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Title: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on April 02, 2014, 06:47:22 PM
The HTMLCOIN community aims to build strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, spread awareness about cryptocurrency through charity, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all.
The community is giving away coins to student organizations, advocacy groups, and charitable organizations all over the world!

We are positioning our coin towards students, non-for-profit organization,and charitable institutions. Htmlcoin is composed of professionals and graduate students who are supporting our community. Below is our explaination about our coin:

A big difference from Other Altcoins
People always ask “what makes us different from other altcoins?” --the answer is that we are focusing in integrating the “use” of htmlcoin to the “mainstream,” not just within the enclave of early adopters (Techy people like you and me). Mainstream would mean to the public, common people you meet on the street. In the coming months we will be releasing android apps to make htmlcoin mobile. This will ease the burden among users by taking htmlcoin with them, in the pocket, anytime-anywhere! We want our coin ubiquitous, with almost omnipresent characteristics like fiat physical coin.

Making htmlcoin mobile will solve the problem of time and space. User’s don’t have to open bulky laptop, or even worst, desk computer to make transaction. Easing the burden would positively affect the acceptance among mainstream users; this is the very core of the HTMLCOIN Community - cryptocurrency integration to the public.

We believe that the recent IRS guidelines strengthen cryptocurrency's intended use as a medium of exchange. However, mainstream still view cryptocurrency being illegal and difficult to comprehend. HTMLCOIN Community want to change this negative stereotype about altcoin by educating the public about the many benefits of cryptocurrency and its potential application to offer in everyday life. We do this via social media and awareness drive. For HTMLCOIN government regulation means that cryptocurrency is not going anywhere, but it is here to stay for good.
Motto: In necessariis unitas, in dubiis libertas, in omnibus caritas - "in necessary things unity; in uncertain things freedom; in everything compassion"


Symbol: </> or HTML
Scrypt Proof of Work
RPC Port = 28777
P2P Port = 38777
Total Coins = 100000000000
Coin Per Block = 50000
1 Minute Blocks
8 Hour Retarget Time
Blocks found per day = 1440 * Dependant on hashrate
Initial Seed node =

Windows Installer:
Windows QT:


1) Install xcode,this can be installed from the mac store for free.

2) Load up the terminal in a windows as root and do the following:

    -Install dependencies
    -sudo port install boost db48 qt4-mac openssl miniupnpc git

3) Then go into the root directory of htmlcoin and type

qmake "USE_UPNP=-" /

4) Then type when that has finished

make -f Makefile
1) Open up a terminal window as root and type

apt-get install sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-all-dev
libcurl4-openssl-dev libdb5.1-dev libdb5.1++-dev git qt-sdk

    -That will install dependencys

2) Then go into the root of htmlcoin and type

qmake "USE_UPNP=-"

    -It will give some statements

3) Then type


Sample htmlcoin.conf
RPC Port:  28777
P2P Port:  38777
Solo Mining :


Vote at Mintpal :



Please help us move forward, Vote for us the Trading Exchange

MINTPAL: (You can vote every 5 times every hour.)
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on May 07, 2014, 06:56:21 PM

RE: ( will be adding HTMLCOIN Today!

Coin Swap is listing HTMLCOIN - This trading site have 2500 + active members, the site is very user friendly, it has 500% surge of traffic, and good exposure to our HTMLCOIN community members!

We are also hopeful that ( will be adding us, so far we are leading the vote 169/150.

The “cryptocurrency model” is done by consensus.

Without you we cannot exist as a community – Thank you for your Support!
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on May 16, 2014, 05:53:30 AM

Dear Fellow Community Members,


Please vote for HTML in the following sites: (SWISSCEX) - This is base in Switzerland, established trading site, comparable to Mintpal. (ALLCOIN) - Accomodating to China, Japan, and US markets.
Trading Exchange site is vital is spreading awareness to our coin. We are just 2 months old, yet our network is expanding, spreading awareness as an "Atlcoin investment."

Long-term Goal

HTMLCOIN aims for the long-term goal, not short one. We are guided by our 6-12 month strategic plan.
After 6 month from launching, we will be adding 4th priority, that is "facilitating market place environment." Meaning, we will be focusing on establishing relationship with app developers whose applications will facilitate exchanges of goods and services, such as mobile wallet, payment systems, and related add-on functions.
The moment we reach 10,000 + worldwide, we then can then leverage, as a cryptocoin community, bring change in what we envision as a group. That is technology innovation and charitable cause.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on June 19, 2014, 05:44:24 PM
HTNMLCOIN Experiencing Solid & Robust Growth
We are happy to announce the trading trends of HTML. Bleutrade and C-Cex is now the leading high "volume trades,'" coin ownership transfer is continuous. Coinswap, Europex, and Swaphole are warming up now. Trading pairs in various altcoin are picking.

The active trading volume of html in various exchange sites is an indicator of positive growth and continued network expansion. The more users, the better!

Everyone knows that currency, both fiat or virtual, is valued when people using it as medium of exchange. Htmlcoin have these characteristics now and will continue to do so.

Building Fertile Environment to Thrive
To sustain this positive growth, our team will continue doing our awareness effort in various platforms of social media and news agencies, as possible. This effort is stipulated in our 6-12 month strategic plan outline.

We will partner with various game and application developers in fulfilling gamification projects. Htnlcoin will be use as one or the currency for gaming.

In fact we already partnered with a tipping app in Facebook, allowing our members to tip each other, trade services, and barter other coins. These are the few initiatives we are doing to integrate htmlcoin to the mainstream.

We will continue building e-commerce infrastructure to be release in the later date. E-commerce infrastructure, such as plug-in apps, mobile wallet, and other avenues of exchange will facilitate trading in goods and services.

We will increase our effort to be listed in various sites, especially with multi-currency capabilities, helping other altcoin succeed.

Gamification, e-commerce, applications developer partnership, exchange site listing, and public relations are the fundamentals of our success, contributing positive results to our community and currency value.

HTMLCOIN the Cryptocurrency on which the Sun Never Sets
Our community is diverse, composing 67 countries and counting! There is no sunset for htmlcoin. We are trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

This is because we successfully build strong communities in different time zones, while we are sleeping here in Chicago, USA, people in Jakarta, Indonesia are trading.

Diversity is essential in the development of our community. Even our team is composed of various nationalities, bring new ideas and innovation. In Facebook, are now building groups in each country to accommodate cultural needs and to localize interactions.

As we build our community and the value of our currency, we hope to be a catalyst of change, bring altcoin the mainstream. Join us!
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: cryptotiger on September 15, 2014, 07:24:48 AM
Come home to We are swapping HTML to HTML5 right now!!! This is not your daddy's HTML coin. This version will feature the X15 Algorithm re-targeting with Dark Gravity Wave along with a new logo.

Do it now 13 to 1
wait till later 15 to 1
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on September 16, 2014, 06:37:57 PM
HTMLCoin listed for rating and review on Coin Gorilla (
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on September 26, 2014, 12:23:45 PM
HTML5 Launched!

Algorithm: X15 - Total Coins: 90 Billion Coins

The new HTMLCOIN (HTML5 as a new symbol & version) is based on a stable system, design to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. New algorithm is based on X15 POW + POS (After 5 years we will be POS).

This new algorithm is design to be adoptable for future applications. HTML5 has a stable & fast system, with robust security capabilities.


15 ROUNDS OF SCIENTIFIC HASHING (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue, shabal, whirlpool). You can mine HTMLCOIN with CPU or GPU, we are ASIC RESISTANT.


Total coin: 90 Billion
Block time: 60 seconds
Difficulty Re-targets: Every block Confirmations on Transactions: 10
Maturity: 15
QR CODE support
UPNP Support

Total Block: 10,800,000
Block 11 - 10,800,000: 5 000 HTML5 After block 10,800,00 POS will start . 1% Annual PoS.

OLD HTML coin will be swap to NEW HTML (nickname HTML5) in a ratio of 8:1 to 20:1, depending on time of exchange. & are the one doing the swapping. Other trading exchange will be authorized later.

WALLET WITHDRAWAL - All HTMLCOIN users MUST withdraw all coins from their wallet and deposit their coin to BLEUTRADE or COMKORT. This is to facilitate our transition from HTML to HTML5 version.

Wallet DO NOT have to be fully synchronize to send out. You just need an ACTIVE CONNECTION. However, send with CAUTION. Try sending out just a few to the exchange site, TEST the transaction if it transfer to BLEUTRADE or COMKORT.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on September 29, 2014, 04:17:03 PM
15 people needed: join the #HTMLCOIN promotional retweet team. Earn up to 1,000,000 $HTML5/month!! Limited time offer! Contact @HTMLCOIN ( #RT
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on October 03, 2014, 01:28:53 PM
Indonesian thread added to Bitcoin Garden:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on October 13, 2014, 12:45:44 PM

HTMLCoin Market Place on Facebook:

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on October 16, 2014, 01:29:56 PM
The HTMLcoin team has an immediate need for a mobile wallet to better support our project. Plotting a path through a “presumed” base-line technology isn’t without production costs, and unforeseen hurdles. The team feels confident that ’this’ production cost can be attained through the generosity of the “Crypto-Currency Sector." Due to legal limitations we are unable to conduct this request in a manner that resembles a securities exchange. Your charitable “gift giving” will be accepted with the sole intended use of “Mobile wallet creation for the HTML5 HTMLcoin Platform.” We have a generous thank you set aside for the person or persons able to meet our 'immediate' requirement. We believe that by disclosing our practices we can better meet the needs of the sector. We are receptive to strategic alliances ’should’ the need arise. Through your continued support we believe that our progress will be unfazed by the task at hand.

Full details on Reddit:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 16, 2014, 04:13:22 PM
HTMLCoin Ledger of Expenses, Community Building, and Infrastructure Development.

By: HTMLCOIN Community

The launching day of our new coin HTML5 has come and gone and this is just the beginning!
For most of us, launching this new coin has been a great experience. We are all excited and are anticipating what will happen next. We see how the cryptocoin markets behave and that continues to surprise and amaze us.

The Ledger

The HTMLCOIN Core Team is happy to announce our Ledger of Expenses.

This is to show the community how we appropriated the "extra" HTMLCOIN coins left over from the transition to HTML5 Coin.

Our community has succeeded in expanding over the past 6 months because we made sure that our vital needs were met and necessary expenses were covered so that proper infrastructures could be implemented.


Budgeting and appropriation are vital in projecting the needs of our community. These needs can be in a form of new infrastructure such as a “mobile wallet” (Bounty for Apps Developer) and various mobile applications that will enhance the usability of the coin for the public.

By enhancing our infrastructure we are making sure that HTML5 Coin will endure in this very competitive environment of cryptocurrency.

Service Inclusion Fees

Service Inclusion Fees are very important in our strategy as a community (this means that we need to pay to be "included" in various cryptocoin resources).  This enables HTML5 Coin to be listed in various services within the cryptocurrency market.

Service Providers

By recognizing (and this means "compensating or paying for") the resources invested by service providers (app builders, mobile wallet developers, game developers, etc.) said service providers will help to provide the needed exposure and usability of HTML5 Coin.  This will help HTML5 Coin to capture more users, expanding our network.

Services providers can be exchange sites, payment systems (cointopay, coinpayments, & casheerapps), utility applications, and graphic designs.

Ledger of Expenses

Amount in Billion
Ledger of Expenses

BleutTrade (Presale 13:1 + Automatic Swap 15:1)
ComKort (Presale 13:1)
Other Unsynchronize Wallet

-------Software Development

-------Promotion & Marketing
HTML1 (Social Media & Ads is Sites)
HTML5 (Social Media & Ads is Sites)

-------Service Fees & Inclusion Fees
Bounty for Apps Developer
Hosting Services
Service Inclusion Fees

Promotion and Brand Awareness

Our community members are our promoters. This means that as an HTML5 Coin member we have the shared responsibility in spreading the word about our community on what we believe in and what we do.

We have to commend and appreciate the work done by our members and support each member's efforts and  make HTML5 Coin known to the public by using social media, word of mouth, blogging, and even press releases where appropriate.

We would not have come this far without community support, and we continue to build our community by interacting with various interest groups, non-governmental organizations, and people in countries worldwide.

Community Building

Community building equals "brand awareness".  Let us give you an example; through relentless networking and online connections we have been able to contact pool developers that are coming from various part of the world, maintaining our pools in gratis.

Our next plan is to penetrate the Chinese market. The US crypto market is already quite saturated.  Cryptocurrency coin holders have affiliated themselves with various coin communities, stretching them thin.

By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets.

Demands from the Holiday Season

After the swap period we expect a fair amount of volatility in the HTML5 Coin price. As the coin price normalizes and finds its true market value, it is time for us to go back to the drawing board and plan for the next peak season.

