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Title: Bitcoin charity for flooded areas of Balkans
Post by: CoinsForBalkans on May 23, 2014, 03:44:02 PM
Hello, Bitcoingarden community!

We would just like to make everyone aware of disasterous floods that are occurring in Eastern Europe, the biggest floods this region has seen in the last 120 years.
Hundreds of families are literally left without nothing, villages have been evacuated with animals being left behind, whole region is on its feet providing water, food and all kinds of everyday necessities to the flood-struck areas of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.
If you can help, please act now: follow @coinsforbalkans on twitter, retweet, check, share the word on facebook, donate through our initiative or linked initiatives (directly to Croatian Red Cross or Croatian Bitcoin Portal).

Every single bitcoin fraction will go to Croatian Red Cross and every single donation counts!

Thank you so much! team