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Title: Crypto Next Coin Announced
Post by: Crypto Next on August 06, 2014, 03:41:29 PM
Crypto Next Plc. has launched a new coin, Crypto Next Coin (CXC).  The company provides multiple currency exchange and remittance services including turnkey merchant solutions.  CXCs can be used as tokens in stead of transaction fees on the Crypto Next exchange, and that of its affiliates. 

Coins are currently on sale at discount, for $0.75, meaning that any transaction on the Crypto Next platform, regardless of the trade volume, can be made for less than the equivalent of $1 in stead of the regular fees. 

A standard transaction fee of 0.5% applies for exchange services from USD to Bitcoin.  With the Crypto Next Coin, the transaction fee costs just 1CXC. 
So to convert $10,000 into Bitcoin at a fee of 0.5% would cost $50.  Using CXC, it would currently cost only $0.75

The first exchange is due to be released at the end of August 2014.  Coins are available at a 25% discount for a limited period.

For more info, please visit
To purchase CXC, please go to