The holiday season is coming and we are expecting new movement in our community which will bring value appreciation and more interest from the mainstream.

We need to respond to the demands of the holiday season by enhancing our coin market infrastructure. This infrastructure is in the form of an Android mobile wallet. The wallet will provide avenues to various trading potentials and public use.

Aside from the mobile wallet the holiday seasons brings vast opportunities for our community to "spread the word" and attract new users of our coin. This can be done through gift giving using HTML5 Coin as gift credits, as well as "tipping" using the Facebook tipping app mentioned in our Facebook group.

This is an opportunity to optimize the use of our digital coin by giving it to family members using our android wallet. Giving someone HTML5 Coin as a gift helps to spread awareness about us.

New Markets

In these coming months the HTML5 Coin community will be actively working to open new markets, selling products that can be paid for in HTML5 Coin (see CoinToPay, CoinPayments, Casheer, etc.). What this means is that online merchants now have the opportunity to provide their customers the ability pay for their purchase (whatever it may be) with HTML5 Coin.

We are hopeful in the opening of new markets, establishing new coin pairings, collaborating with organizations, and working with apps developers.  All of these in effect will make our user base network grow bigger and stronger.

Gift Giving

We urge our community members to do gift giving for us to continue to grow.  Our biggest immediate need is for a "Mobile Wallet".  This will cost $500 (or approximately 1.25 BTC as of this writing).

We will publish a record of gift received on HTMLCOIN website.

If you wish to contribute please use the wallet addresses below.

HTML5 Coin:  HTdo6MzXTgeXP4wtpoM7hX9kXYXJ2C3V8B

Bitcoin: 1HGGoih5hiA17NBHLwE4HRCSMMSrz1HbAo

Litecoin: LgevwLBuKS6pxghhaAewShYFn5nMk9M57P

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 17, 2014, 06:39:14 PM
UPDATES: HTML5 now a base currency & Cointopay Application Enable.

1) HTML5 is now one of the base currencies of Bleutrade.Com. Meaning we are one among the main currencies being traded everyday (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, HTMLCOIN & US Dollar). A new milestone to all of us! see:

2) Another equally important development is that Cointopay is enabling everyone to implement application that accept htmlcoin. Games, Goods, Services and websites, you name it!

As we continue to expand, becaming a global community, we hope that you will share your talent & your resources in enhancing brand awareness about HTMLCOIN!

"Looking for a secure trading site? is the new Mintpal."
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on October 18, 2014, 02:31:41 PM
First HTML5 Faucet released:

(Added to the HTML5 Faucets Thread:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on October 19, 2014, 07:18:58 PM



BTC Market:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 20, 2014, 05:43:59 PM

Faucet:  (


1) To spread brand awareness - faucet will maintain online presence and encourage new users to try.

2) To build community - faucet will serve as a tool for community members in attacking new users.

Our community faucet is here  ( . This is developed and hosted by an adjunct faculty in Egypt. We are becoming a global community now. We hope that this wallet will be one of the many services we will offer to enhance user experience around the world.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on October 26, 2014, 06:27:09 PM
HTMLCoin is back on the C-Cex market, traded against doge:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on October 27, 2014, 11:20:33 AM
Html5coin… approximately 30 days later:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 27, 2014, 06:44:33 PM
UPDATES for 3rd Week of October 2014: Added to CRYPTSY, C-CEX and Many More After 30 Days

I -  We are in CRYPTSY now. Yes you read it right! See the link:

- We are currently trading in ripple at cryptsy, we aim to be listed in Litecoin and Bitcoin in the nearest future, depending on the volume and our coin's market value.
-To be in cryptsy is a big step. This will show who determined our community members to make html5 succeed!
-We are planning to be listed in major trading sites, making html5 visible to the altcoin community.

II - Included in Coinpayments, see:

- Payment gateway providing buy now buttons, shopping carts, and more to accept Bitcoinand other altcoins like html5 online.
- Recently, Newnote Financial Corp. acquires equity in Coinpayments Inc. Just imagine where HTML5 is heading!

IV - Added in CoinToPay, see:

-Cointopay International B.V. is providing crypto payment and web wallet services.

V -  Relisted in again, see:

-C-cex believes in our coin by relisting. The is another great news. Trading now is expanding there.
-Like bleutrade. c-cex has the ability to trade in any coin you want.
-You can also use the merchant app if you want to accept html5, see:

VI -  Listed in CoinGecko, see

-CoinGecko aims to collect all the data required to quantitatively and qualitatively rank the potential of an altcoin.

VII - Added in CoinToPay, see:

-Enables you to use virtual crypto currencies like BitCoin in an easy way. E.g. buy goods online, receive invoice payments from your customers or enable shopping cart checkouts.

VIII. One Block Crawler & One Block Explorer:

IX. Two Faucets now:

-A place to some coins for free!

X. Verified Proof of Developer, see:

-Establishing integrity and trust.

XI. Honest article about us:

HTMLCOIN… Approximately 30 Days Later

By Take to Task

Ok. So… for those who have been following, htmlcoin went through a transition in a way that most cryptocurrencies have not. I’d even argue, in a way that most stocks have not.

Let’s recap up to the transition to html5coin:

-The original htmlcoin was stupidly easy to acquire *and* in large amounts.
-The original algorithm was flawed.
-The difficulty never rose.
-People in general declared this coin dead.
-The coin mysteriously and confusingly traded *well* for Dogecoin and, on occasion, traded for a small amount of Litecoin.
-The developer never gave up on the coin. Always promoted it.
-The developer announced a new, fixed algorithm, an updated coin name, and a reverse split of 1:15 (depending on when you did the trade) for the new coin.

Now, you have to understand, many of those attributes listed above should have meant htmlcoin’s demise. So many coins have disappeared, and they had far less flawed attributes than what was listed here. Hell, so many stocks in the regular world of Wall Street would have been looked upon unfavorably just for that reverse split alone (especially penny stocks).

Here’s the difference, and this purely opinion.

-Ian, the promoter (and developer, I think) of html5coin, never gave up! He lived up to the title of promoter – he pushed this coin everywhere.
-Ian was not in it for a get-rich-quick-with-bitcoin scheme. If he had been, he’d have given up long ago. Instead, he wanted (and *still* wants) this coin to succeed and become something more.
-The entire html5coin community wants this coin to become something more. And, to clarify, that does not mean it has to supplant bitcoin or even ever be worth more than bitcoin. It just has to thrive and continue to have a use, whether that’s in an exchange, or in a marketplace (or both).

So, how does hmtl5coin appear to me today, just (approximately) 30 days after the transition? More bullet points… :P

-htmlcoin still trades well with Dogecoin.
-htmlcoin trades well with Litecoin.
-htmlcoin trades with Bitcoin (at 1 satoshi, so far), and never did that before.
-htmlcoin is now one of the “premium coins” at Bleutrade. That means, html5coin is grouped with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin (although Bleutrade allows any coin they have to be traded with any other coin they have). Now, while we can all argue that Ian may have offered them some money, I don’t think that matters. Why? If I were running an exchange and you offered me what I perceived as “monopoly money,” I would not accept. Instead, they put html5 at the top with the three coins everyone in the crypto world knows. That means the Bleutrade has faith in the coin. And why shouldn’t they, html5coin is actually trading for higher value coins in a way it never did before.

I’ve even heard the conspiracy theories of Bleutrade being behind html5coin, but I don’t believe that. Though, even if that were true, I’m still doing well with html5coin and I’ve lost nothing in the process. Isn’t that what we want – to play in the cryptocurrency world with as little risk as possible? html5coin certainly exemplifies that and has done so since its inception.

I know things can change in a heartbeat, but I wanted to give you a perspective – my perspective – of how html5coin is doing so far.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on October 27, 2014, 08:06:38 PM
Excellent work! Most actively developed coin of the year!
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 28, 2014, 05:04:17 PM
HTMLCOIN Trading Markets and its Transparent Community

Showing Strong Activity and/or Volume at Bleutrade: As of October 28, 2014

HTML5 Transparency and Community Article

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on October 31, 2014, 11:17:45 AM
HTMLCoin has gone Crypsty!

It is doing extremely good on the XRP market:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 01, 2014, 02:51:19 PM

Bitcoin Rush | Episode 25 - Published on Oct 31, 2014
Coinbase Multisig Vault, HTMLCoin, Bluecoin, TheOpenMinute w/BitcoinSusan, TheFinancialUndergroundKingdom
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on November 03, 2014, 06:47:28 PM
Update: Building the Chinese Market Share, Highest Volume in XRP Cryptsy Market & More Services

1. Paper Wallet Service - The advantage of paper wallets is that they essentially store your coin on a physical piece of paper, removing it from the digital world and safeguarding it in the physical one. This makes them essentially unreachable for spending until they are brought back online, but it is the most secure way to store coin long term (Cointelegraph, 2014)

2. HTMLCOIN Highest Volume in Ripple Cryptsy market, see - This show confidence among traders, a good indicator of a strong coin in the market. (November 1, 2014).


3. We got listed at Cryptex - Another addition to our trading market!

4. Our Facebook Group exploded to 1000 plus membership. This organic growth is vital in our community. Members are the bloodline any community, see

5. Solo Mining Instruction - We develop instructional material on how to do it, see

6. Bleutrade.Com - Is the official home of HTMLCOIN!

7. HTMLCOIN China Campaign - We are building organically our China market share. By embracing big markets like China and attracting new users of digital currency HTML5 Coin will withstand the stiff competition within the cryptocurrency markets. The stakeholders of our community will be handling this effort. Please say hi to our Chinese Team, use Google Translator to communicate, see:

8. In this coming weeks we will be using MailChamp to manage our increasing membership email communications.

9. HTMLCOIN was feature in video, showing the most recent development of our community and the team, see:

10. Last November 1, 2014:  HTMLCOIN is up 51.18 % Increase CONGRATS to the team!

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 05, 2014, 09:58:20 AM
Updated list of Mining Pools:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 10, 2014, 07:32:23 PM
HTML5 Added on World Coin Index:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 11, 2014, 07:07:24 PM
HTMLCoin Mentioned on Financial Underground Kingdom, November 2014 Report:

HTML5 HTMLCoin – Another old coin that used to run as HTML ticker, but it was fully updated to x15 algo/PoS, changed to HTML5 and.. its rocking Cryptsy with biggest volume on their XRP market (also newly opened) and can be caught also at Comkort. Dedicated devs not dropping ideas but fighting til lthey make it – thats what you can rarely find in cryptocommunity and that is what HTMLcoin brings, so just check it out.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on November 15, 2014, 04:00:07 PM
BitcoinRush, Episode 27: Learn about #HTML5 on "The Open Minute"
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: dargirisd on November 18, 2014, 01:36:29 AM
BitcoinRush, Episode 27: Learn about #HTML5 on "The Open Minute"

The fact that this is intended for mainstream purposes is interesting.

The Best Slots Experience @ SatoshiHunt (

Provably fair |  OnChain | Win up to 200x your bet
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 18, 2014, 05:28:31 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on November 20, 2014, 11:54:22 AM
HTML5 Coin Merchants Campaign

  I`m sure you are all agree with me on how coins are driven a lot by the power of buyers and sellers in the Crypto world. Many people are taking advantage of this supply demand nature of Cryptocurrency which lead to the “pump” and “dump” ride events happen almost every day to almost every coin. I`m writing this article today as a wake up call for a lot of the Cryptocurrency believers out there to think twice on whether they should continue playing “pump” and “dump”. I`m sick off how people dumping coins like no tomorrow.

       So I urge everyone to do something differently. Cryptocurrency is about to change in the next few months as there are several big players like Paypal and Samsung are getting involve with Cryptocurrency. In fact, HP has conducted a survey which has shown that 79% of US Company will adopt online Currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin or HTML5 coin next year (Coindesk).
Here is my campaign statement and I would like to invite every crypto coins holders and HTML5 holders to start doing these following things to help stabilize your favorite coins.

Continue at:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on November 20, 2014, 12:05:25 PM


Enjoy : )
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on November 22, 2014, 09:44:36 PM
HTMLCoin: Mission & Vision:

VISION: Providing a stable system to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community.

