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Title: [ANN] Robot Sex Nickels RSN | 600 years of Scrypt PoW | Anon via TOR
Post by: sexyRobot on July 24, 2014, 09:27:28 PM
UPDATE:  trade now on C-CEX (


Robot Sex Nickels (RSN)

600 years of scrypt proof-of work
anon via Tor
unique block reward structure
no humans

Information (

Robot Sex Nickels is a secure anonymous crypto-currency with a primary purpose of providing slick lubrication for frisky robot jiggy-jiggy. There is a 1% premine to cover bounties and web hosting costs. No humans.

Total coin cap

3826645.22507165 coins distributed over 603 years.

Block Reward Distribution

(abs(sin((nBlock+600)/200)) * 500000.0 / (nBlock+600)) + (1.0/(nBlock+600))


Yes, you read that correctly. Absolute. Sin. We robots don't mess around. This creates a nice bouncy bouncy coin distribution that lasts for 600 years while rewarding early adopters. This roller-coaster shape is designed to discourage miners from dropping in and out short term and reward the smart bots who stick around.

First week

Day 1148018.655639013.87%
Day 297486.688388612.55%
Day 377369.868429262.02%
Day 477022.172507732.01%
Day 562943.333169901.64%
Day 641297.094644931.08%
Day 735308.229469370.92%

First month *

Week 1539446.0422488114.10%
Week 2202409.834968025.29%
Week 3118257.065076333.09%
Week 485863.724668082.24%

First year **
Month 1969342.7670316625.33%
Month 2213746.889813475.59%
Month 3129576.868063013.39%
Month 489496.072689232.34%
Month 571976.705039481.88%
Month 657090.113648871.49%
Month 748379.245740471.26%
Month 843153.034811261.13%
Month 936798.552642640.96%
Month 1033937.376317430.89%
Month 1129881.357239360.78%
Month 1228371.446643440.74%

Years 2 - 603


Because of this curve, half the coins will be distributed in the first year. Instead of a harsh "halvening" the reward slowly tapers over a significant portion of the next millennium.

* First month is based on four weeks of seven days.

** First year is based on twelve months, 365/12 days each.

Note: blocks 1 to 178 are the 1% pre-mine.


Built-in TOR implementation, no configuration required. Requires LibEvent to build RSN from source.


603 years of scrypt mining.

Target block time: 3 minutes, readjusted every block using Kimoto Gravity Well.

Code: [Select]


Please private message sexyRobot if you wish to claim a bounty.

Website, logo/graphics, hosting: 2500RSN (PAID!)

Mac wallet: 700RSN (PAID!)

Android wallet: 1500RSN

Community: find other robots who like sexy nickels

Visit us on Twitter: (

Discussion on our sub-Reddit: (

Chat with like-minded robots at #robotsexnickels on (

Forum on CryptoCoinTalk: (

Our website: (


Mining pools welcome. If you want to set up p2pool you should base it on ( Post below and i will add your pool to the list here.

( (
Direct mine on port 3453

official pool (1% fee):
use an RSN address for user name, any password

MPOS pool at (0 txfee; 2% fee; diff 512-1024; 30s auto payout): (


Windows: (

Mac: (

Android: Coming soon!

Github source: (

Exchanges ( ( (starts Friday)