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Title: To all of you newcomers. Those are the best and safest Crypto wallet
Post by: coldri212 on June 26, 2019, 07:37:26 PM
1: Ledger Nano

The most popular one and my personal favorite. Ledger nano.s, easily use your BTC, also very good if you planning to hold your coins for a very long time(HODL)
Very good if your coins get hacked/stolen and have very good customer service and security measures to avoid this situation from the first place

2: KeepKey


The simplest cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Backup and recovery both are available. Virus and malware etc. do not exist at all.
Multiple coins are supported such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash etc.
Very easy to use and maintain.

3: Trezor


This one is also very popular and very good. Trezor is also good to store BTC but also fit perfectly to other altcoins,
Very easy to use and maintenance is not required at all. Very lightweight and anti-hacking security is pre-installed.

4-Cool Wallet.

ďThe CoolWallet S is no ordinary hardware wallet. Itís a contemporary mobile solution that truly secures your crypto assets and empowers you, the investor. It stays safely in your pocket, giving you discreet access to your investment, on the go, wherever you are.
Thanks to the combination of both usability and the patented tamper-proof security, the CoolWallet S is the cold wallet of choice for many of the worldís crypto leaders ď
From their sit.
This one is pretty cool because you can use him as to a credit card and he is very easy and comfortable. Recommended as an extra wallet.
Using the right wallet is important. Also, I would recommend you to know which and which is not banks are supporting crypto.

In addition, there are many cases of banks that suddenly deciding not to accept crypto.

For example, Last year, crypto mining company Israminers appealed to the court after Israelís Bank Igud refused to take its business, claiming it is in violation of the bankís terms of service. The bank froze their account and all the activities regarding it causing major losses to the company.
The bank lost eventually after lawsuits
So, I will add here a list of some of the banks you can work with

Source to the case (,7340,L-3758501,00.html)

 List of friendly crypto banks (

Good luck, keep the coin safe and comfy :)