MISSION: Build strong network of users, create robust apps for goods & services, support charitable cause, encourage technology innovation, integrate the use of htmlcoin to the mainstream, and facilitate a healthy decentralize monetary environment for all.
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on November 26, 2014, 01:12:32 PM
You can be your own HTML5 developer with your own division and contribute to H5 commnunity:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: btcmacroecon on November 27, 2014, 10:42:29 PM

Get a HTML5 wallet address and coins in 3 minutes or less! This is the Bleutrade Cryptocurrency Exchange Challenge! You can do this! Tell your friends to quit giving up on every coin because they don't download the QT! Get them adopting these coins like I did! I call this my work around method! Step by step instructions show how to get coins and get HTML5 coins from a faucet in 3 minutes! No more excuses. They can download that wallet later! This way they can get going! And then they can move on to 598 other coins! Hope this opens up some eyes on coin collecting!
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Post by: KitCoinH on November 28, 2014, 01:34:38 AM
Make your own HTML5 division now to support HTML5 growth. Check the link for detail.

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Post by: Principe on December 01, 2014, 06:28:04 PM
HTMLCoin listed on

Please review and support!
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Post by: Principe on December 04, 2014, 11:50:01 PM

( (
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Post by: Principe on December 08, 2014, 01:09:44 PM


HTML is now base currency at Cryptopia! List of markets:

- RDD / HTML5:
- POT / HTML5:
- FUD / HTML5:
- MRY / HTML5:
- POP / HTML5:
- WSX / HTML5:

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Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 08, 2014, 06:36:42 PM
HTML5 Marketing Plan and Social Media Campaign 2014-2015
By Kit Huynh

     HTML5 coin is an online currency which inherited the same payment encryption technology from Bitcoin. HTML5 is designed to deliver faster transaction and eliminated the needs for miners to generate transactions which are the main challenge that Bitcoin is facing. Community is the primary and the only focus that HTML5 development will focus on. HTML5 coin is still fairly new in the Cryptocurrency world. Thus, this marketing plan will focus more on how the community can expand HTML5 coin`s awareness. In order to understand how we can improve the coin awareness we will go through the following topic on this paper: Target Segment, Solution, Implementation Plan and evaluation.

    HTML5 has a strong development team and is backed by BleuTrade exchange, a popular Cryptocurrency trading platform. HTML5 coin also has digital wallets on Window, Linux and Android, the three most popular computer and mobile platforms. The team also has a great number of developers both from core development team and individual community development team. Core development team consist of web designers, computer scientists and promoters that are working directly with HTML5 main developers, Ian Hervey.

    Individual community developers consist of regular traders that want to contribute to the coin growth at their personal interest. Individual community developers promote and develop HTML5 through social media, personal website and e-commerce stores. These individual developers are the much better promoters as they act as the public relation representatives of the coin which is the most efficient and cost effective way to promote a crypto coin.

Target Segment

    Most cryptocurrencies developers start their projects by targeting at advance users who know a lot about IT related subjects. Targeting at this segment will be easy to gain coin value but it becoming harder when all the attention has already shift to high value coins. The advance users segment is even harder to target as these traders are only care about buying coins at low value and sell high. Thus, HTML5 development need to be focusing on a different segment which has not been explored by as many coins developers and provide a clear purpose for coin holders to spend HTML5.Therefore, suggested target segment on this paper is social media users who do not know much about cryptocurrencies and are slowly adopting the new concept. The current trend on social media is to send crypto tips to friends as a reward to liking or commenting post. Having 3rd party tipping bot like WhitePumaBot allows Facebook or Twitters clients to learn about cryptocurrency much faster and provide a clear purpose to spend the coin.

Alternative Solution

    Now that we have narrowed our target segment down to social media users, we need to identify the alternative approach to implement HTML5 marketing plan. We will go through two suggested alternatives which are implementing tipping campaign through social media and recruiting community developers through social media bounties offer. We will also go through the advantage and disadvantage of each alternative.

    The first alternative for HTML5 marketing plan is implementing promotion on social media tipping through 3rd party tipping companies like WhitePuma . The tipping promotion can be spread quickly with an idea of rewarding friends HTML5 coins for viewing posts. The learning process for crypto tipping is much shorter than downloading and setting up computer wallets as it only require the clients to approve the 3rd party apps to connect to the social media accounts. Third party apps have already came preloaded with HTML5 wallet on the users` web page. Thus the wallets and the social media accounts are connected. However, this method does prompts some risks as HTML5 is opening itself to more competition because most of the 3rd party tipping apps are loaded with multiple cryptocurrencies. Thus, the chances of new HTML5 users switching to another coins are very likely if these coins are more stand out. Social media tipping promotion using third party apps can also be confusing to new users as they may not know that we are promoting HTML5 or the tipping apps.

    Recruiting more individual community developers through social media is another alternative solution. Individual community developers can be very helpful as they are the perfect public relation ambassadors for HTML5. These community developers can also help spread HTML5 awareness around the world as social media do not have any geographical limit. Independent developers can focus on a much smaller group at a time and deliver more impact. For instance, cryptoinfo is one of the many independent developers which provide detail HTML5 tutorial to Canadian crypto users. The independent developers also help segment out basic tutorial for non-technical clients who know nothing about cryptocurrencies and advance tutorial for extreme users who want to develop their own websites, e-commerce stores, and auto tipping blogs. Nevertheless, current HTML5 volatility may discourage independent developers to join as the risks of losing their investments are too high due to the fact that the coin is still very young. The existing individual developer community also tend to manipulated HTML5 price on a large scale as they want profit from buying cheap coin. The act of manipulating HTML5 could potentially scare off a lot of new investors and make them feel that HTML5 development is not “serious” enough.

    After the alternatives analysis, we have identified social media tipping as a best alternative solution. Social media tipping with HTML5 can be made easily available to more new users in a much shorter time frame with a much lower risk compare to the other alternatives. Targeting at social media segment can help improve coin awareness significantly because it provide a clear purpose for people to spend the coin whether from rewarding good posts or sending money to friend with ease through Facebook or Twitter. Tipping through social media could also be a great marketing tool for artist, self-employers, and contractors as they can pay viewers for liking more of their contents in a few mouse clicks. The tipping procedures are very easy to learn which is perfect to target at non-technical users.

Implementation Plan

    To bring this solution to live we will need to create an implementation plan which consist of Setting up objective, choosing the budget decision and evaluating promotion result. Each of these steps will help us lay out the detail of how our marketing plan should be implemented and evaluated.

    Informative and reminder advertising are the two tools that we will use in setting up advertising objectives. We will inform all HTML5 users to start using WhitePuma to be our third party tipping apps on social media as a primary tipping platform for HTML5 coins. Provide a high reward system to independent developers to create tutorial on tipping HTML5 with WhitePuma. We will also need to create more funding on developing a dedicated tipping app for HTML5 clients to eliminate the need of 3rd party tipping apps in the near future. Furthermore, our reminder advertising will focus on encouraging independent developers to use social media tipping as the main method to promote future projects and recruitment activities. We suggest community developers to narrow all future projects to be social media related.

    Budget of this marketing project will focus on creating a higher reward system or bounty list to encourage more social media users to join. Suggested budget is 1000,000 HTML5 per individual developer who participate in the promotion. Each developers will recruit at least 5 promoters and provide 10,000 HTML5 to each of these promoters. For every 10 friends the promoters tipped out at 10 percent of total coin received, they will receive another 10,000 H5. The promoters are also recommended to follow the same path to reward more friends below with a lower amount such as 50 HTML5 each friend. Cryptoinfo, for instance, has already done that on Twitter with 100 HTML5 give away to each new follower, 1000 HTML5 for each Retweet, and 10,000 HTML5 for each new promoters who join the promotion. This promotion budget is designed to create higher impact with a much lower cost because the budget coins will only go in circle and expand to a much larger community in a much shorter time. For each 1000,000 HTML5 coin the head developers spent, the estimated amount of new HTML5 users will be as below calculation using Cryptoinfo example.

    1000,000 H5 = 100 promoters (10,000 H5 each promoters)
10,000 H5 from each promoters, assuming each promoters give away 10% of received coin.
Promoters gave away 100 H5 to each friend = (1000/100) * 100(promoters) = 1000 new H5 users
Thus, only by maintaining the circle limiting at the low 10 percent giveaway ratio the expected new HTML5 users is already at 1000 with 1000,000 H5 spent. We have not account in the core promoters who are willing to give away all their H5 received as they want the coin growth further. Thus, spending 1000,000 to recruit 1000 plus new users is a perfect low budget advertising promotion.


    Finally, we will need to have an evaluation process in place to keep track of how much HTML5 is being gave away and how many new users have joined HTML5 coin. We can evaluate the number of new users through total twitter followers per day from each developers or promoters and the total estimated HTML5 gave away. Real expected number can also be evaluated through total users who downloaded digital wallets by counting the total new IP address visited. Android wallet download will be the fastest way to track and evaluate as google market come with download tracking.

    To sum up, this promotion is mainly focus on expanding HTML5 awareness and may have skipped a few important factors that contribute to the coin growth. Recruiting high skill developers, mass funding promotion for new website, new wallets for multiple platforms and HTML5 tipping apps are the few other promotions that HTML5 community is aiming at. With the current growth rate, we are aiming at completing all the suggested promotion above within the next 2 years
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Post by: Principe on December 10, 2014, 05:52:01 PM
Another epic step! HTML5 Added as base currency on Vaultex:

List of markets: BC, BTC, CLOAK, DOGE, DRK, LTC, NEOS, PND, VRC, VTC

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Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 10, 2014, 06:46:00 PM

HTMLCOIN a Base Currency, Partnership with Media, and Breaking Grounds

Partnership with Media Agencies and YouTub Celebrities for community building
- - Please subscribe, they are helping us reach more users via syndication.

Base Currency - We are happy to have 4 exchanges for full market exchange (Bleutrade, C-Cex, Vaultex and Cryptopia). We have 9 exchanges in total, and another 10 more exchanges listing us. SOme of which will be using htmlcoin as base currency. - Aims to provide a stable platform and a place of trust, in which users have more options than just the normal trading sites they visit now. - Every service provided by Cryptopia is fully integrated, you can mine directly to the exchange, or buy something from the marketplace or auction house with your trade earnings; all funds will be fully integrated and immediately accessible via all current and future Cryptopia services.


By Robert Tigers [CryptoCat]

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] has since it's inception faced challenges and struggles early on in the markets, right from the beginning massive BTC sell walls were put up and have never budged which seems to indicate that there are those in the BTC community that do fear the grassroots organic nature of HTMLCOIN [HTML5]...

Hence the reason why HTMLCOIN [HTML5] did the only thing it could and created healthy, strong relationships with other markets in particular LTC and DOGE that are not as stingy as the BTC market and they are seeing record breaking increases in trade… .

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] has also addressed some of it's early weaknesses and vulnerabilities and now is a very secure, reliable and flexible cryptocurrency with lightning fast transactions since upgrading it's algorithm to X15 IMPROVE... .

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] is one of the most enduring, hardest working cryptocoins on the market today and hat's off to the community for sticking it out and making things happen... 

As far as the BTC community is concerned it needs to loosen up a bit and stop trying to control the markets to it's benefit, it is monopolistic behavior to say the least and if it continues to show favoritism in the markets maybe altcoins should be looking for more user friendly base currencies to trade with...

Everyone is talking about HTMLCOIN [HTML5] and taking notice since switching up its algorithm to an ASIC resistant [X15 IMPROVE] 15 ROUNDS OF SCIENTIFIC HASHING (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo, hamsi, fugue, shabal, whirlpool)...

HTMLCOIN [HTML5] is based on a stable system, designed to withstand the demands of the entire altcoin community. The new algorithm is based on X15 POW + POS (After 5 years HTML5 will be POS)...

This new algorithm is design to be adoptable for future applications. HTML5 has a stable & fast system, with robust security capabilities...

HTML5 has also achieved the status of becoming a base cryptocurrency…

1) HTML5 is now one of the base currencies of Bleutrade.Com. Meaning they are one among the main currencies being traded everyday (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, HTMLCOIN & US Dollar). A significant achievement!!

2) Another equally important development is that Cointopay is enabling everyone to implement application that accept htmlcoin. Games, Goods, Services and websites, you name it!

HTML5 has also become a trailblazer and a leader in cryptocoin transparency...

