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Title: Important - Coin Home Board Rules & Info - Please read before posting
Post by: secco on March 06, 2015, 07:05:24 PM
This board is reserved to introduce altcoin/token projects. No complicated rules, please read (updated 2019.04.03):

  1 - Please make sure to add Coin Name and Ticker in the subject, this will make easy searching for coins.

  2 - Please, 1 thread per coin otherwise discussion becomes complicate to follow. Duplicates will be deleted.

  3 - Tokens go in the appropriate token child board. See token definition in the next post.

  4 - Bounties, giveaways and airdrops go on the specific board ( Do not post those here.

  5 - Posting funding addresses on threads is forbidden for security reasons. Do it on your own website.

  6 - Be polite. No useless comments, all opinions are fine, but please explain your point of view.

  7 - Sorry, we're not offering self-moderated threads here. We're not supporting censorship.

  8 - You can report spam and off-topic using the "Report to moderator" button.

  9 - Do not spam and don't try to smartass your way around these rules!

(Please note, general forum rules always apply:
Title: Re: Coin Home Board Rules & Info - Please read before posting
Post by: secco on October 09, 2017, 10:16:49 PM
Definition of tokens. Courtesy of theymos (;u=35), admin of bitcointalk:

A cryptocurrency is self-sufficient, not relying on any other cryptocurrency to function (not including merged mining), and requiring its own software. A token works like a cryptocurrency at a high level, but relies on some other cryptocurrency's infrastructure in order to function, and often (but not necessarily always) lacks its own software.

Example 1
You create an Ethereum asset. This asset is entirely reliant on Ethereum's block chain to function. It is a token.

Example 2
You pick out 1 BTC and split it into 100 million satoshi. Each satoshi represents some part of a real-world thing, and gets a special ticker symbol. This is a token because it is completely reliant on Bitcoin's block chain to function.

Example 3
You create an Ethereum contract which allows anyone perpetually to trade 0.1 ETH for 1 YOURTHING and vice-versa. This is ambiguous, and may require moderator discretion. It may be considered a token, or it may be considered merely a flavor of ETH, belonging in Ethereum threads, etc.