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Unfortunately, there are no discounts, just direct investments right away. It is due to the fact that the underlying project is not a high-risk start-up as the overwhelming majority of similar projects. The funds are raised during this ICO will be invested in a selection of private equity and venture capital funds collectively managing more than $1bn of assets, run by some of the most respected and successful managers in the business

Any discounts and bonuses badly affect the prices of the token in the future - everyone is trying to sell them as soon as possible, as soon as the opportunity appears

Will I be able to buy FundCoins in fractions, e.g. 2.5 FNDs?

Yes. The smallest fraction of FND is 0.0001 FND.

Long thought - how is this possible, because the euro is not divided into such shares. Then I remembered that we will invest with eth. OOPS

Are you gonna do buy back each quarter?

Yes, the buyback is on a quarterly basis.

Okay, but I'm very curious when and for what amount the first buyback will happen

What are the advantages of the tokenized funds?

Investors get access to a very promising market related simultaneously to real economy companies and as well to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Tokenized funds allow individuals to invest in real assets of the existing companies and provide at the same time a unique access to a high performance and highly liquid blockchain private equity fund, usually the preserve of institutional investors.

Investing in one project or fund is dangerous. Fund of funds is what we need  ;D

I plan to use ETH during the ICO, but if I later choose to sell FundCoins, how will be able to convert them back to Ethereum?

You can do it by trading FND on Cryptocurrency Exchanges (the list of exchanges will be announced later). FundCoins will be traded at the open exchange, and you will be able to sell them whenever you want.

Are you already in negotiations with the exchanges?


That's right, any investment made during the Pre-Order is repaid in 100% cases of requests if our investors wish to do so. However the majority of them are staying with us and waiting for the aanouncement of details about the updated concept. We DO appreciate their trust!

I decided to hold my coins in the project and wait for the restart


No, there won't be limits during the Pre-Order.

In the previous version of the project you took fiat. Will you accept fiat in the new one?


Will the FND/USD rate be the same? I mean 1fnd=1usd

Actually it was 1 FundCoin = 1 EUR

When will the EUR/crypto exchange rate be set? The rate fluctuates all the time, you know

If the new ICO target is reached, do you know how many FundCoins will be created?

The number of the created FundCoins will be equal to the amount raised during Pre-Order campaign and the ICO itself.

Will the FND/USD rate be the same? I mean 1fnd=1usd

Yes, there will be the Pre-Order period

Will there be any pre-order bonuses?


Hello, the funds will be different, VC Funds. They will be revealed soon.

Will there be several funds at once?


We use the Ethereum

And we can use a lot of wallets. That's good

several largest and most successful VC funds

It would be very interesting to look at the portfolio of these funds

Should I wait for the company to reach breakeven to get my income from tokens?

How much do you plan to raise after the rebranding?

All the details and figures will be released soon, with the updated website and WhitePaper :)

Ok, let me know. I just think that 100M is too much.

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