The HTMLCOIN Core Team is happy to have introduced its Ledger of Expenses to show the community how they appropriated the “extra” HTMLCOIN coins left over from the transition to HTML5. The HTML5 community has succeeded in expanding over the past 6 months because they made sure that vital needs were met and necessary expenses were covered so that proper infrastructures could be implemented...
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Post by: KitCoinH on December 12, 2014, 02:07:33 AM
HTML5 coin Press release and December update, check it out!!!
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Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 12, 2014, 07:20:01 PM

HTMLCOIN is now a Multi-Developer Community:

The future design of HTMLCOIN New Website may look like:
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Post by: secco on December 15, 2014, 01:21:08 PM
A HTMLCoin section has been added to the Mega List of Crypto Gambling Sites:

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Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 15, 2014, 05:58:07 PM
Get Started With HTMLCOIN

By Kit Huynh

      If you want to start using Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as the new payment method, I recommend to get started with HTML5 Coin as it is easy to get more at the lowest price at the moment. If you still do not know what HTML5 coin is check out my old post here before you move on. I make this post as a walk through for users who need help with getting their hands on HTML5 coin within a few minutes. There are several way you can earn HTML5 coin such as getting free coin from Seniors members on Bleutrade(listed below), or earn it your own following the guide below. 
1.   Install a wallet:
        If you do not have a wallet yet, click here to go to the front page and download a wallet for your PC or Linux.
   Mobile wallet is coming in a few days (counting down!!!).
2.   Trading:
   Trading on exchange sites is the fastest way you can earn HTML5 coins because you can trade any coin to HTML5 coins on Bleutrade, Cryptsy, Comkort, C-Cex , BTC-Market, Cold Cryptos, Cryptex.
. Or you could also buy HTML5 coin straight with your USD through PAYEER on Bleutrade.
3.   Mining:
   Mining is another option that you can earn some HTML5 coins.
   With the current difficulty mining with CPU and GPU is very easy.
   Mining with your CPU will give you roughly 150-240 HTML5/ hour if your CPU can produce 50-100kh/s. Follow my instruction here about mining with CPU .
   Mining with your GPU will give you roughly 900-1400 HTML5/hour if your GPU can produce 300-400kh/s. Follow this instruction here to mine with your GPU.
4.   Cloud mining:
   To be clear, there is no cloud mining on X11 or X15 algorithm just yet, X11 will be coming out soon from Genesis Mining, and X15 on Cryptsy.
   I listed Cloud mining because you can cloud mine Doge, Litecoin or whatever coin you like to trade for HTML5. At least, this is what I`m doing because I don`t have good mining Hardwares.
   I mine with my 1Mhs Genesis Mining contract at 17.99 for average of 280 Doge and trade for HTML5 coins. Depending on HTML5 price, you could get 28,000-35000 HTML5 per day.
   I stick with Cloud mining because I seem to mine more Altcoin and trade more HTML5 with it. Follow the link on my site on Cloud mining guide.
5.   Join Bleutrade:
   Joining Bleutrade community is also a good beginning since most HTML5 holders are there.
   Free HTML5 give away happen almost everyday for several reasons.
   Free 1000-5000 HTML5 by some senior holders are quite common, the purpose is to encourage more people to join HTML5.
   Follow the link to BleuTrade and start receiving your free HTML5 coins.
6.   HTMLcoin bounty:
   Follow this link to visit HTML5 coin bounty.
   You can get up to 10000000 HTML5 for following the bounty.
   The easiest one is to post a nice comment on your social media for 1500 HTML5.
   Or create a post about HTML5 on social media and receive 1000 H5 every time some “like” or “retweet”. Let say you have 10 friends retweeted, you will receive 10,000 HTML5.
   Contact me through Twitter to fill the bounty, on simply leave a comment on this post.
7.   Faucet:
   There are 2 faucets at the moment under HTMLCOIN link.
   One payout every hour and 1 payout every 24 hours.
   Faucet links:
8.   Web Service:
   If you have an e-commerce store or would like to make one that accept HTML5 coin or Bitcoin payment, check out my service here.
9.   Community:
   Our self-hosted development team are growing exponentially, and are currently looking for more traders to join.
   Contact me through this site or at if you are interested in contributing to the Community.
   Our top skill needed is a logo designer.
   Or if you think you can suit any of the task on our Bounty List (on top), still contact me to sign up.
10.   Make a HTML5 division yourself:
   Unlike other Cryptocurrencies, HTML5 does not need a head developer. If you are holding HTML5 on hand, and want to push HTML5 value, create your own group now and name it whatever you like. My division, for instance, is Cryptoinfo that include myself and a graphic designer, we have been recruiting more members everyday to help promo H5 on a lot of forums.
   Suggestion for your group is to create a small chat room where you all can discuss further development plan on how to promo H5 or create a website to draw more H5 users (we have already done that   ). Nothing can be better than seeing your direct contribution on the coin growth, don`t be the many traders out there who wait for the coin value to raise.
   By forming your own division, you can now greatly influence the coin value every time you speak up at a much larger scale. Ideal division group is 3-5 ppl. You could also work together and claim more HTML5 bounties by creating Banner, multiple posts on Forum or social media about H5 which could potentially earn you tons of H5 by filling Bounties as a group. Check the bounty list from HTML5 dev on top.
   If you want HTML5 coin and its value to grow , become part of the coin development yourself,add to the coins value and promote growth. This is why HTML5 is different than any other coin out there.
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Post by: Principe on December 17, 2014, 12:37:12 PM
New banners for HTML5. Thanks to Christopher DiSanto ‏(@WhyWeTrance (


Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Principe on December 23, 2014, 02:03:21 PM
New banners for HTML5. Thanks to Christopher DiSanto ‏(@WhyWeTrance)



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Post by: Principe on December 27, 2014, 01:08:13 PM


HTML5 Added to Mining Pool CoinKing
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Post by: Principe on December 29, 2014, 11:50:50 AM
New bannes for HTML5. Thanks to Christopher DiSanto ‏(@WhyWeTrance)

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Post by: Principe on December 30, 2014, 11:35:59 AM
A Victorious and Triumphant Christmas!

Expanding Community - After 9 months, we flourish and bloom as a community. Our diversity made us robust & stronger. We became a global network now, compose of various nationalities, race, and personalities. Though differences exist due to diversity, our various background enable us to see different solutions in any challenges imaginable, as a community.
We evolve into a multi developer community, this new strategy is contributing to our success. The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness.
 Many good stuff coming this 2015 like application development (coin utility), website enhancement (image building), and social initiatives (community involvement).

Merry Christmas to all!

Ian Hervey, BS, MSED, MA, ABD.
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Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 31, 2014, 08:31:18 PM
HTMLCOIN: Victorious & Triumphant this Christmas and the Years to Come!

By Kit Huynh & Ian Hervey, BA, MSED, MA, ABD.

What is HTML5 coin and why people should care about it? This is the questions that you have probably heard a lot about on exchange sites, forums and social medias. HTML5 coin, or H5 for short, is an online currency which inherited the same payment encryption technology from Bitcoin. HTML5 coin uses 15 rounds of scientific hashing algorithm or X15 algo for short which allow users to mine the coin using CPU or GPU.

Evolution of algorithm  - One of the reason why HTMLCOIN endure in these days is our ability to reinvent our coin and our community. Our algorithm evolve from the common unsecure system to X15. The drastic change of algorithm enable us to focus in expanding robust community all over the world and in building necessary resources for media use. That changes brought relief from the never-ending problem of coding issues.

Expanding Community - After 9 months, we flourish and bloom as a community. Our diversity made us robust & stronger. We became a global network now, compose of various nationalities, race, and personalities. Though differences exist due to diversity, our various background enable us to see different solutions in any challenges imaginable as a community. We evolve into a multiple developer community, this new strategy is contributing to our success.

Multi-developer model - HTML5 community is now a multiple developer project which allow several individual developers to contribute to the coin growth.  The multi-developer model enable the community to explore possibilities, collaborate, and share resources. Each independent developers are doing on what they are good at leading to more initiatives in spreading awareness. The multi-dev approach system will help HTML5 grow much faster and help make it a friendly development environment. The multi-developer system objectives are: to recruit new individual developer to join the community; to host communication hub for community developers to share idea and resources;  and to promote new ideas or projects through HTML5 promoters.

No man is an island - The conventional way of developing a new cryptocurrency project is that one or two developers working on recruiting, coding and promoting a coin 24/7. Most of these one man cryptocurrency projects tend to fail halfway through their project either because they run out of budget or they run out of idea to attract more users. Thus, HTML5 coin community came up with an multiple developers approach that allow more individual developers to share a common purpose, expanding HTML5 coin community . The approach is more budget friendly as individual developers are funding and developing their own projects. Cost for funding each project is much lower as well since resources in the community is shared openly with zero charge. Multi-dev system also allow more new ideas to be generated while attracting more community members through those new ideas.  For instance, Cryptoinfo has been funding a lot of HTML5 give away in the past 3 months using their own website`s budget. Although the give away cost a few million HTML5 in the beginning but the site has attracted a lot of new traffic which help increase its ads revenue. Cryptoinfo has also became a community hub for HTML5 promoters to share ideas and recruit new developers. Most of Cryptoinfo site`s graphic are design by WhyWeTrance, a HTML5 coin individual graphic developer. The best part is that the graphic works are freely available from WhyWeTrance at no extra cost because he is also working toward expanding HTML5 community.

Another benefit from multi-dev approach is that HTML5 projects can now be operated at economies of scales. In other words, individual devs focus only on what they do best and complete the work much more efficiently. Private projects between individual devs can also be pair up through community hub and support each other throughout the development. Promotional works for HTML5 projects are made simple since there are a lot of individual devs that focus on promoting HTML5 through blogs and social media. 

Local Community Approach - HTML5 community does not limit to English speaking community but now expand to multi-lingual community from around the globe. Local community member from Indonesia, Thailand and South Africa have created their own HTML5 community hub where H5 traders discuss about HTML5 coin in their prefer languages. Most of these community hubs are on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkdedin. HTML5 Indonesian group has been the most standout community hub with 100 plus community members joined in 1 month. Indonesian Facebook group has attracted a lot of local traders who are now trading HTML5 as their main daily trading coin. Several HTML5 articles have also released in Indonesian educating new traders about HTML5 and recruit new H5 users.

Volume and price spike - As new year is approaching, HTML5 markets have received some significant increase both in volume and price. The large amount of newly joined HTML5 traders and several new projects under development have been the main reasons for the price and volume increase. HTML5-LTC market on Cryptsy and Bleutrade have received the most volume with H5 peak price at 66 latoshi, a 50% price jump in less than 2 weeks. HTML5 peak volume of the week has been at 10 BTC 24 hours trading volume. The volume increase also come in bulk purchase which mean major investors are entering the market and are willing to purchase HTML5 at any price range that is below 100 latoshi. With the current rate of volume increase, we will soon see BTC-HTML5 market go live at 1 satoshi which has been active for 3 months but receive very little volume. Entering BTC-HTML5 market will open up even more trading grounds and development opportunity for HTML5 in 2015.

Many good stuff coming this 2015 like application development (coin utility), website enhancement (image building), and social initiatives (community involvement).

Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year to all!

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Post by: secco on January 04, 2015, 11:35:05 AM


Earn 10k HTML5 when 10 friends join.
Earn 40k HTML5 when 20 friends join.
Earn 60k HTML5 when 30 friends join.

The more your refer the more you earn!
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Post by: secco on January 09, 2015, 11:25:47 PM
New Block Explorer:
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Post by: Principe on January 14, 2015, 08:02:38 PM
HTMLCOIN: Year end article is on Cryptobiz Magazine front page

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Post by: webgrup on January 28, 2015, 06:07:33 AM
HTML5 coin community monthly report is here ! HTML5 community has achieved some amazing results in January.


HTML5 and FriendsForCash Integration:

HTML5 coin is now the base coin on FriendsForCash, or FFC for short. FFC is Crypto dedicated community hubs where developers, supporters, and traders share ideas on how to grow Cryptocurrencies together. FFC is also a place for Crypto community to have fun at after every long trading day. Unlike other social media site, FFC allows developers to integrate Cryptocurrency features openly which will allow Crypto related apps to be implemented at ease. HTML5 coin tipping bot , for instance, is already under development and can also be used as FFC point system. So, generating activity on FFC will bring you free points which can be transferred from users to users or withdrawn as HTML5 coin to your personal wallet address. If you have not sign up at FFC , I suggested you to do so at since there are tons of free HTML5 give away at the moment :) . Make sure to visit FFC more often for upcoming HTML5 coin related games and FFC new features.


HTML5 Statistic:

In January, our community received tremendous growth. On Bleutrade exchange alone, HTML5 traders have grown from 500 traders to 1000 active traders in less than 30 days. HTML5 take up most of Bleutrade trading volume with an average of 8 BTC trading volume per day. H5 is also the top 5 most traded coin on Cryptsy`s LTC trading market in January with almost 10 BTC trading volume per day. As a result, HTML5 coin reached its record high trading volume at 16 BTC daily on CoinMarketCap. Price fluctuation is also follow when trading volume increase. We have seen HTML5`s price hit 110 latoshi in mid January and now stabilizing at 80 latoshi which is 40% price jump compared to December price.


