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Title: [ANN] CMVE - Certification Membership Value Element
Post by: frodriguez2010 on January 24, 2022, 06:13:57 PM
CMVE is a dynamic cryptocurrency based on the Fibonacci numerical sequence.

Use cases for CMVE's use include:

- Certification for coin developers - currently being developed
- Memberships to tiered rewards levels - In progress
- Value with a low release threshold - In progress
- Element - The Coin Itself With Its Polygon Token Counterpart as trade-up system

Certification Membership Value Element
Ticker: CMVE
Algorithm: X11 (PoS Only)
Maximum Coin Supply: 1,235,813.213 CMVE
Premine: 123,581.3213 CVME
Block Time: 1 minute
PoS percentage: 9.71% (decreasing annually)
Minimum PoS Age: 5 hours
Transaction Fee: 0.001 CMVE
Maturity: X block (5 hours)

The key service is bringing value to our already established projects/coins, utilizing already present technology, this concept and strategy on which this overall project is based is in direct defiance to the nefarious practices of those who offload coin without doing anything or supporting anything. Providing resistance to those who exchange project e-assets for sub-value by hoarding developer wallets with pre-mined assets and selling once on an exchange, only to exit after acquiring investor funding damaging the exchange, investor trust and the project. There are trade-up thresholds for each coin offered in this program and the trade-up is based on the holdings of each particular e-asset/coin. Each coin allows for trade-up until the holder reaches the coin with the set value in which the developers will hold a draw for 1 to 5 winners monthly to trade such coin for its level-up or reward for hodling (holding on for dear life).

Our Motto - "Responsibility is the key in keeping projects alive with value and creating demand leading to more development."

want to learn more read our aqua-paper at