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Title: - A new concept of virtual competition in bitcoins
Post by: coinleagues on August 27, 2014, 06:44:50 PM

I would like to introduce my self and my project Coinleagues.

My name is Oriol and I am one of the Bitkup's Co-founders. After the Brazil World Cup, we decided to end our partner relationship. So Coinleagues is the result of this situation and arises from the necessity to create my independent project.

Coinleagues consists a site where there are several sports championships programmed where you can take part in. Every event has a bitcoin pool called Bitpot. After placing a unique bet of 0,05 BTC, every player predicts the results of the event and accumulates points. After the championship/event is done, the first 20th classified receive a part from this Bitpot.

We achieved 7,26 BTC ((3.730,91 $ / 2.812,16 ) Bitpot in our first event (Brazil World Cup). Moreover, we apply some transparency policies and you can see all our transactions through our Blockhain's Coinleagues wallet, where are all the bets and payments to the winners are listed.

You can find also more info in our sections "About us" , "FAQ" and "How it Works".

ATTENTION: We have as well some sponsored accounts to assign to influent people. If you think you could an interesting profile write us and we can discuss that.