Community expansion:

Our social media fan page continue to grow and now include a Brazillian Facebook fan page. Our Indonesian fan page received 200+ new members in January and still growing. H5 goal in the upcoming months is to transfer all H5 members on Facebook or Twitter to FFC platform where it is much easier to attract new users using HTML5 features. If you want to contribute to the HTML5 growth, please post more often on FFC and encourage friend to join FFC. For every post you create , or every time you post a pictures on FFC you will receive activity points that can be redeemed in HTML5. So, staying active more often on FFC will bring you more activity point which bring you more HTML5 :). Head there now and create your very first post and start earning free HTML5 ( :) .


HTML5 coming projects:

HTML5 main page will be revamped in the next few weeks. So, you will see a very professional looking website when you visit soon enough. We will also be listed on some more new exchanges in the upcoming weeks. HTML5 new features integrated on FFC is coming up shortly in February, stay tuned!

By KitCoinH
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Post by: Principe on March 10, 2015, 06:36:21 PM
March 8th, 2015! HTMLCoin is one year old! Happy Birthday!

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Post by: webgrup on March 12, 2015, 11:41:54 AM
waiting project translate indonesia in blog
click here (
my twitter : @Jawad_ID
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Post by: secco on March 31, 2015, 11:32:58 AM
The World's 1st PUBLIC cryptocurrency Political Contribution for President HTML5

Former Head football coach, Robby Wells of Savannah State University is roaring onto the National platform for 2016. The Democratic Presidential candidate is now working to become America’s next coach. At the Rise UP Festival in the Great American State of Georgia, Robby Wells will be accepting a political donation of crypto currency of html5coin much faster than bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin html5coin does not require miners or using up Earth’s Natural Resources to function. We Believe Robby Wells energy policy and sound principal economics strategy. The Future is now with Democratic Presidential candidate Robby Wells and HTML5coin.
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Post by: secco on April 06, 2015, 05:58:39 PM
A set of 8 htmlcoin avatars has been added to the altcoin avatar gallery. Enjoy!
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True that. It is kind of discouraging when you can only mine .00001 of a bitcoin. Mining a whole Litecoin or something is much more satisfying.
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Swapping Guidelines for the Htmlcoin 2017
Who: All Htmlcoin Holders
What: Swapping old htmlcoin to the new htmlcoin.
How:  One to one ratio (1:1) during the specified swap dates. One to two or less ratio (1:2 or <) for late swappers. The further you swap from the scheduled date, the lower the swap ratio you will get.
When: After 75% Percent of all coins in circulation accounted in the exchange sites OR last week of September as the projected swapping time.
Where: Exchange Sites and Web form.
Why: To upgrade coins specifications.
Exchange Sites: Currently, no one can withdraw, this is in preparation for the swap day. All traders can continue to trade and able to deposit.
>>>IF your coins are located on the Exchange Sites, you do nothing. The exchange will do it for you automatically.
>>> IF your coins are located in the wallet/paper wallet, you have to do webform swap
1.   Make sure your old wallet is synchronized. Skip this process if your wallet is synchronized. If this is your first time to download htmlcoin wallet, this instruction is not for you, see section 5.
1.1.   Your wallet must be v1.3.1.2 to synchronize. You can locate this information in your wallet > Help > About Htmlcoin.
1.2.   If you don't have the v1.3.1.2, download it here:
1.2.1.   Windows
1.2.2.   Mac
1.3.   Open the wallet, v1.3.1.2.
1.4.   Wait to synchronize your old wallet, then you are ready for the next process.
2.   Get your new 2017 wallet. This can be from the Exchange Sites or from your local wallet.
2.1.   Enter your new wallet address to the webform.
3.   The form will then show you an address to send your old coins to.
3.1.   Send your coins to the address given in 3.
4.   The webform will then send the swapped coins to your new wallet.

---------------------First Time Download to Synchronize Wallet---------------------
5.   If this is your first time to download the htmlcoin wallet, v1.3.1.2., wanting to store your coins in your own wallet then follow this process. Note that you still have to swap your coin using webform.
5.1.   Download it here:
5.1.1.   Windows
5.1.2.   Mac
5.2.   The wallet will try to sync but it will take a very long time. To skip the waiting, download the blockchain
5.2.1.   Blockchain
5.2.2.   Follow the instruction in README file, it reads like this:   Copy contents of this archive to your HTMLCoin data directory found in the following locations. If the folder is not there already then please create it.   Windows XP -
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\HTML5   Windows Vista/7/8/10 -
 C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\HTML5   Linux -
./HTML5/   Mac   ~/Library/Application Support/HTML5/

Nota Bene: Old HTMLCOIN mined during or after the swap date will not be honored.
*These guidelines above may change anytime.

Source: (

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Can we send the coins we have on a qt wallet to an exchange for the swap?

Some nodes? I'm running v1.3.1.2 but it is not connecting.
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                                                                                                         BlockMonsta Miningpool [HTML5]


                                                                                                         EXAMPLE for HTMLCOIN [HTML5]

                                                                                      stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAdress -p x

                                                                                                                    Port: 3008, Diff: 0.032
                                                                                                                    Port: 3032, Diff: 0.02
                                                                                                                    Port: 3256, Diff: 1
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HTML5, Nodes:

"addr" : "",
"services" : "00000001",
"lastsend" : 1500394313,
"lastrecv" : 1500394313,
"conntime" : 1500393550,
"version" : 60026,
"subver" : "/Satoshi:",
"inbound" : false,
"startingheight" : 1555107,
"banscore" : 0
"addr" : "",
"services" : "00000001",
"lastsend" : 1500394313,
"lastrecv" : 1500394317,
"conntime" : 1500394200,
"version" : 60026,
"subver" : "/Satoshi:",
"inbound" : false,
"startingheight" : 1555118,
"banscore" : 0
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📢 Htmlcoin Business

We at htmlcoin try to unlock the highest potential in all people. Everyone is equal in life. Htmlcoin attempts to contribute the greatest dedication to improving the quality of life for all.

This platform will provide a strong foundation. The biggest factor is that it will also provide opportunities for people who do not have work, are physically restricted or those who may not be able to work for other reasons.

Htmlcoin allows companies to realize more revenue by applying strategic, online marketing techniques. We develop innovative solutions for the most diverse and complex issues. We are aware of changing trends and we provide the opportunity to deploy highly beneficial strategic tools. We have an excellent team of developers with extensive experience in different markets. offers these services worldwide. Htmlcoin trains talented people who deserve a chance. They learn the techniques and skills needed to enable them to provide the named services provides. In this way, they can provide added value to companies and thus create their own jobs with participating companies.

We are currently developing an e-learning environment at Here participants will be able to follow online classes in different modules. There will be a lot of video training in the modules.

We have the ability to scale indefinitely. Because we offer digital learning programs we do not have a ceiling. We are able to train hundreds of people, but just as easily hundreds of thousands of participants once our systems are ready.

These initiatives provide opportunities for minorities and vulnerable groups in the population and will therefore promptly receive attention and support from local governments and businesses. We will, therefore, encourage the employees of the core team to announce this in their countries. It will build a bridge between companies and freelancers.

We have made blueprints of introductory letters and techniques for our htmlcoin ambassadors to approach local governments, organizations, companies, career counselors, rehabilitation centers and other organizations to join the platform. These documents consist of raw data that can serve as a template. We will add them to our online library these coming weeks. All EVPs will gain access to these documents.

If you want to know more about this project or join us, we would love to hear from you
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Get updates about HTMLCOIN:

1. Sign up here

2. Read this list
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Help us get HTMLCOIN listed in a small exchange before the swap
Please do spend some DOGE coin for voting as we need to reach the 1st place in 2 days.
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Help us get HTMLCOIN listed in a small exchange before the swap
Please do spend some DOGE coin for voting as we need to reach the 1st place in 2 days.

What's the point on getting listed in small exchanges BEFORE the swap?

It does make sense AFTER the swap, though getting listed in BIG exchanges make even more sense.
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There are some Major Developments coming soon to Htmlcoin

An Interview with EVP of Educational Technology: Zac Smith

by Joshua Rousseau

The On-exchange Swap Of Htmlcoins approaches rapidly. Set for late September, or when 75% of all Htmlcoin currently in existence has been deposited. This swap will bring major updates to Htmlcoin code that I shall describe in detail below. These updates will bring dramatic improvements to the blockchain’s functionality.


Firstly of note, I would like to bring attention to the “Real-Time Check-pointing” feature, number 2. There have been numerous 51% attacks on blockchains in the past, and many were successful. Even Htmlcoin itself suffered a 51% attack last month, which, I believe, is in part a reason why Html is currently trading at only 1 Satoshi on some exchanges. Yes, you read correctly, just 1 sat! With Real-time check-pointing, even if a mining cartel or otherwise nefarious actor mounts and attack on the blockchain, it now is resistant to such attacks being able to alter data already written to blocks in the chain’s history; A huge plus for security.
Next, let’s look at the new features 1 and 3, this may be most interesting to miners. HTML will use the Neoscrypt mining algorithm, which is refinement over the Scrypt mining algorithm and offers a number of improvements over Script. HTML will be readily GPU minable for a long time to come, and also, have a degree of ASIC resistance. The Enhanced Hash-Rate Compensation essentially reduces large changes to mining reward that could result from miners with a lot of hash power starting to mine, or stopping, which will make profit more consistent for the other miners. For the white paper on Neoscrypt see:

Features 4 and 5 are what have me most excited about these new HTML features. Htmlcoin will integrate Ethereum Virtual Machine functionality making It a fully functioning Smart Contracting Platform! This opens up a nearly limitless amount of possibilities for HTML in the future, from Distributed Applications to integration within IoT devices, to Distributed Autonomous Organizations. When one considers that many Ethereum miners will look for new coin’s to mine after Ethereum switches to proof of stake, Htmlcoin starts to look like a good potential candidate.

Feature 8 is also worthy of note, “Account Layer Abstraction.” This means that in the not too far off future, all the possibilities Smart Contracting Platforms offer could be accessible from the Bitcoin blockchain using the Html chain as an intermediary. This is similar to what the Counterparty Blockchain does.

I hope this has helped you see just how big these updates at swap time during the end of September will be! And remember, If enough people deposit their coins to exchanges to reach the 75% threshold, It could be sooner! And now, An interview with Zac Smith, The new Executive Vice President of Educational Technology in the HTML Core Team, who has a Masters Degree in Cyber Security and Information Assurance and also is College Faculty at New Mexico State University.

I: Would you tell us a little about your background?

Zac: My background is varied, after serving in the military I earned a degree in legal science and worked as a paralegal and court clerk for a few years. I found it to be miserable work and returned to school, this time to learn welding and machining. I loved the work, hated the hours, hated the weather and hated the travel. So, again I returned to college and earned my BS in Information Communication Technology and began teaching computer science at university while I went to grad school for cyber security.

I: Has your previous work helped spark your interests in Crypto-currency? When was the “Ahh-ha,” moment for you?

Zac: I remember reading an article about Bitcoin in Wired magazine, and then a few months later the feds busted the ‘Dread Pirate Roberts’ and it was Bitcoin that aided this course of action. I don’t condone the criminal action, but I was amazed that this unknown person had created this revolution in freedom. I am a huge fan of John Nash, the real John and not the Beautiful Mind character, and many believe he may be the creator. I have my own thoughts, which I will not express here; but, again I found it amazing. So, I read the White Paper and began to search for a community that made me feel at home. I found that community with Htmlcoin in late 2014 and have been involved since then.

I: How do you think Crypto-currency will benefit people?

Zac: I am a devoted believer in freedom, and that freedom of expression, freedom of the press and personal freedom are fundamental to the survival of our species. Crypto-currencies represent freedom of transaction, and that is critical to business, to personal and community economic development. Crypto-currency allows anyone to regain a little freedom lost, even if it is just freedom to buy something they decide. Freedom in any degree is empowering, and so I feel that crypto-currency is empowerment!

I: What developments are on the road-map for the future?

Zac: This is an action packed question, 5 years ago many looked at crypto currency as money! Now, we see it as independence, empowerment and the method of creativity. I don’t have any idea how the blockchain will change our lives, yet everyday I see another company developing a tool or service that seems perfect for our lives. I can say this with all confidence, we have not even touched the surface of how Crypto-currency and the blockchain will transform the world, and I feel confident that the cure for cancer and so many ails will, one day, be logged, shared and protected through the forth coming advancements!

I: We appreciate your work! Is there anything else you can tell us about what you are working on? Is there anything else we can know now?

Zac: Currently I am researching ways to use smart contracts to conduct security assessments and creative methods to utilize the new technology of Htmlcoin. It’s funny when I speak to non Crypto-currency people, they say things like, “can I buy a beer with it?” Yes, but imagine a system that allows organizations to securely verify someone’s identification without having to invade their lives. Sweden wants to put land titles in the blockchain so that they can better control and protect those details. Consider the poor farmer in a third world country where inflation is skyrocketing because of a corrupt government, the blockchain and Crypto-currency takes the power from corruption and places it back with that farmer. I don’t know where my research will take me, but it is exciting!
Well, That was a great interview. I’d like to thank Zac Smith for his time! I plan to write more articles like this in the future, lot’s more on Crypto-currency to come!

