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DeepOnion devs are working to deliver new functionalities in the ONION wallet, Nano ledger is one of them, another is DeepOnion J, and many more to be released soon.

DeepSend is coming soon to DeepOnion, all is close for the launch after that devs will work on Segwit and LN!

We have some beautiful news You can comment about New DeepOnion mention by CoinTelegraph

Others, like DeepOnion, are moving in the opposite direction, building on The Onion Router, or TOE, darknet and moving away from any oversight whatsoever. These platforms assume that government will never allow private-style transactions, and are therefore moving underground.
You can read more here the full article: (Can Libra and Other Crypto Find a Ground to Navigate Regulation?)

Crypto Discussion / Re: Investments in privacy coins
« on: September 02, 2019, 11:13:09 PM »
My list on the best privacy coins in this year includes Monero, DASH, Grincoin, LOKI, Litecoin, PIVX.
Among them, Grincoin and LOKI are potential one, while Litecoin needs to build up lots for things for their privacy to hit success and compete with DASH and other privacy coins. I just heard of DeepOnion coin.

Congrats! you are on the right track with DeepOnion, they are releasing the new feature called DeepSend, bringing special anonymity for those that care about privacy.

News From Kucoin: ONION Soft Staking

ONION Soft Staking Official Rules - Cash Back Investment Program for DeepOnion (ONION) Holding

DeepVault Certificate


This is something good for investors, so they can earn passive income while they hold their ONION balance at Kucoin, this program is adding value to anyone trading at Kucoin, which has been a great exchange for ONION, Fast, efficient, user-friendly.

Privacy Coins Will Win

Some time ago, John McAfee made tweet that privacy coins will win and im fully agree with him here
In this meme you can see why we will win ;D
Give some love to my reply:

DeepVault Certificate

Interesting times ahead with this privacy coins; people value privacy so they will be able to own ONION to pay whatever they need, new money paradigm i here thanks to blockchain technology, and DeepOnion is doing good work!

DeepOnion Quicksync Links

Hello DeepOnion community.
For making transactions and getting stakes your crytpo wallets should be synced. We have two completely different working wallet versions: DeepOnion legacy and DeepOnion rebased.
DeepOnion rebased wallet was created according community accepted proposal on VoteCentral.
Our devs moved all features from DeepOnion legacy codebase to Bitcoin codebase and now we have 2.x versions wallets.
But these wallets have different ways of storing\working with wallets and blockchain files. Some people use DeepOnion legacy, some people use DeepOnion rebased and all these people should have best experience with wallets, they should have ability sync files very fast without waiting hours and days to do it.

That is why we have quicksync page: (DeepOnion - DeepOnion Blockchain)
You can find there daily updated archives with synced blockchain files and today i added some additional scripts which will automatize uploading blockchain for DeepOnion rebased wallet.

If someone interesting how it works on server side, here is nothing special, just few shell scripts, few cronjobs and Raspberry:

DeepVault Certificate

DeepOnion legacy chain

DeepOnion rebased chain

How to use downloaded Quick Sync Files:

For Windows:
1) go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\DeepOnion
2) extract files from downloaded archive and replace all old blockchain files.

For Unix:
1) go to /home/[username]/.DeepOnion
2) extract files from downloaded archive and replace all old blockchain files.

It is good to have a new version of DeepOnion wallet; I am still reading tutorials to know how to upgrade to this new one!

Is there any research what kind of users/industry are most using DeepOnion payments?
What kind of users will be targeting by DeepOnion marketing?

Any industry and anybody can use ONIONs just like dollars everybody uses, even the bad people (drug dealers, corrupts, etc) And ONION is way better than the dollar for many reasons, Tor network, Private coin, untraceable, DeepVault, DeepSend soon in December! VoteCentral, Academy videos!

Any user willing to have their finances private will use ONIONs!

Latest DeepOnion Academy Video Released
DeepOnion DeepVault

This is a very professional video that will help a lot to the new users of the DeepOnion DeepVault feature! well done, understandable and easy to learn!

Daily VoteCentral limits increased
Great news read more

Great stuff already available at VoteCentral, this is powerful tool that the DeepOnion community is using for consensus on proposals, support/reward system via DeepPoints/ONIONs. The best crypto platform out there already helping unite people!!

Every day we have good news at DeepOnion, here is the report from VoteCentral:

Soon DO will be published on many mass media channels because of its new features and big community!

And here is a guide on how to make a good proposal at VoteCentral:

Just take a look what is coming to DeepOnion, a lot of new things happening and a busy schedule to expect soon after the 40th airdrop! so let's do our part and avoid delays!

Text from DO official forum:

"Lets take a look whats coming:
-We will end airdrops and calculate founders set a new order
-New Fork is coming we need to update wallets and many exchanges/pools etc sync issues expected
-VoteCentral starting bugs & support issues & feedbacks
-DeepVault online site bugs & support issues & feedbacks
-New VoteCentral DeepPoints airdrops & feedbacks
-New VIP program launch
-DeepOnion Academy Videos Texts public release
-New marketing projects will need to be started
-Mod team reorganization and hatting, etc etc
-New and more advanced Website
-New plugins for e commerce"


Here you can join and win this giveaway,

This is a great opportunity to promote DeepOnion, and this is just another chance to keep expanding, DO members have more tasks to do and accomplish new goals, so we can suggest many more at Telegram, Discord and other platforms with big groups like this to do this type of actions and enroll in new infinite possibilities!

DeepOnion members are experts in marketing, without spamming, lessons learned! and all with quality now!

In case you haven't voted in this exchange, here is the link:
There are many other places that require our vote, so let's keep voting and adding DeepOnion there!

Here is the link to a poll for the VoteCentral expectations:

New writer spreading the news aboutDeepOnion:

Make sure you don't miss any detail of the last DeepOnion airdrop the 40th, double check you do all your tasks!

Another alternative to stake ONIONs with the raspberry-pi I wonder how easy this can be? and how different this can be from the desktop wallet? I have searched much about the staking side, but it will be interesting if this is a better option than the desktop wallet in terms of staking? or just to know the main advantages.

For the people interested in buying gold, here is an article

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