology Deeponion is Deepvault(its a repository of information. There you can register and verify electronic files. Negotiations are underway for its introduction at some sites).Administration Deeponion have worked very well over the implementation of the project.Thank you for giving the opportunity to improve together with you I am happy that I am with you.

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