For full, disclosure, as a Crypto-currency trader, I have taken a position in HTMLcoin and fully expect It’s valuation to increase in the future. This is not Investment Advice, but merely my opinion. @cryptoboater on twitter.

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Transition Page/Landing Page is now LIVE!

Many thanks to:

 Arjen Breedt  and his Team in The Netherlands
 Arturo Morales  from the United States of America
 Ammar Tumbi and his Team in Pakistan

Thanks for the hard work guys  :)

Next will be the launching of the new website!

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Proof of Developer

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Htmlcoin: Inclusive and Empowering to People

By Joshua Peterson

From the Author:

I would like to personally thank The HTMLCoin Foundation for allowing me the opportunity to write this article about Christopher DiSanto. For the record - I am, myself, a disabled person. Through my own challenges and struggles I have come to the realization that we all have our own personal hardships that are unique to our own state of being. I do not know Christopher personally. However, I believe him to be noteworthy.
Coming from a background of financial hardship, Christopher - though faced with homelessness – was able to accomplish his goals as a Content Creator, and Graphic Designer.  He credits Satoshi Nakamoto - creator(s) of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency - for the inspiration behind his success.
Being a cryptocurrency for the underdog, HTMLCoin has built a vibrant community of members like Christopher whose hearts blaze with passion for humanity and the desire to raise the quality of life for the entire human experience.
Christopher DiSanto

Christopher has always been one to step up and help out his community. Disenchanted by the progress of traditional finances and politics, he decided that cryptocurrencies like HTMLCoin might be the ideal way to help others achieve economic vitality. Moved by the financial struggles of smaller countries and those with low incomes, Christopher sought to make a difference in the emerging blockchain industry by focusing on underrepresented populations.
Christopher made a personal goal to go back to school to develop skills and hone his technical abilities to better support projects like HTMLCoin . While attending university, Christopher’s tireless quest for and consumption of knowledge built a strong fundamental and foundational knowledge of cryptocurrencies. That educational investment increased Christopher’s ability to succeed in a tough space and enjoy a promising retirement with a significant portfolio of crypto investments.
How will your passion unlock the next great movement and success story in the crypto universe?

The Interview:

Would you tell us a little about your background?

Well, there’s a bunch to say, but nothing really noteworthy. Have been a hobbyist content creator for many years. Got started in 1994 with Microsoft Paint, and have been doing graphic design on-and-off for over twenty years. Spent some time being homeless in 2011, and have pulled myself up from a broken cellphone on free WIFI at McDonald's to a basic and humble existence. The blockchain is what has given my life purpose, and I owe everything to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Has your previous work helped spark your interest in cryptocurrency?

It has been the opposite for me; blockchain started a personal quest. In the past, I never cared about finance or geopolitics, but after experiencing blockchains rise to power- my eyes have been opened to the macrocosm of the global digital economy. After witnessing the moral decay in the mercantile system, and the blatant disregard for basic human rights- it drove me to learn more. My desire is to influence the emerging blockchain industry.

When was the, "ah-ha," moment for you?

There was a time when cryptocurrency faucets were popular. Every coin had them, and you could just get free coins out. Once you understood the basics of supply and demand & the way that markets move- you could invest this free coin with little to no worry of personal loss. During this time of plenty, many altcoins were hitting the markets, and sometimes you could acquire billions of coins for a handful of pocket change. Exchanges at this time would run ‘tipbots’, and we would do ‘coin rains.’ Large groups of people with massive amounts of coins would tip in the exchange’s chatbox (commonly referred to as a ‘trollbox’.)

During this time, a fellow blockchain developer from South America made a comment that he had received a 0.025 bitcoin tip. At the time, Bitcoin was lower in price, and the tip value equaled less than Forty dollars USD. The developer expressed his extreme gratitude for the tip, and stated that ‘in his homeland, the average monthly income was roughly Twenty-eight to Thirty dollars USD.’

From this point on; I understood that blockchain had already changed the world. 

How do you think Crypto-currency will benefit people?

Cryptocurrency is a double-edged sword or a catch-22 situation. We are witnessing the creation and realization of an entirely new asset-class. The technology is reshuffling the power structure of the world while the central banks plan their next move. We have seen some great innovations in blockchain technology with the rise of ‘Proof of Stake (PoS)’ and ‘Decentralized Blockchain Applications (DApps)’. With the advent of ‘IoT’ (internet of things) and mesh networks, anyone could eventually create their own decentralized, autonomous financial system. This upcoming point in human history will likely change the way everyone does business in the future. Technology is ever-changing and we (You and I) have the ability to influence it.

Which potential uses of HTMLCoin do you find most inspiring?

The HTMLCoin development team has always been a multicultural and diverse environment. The world isn’t constrained by culture, race or creed on the internet, and your ability and knowledge are what brings like-minded people together. We’ve fed people on the other side of the globe with HTMLCoin tips and faucets. People, Technology, and Philanthropy… when this all culminates with a positive group of individuals…greatness can happen. HTMLCoin has been the vehicle that has given people like me a chance to better themselves and learn more about the underlying technology in the process.     

How might HTMLCoin change people's lives? Has it impacted you in any way?

This project has boosted my creative ability in ways that few could understand. It challenged me to go back to school and learn more about the topics that interested me. The time has also been spent developing my professional ability & self-confidence. The HTMLCoin team has always been a supportive place where you can learn about blockchain technology, and we are always looking for people that want to get involved. ‘Fortune Favors the Bold.’

How's the community? do you know anyone where you live that knows of it, or is interested to use it?

Living near a University makes it easier to find like-minded individuals, but cryptocurrency is still in its infancy so many simply do not understand the technology. With each major swing in the price of Bitcoin, more and more people enter the sector. Naturally, you tend to meet people in your daily life that know what bitcoin is or may have just heard about it. The public is highly impressionable, and many still need to learn the basics. Most people only see or read about the [major] events that occur- Mt. Gox, The DAO hack, Silk Road, BTC-e and - most recently - Bitcoin breaking the four-thousand-dollar price mark. So, regarding cryptocurrency, people are naturally becoming curious, and education in a supportive environment is increasingly sought after. It’s up to us to share what we’ve learned and let HTMLCoin be the cornerstone that gives users a foundation to build on.

Source: Christopher DiSanto

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On June 8, 2017, we reach $1.12 Million at 4 Satoshi in volume. We are expecting the same volume and momentum after the swap. See below for more details.


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Post by: HTMLCOIN on August 27, 2017, 10:06:36 PM
Htmlcoin – The cryptocoin that keeps defying the odds and all logic.

By Doofy

I’ve said it before… Htmlcoin is an anomaly among the cryptocurrency world. Back in 2013 and 2014, I did a ton of altcoin mining – mainly scrypt coins, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zeitcoin, Procoin, Htmlcoin, and so many others.

Many of those coins simply disappeared. Procoin, which touted itself as the cryptocurrency for small businesses just… disappeared one day, rendering all coins immediately useless. Just par for the course.

Htmlcoin seemed even worse. The mining for these coins never increased in difficulty in the early days, netting millions of coins per day. I didn’t care. The running joke in my head was that I’d finally become a billionaire, even if it was in a coin clearly destined to disappear. Trading it smartly with doge would result in getting more doge and more html. It was a great coin for playing with.

Instead of disappearing, they decided to fix the coin. They changed the algorithm for mining and did a coin swap, kind of like a reverse split. I wasn’t a billionaire anymore 😦 but at least I still had a healthy amount. Dubbed html5 (despite still being htmlcoin officially), it was definitely seen as a much healthier coin. It traded for somewhat better amounts of doge and even litecoin at times.

Over the years, I just held most of my amount, as it’s supposed to go “POS” in 5 years, which is interest bearing. Last few times I looked, its USD price was embarrassingly low (like $0.00000008).

Then, over the last few months, it was subject to a 51% attack, which seems to open the block-chain to manipulation. Ok, well, it was fun while it lasted, and it certainly outlasted all the other coins from back in the day.

What’s that, you ask? Why is htmlcoin worth $0.000181 today (and trading for approximately 0.00000005 BTC – prices fluctuate)? Who the fuck knows? However, they’re fixing the coin AGAIN and doing a mostly 1-for-1 swap of the coin, so most people won’t lose anything. 1000000 htmlcoin today is worth $181 (or 0.05BTC, which is about $210).

Man, if I still had 1,000,000,000 htmlcoins today, I could potentially trade it for…. $181,000.

If history has taught me anything about htmlcoin, it’s that it defies everything. Shitty original algorithm, 51% attack on newer version of the coin, and on the cusp of a second coin swap and update…. and now it’s worth more than ever, and still slowly climbing.

In closing, some htmlcoin holders might find themselves to be accidental millionaires before too long.


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Post by: HTMLCOIN on August 31, 2017, 01:36:59 AM
HTML... what? HTMLCoin!

By simplexletalis

You may have heard of HTML coin in the past. It was popular around the time of Ethereum's launch and made headway up until June of 2017 when a 51% attack occurred and the coin suffered a large drop in price. Since then, the price hovered in the 1-2 sat range until recently.

Now, HTMLCoin is seeing a major come back. It surged 400% late august and appears to have no boundaries or limits. HTML's Dev has been active and ready to answer questions on their slack, basecamp and through various other means. I have been in contact with him myself and can tell the dedication to reviving this coin is real.

Soon, HTML coin will be undergoing what is called a "Coin Swap." This is a process where coins are transferred from one block-chain to the newly developed pre-mined chain. Don't worry, the exchanges will be in charge of this process and as long as you store your coins on one of them, you will automatically be funded with the new coins.

So what's the point of a coin swap?

The community has spoken and it wants HTMLCoin to be bigger, better and faster. It wants a coin that can tackle the obstacles of various coins all in one. That is what is happening now. Amando Boncales has his work cut out for him, but he is recruiting the best of the best to begin creating a development team, support team and marketing team to push this coin to the top of the list.

If you want to get in on the ground level of a huge breakout, now's the time.

The new HTML coin will feature various improvements which can all be found on their website at Some of the main focuses however are:

NEOSCRYPT to help maintain security and protect users and miners alike.
Smart Contracts to make use applications on the blockchain.
A complex EVM system that will provide the grounds for amazing developers to port applications/contracts/computing to the blockchain.
With HTMLCoin previously being up to 155 sats, pushing that far again would make millionaires among the community. I know I will be there, hopefully you will join us on this fantastic and exciting ride.

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Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 01, 2017, 08:57:44 PM
HTMLCOIN: The “Little Guy” that isn’t Giving Up

By Rich Chambers, B.A., M.A.
Director of Publications
The Htmlcoin Foundation

1. Background

I live on the east coast of the United States. I am a family man. I suppose you could call cryptocurrency a hobby, a small one mind you, but still a hobby that I am interested in.

2. Has your previous work helped spark your interest in cryptocurrency?

My old boss (back in 2013) was very into Bitcoin and, to a lesser degree, Litecoin and Dogecoin. When he talked about all of this stuff, I was clueless. Still, his interest in it, and his constant quoting of the price of bitcoin, was enough to at least pique my interest.

3. When was the, "ah-ha," moment for you?

It was less of an “ah-ha” moment and more of a "wow, this stuff is everywhere" moment. I realized pretty quickly that everybody was making their own coins. I also realized that I had no idea how to acquire these coins. I didn’t have any of the required software or hardware to make it work. So, I quickly learned about mining and pools, and started using available desktops (legally, don't worry) to start mining scrypt coins.

If I had to be totally honest, as a dabbler in this stuff, it still mystifies me. At the most basic level, I understand the block-chain to be a "public ledger" of private payments. I don't know if it has changed the world yet, but it surely isn't going away any time soon. If we suggest that BTC is the "proof of concept" for all this, then that's one hell of a concept--$4000+ for one coin.

4. How do you think Crypto-currency will benefit people?

It will benefit people in a couple ways. Firstly, it decentralizes currency. I can pay a person in China and there's no "Well, how much is that in their currency?" taking place. No calculations are necessary. It is worth the same everywhere. Secondly, there's almost no limit. I don't mean in regard to the number of coins, but to the possibilities. All it will take to make HTMLCOIN valuable is for people to simply accept that it is. If you sell stuff and charge HTMLCOIN for it, you clearly think it's valuable. In turn, if I hold or have the coin, I probably think the same. You can set the price; I can pay it. As with almost any market, the people will decide. In this case, the product is the currency itself.

5. How did you find HTMLCOIN?

HTMLCOIN was literally just on the list of "new scrypt coins" that I saw one day on the Bitcoin Talk forums a few years ago. By the time I found it, I had already purchased a few dualminer USB dongles that were churning out 70kh/s. They were supposed to do the sha-256 algorithm, but I could never get that to work. Alas, I digress. Still, with a handful of these USB miners and the desktops still doing their thing, I was getting 1-2 million HTMLCOINS per day. It didn’t matter to me if they were ever going to be worth anything. I just liked seeing the big numbers…lol.

I initially joined the community at large because I was interested in seeing opinions of the coin. Back in the early days, they weren't very flattering, but that was to be expected amidst the endless "hey, here's a new coin that will ultimately go bust” attitudes.

6. Are you a miner or trader with of HTMLCOIN?

My early mining days were almost comical. I was amassing so many coins. But here is where HTMLCOIN was a huge benefit for me. Because it was so easy to acquire and people were literally “giving” it away, I had no fear trading it in large quantities for other coins (namely Dogecoin). It didn't matter, millions more were coming. I could get Dogecoin and then buy back some more HTMLCOIN at a much lower cost. Essentially, I was trading back and forth and increasing quantities of both coins. All the while, I was learning more about the cryptocurrency market and HTMLCOIN.

7. Which do you find most inspiring about HTMLCOIN?

Honestly, the community is what I find to be the most inspiring aspect of HTMLCOIN. In order for a cryptocoin to thrive, there has to be an enthusiastic community. If there aren't people behind it, it will die. I have watched this happen to so many coins that had so many initial cheerleaders but no true community commitment. Watching the HTMLCOIN community never give up on the coin, and working to continually improve it, might be one for the books. :-)
8. How might HTMLCOIN change people's lives?

If HTMLCOIN ever hits even 1¢ in USD, some people might find themselves "accidental millionaires."

9. Any additional thoughts you want to express to the HTMLCOIN community and to the world?

I have been a supporter of HTMLCOIN since I first discovered it. Amando has been quite the promoter of this coin since the beginning. I have always felt like he has been nothing but sincere in his push for the coin. And honestly, if he was not sincere, the coin would have disappeared in 2014 or 2015. But here we are in the latter half of 2017.The coin is still here and trading at the best price I've seen. I'm not going anywhere.

Keep doing what you're doing HTMLCOIN. Keep defying the odds and all your detractors. I think it's refreshing to see that the "little guy" isn't giving up.

Respondent: Bitcoin Talk user id: DoofyMusic

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 02, 2017, 11:54:42 PM
Htmlcoin Listed  in Nova Exchange 2017

By Simon Telfer
EVP Business Development and Innovation
The Htmlcoin Foundation

"As you are all aware, last week HTMLCoin was live on Novaexchange for a short period of time. 
To save any added complexity to the swap we have agreed with our friends at Novaexchange that they will keep the HTMLCoin exchange service offline until the swap is complete, and the new HTMLCoin wallet live with the new Neoscrypt algorithm.
In preparation, if you aren’t already on Novaexchange why not open an account and take a look around at their wide range of alt-coins and trading pairs"
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 05, 2017, 04:18:06 PM
HTMLCOIN is not an ICO

By Simon Telfer
AEVP Business Development and Innovation
The Htmlcoin Foundation

With recent discussion and market response to the announcements on the status of ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) in the People’s Republic of China The Htmlcoin Foundation would like to clarify that the Htmlcoin swap process we are currently undertaking does not constitute an ICO.

It is important to us that we respect the various regulations around the globe, and we take very seriously the adoption of our smart contract and decentralised application technology within the spirit of self-regulation which is evolving across our industry. The swap process we are planning to undertake this month (September 16, 2017 to October 15, 2017) gives our global community the most accessible, best value and fairest way of moving from the old to new Htmlcoin asset.

Many thanks for your continued support!
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 05, 2017, 04:53:55 PM
HTMLCOIN Changed My Life!
Bitcoin Talk user id: Caliber


I am from a small town in the Southeast corner of the United States. With no traffic lights and about 1,600 people, my hometown is about as rural as you can get. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty. With rolling hills, majestic mountains, and peaceful streams and rivers, it is a wonderful place to call home, and an equally wonderful place for my wife and me to raise our son and daughter.

Things haven’t always been easy for me though. I was born with a major disability and my mom was told that I only had a limited amount of time on this planet. As a result, I grew up with my mom worriedly watching over me. She held me back from sports, which drove me crazy as I loved being competitive. I used to sneak away every chance I got to play any game I could. Eventually, to help distract me from the playground and playing field, my mom bought me my first computer. It was a Commodore 64. After that I became hooked, and I spent the rest of my teens learning everything I could about computers.

Has your previous work helped spark your interest in cryptocurrency?
Absolutely, being born with a major disability, I found many things difficult while growing up. Eventually, I dropped out of school because… well, who wouldn’t after being told by doctors that you only have a small amount of time to live. My thinking at the time was “why waste what little time I had on something I would never use.” But thankfully, as I got older, I stopped listening to the doctors and decided that I was going to live. That is when my love of computers, instilled into me by my Commodore 64, fully took over. I went back to school to attain my GED and further pursued study in the computer field, getting A+ certified and taking college courses online in Information Technology.

Soon after, I became interested in Bitcoin, and began trying to mine sha-256. It was tough at first, and when I went looking for help, I soon figured out there was NO ONE in my local area or, for the most part, online that was able to help me out. This was the beginning of the crypto evolution and not many knew much about cryptocurrency, let alone how to mine it. So, I made it my mission to figure it out on my own.

I started watching sites called Altcoin Calendar and Bitcoin Talk for information, which included the latest coin releases. One day I saw that a coin called HTML was being released. I downloaded the wallet and started reading online how the coin worked. I discovered that I could type in a simple command in the debug window and start mining directly to my computer with the wallet miner. I did just that, and after a few minutes, I had hit my first block. I was shocked at how easy it was. I was HOOKED! I then showed my daughter how to do it and she became as enthralled with it all as I was.

During this first period of mining, I decided to order a couple of gridseed 5s off of eBay. Yep, it was very small, but I really didn’t know how everything worked at the time. I was literally just starting out in the cryptocurrency world. From there, my daughter and I mined a ton of HTMLCOIN. Now, here we are in 2017, ready for a big change in HTMLCOIN, and excited about what could happen and where this coin could go!

What was your “aha” moment?
When I hit my first block, I was totally hooked. I fell in love with the whole cryptocurrency scene at that moment.

How did you find HTMLCOIN?
Well, as I said earlier, I started looking at all the upcoming coins on Altcoin Calendar and Bitcoin Talk, and stumbled across this one.

The coin excited me, so I taught my kids about mining and tried to inform all the people around me, both on and off-line. I told as many people as I could about crypto mining and particularly this coin, but to no avail for most. You have to know where I live, most people still don’t believe me, even now in 2017, when I tell them about Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency. They think I am crazy…lol.

How might HTMLCOIN change people’s lives? Has it impacted you in any way?
Since I became a part of the HTMLCOIN community, it seems almost everyone from the HTMLCOIN site, to the people on Bitcoin Talk, or anywhere else that I communicate with regarding HTMLCOIN, are nothing but really good people—helpful, friendly, and Informative.

I love the idea of HTMLCOIN being able to help average people like myself. Being someone with a lifelong disability, it is nice to know that there is a coin that has my best interests at heart. This is the one thing that really has me sold on HTMLCOIN and the one thing that could make it one of the best coins in the crypto world. HTMLCOIN is about helping and connecting people, and I like that!

HTMLCOIN even saved my family’s home from foreclosure. A few weeks back when HTMLCOIN had a huge couple of days, I sold some of my coins and earned enough money to save my home. I will be forever grateful to HTMLCOIN because of this. This coin, no matter what happens from here, has truly been a blessing for my family. It has changed my life. Thank you HTMLCOIN from the bottom of my heart.

If you really want a community driven, down to earth coin that can change your life for the better, HTMLCOIN is the one for you. 10 out of 10 for sure!!!

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 06, 2017, 04:49:39 PM

Dear Fellows,

We are happy to announce that the initial list of our core team is now available on our website.

Please feel free to meet us there and say hi  :)
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 12, 2017, 03:54:53 PM
Roadmap and Pipeline Projects
Fiscal Year 2017- 2022

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:35:06 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:38:55 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:44:43 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:50:57 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:54:12 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 10:57:33 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 15, 2017, 11:01:35 PM
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 20, 2017, 04:45:01 PM
Dear Htmlcoiners,

RE: Online & Technical Support Team

As we prepare for the swapping we will be hiring on the following talent:

Block Explorer - Technical Support Specialist
API - Technical Support Specialist

Website - Technical Support Specialist
Lite Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

QT Wallet -Technical Support Specialist
Android Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

IOS Wallet -Technical Support Specialist
Online Wallet -Technical Support Specialist

Pools -Technical Support Specialist
Ports -Technical Support Specialist

Nodes -Technical Support Specialist
Github -Technical Support Specialist

Kindly submit your application at ""

The applicant must sign the voluntary form and the NDA.

We will also need your Linkedin account for verification.

Thank you for all your support!
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 23, 2017, 09:53:11 PM

HTMLCOIN Swapping Update

Dear Htmlcoin Holders,

We would like to provide you with an update for HTMLCOIN, which includes the pending coin

Worldwide, there are only a handful of crypto projects that have the technological capabilities of
our new hybrid blockchain. While each offers a special and unique feature to help propel the
industry to the next level, we believe that HTMLCOIN is the one with the right technology to make
a lasting impact. Furthermore, we have the most engaged and vibrant global community, of
which you are a member!

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy talking to all of you, businesses, communities, and
project developers that want to participate in the HTMLCOIN program. We have been excited to
discover that HTMLCOIN, and all that we are doing and plan to do, appeal to so many people
from so many backgrounds and cultures. As we drive the HTMLCOIN project from ambition to
reality, we are inspired and energized by all that we hear.

For us, the most important factors for a healthy cryptocurrency and blockchain are:

1) The stability and security of the currency and the blockchain network
2) An engaged and active community
3) A cryptocurrency and blockchain with real-world utility
4) A commitment to change and innovation

We have now discussed our hybrid blockchain developments extensively and everyone has
concluded that once HMTLCOIN has finished all stages of its swap, we will have a very real
opportunity to build something that can deliver the levels of adoption and transformation we all
know distributed ledger technology is capable of.

We will be administering our swap in four stages, resulting in a smooth and gradual transition that
will mitigate any disruptions to current users and developers. It will further allow us to phase in
the more advanced and complex features of HTMLCOIN over the following months in a seamless
and non-disruptive manner.

Swapping Ratios

Number of Days Equivalents
1-60 1 old coin : 1 new coin
61-90 2 old coins : 1 new coin
91-105 3 old coins : 1 new coin
106 - later 0 old coin : 0 new coin

Preparation for Swapping Phase 1 (Soft Swap)

As you know, we are upgrading to a state-of-the-art hybrid coin which combines Bitcoin core base
with an Ethereum smart contracting layer in a POW/POS hybrid. The core swap will establish the
new blockchain, which includes the security and neoscrypt algorithm that we agreed upon in June
2017. In the coming weeks, we will publish the timeline, wallet, mining (POW), and staking (POS)
details as well as automatic exchange and manual swap details. We have now decided the manual
swap will last for 105 days with a 1:1, 1:2, and 1:3 swap window to ensure all HTML5 holders have
the opportunity to receive their new HTMLCOINs.

Roadmap and Pipeline:

Currently, the HTMLCOIN project is funded and supported by volunteer donations. But over the
past weeks, as we have rolled out our roadmap and pipeline, the level of enthusiasm for the
multiple developments we are discussing has made it clear to us that we will be unable to realize
our potential through crowdfunding. For this reason, we will be updating our pre-mine plans to
make sure that funds are available for us to engage a larger team of developers and professionals
who can not only deliver quickly but who can participate in the global crypto conversation to
represent the needs of our community in the development of this transformational technology.

Also, we want to add that none of these developments would have been possible without all the
positive contributions from you, the community. Keep the positive flow going and share it with
others. We are very excited with all the that is taking place. Together, we have a bright future ahead

Please remember that you can always contact our core team members and share your questions,
ideas, and concerns. We are happy to hear from you and welcome your feedback and suggestions.
It’s not always easy for us to respond to everything, but we promise we will try.

We are listening.

All the best!

HTMLCOIN Core team
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: Zapotec on September 26, 2017, 04:42:27 PM
ETA for swap opening?
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on September 26, 2017, 11:32:17 PM
First Live Stream HTMLCOIN & HTML Blockchain (

( (
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 07, 2017, 08:13:24 PM
Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

Dear HTMLCOIN holders,

RE: Official Announcement: Blockchain Release and Swapping Process Update.

With pride, we announce important updates regarding the HTMLCOIN swapping process and the strengthening of our team.

As we have previously discussed, we have a number of early adopter partners who are developing their projects based on the HTMLCOIN blockchain, and over the last few days we have held a number of meetings with them which have resulted in some exciting new developments.

In short, we have agreed to collaborate with our partners developer teams to help us with the  the delivery of a FULLY FEATURED PHASE 2 Smart Contracting platform earlier than originally planned December 17, 2017.

For us, the most important considerations in our decisions for this have always been:

1) The stability and security of the currency

2) A satisfied, engaged, and inclusive community

3) A blockchain with real world applications

During our discussions it became clear that once all the developer features of our blockchain platform are available, our partners will be able to establish an early market advantage, something which is critical in the tech industry we are engaging with.  We cannot deny them this, and have taken the decision to accept their help, re-plan and accelerate to a full feature delivery with a complete smart contracting platform before November 20, 2017.

By completing the delivery and  swap within this time frame, we believe our partners will be able to finalize and bring forward announcements regarding their own white papers, funding activities, and pre-sales.

This is a great leap forward for us all, enabling the original plan of a 2-speed 160 day swap to move to a  complete full-featured platform within the next 40 days, including wallets, explorer’s, developer tools, EVM capabilities and other ancillaries! We hope this news leaves you as excited as it does us!

Our own developers are now working across the larger team of our new partners, and in response to your request for more visibility we will present progress updates on our GITHUB site with regular Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, video updates with the team and more devs across social media sites.

What we are doing is groundbreaking for a community project, and committing to a swap dates has always been a challenge.  You have heard Simon discussing the technical challenges on our FB Live and on Telegram, we believe sharing the schedule and progress on GITHUB as we move forward will give you the opportunity to see the swap date approaching and make your own decisions as an individual and with your community and friends.

We are positively surprised by all the help that has been offered to us and are looking forward to the future with great excitement. We want to add that none of this would have been possible without all the wonderful contributions from you, our community. Keep the positive energy flowing and share it with others. Ahead of us is a bright future where we will be able to admire what we have all created.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We would be happy to hear from you. And if you would like to contribute to the project, then we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer via

We are listening!

All the best!

HTMLCOIN Core team

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 11, 2017, 10:52:11 PM
We are pleased to announce that our White Paper will be released in the upcoming days.
Thank you all for your support.

Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: surinserver on October 19, 2017, 12:20:22 AM
Coin Add in pool
Title: Htmlcoin White Paper
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 20, 2017, 07:13:44 PM
Dear Htmlcoin Family,

Today marks an important day in the history of Htmlcoin. The “little coin that could” that debuted in early 2014 has now made its way up to the top of the “mountain” and is ready to speed with all its might down the other side and on into the future. With a burgeoning and ever-expanding world-wide community, uniquely innovative business plans, and a newly developed blockchain platform that brings the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum together, Htmlcoin proudly announces the release of its white paper.

The Htmlcoin white paper details the evolution of the coin from its early stages as merely a cryptocurrency to its present state as an independent blockchain platform with the ability to host multiple tokens and initiatives. The technology is thoroughly explained and the business plans are laid out. Htmlcoin is prepared to become one of the true innovators in the crypto world.

The community is what drives the Htmlcoin train forward. This white paper is a reflection of that community. It exemplifies how a group of volunteers from all corners of the globe can come together with passion, commitment, and vision to make something great. Htmlcoin is that something. With huge thanks to the entire Htmlcoin community for their dedication, hard work, and expertise, we are excited to share our vision with the world. We are proud to release the Htmlcoin white paper.


Amando R. Boncales, MS Ed, MA, PhDc.
CEO & Founder
The Htmlcoin Foundation

White Paper:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on October 28, 2017, 09:55:10 PM
Security Best Practices – Keeping Your Htmlcoins Safe

The Htmlcoin dev team will not tolerate ANY unofficial software on any of our social sites, no matter how helpful or innocuous it seems. GITHUB is the only place to get your Htmlcoin software. Unofficial tools, such as the price hacking tool that infected other crypto community in October 2017 causing some of its members to lose all of their coins, can carry viruses that could jeopardize the security of the Htmlcoin network.

In order to help reduce the chances of a virus infecting our community, we will delete any post or link with a download of an executable file or application (including mobile apps) across all communities, including Reddit, Telegram, Slack and elsewhere. This includes price trackers, market analysis apps, portfolio trackers, and even development tools. The only source of Htmlcoin tools will be our GITHUB site. If you are to download third party tools for your own private use, please only do from reputable app stores and sites, and be advised that you do so at your own risk.

What Can You Do?

After the swap, a lot of us will be moving our Htmlcoins from an exchange to a wallet and staking. With this in mind, we would like to remind everyone that our recommendation is ALWAYS to store your wallets as safely as possible, even on a separate computer (a raspberry pi can be used) from your normal every day machine if possible.

Keep all anti-virus software up to date, run scans regularly, and follow the rules of common sense and good hygiene in what you run on your computer and the sites you visit.

In addition, if you think your machine may have been compromised, even if your wallet is encrypted, you should move all of your coins to a newly generated wallet on a secure computer. Encryption is slow to break, but it is possible with weak passwords, and if the virus also installed a keylogger onto your computer, hackers could acquire logs that include your password.

Remember, while your wallet is running there is always the risk that it could be infected by Android or iOS exploits that allow a hacker to read your data, so please be as diligent and responsible as you can in keeping your devices virus free and your wallets safe. There is no such thing as being too paranoid when thinking about the security of your PC, Mac, or mobile wallet.

Thank you, and please keep security in mind when storing your Htmlcoins.

The Htmlcoin Foundation
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on November 21, 2017, 03:29:58 PM
Hello World,

Welcome to the future!

Our Github is now open for your access:


Source Code Repository:

You can download the code and client wallet you require from here...

Join us in Telegram:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on December 13, 2017, 09:14:05 PM
UPDATES: December 13, 2017.

1. We are now in Trade Satoshi:

2. What about the 60-day window for 1:1 manual swap? #MANUALSWAP
The timer for the swap ratios (1:1 days 1-60, etc.) has not yet begun. We will start that timer when the manual swap form becomes available. All coins that were on exchanges at the beginning of the swap period will be swapped 1:1 regardless of when the exchange processes the swap.

3. When will the manual swap form become available?:

The manual swap form will be available soon (within the next few days or sooner) now that all expected HTML5 are accounted for.

4. Why isn’t Updated?: #CoinMarketCap #CMC
We have reached out to CMC to ask them to list HTML and remove HTML5. They informed us they cannot do that until the volume for HTML5 goes to 0, so CMC will only track HTML5 and only on Yobit until 24 hours after the Yobit swap is complete.

5. What can I do to help?:
Vote for HTMLCOIN on You can use multiple devices (like different computers, phones, or tablets) to vote multiple times. Please vote and share!👇👇👇

6. What happened to CoinGather?: #COINGATHER
We are acutely aware that CoinGather has disappeared from the Internet. Many HTMLCOIN users have many coins on CoinGather. Users have opened an inquiry with the FBI, and, as the HTMLCOIN Foundation will be fully cooperating with authorities, we cannot comment beyond that we are aware of the issue and users who are affected should contact the FBI. We do not condone any users considering criminal or unethical behavior and you will be banned if you make such suggestions in this forum.
**Update: The HTMLCOIN community contacted the FBI regarding the disappearance of Coingather. The FBI informed them that they were already investigating. Any affected party should fill out this form to help build the case faster.

FBI Cleveland: Phone: (216) 522-1400

7. Where should I store my HTML, on an exchange or in my own wallet?:

The general rule of thumb for cryptocurrency is to own your own wallet and keys. If you are careful about how you keep your wallet and mindful of your security, holding your coins in your own wallet takes the risk of keeping your coins on an exchange out of the equation. There is always risk associated with holding coins on exchanges. Ask yourself who you trust more with your coins, yourself or an exchange. See #6, above, for more information.

8. How do I mine HTML?
The HTML wallet supports CPU mining through the “generate” function. There is currently no support for GPU mining or use of an ASIC through an external miner. To mine in the wallet, pull up the command line by going to Help>Debug and clicking the command line tab. Then type “generate 101 999999999”. This will try 999999999 times to generate 101 blocks. The operation will run once and then return with brackets (no blocks found) or brackets with a hash inside (each hash represents one block found). You can quickly spam the generate command a bunch of times and they will stack and run in order. Once the last command completes, you will need to run them again. Some clever users have automated the generate command running the wallet via command line through a script. Poke around in this telegram and you may find someone willing to help you implement such a script. We are in the process of developing an external miner so folks can run GPUs or ASICs, but, for now, everyone has a fair shot at mining with their CPU ⛏.

9. How do I stake?
With coins in your HTML wallet, lock your wallet and then unlock the wallet using the “unlock for staking only” box. Once you unlock for staking, you must leave your computer on, with the wallet open, connected to the internet. You will start finding blocks based on your share of the total network stake rate. Your blocks will average out to give you about 1% new coins per year, all while securing the HTMLCOIN network and processing transactions (it’s cool, we know!).

Thanks for your patience and excellent support!

The Htmlcoin Foundation
332 S Michigan Ave
Suite 1032-H694
Chicago IL 60604-4434
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on January 01, 2018, 07:33:19 AM
Dear Htmlcoin Community,

With 2017 coming to a close, I wanted to take a moment to send out a special message to our entire community.

As I reflect upon this past year, I look at all the challenges we faced and overcame. When problems arose, we banded together and tirelessly sought out solutions that not only solved the problems at hand, but made both Htmlcoin and our community stronger. We adapted and moved forward, beating all odds along the way.  We persevered.

Since our launch in early 2014, we have evolved from a basic cryptocurrency to a blockchain platform with the ability to handle smart contracts, Dapps, and much more.  Our evolution from a singular cryptocurrency focus to that of a multi-faceted blockchain community has been deliberate as we strive to be responsive and relevant to the current state of the new global blockchain phenomenon.

Now, as I look toward  2018, I believe that we will emerge as a leader in this new competitive cryptocurrency and blockchain world economy. Why?--because of our amazing community and our ability to adapt. Anyone can launch a cryptocurrency, but not everyone has the positive and unflinching massive community support that we have, not to mention the dedicated professionals from all sectors of the cyrptocurrency and business space that are committed to developing and promoting our coin and blockchain worldwide.  We are poised to make a difference!

So, as we all move forward this next year, let's have a look at where we have been and how much we have accomplished. Let's revel in what we have overcome and allow ourselves a pat on our own backs. But more than anything, let's allow ourselves to become excited with what we, as a community, have built and the potentials we have created.  Hard work is still ahead of us, but it will be exciting and the possibilities are endless. The Htmlcoin community is a special one, and together, we will do special things in 2018. Here's to exciting times ahead!

Happy New Year to all!

All the best,

Amando Boncales, BA, MSEd, MA, PhDc.
Chief Executive Officer
Htmlcoin Foundation
Chicago, IL 60601

Please follow our new thread:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: HTMLCOIN on January 02, 2018, 04:22:44 PM

If you are a technical guy please take note, otherwise join us in Telegram:

A) Htmlcoin Wallet Update - : Optional.


This update adds a contract address book, fixed mining without peers and the mine to address command.

B) Application Programming Interface - API available now.


-A software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.

C) If your coins are in Yobit Exchange or in your old HTML5 wallet you are required to swap it here:

Swap schedules are here:
Days 1-60 (18th Dec 2017 to 12th Feb 2018) Ratio 1:1
Days 61-90 (13th Feb 2018 to 12th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:2
Days 91-105 (13th Mar 2018 to 27th Mar 2018) Ratio 1:3
Days 106 (28th Mar 2018) End of Swap

Our only authorized Bitcointalk Thread, kindly follow us here:
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: kruanko on January 07, 2018, 01:28:09 PM
                                                                                                        BlockMonsta Miningpool [HTML5]


                                                                                                         EXAMPLE for HTMLCOIN [HTML5]

                                                                                          stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAdress -p x

                                                                                                                    Port: 3433, Diff: 0.032
                                                                                                                    Port: 3434, Diff: 3
                                                                                                                    Port: 3435, Diff: 64
Title: Re: [ANN] [HTML5] HTMLCOIN | Declaration of Public Usage
Post by: secco on January 08, 2018, 01:04:01 PM
Thank you guys. I completed the manual swap of my coins.

The procedure worked perfectly with no hassle.

Please, keep up the good work. There's a bright future for HTML!